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The Spider Conspiracy

31 Aug

I hate bugs, insects, aracnids…anything little, creepy, with lots of legs that could get in to my mouth/ears/nose while I am sleeping…I hate them all. They all know this and go out of their way to try to make me go insane, it’s a conspiracy!

I swear they all talk to each other (much like animals in cartoon movies do) and they create strategies for how to cause mayhem in my life.

I handle this brutally harsh treatment by Waging War – oh yeah, they are goin down! bwahahahaha (er, that’s my evil laugh 😉 )

Now, I’m not going out of my way to kill these evil-doers, I don’t kill them if I am outside as I consider that their home and it would be rude to go to their home and kill them. But! When they come in to my residence, well, that is an act of agression that can only end one way – in their death.

When the ants tried to take over the bathroom a couple years ago I made it my mission to get rid of every last one of them, I bought Raid Ant traps (which seemed to hold no appeal to them at all! waste of money, erg), I sprayed Windex (which lots of people claim will kill any insect/bug type creature – uh, it doesn’t!) and then I fought dirty, hehehe, I waited them out, and everytime a new one popped up from wherever the hell they were entering from it was immediately squished. I thought about propping their mangled squashed bodies on the ends of tooth picks and leaving them out as a warning to the other ants but figured with my luck it’d just attract more of the little buggers and the dead staked ants would be turned in to martyrs for the insects cause.

Eventually I conquered the ants in the bathroom but sadly, it was a case of winning the battle, not the war.  😦

The next wave of attackers were spiders and they have yet to stop! Of all the various insects/bugs out there the worst of the worst are the aracnids. I experience a level of terror when I see them unlike anything else…luckily my fight or flight instincts lean to Fight so instead of screaming like a pansy I, well, ok, I screech a bit, then I swear, then I jump in to action and do my damndest to kill the thing…unless I am at my parents, then I scream and point and my mom being the brave awesome woman that she is swears (at me, not the spider lol) then kills it while muttering about the ridiculousness of the situation. lol.

Last night they crossed a line and they continued to cross the line tonight so now it’s time for me to go on the offensive. No longer can I be fighting in a defensive manner, No, this war has obviously gone to the next level! I feel it is obvious to see that the spiders have chatted amongst themselves and called to their front lines the bravest of their brave, those willing to sacrifice for the cause, those willing to push the barriers and go where no spider has yet gone (at least in this apartment) and boy did they get some daredevils when they called to arms.

Last night, while I was in the bathroom washing up for bed I noticed something odd in the mirror’s reflection, took me a minute to realize what I was seeing and when my brain was finally able to understand what the site was well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I can’t get in trouble for swearing anymore lol. The fan in the ceiling, guess who was doing a daredevil dangling routine from it? Making it’s way sloooowly down down down getting closer an closer to the level of my head? Yeah, that’s right! A nasty freakin huge spider! Ack!!! That is just soooooooo wrong!

Then tonight I was in the kitchen making my dinner and from somewhere, I think maybe from under the microwave (but if that is right, wtf was it doing there? and how’d it get there??) a spider appeared. On. The. Counter! That is just…not allowed!  I call foul! It’s bad enough when they are on the ceiling crawling along, or on the walls, or doing a kamikaze run across the living room floor but ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER?!?!?!?!? NoooOOOooo! How can I be expected to deal with that??

Now, before you start judging me, my kitchen is not dirty. It may not be Martha Stewart clean but it is normal-person-clean. I don’t leave crumbs on the counter, I tidy up after myself, I don’t leave dirty dishes laying around – I don’t know what the hell was on the counter that was appealing to that spider (probably nothing, I think his mission was to inflict a heart-stopping moment on me, the innocent human, in the hopes of weakening me for further attacks by his brethren) but damn straight I am taking note of this shift in the battle lines and responding in kind.

