Hot Dinner for Snowy Day

21 Feb
I work in an office that’s on the 24th floor of a tower downtown; I have a sweet view of downtown and mountains – which really, I never look at cause I don’t care about views. lol. Today though I looked out the window multiple times cause of the snow that was falling, yup, that’s right, snow! It was falling in big fat flakes; the kind that look as if the clouds have broken up in to pieces and that is what is dropping from the sky. I love that kind of snow. 🙂

So anyways, it was snowing and it got me thinking of living in a part of the country that has real winter (aka lots of snow and freezing cold nasty weather) and how on days like this everyone looks forward to getting home and having a nice hot dinner.  I don’t miss the weather from that province but there is something soothing about eating a hot meal while seeing the snow falling and hearing the wind whistle. I figured I’d recreate as best as I could which means cooking a real meal.

Man oh man, my dinner rocked! It was a total “mom meal” – by that I mean it’s a meal a mom would make for the family cause it’s balanced, yummy and seemingly complicated (keep in mind anything more complex then kraft mac n cheese is complicated to me, lol). I had a stuffed chicken breast, a stuffed potato (well, technically half a potato), mixed veggies and a dinner bun. 😀 How awesome does that sound?

For your viewing pleasure, my dinner: 😀

Stuffed chicken breast, stuffed potato, mixed vegg and a dinner bun

Don’t you love the random green pea on top of the potato? lol.

I’d like to take credit for the stuffing of the chicken or the stuffing of the potato but I did neither; for those all I did was open a couple boxes, turn on an oven and a microwave and voila! Dinner. 🙂

The chicken is from Maple Leaf, it is a chicken breast stuffed with portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper and swiss cheese…

Maple Leaf Prime stuffed chicken breast, 1 piece = 3 points!

I saw an ad for the chicken on tv and was intrigued, I figured for sure it’d be high in points, I mean come on, it’s stuffed with cheese lol. But surprisingly each piece of chicken is only 3 points – how great is that?! Had a good taste to it too, I can’t say for sure what the seasonings/spices are, but what does that matter as long as it tastes good? 😛

M&M's Stuffed Potatoes = 3 points!

Then there are the potatoes, one serving is half a potato which is plenty and that half a potato will cost ya 3 points. 3 is the magic number today, lol. The potatoes come is 3 different flavours (there is that number again!) and I bought the cheese and broccoli flavour, I have a weakness for the combo of cheese and broccoli…man that combo makes a goooood soup, but alas, that is for another day.
So those two items combined with some mixed cooked veggies and a dinner bun with 1 tsp of margarine on it was a yummy, well rounded meal – a total mom meal. 🙂
So now I’m on to dessert, lol, I had 3 digestive cookies (don’t laugh! I love those things!) and still have 2 points left, wOOt! Also, I did some investigating and the Jaffa Bars that all this time I thought were 3 points are actually only 2 points so I am having one of those once I finish typing this up. I looooove Jaffa Bars and a 2 point snack is way easier to fit in to my meal plan then a 3 point snack – yeah I know, you wouldn’t think 1 little point would make such a difference but it really does…weird.
Ok, here’s my food list:
1 pckg Quaker Hearty Medley’s = 2 points
1 cup carrot soup = 2 points
1 Activia yogurt with fiber = 2 points
1 dinner bun = 1 point
1 tsp margarine = 1 point
mixed cooked veggies = 0 points
1 Maple Leaf Prime stuffed chicken breast = 3 points
1 cheese and broccoli stuffed potato = 3 points
2 tbls light sour cream = 1 point
3 digestive cookies = 3 points
Points eaten = 18. 😀 
All in all, a boring day, sigh. Got up, only managed to talk myself in to getting ready and then going to work by convincing myself tonight I will go to bed early. lol. I do that many mornings, *rolls eyes*. I do plan to go through with it though so once House is over I am so heading off to bed…if all my other stuff is done… 😉

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