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Preparing for Snowmaggedon

8 Dec

Apparently we are about to be hit by snowmaggedon which of course means the stores were full of people today…buying Christmas present lol

Depending which weather report you believe the snow is going to start within the hour, continue on all night and tomorrow, be combined with strong winds, which will create white out conditions and basically tomorrow will be ridiculous.

The other main weather report says it will start snowing around 2am, snow throughout the day Friday, and then turn in to freezing rain around 2pm.

Gotta say, if I have to choose between white out snow conditions or freezing rain I choose white out.


Either way, it is looking like there is going to be a lot of snow to deal with. What comes along with snow? Power outages. Crazy driving conditions. Restricted body movement because of wearing so many clothing layers. Ya know, normal winter stuff. 😉

So, in preparation for possibly losing power in my place I stocked up on food, in a sense. I bought a foot long sub from Subway, got them to cut it in half, and saved half for tomorrow.


One for today, one for tomorrow.

Look how organized and in planning mode I am! Seriously, it is a wonder I have survived in Canada this long lol

Last time I lost power I went to Tim Horton’s, ordered a tea for my travel mug so it would stay hot longer, a tea in one of their to-go cups, a sandwich and I believe I even got a doughnut. Then I hunkered down in the apartment with a throw blanket, the cat, a flashlight that I borrowed from my landlord and a book.

This time I at least got some ready to eat food in advance!

I still haven’t gotten a flashlight though…


It’s Been Forever

19 Aug

It feels like it has been forever since I have sat down to write on this blog, and then I look at the last date I posted something and I realize it has been forever!…well, forever in the world of the internet lol 😛

Let’s play catch-up shall we?

Weight Watchers News:

I have been slowly, but steadily, losing weight. FYI, when I say slowly I mean slooooooowly. In the world of Weight Watchers, those that lose slowly call themselves turtles and oh man am I a turtle, sometimes I think I am closer to a sloth lol

In an effort to embrace my weight loss journey in all it’s slow glory I made myself a bracelet, to remind me that just because the weight is coming off slowly doesn’t mean it isn’t coming off and I am not alone in this slow journey.

2016-08-04 00.10.07

Mr. Pots:

My sweet potato is growing at an incredible pace! If you remember, it started out like this…

2016-07-20 12.29.44

And now looks like this!

2016-08-07 16.50.49

It is actually way bigger than this now, this is the most current pic I can find…I’ll take a new one soon!

I haven’t yet figured out how to tell when it is time to pull the sweet potato out of the dirt but I’m working on it, sorta…A friend who grows pretty much everything says if it is like with normal potatoes I will know to pull the sweet potato up from the dirt once the flowers have bloomed and died. I haven’t seen any flowers yet but I check daily for them.


I have mastered the art of making epic, healthy, pizza at home. Yummy! I’ll write a separate post detailing what I did, for now just enjoy the picture. 😛

2016-08-17 14.11.25


Yeah, so…I did this…

2016-08-08 17.55.10

I wanted a change so I chopped my hair off, yay! I donated the hair to an organization that makes wigs for people with cancer. I figured if I was going to cut it off, it might as well do someone else some good rather than just go in the trash. I did look in to selling it, cause ya know, being poor sucks, but from what I could find only creepy people want to buy hair and I wasn’t comfortable putting my hair in to disturbing situations like that.

Dragon Boat News:

My team, The Twisted Hips, raced in Victoria BC and won Silver in Diamond Division (the divisions at the Victoria Festival are weirdly named, that is the equivalent to B Division). We worked our butts off, had one race where we got cut off by another boat but didn’t let it phase us and had our final race questioned because three boats had a collision, or maybe it was more like two boats collided and one was nicked, not completely sure. Protests were filed. Drama. Drama. Drama. End of the day, we still won silver. 😀

2016-08-15 16.09.03 HDR

Oh, and while we were roaming the town between races we came across a Subway bike cart thing, they were giving out free Subs and all they asked was for us to tweet a selfie of us with the sub and #sandwishes. Of course we said yes lol Free lunch! 🙂

2016-08-14 10.39.24-1

So yeah, I guess that is enough for now. 🙂 We race this coming Saturday so hopefully I’ll soon be telling you about yet another medal we are adding to our list of accomplishments, cross fingers for us!

