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20 Points Is A Lot Today

28 Feb

Some days my 20 daily points just don’t seem like enough – I get hungry, want more food, crave something that won’t easily fit in to my food plan but other days, like today, 20 points is a lot of food. I am sitting here overly stuffed from dinner, something I really didn’t think would happen considering my lunch, but oh my, I soooo ate a big dinner, still have 3 points left and can’t imagine eating anything else the rest of the day – score! 😀

KB at work owed me a 6″ sub from Subway and today was the day we went. Total bonus since I took soup to work for lunch but really wasn’t feelin it, ya know? I had planned to get my standard 6″ on 9 grain whole wheat turkey sub with white cheese, toasted, loaded with veggies, mustard and a small amount of light mayo – this is a 6 point sub (5 points if I don’t get the cheese, but why would I not get the cheese? lol). While in line though I saw an advertisement for an Orchard Chicken Salad sub – they had this sub back in the summer and I wanted to try it then and just didn’t get around to it so I was torn, try it now even though I was already in line and had no way of knowing what the points would be or wait and probably not get back there until after it was once again gone…oh the dilemnas! lol.

I (on impulse) decided to get the Orchard Chicken Salad sub – I’ve really got to work on controlling my impulses cause lately I seem to be giving in to them a lot, sigh. I still got it on the 9 grain whole wheat – that is the healthiest bread they have and I still got the 6″ size so not like I made the sub double as bad as it could be…see how I justify? 😉

The nutrition information isn’t on the Subway website, probably because it’s not one of their regular subs shrug, but hey, that’s what google is for! lol. I googled the sub and found other people who had gotten the info from Subway so my 6″ Orchard Chicken Salad sub cost me 8 points (it would have been 7 if I didn’t get white cheese on it)…huh, just redid my math in my head and I realized I have 2 points left today, not 3…stupid impulses. 😛 So, ok, not as good as the 6 points the turkey sub would have been but it was only 2 points more and it was nice to try something new, and yummy! That sub is way tasty! 😀 There was a sweet and tangy flavour combo and I have no idea what was in it to create that, lol, I emailed Subway asking for the nutritional information (just to make sure what I found online was correct) and I asked them what is in it, cause really, it’s good to know what is in the food you are eating…and hey! maybe I’ll be able to recreate it! 😀

Because of having such a high pointed lunch I thought I was gonna be screwed for dinner but not so! 🙂 For one thing, I wasn’t crazed hungry cause the sub kept me nice an full and even with lunch being 8 points I still had almost half my daily points left. Yah! I had a stuffed chicken breast, wild rice and mixed veggies for dinner, it was delish, easy to make and oh man did it fill me up! I feel almost gross cause of how full I am lol. That was a definite unexpected bonus!

Today I ate:

1 Quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal package = 3 points

1 Orchard Chicken Salad sub w/cheese = 8 points

1 stuffed chicken breast = 3 points

1 cup Minute Rice – long grain and wild rice = 4 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

Total Points Eaten = 18

I fully intend to use my last 2 points to eat 2 digestive cookies (yum!) they are 1 point each (duh) and will be a perfect end to my day…course I won’t be eating them for at least another hour cause dude, no room in the tummy! I think I am really likin the day where the 20 points feels like a lot, doesn’t happen all that often…maybe this means I am getting used to this level of food? *hopeful face*

OH! Forgot to say! My weigh in on Saturday, I lost 0.8 lbs which puts me at a total loss of 29.4 pounds! Yah! Sooooooo close to the 30 lbs mark! 😀

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