My Ulcer and I

23 Sep

My ulcer and I are so tight I don’t do anything without it! ahahahaha, aren’t I just soooooo funny? 😛 If I could leave the stupid thing behind I would, duh, but unfortunately I’m stuck with the bastard. Grr. Maybe I should name it? Then I’d have a name to be thinking while I am thinking about how much I hate it. It’s good to focus your anger right?

This past week has been a suck fest cause my stomach has been a boiling volcanic hell *rolls eyes*. It’s all cause the BC healthcare made me switch my acid reflux pills to something that is cheaper but doesn’t work nearly as well. I have a freakishly acidic stomach so without medication to control it I get -drumroll please- Ulcers! Yah! Oh wait, that’s not a “yah!” moment, oops! 😉 lol

Because of the ulcers I missed dragon boating, and only managed to box once this week (and I had a wicked hard time at that training session). Why did I miss out on so much? Cause I spent a good chunk of time sitting on my couch trying to find any frickin position possible that would help minimize the pain (fyi, no position was any better then the others) and alternating between wanting to eat but being scared to and finally caving and eating but then being in so much pain from the combo of food+ulcer that I couldn’t focus on anything but the pain and even though it makes me a wimp, I’ll admit it, shedding some tears. Lame.

Ulcers suck big fat hairy toes. 😛

I have learned over the past week the only food I can sorta manage is Weetabix cereal, one piece of it, with 1/2 cup 1% milk…milk has become my best friend which is weird cause milk produces acid during digestion but somehow it helps when you have an ulcer…I’ve never understood why…

I had an inspiration yesterday though, maybe if whatever I ate was mooshed to the same consistency as what Weetabix cereal becomes once you add milk to it I might be able to eat it and not have too much pain – I’m so brilliant! kinda…lol. I mooshed up a banana and put some yogurt with it and ate that last night and it wasn’t so bad. So, I think my ulcer doesn’t like food that is in pieces it has to work to digest, and ok, I can deal with that, my tummy wants to be lazy, fine, I’ll accomodate. So today I ate a fried egg, cheese slice and slice of tomato on one piece of toast and chewed every single bite till it was mush in my mouth (yeah, it was as gross as it sounds lol) But! after I was done eating I didn’t have nearly as much pain as before so I am couting this as a win for me. 😀 Later I ate yet another piece of Weetabix with milk. lol.

Never in my life have I eaten so much Weetabix in one week nor have I drank so much milk in one week since, well, before Weight Watchers. I limit my milk intake cause I don’t like using my points on my drinks but since it helps my stomach I drink a glass of milk with everything I attempt to eat (except the Weetabix cause it’s already in milk). It really does help with the pain so for now you couldn’t get me to part with my milk if you pointed a gun at my head. 😛

I didn’t mean for this to be a whining post but I guess all I’ve done is bitch about the ulcer, sorry. Hopefully it will be better starting next Tuesday, that’s when I see the doctor again and hopefully get new and better pills *cross my fingers*

For now, I think I’ll go pour myself yet another glass of milk…


6 Responses to “My Ulcer and I”

  1. Journey 2 perfect body September 24, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    I also cross my fingers that you would get a medicine that works! Get well soon, it’s terrible when someone experiences pain.
    By the way, many years ago I also had an ulcer. I can’t remember much (except that I felt terrible) but I’m sure that my doctor didn’t allow me any milk. Strange how doctors attitudes differ.

    • shrinkingwmn September 29, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

      they wouldn’t let you have milk? you couldn’t have pried the milk container from my fingers for anything lol. it was the only thing I could digest without pain – to a certain amount of course.
      how is your tummy now? ok I hope! I’ve heard some people get ulcers all the time – I think I’d just ask to have my stomach removed (which can be done, we don’t actually need a stomach to survive *icked out face*). hopefully I don’t have another for a looooooong time!
      the new meds are doing much better than the old ones, not as good as the originals I was on but I can eat again (to a point) so I’m happy 😀
      thanks for the crossed fingers! 😀 they worked!

      • Claret September 30, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

        Yeah, my tummy is really well now. I had ulcer twice, first time it was annoying but not so bad, had to take medicine and it went away pretty quickly…just to come back much much worse. Second time I was on medicine for quite a time, also watching my diet like crazy and even when it went away I continued looking after my tummy. After a year or so I was sure it’s gone, so I slowly came back to my bad eating habits (bad girl, bad) but ulcer never came back. I hope it forgot a way to my tummy for a lifetime, ha-ha. Hey, at least I’m watching what I’m eating now.
        I hope yours will move out and also lose a way to find your tummy again!

      • shrinkingwmn October 2, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

        oh I like how you worded that! “lose a way to find your tummy again” – I will hope for that too! lol 🙂

  2. Dacia September 24, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Wow! That sounds awful! I really hope the doctor gives you the good pills on Tuesday. My fingers and toes are crossed!

    • shrinkingwmn September 29, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

      Thanks Dacia! You can uncross the fingers and toes now, lol, I am on better meds than the ones I had last month, yah! Not as good as the original drugs I was on but I’m hoping the longer I take them and the more builds up in my system the more my remaining symptoms go away. 😀

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