Subway’s Prime Rib Swiss Melt

5 Feb

On Tuesday I treated myself to Subway. It was actually more of a compromise to myself. I would have given almost anything for something at McDonald’s lol since I couldn’t pinpoint my McD’s craving down to one specific food item I wouldn’t let myself go there but I knew nothing at home would satisfy me so I stopped at Subway. I really like Subway and I am horrendously boring and order almost the exact same thing every time I go. The 6″ turkey on 9-grain whole wheat with more veggies than can comfortably fit on the bun then I top with the light mayo and either mustard or honey mustard, depending on my mood.

The most exciting option there? No. But I like how it tastes and it is a respectable amount of calories so no guilt. 🙂

For some reason, that Tuesday, I decided to try something different. The new sandwich there is the Prime Rib Swiss Melt and the advertising picture looks like this…

subway prime rib swiss melt

Pretty decent huh?

I thought why not, it looks yum and it is good to switch things up a bit.

In a nut shell, my review of the sandwich can be described in three words…

Don’t. Do. It.

Ugh. Seriously, just…don’t. It isn’t worth the money or the trauma you will be putting your taste buds through.

Here is what mine looked like…

2016-02-02 14.54.12

Ok granted, not the best picture but I really wanted you to be able to see the meat.

I thought, because the advertising picture showed it with a gravy/sauce on it that for some reason the meat would be sitting in an industrial version of a crockpot or slow cooker, ya know, the meat would be sitting in its sauce just waiting to be put on the bread.


Not even close.

The lady took a little cardboard container filled with grey meat from the display case (grey meat people!) and plopped that on my sandwich. Right there I should have called it off and gone back to the turkey but nope, I stayed with the prime rib option because…well…because it would have been rude to change at that point, I was committed. sigh.

I got it toasted with the swiss cheese and put some random veggies on it. I was trying to copy the picture but it only showed lettuce and tomato and what kind of heathen only puts two veggies on a sandwich when there are so many more to choose from? I also chose cucumber and banana peppers…I wanted more but was worried I’d somehow mess with the balance of the sandwich since I have nooooo idea what goes with prime rib.

There was no sauce. I didn’t realize it until I got home with the sub but yeah…no sauce. There is sauce in the picture! But none on my sub. I don’t know if I was supposed to specify that I wanted the prime rib sauce or what. I guess since I still had the idea that it was supposed to be simmering in its sauce that it would be saucy when put on the sandwich and when it was grabbed, cold and grey, from the display case, I didn’t clue in I was gonna have to figure out the sauce situation on my own.

You’d think the lady would have offered sauce, or at least condiments, but she didn’t. So while I accept the lack of sauce as my own fault I think she should shoulder a teeny bit of the blame since theoretically she knows better than I what should be on that sandwich.

Sadly, I regret my sandwich choice from that Tuesday. I don’t have a lot of money so when I spend even a small amount of it I want it to be worth it and that sandwich sooooo wasn’t worth my $7. 😦

Ah well, even though I didn’t like it I still stand by the idea of trying things outside your comfort zone. After all, if I hadn’t tried it I wouldn’t know if I liked it or not and I could be missing out on something awesome. It didn’t work out this time but that’s ok, it will other times. 🙂


Best Foodie Website Ever!

4 Oct

Today was a Subway kind of day. Actually, I didn’t want food, all I wanted was the fountain diet coke but I figured that the pop alone didn’t qualify as lunch sooooo I got a sub also.

Because I forgot to take a picture of the sub before I ate it...

Because I forgot to take a picture of the sub before I ate it…all I have is a picture of the logo lol

I went with my standard option, a 6 inch turkey sub on 9-grain wheat bread, with white cheese, toasted, loaded with veggies and topped with mustard and light mayo. It may seem boring but I really like it – and not in a it’s-a-healthy-choice-so-I’ll-eat-it kind of like it but I legit like it. 🙂 I  love that you can have avocado, I thought it was supposed to be a limited time offer but it’s been around for ages and doesn’t seem to be getting phased out, maybe it’s so popular they realized they should keep it? shrug. I dunno, I’m just happy it’s a choice.

My sub is more veggie than meat lol I get spinach, avocado, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, black olives and banana peppers. Mmm! Don’t you love how many different colours veggies come in? My sub always look so purdy 😉 lol

I still remember by heart how many Weight Watcher’s points my sub is but now I’m counting calories and those I do not have memorized. I checked out the Subway website this evening to find the calories and discovered they updated it quite a bit since I last took a look and holy cow, amazing website!!

You pull up a chart that has all their items listed, just like every other nutritional information chart you find on restaurant’s websites but! this one is different! You click on the item you ate and it takes you to a new page where it explains the nutritional information you are seeing is if your sub was on white or wheat bread and had no condiments. But c’mon, who doesn’t put some sort of condiment on there, right? So then you click on a button that says “Calculate Yours” and boom! you get this amazing page that has all the options listed, you can say exactly which vegetables you had, which cheese, which condiments and as you pick and choose what you had on your sub the nutritional information that is showing on the side of the page updates itself.

Seriously, best. nutritional. website. EVER!

Turns out my sub with all it’s modifications is 440 calories – good to know! )

As I was googling for a picture of the Subway logo I came across a Subway scandal! *shocked face* Turns out people have been measuring their subs and they are shorter than they are supposed to be, the footlong is coming in at 11″ which makes me wish I’d measured mine before eating it lol Next time! 😛

If you want to check out the Subway nutritional information page click here.

Hello Seawall, I’ve Missed You

27 Mar

Ahhhh, today was a day of getting back to activities I haven’t done since oh, last summer, and I’m so happy to be doing them again! 🙂

The day started with brunch, well ok, that isn’t an activity I’ve neglected over the winter months lol but it’s always a nice way to start the day. After that I went for a 3 hour walk along the north shore seawall/ambleside area. It has an off leash dog park area which I care nothing about but since the person I was with has a dog it was good for them…and the reason we went to that area. I enjoy dogs in the you-are-so-cute-I-want-to-take-you-home-omg-don’t-get-me-dirty kind of way. 😛

Here is a pic I took while we were chilling mid-walk and letting the dog run around like the little nut ball she is lol

I don't know any of the people or dogs in this pic lol

I don’t know any of the people or dogs in this pic lol

Then I went and met up with KL and we went to the other seawall to go get our fitness on lol. She is awesome, she got accepted on to a roller derby team and could surely kick everyones ass but she unfortunately had to leave the sport due to other obligations (she is a super busy wonder woman!) but even though she’s not on a team anymore she still loves to skate and keeps in shape so she was roller skating the seawall and I was being more boring and biking it. This is the first time this season I have pulled my bike out and while I haven’t physically been missing it (it lives in my living room so I see it everyday) it was so nice to actually take it outside and get to use it!

We got a later start then we had planned on, and even though the weather is nicer now it does still get darker semi-early-ish so we couldn’t go around the entire seawall. Before you get all judgmental and say we could have let me point out not all areas of the seawall are well lit (or lit at all!) and neither of us have night gear which means no reflective clothing and no lights which as it was getting darker and darker I think was pissing off other bikers who were on the seawall, oops!  We ended up biking about 8km (that’s almost 5 miles) so not a crazy huge distance but pretty decent. 🙂

As much as I wish we could have gone the entire way I think having to cut it short was maybe a good thing for me, well, for my knees. I always forget over the winter months how much biking hurts my knees, sigh. I don’t get it, I have great shocks on my bike but I always end up with killer pain. Not cool. 😦 On a kind of funny note, my ass is killing me! Also due to biking! lol I have a gel filled bike seat cover and a lot of shall we say “natural cushioning” on that particular area of my body but despite all that riding a bike hurts my butt! Always has. Probably always will. I don’t know how long distance bikers can stand it, I stand up in the pedals sometimes just to avoid sitting while going over a little bump cause I just can’t take it anymore, lame and wimpy I know. *big epic sigh* My butt may be wimpy but you just try taking a jab at me when I’m boxing, I can take that and hit you back without a problem!…which I guess means my face is stronger then my butt? Now that’s a weird sentence…

Here’s a view from the other side of the water from the above pic, from the other seawall, notice that it really did get darker and I didn’t exaggerate? *raise eyebrow*

same bridge but from the other side of the water

same bridge but from the other side of the water

So now I am home, and relaxing, and as soon as my laptop is off my lap I will have my heating pad on my knees in an attempt to ease their suffering…it won’t help but I hafta try, lesson in futility I suppose lol 😛

My eating was a bit weird today, as I suspected it would be what with being out of the house from about 10am onwards. I had wanted to eat a healthy brunch but we went to this place that has a yummy breakfast, served all day, that is $3, I can’t bring myself to order something more expensive when that super cheap option is there lol. Only thing is they don’t have turkey meat so the meat options for the dish are ham, bacon or sausage, yuch! I don’t eat pork so this is a yuck not only on a holy-fatty-meat level but also on a yuch-I-won’t-put-that-near-my-tastebuds level. The only items I could swap out for were another egg (there are already two on the plate though so no way am I eating a third!) or mushrooms, which were not an option I was expecting but I took em. So my brunch was 2 eggs over easy, two pieces of brown toast with margarine, hash browns and fried mushrooms. I mean, it was tasty, but it was basically two eggs and a whole lotta carbs, sigh. I’m trying to cut back on those! It actually left me feeling a bit um, icky? Slightly unsettled tummy, which is unfortunate. I don’t know that the unsettled tummy is due to the food, it could be cause of anything but regardless, it happened after eating which is now leaving me with the association of that dish and not feeling well which I’m not gonna lie, I don’t mind (even if it is wrong) cause it’ll help me resist ordering it if I go there again…which I might not since I can’t get a turkey meat option. shrug. Later I had a vegan organic power bar, home made (not by me! lol) from a coffee shop, it was tiny, and had no nutritional info, and was weird, I got it cause I really wanted some protein but was still full from brunch so I wanted the protein to come in a small package lol. After the ambleside walk but right before the seawall bike ride I got a six inch turkey sub from Subway, hey, don’t judge, I needed actual food otherwise I wouldn’t make it through the bike ride! Even with the sub in me by the end of the ride I was quite hungry so KL and I split a chocolate covered pretzel we got from Starbucks on our way back home and I guess I’ll confess, I also got a grande half sweet peppermint hot chocolate made with skim no whipped cream. I hate having such a long order request, makes me feel like a snob lol. By the time I got home I wasn’t hungry anymore (totally thought I would be) so I decided not to eat anything but now it’s almost midnight I of course feel hungry and want food, which is so not gonna happen, it’s way too late to be eating, so I’ll have water instead and hope the hunger pains are a signal fat is leaving my body. 🙂

Things I Don’t Even Think About Anymore

22 Nov

I was texting with a friend today who lives in AB, she’s one of my closest friends and it sucks that we live far apart now…yeah yeah, I know, it’s my fault since I’m the one that moved but whatever. So, NH is someone who matters so so so much to me but she is driving me abso-frickin-lutely nuts in one aspect of life and there is nothing I can do about it, arg!

NH is quite large, she’s always been a bit bigger, nothing horrible but over the past couple years she’s gone from being a bit bigger to being so large that I fear for her health. She’s about half a year older then me so she’s in her early 30’s and all I think when I see her is she’s gonna be a statistic for young(-ish) women who die early from obesity related medical problems. I hate it! I want to shake her and make her take better care of herself, I want to breath down her neck 24/7 and insist she make better food and activity choices, I want to be rich so I can hire a platoon of dieticians and trainers and life coaches and force her to get healthier. I don’t care about her size for any reason except for how it affects her health and I care about her health because I am selfish, she is my friend and I want her around for a long long time but the rate she’s going I’ll lose her earlier then needed and then I’ll have to bring her back to life so I can smack her around and well, that’ll just be messy…and weird…

She’s large enough that her doctor prescribed her some weight loss pills that are freakin hard to get without her even asking for them, the doctor saw she needed to lose weight and seemed to think putting her on medication to help jump start the process was the way to go. I could have told her to save the ink with which she wrote the prescription cause I know NH, I know she won’t take those pills and I was right, sadly. She says she kept forgetting or not getting around to it, she also is a big user of the phrase “I’ll start on Monday”, the amount of times she told me she was gonna start taking those pills the following Monday is ridiculous…and she never took any of them. I don’t judge her for not taking the pills, a lot of people are uncomfie with diet pills, but she didn’t take them because she doesn’t want to face her weight or that she should lose some of it, she is really good at just ignoring what she doesn’t like…and really, I can’t judge her for that either cause I am the same way lol

I had a little tiny light of hope inside me that if I lost enough weight on Weight Watchers she’d see the difference when I visit, and hear me speak about how easy the program is and she’d realize she could do it too. I guess I was hoping I’d lead by example…stupid. No matter how many times I’ve visited, how many times she’s seen me getting smaller, how many times I talk about my healthier eating and portion control, how many times I suggest we do active things when I am visiting,  none of it matters, she just keeps going on the path she is on.

So, back to today when we were texting, I was on a bus and I made a comment about how some guy on there had KFC and it smelled oh so good and oh well it’s too bad I don’t eat fast food anymore. Not that I was a huge KFC fan back before my Weight Watchers days, it’s more like I knew back then I had the option whereas now I don’t consider them an option no matter what the circumstance, they are just gone from my list-of-places-to-get-food-from-list that is in my head. Her comment was that I had good willpower lol. I responded saying somedays it was hard but the only fast food I allow myself is Subway and it’s always a 6″, always on the 9 grain bread and always from the low cal sub options (usually the turkey, loaded with veggies, topped with mustard and half the normal amount of the light mayo), I stressed the subs are always so tasty and I’d rather eat that then something from McD’s etc that will leave me feeling ick even though I really miss McD’s, *big epic sigh*

That got me thinking though, about how rules I created for myself when I was starting Weight Watchers have become so ingrained I don’t even think about them anymore. I used to have to work really hard to avoid the fast food places, especially McD’s – they are a huuuuge weakness of mine. But over time, I stopped having to work at it, I just don’t go to those places anymore. If I am out and get hungry and can’t make it back home so I can make my own meal I don’t think “oh, guess I’ll pick up a burger!” I either starve till I get home, buy a bottle of water, get gum or go to Subway. I also got in to a habit of packing little snacks in my purse and a bottle of water if I am going to be out for longer then a couple hours as a just-in-case…that has saved me so many times! lol But see, there is another rule, the bring-food-with-me rule that I don’t even think about anymore, I just do it.

Some other rules I automatically follow are: get off the bus early and walk a bit extra, have half my dinner plate be veggies, use the small plate not the big plate for my meals, drink more water then anything else (sometimes I swap out tea for this but come on, tea is water…with flavour! lol), when I eat out get them to automatically box up half the meal before it’s even brought to me, put salad dressings etc on the side and dip my fork in, order from the healthy section of the menu, eat fish before chicken and chicken before beef and beef before pork and veggies before all of those, have a little nibble everyday of something that tempts me so I don’t feel deprived (I buy Weight Watchers 1 point little chocolate bite sized thingys – they are like baby peppermint patties and baby bounty bars, omg so yum!)

I made these rules so I wouldn’t screw up when I was first starting out on my weight loss journey, now I don’t consider them rules, just ways of being, ways of living, shrug. My friends that I hang out with all the time know I will sit with them if they want to grab a bite to eat somewhere unhealthy but I won’t eat there. I’m perfectly happy to sit and chill while they chow down on some McD’s or Burger King or whatever just as long as they are ok with stopping at Subway afterwards so I can grab a bite. This works for us, and hasn’t caused an issue yet, which is nice. 🙂

I wonder, what rules I live by now that in a years time I will no longer consider rules but ways of living…kinda makes me want to come up with some snazzy new rules just to see how long they last lol. 😛

20 Points Is A Lot Today

28 Feb

Some days my 20 daily points just don’t seem like enough – I get hungry, want more food, crave something that won’t easily fit in to my food plan but other days, like today, 20 points is a lot of food. I am sitting here overly stuffed from dinner, something I really didn’t think would happen considering my lunch, but oh my, I soooo ate a big dinner, still have 3 points left and can’t imagine eating anything else the rest of the day – score! 😀

KB at work owed me a 6″ sub from Subway and today was the day we went. Total bonus since I took soup to work for lunch but really wasn’t feelin it, ya know? I had planned to get my standard 6″ on 9 grain whole wheat turkey sub with white cheese, toasted, loaded with veggies, mustard and a small amount of light mayo – this is a 6 point sub (5 points if I don’t get the cheese, but why would I not get the cheese? lol). While in line though I saw an advertisement for an Orchard Chicken Salad sub – they had this sub back in the summer and I wanted to try it then and just didn’t get around to it so I was torn, try it now even though I was already in line and had no way of knowing what the points would be or wait and probably not get back there until after it was once again gone…oh the dilemnas! lol.

I (on impulse) decided to get the Orchard Chicken Salad sub – I’ve really got to work on controlling my impulses cause lately I seem to be giving in to them a lot, sigh. I still got it on the 9 grain whole wheat – that is the healthiest bread they have and I still got the 6″ size so not like I made the sub double as bad as it could be…see how I justify? 😉

The nutrition information isn’t on the Subway website, probably because it’s not one of their regular subs shrug, but hey, that’s what google is for! lol. I googled the sub and found other people who had gotten the info from Subway so my 6″ Orchard Chicken Salad sub cost me 8 points (it would have been 7 if I didn’t get white cheese on it)…huh, just redid my math in my head and I realized I have 2 points left today, not 3…stupid impulses. 😛 So, ok, not as good as the 6 points the turkey sub would have been but it was only 2 points more and it was nice to try something new, and yummy! That sub is way tasty! 😀 There was a sweet and tangy flavour combo and I have no idea what was in it to create that, lol, I emailed Subway asking for the nutritional information (just to make sure what I found online was correct) and I asked them what is in it, cause really, it’s good to know what is in the food you are eating…and hey! maybe I’ll be able to recreate it! 😀

Because of having such a high pointed lunch I thought I was gonna be screwed for dinner but not so! 🙂 For one thing, I wasn’t crazed hungry cause the sub kept me nice an full and even with lunch being 8 points I still had almost half my daily points left. Yah! I had a stuffed chicken breast, wild rice and mixed veggies for dinner, it was delish, easy to make and oh man did it fill me up! I feel almost gross cause of how full I am lol. That was a definite unexpected bonus!

Today I ate:

1 Quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal package = 3 points

1 Orchard Chicken Salad sub w/cheese = 8 points

1 stuffed chicken breast = 3 points

1 cup Minute Rice – long grain and wild rice = 4 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

Total Points Eaten = 18

I fully intend to use my last 2 points to eat 2 digestive cookies (yum!) they are 1 point each (duh) and will be a perfect end to my day…course I won’t be eating them for at least another hour cause dude, no room in the tummy! I think I am really likin the day where the 20 points feels like a lot, doesn’t happen all that often…maybe this means I am getting used to this level of food? *hopeful face*

OH! Forgot to say! My weigh in on Saturday, I lost 0.8 lbs which puts me at a total loss of 29.4 pounds! Yah! Sooooooo close to the 30 lbs mark! 😀

I Had Such A Great Post Idea, I Swear!

19 Oct

Ok, this is gonna be stupid quick! I had such a good idea for what to post about today too but I got caught up in writing my new Tips n Tricks page (go read it!) that now it is late, I have dishes to wash, lunch to make for tomorrow and I wanted to go to bed early…so not gonna happen. lol.

By some kind of weird crazy fluke I managed to eat two really bad for me things today and yet only went over my points by 0.5, sweet! 🙂

Today I ate:

29 grams Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 apple = 1 point

1 small banana = 1 point

1 Subway Turkey Sub = 6 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 Pumpkin Tart = 4 points

1 cup carrot soup = 2 points

1 chicken sandwich

    – 2 pieces bread = 2 points

    – 2 slices chicken = 0.5 points

    – 1 tbls light miracle whip, mustard, lettuce = 0 points

1 homemade chocolate chip cookie = 4 points

Exercise Points earned = 3

Total points eaten is 25.5, so that’s my 22 daily points, my 3 exercise points and that 0.5 extra. 😀

Really, I should have been 1 point over but I couldn’t bring myself to put 4 slices of chicken on my dinner sandwich, 2 slices is plenty! Oh, and yes I am quite aware that I shouldn’t of had a sandwich for dinner when I had a sub for lunch but I didn’t even think about it till the sandwich was made, lol. Ah well, got some extra carbs in me today…and lot’s of veggies. shrug. You should see how many veggies I load on to my subs. 😛

If I can remember my awesome post idea I will write it up tomorrow! 😀

Sun Shopping and Sand (part 1)

20 Jul

Ah, what a weekend! I haven’t posted since Friday because of how busy I have been and oh man how my eating habits suffered! Oops.

Let’s go back to the beginning shall we?


Outlet shopping with KL; we went to Tulalip, WA which if the border isn’t crazy is about 3 hours or so away from us…however, everyone and their dog was crossing at the same time as us so we sat, and sat, and sat in the roasting sun while slowly inching forward. We eventually got to cross (did you know you can cross the Canada/US border with an expired passport?!) and were on our way. Being on our way involved almost hitting a deer (I was quite traumatized by this) otherwise it was a nice drive. That mall is like the mecca of all outlet malls, lol. KL had never been there before and fell in loooooove with it, we hope to go back to do Christmas shopping. 😀

Now, while malls may be great for shopping we all know that finding something healthy to eat in them is quite the challenge, and if you do find something good for you managing to order the healthy food and  not head for the  line up for the Chinese food is hard cause it smells oh so yummy. lol. I prepped for this and took fruit and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me. I bought a salad from Subway (worst Subway experience to date, btw) and ate that with my sandwich and fruit. Something else I tried was eating a large protein filled breakfast, I thought it might give me energy and keep me full longer. I think it would have worked better if we didn’t get stuck at the border for sooooo long but oh well, I tried. 🙂

Now, something bad that happened was I didn’t use all my points cause I was s’posed to go out after we got back home so I was saving some points for that but we got back so late I was exhausted and the plans fell through and no way was I eating at almost midnight when all I wanted to do was snooze.  I ended up using 18 points – it could have been worse I suppose. I was crazy dehydrated which I haven’t been in quite a while…the body did not like that!

Here’s how the convo went with the Subway lady:

Me: I’d like the Veggie Lovers Salad

Her: What kind of bread do you want?

Me: No, I want the salad.

Her: The what?

Me: (I point to the salad section of the menu) I want the salad.

Her: Salad? Oh…(looks confused then finally gets a bowl for the salad) You want chicken?

Me: No, I want the veggie delight salad.

Her: (puts bowl away) What kind of bread do you want?

This went on for some time, oy! Lol.

On Saturday I ate:

1 scrambled egg = 2 points

½ cup baked beans = 2 points

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 triangles of Laughing Cow cheese = 1 point

1 nectarine = 1 point

1 slush = 2 points

1 Peanut butter and jam sandwich = 5 points

1 cup grapes = 1 point

½ chocolate chip cookie = 2 points

1 veggie delight salad = 0 points

So I used 18 points for the day. I should have eaten way more fruit, or at least drank way more water cause man was I dehydrated after all the time in the sun. I am happy with my ability to detour around the Chinese food and get the salad; my food may not have tasted as good but least my salad wasn’t making me any fatter! hehe

K, this ended up long, I will write Sunday in a seperate post!

A Subway Kind of Day…

14 Jul

I went out after work, saw the movie The Girl Who Played With Fire – wow! and yah to having a social life! I am still not all that adept at working weight watchers in to social activities; I feel like there are very few places I can safely eat. Safely, what a weird word to use with food but that’s how I think of food now…safe and un-safe. Everyday I have to pass the un-safe places and hope my willpower doesn’t crumble; so far it’s held up! 🙂

But going out is such a dilemna now, do I eat beforehand and just watch my friends eat, do I indulge a little and say ‘oh well, used some flex points’ or what? I have tried eating beforehand and just hanging with my friends while they eat – wouldn’t recommend it by the way, it is way not fun! I haven’t yet decided to say screw it and eat whatever…I hope I don’t do that! What I did today was a compromise I guess. I went to Subway…again. groan. Not that I have anything against Subway but they were never my first choice for somewhere to go when I wanted to buy food. Now, they are my only choice, how sad. I thought I would go to Quizno’s, they are yummy, and I figured a sub place so healthy too right? Wrong! Check out their nutritional info online, horrible! Even the small veggie sub is bad, ugh.

I double checked the subway nutritional info and found out I miscalculated last time, the 6″ 9 grain wheat turkey sub is 5 points, not 6 which means I had room to put some cheese on it. 😀 It was good, a cheeseburger it is not but I can eat it and not feel guilty and more importantly not use my flex points.

So here I am at almost 11 at night cooking baked beans so I can wait for them to cool, portion them out and take some to work tomorrow for lunch. Why you ask? Because I have had salad 2 days in a row for lunch and baked beans are a safe food. One day soon my cupboards will be filled with only safe foods and then when I want to cheat I won’t even be able to because there will be nothing to cheat with; now that’ll be a post with rants in it! lol.

What did I eat today:

3/4 cup Red Berry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1point

1 banana = 2 points

1 Asian Supreme salad = 4 points

1 hard boiled egg = 2 points

1 Activia Blueberry yogurt = 2 points

1 6″ turkey sub on 9 grain wheat bread = 5 points

     – cheese, light mayo, mustard – 1 point

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 cup blueberries = 1 point

1/2 7-11 slush = 1 point

That totals me at…22 points…crap, I didn’t eat them all? Hmm, I would have if I had finished my slush…let’s just say I finished them all, it can be our secret k? lol.

Oh, on top of always struggling with food while out I am also that person who at a moments notice can whip out of her bag fruit and water. At the movie theatre tonight, I ate my sub beforehand and then when K and I were sitting down I realized I was still peckish so I pulled out the grapes then decided more fruit couldn’t hurt and I knew I had the points for them so I pulled out my blueberries. They were both enjoyable but I think K thinks I am a little cooky…well, cookier then usual. lol. If I had known people did that (pulled out healthy food in movie theatres) in the past I would have definitly been the person making fun of those people, now I am that person. Oh how the tables have turned. What I found interesting was that I didn’t miss the popcorn – although I did think maybe next time I will pop some of my own and take it with me (ha! I am that person too!) but I was content with my fruit and didn’t feel all bloated or icky after the movie was over cause I just downed a huge pop and popcorn.

I don’t want to be that person who starts talking about how “like, I feel soooooo much better now that I eat all healthy an all and I think everyone should eat like me now, cause, like, you’ll feel better too! giggle” (that should be said in a valley girl kinda voice lol) but I do feel…not better, that’s not right, but not worse…I find my tummy is less upset, mostly cause I don’t over fill it anymore, lol, but hey, whatever works!

I was s’posed to research food groups today but didn’t cause of going out after work but I did learn something new food wise! It is better to eat your veggies with some protein (it doesn’t have to be meat) because your stomach will take longer to digest the whole kit n caboodle so you’ll stay fuller longer. An example, if you eat a salad, even if it is topped with lots of veggies you will digest it fast because of what the salad and veggies are made of but! if you put some tuna (aka cat food, ugh) on the salad, or some chicken, heck a hard boiled egg, when it’s all jumbled in your tummy the protein takes longer to digest and by default so will your salad thereby keeping you fuller longer. So yah to protein!

From what little I do know about food groups, I managed to get them all in my food plan today, *happy dance*. I had protein, grains, veggies, salad, carbs…and of course my endless water and tea. I think today was a pretty good day. 😀

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