From here on out I will not be The Human Who Kills When She Sees Us But Is Easily Mocked Cause She Doesn’t Know How Much We Hang In Her Place Without Her Knowing It – the name I am positive the spiders and other insects have for me. No! I will hence forth be known to all in the creepy crawly world as The Evil Beotch Who Has Sprayed Her Entire Apartment With Various Insecticides And Has Created A Toxic Environment For Us. Let’s see whose laughing now! Course, with my luck it’ll still be the spiders laughing cause I’ll die from toxic fumes and they’ll take over the place when my corpse is removed…evil bastards. There’s no winning!

p.s. case you were wondering, I used the glass I was holding to attempt to squish the spider on the counter but turns out it dips up a bit at the bottom so all I did was trap the spider under the glass instead of squish it – when I lifted the glass all quick-as-a-bunny so I could squish it with wadded paper towel the evil thing clung to the bottom of the glass so I couldn’t kill it, I had to put the glass back down before it realized it had an escape route – is their no end to their fiendish ways??? I did eventually manage to kill it but it was dicey and has left me in a creeped out state – part of the Spider Army’s plan no doubt


Stupid Move

30 Aug

I picked up a shift today so I was up, dressed, purdy’d up, fed and out of the house by 9:45am which, compared to how I normally spend my days, is early. lol.  😀

When I was done work I had to stop and get gas for the suv and the gas station had a Tim Horton’s in it, oh danger zone! Now, the provincial law here is that you have to pre-pay for gas so I always pay at the pump, this means I don’t have to go in to the store and see all the junk food that might tempt me but they were having a sale on smallish sized bottles of pop, 99cents for a 414ml bottle and I really wanted a half n half (I’ll explain what that is in a sec…) and I figured I could afford to spend $2. When I was in the store I remembered I need milk and decided since they were also having a sale on that I’d pick it up there instead of making a special trip to the grocery store for it – it’s all about saving gas in my world lol.

Well, I magically ended up at the Tim Horton’s counter, weird how that happens huh? 😉 They had my absolute fave donut in stock and I was unable to resist, I mean, come on, with tax a donut is a whopping $1.01 and it tastes sooooooo good! The only down side is that I thought I’d be able to get the nutritional info from the website, normally Timmy’s is really good for that, but of course that’s like the one frickin donut they don’t have info for. lol. I got the Toasted Chocolate Coconut donut, and I’m gonna admit, I enjoyed Every.Single.Bite. 😀 Since I couldn’t find the donut’s nutritional info I took the info from a chocolate glazed donut…I know it’s not right, but the donut was chocolate, although not glazed, but I figure the points for the glaze will stand in for whatever the points for the coconut is…does that make sense? It does in my head…

Well, now I am regretting that donut. *groan* Not cause of the points, the calories, the fat the general lack of nutritional value that it didn’t add to my body lol, I am regretting it cause I am uber hungry but don’t have points to eat. Aaaaaahhhhhh! Hungry! erg.

I earned 3 exercise points today and have eaten 22 points today which means I have eaten 2 of my 3 exercise points and I don’t like eating all the exercise points that I earn in a day…I prefer to not eat the exercise points cause then it means I am losing weight faster…in theory…but every now and then, it means I am feeling starved cause at some point in the day I made a stupid move food wise and instead of filling up on a proper meal I fill up on oh, say, a donut *rolls eyes* and that leaves my tummy saying “hey, moron! I still need food down here! what the heck are ya doin? you think that donut was a meal, cause it wasn’t, and I’m gonna make you pay for that aaaallllll night, sucker!” I swear, that’s exactly what my stomach says to me!

This used to happen to me when I first started Weight Watchers, I’d go to Starbucks and get my Iced Chai Latte and then suffer later that night cause the latte was like 6 points so drinking it meant I missed a meal and by the time I went to bed I felt like I hadn’t eaten in years, lol, yes, I know, dramatic, but when you’re used to eating whenever and whatever all of a sudden restricting yourself tends to freak out your tummy. lol. Well, today is like a flashback of that, my stomach is all about wanting food and my brain is all “No!” I’d say I wonder which will win but I know it will be my brain because I can’t eat this late at night when I don’t have my medication, as it is I ate dinner later then I should have but that couldn’t be helped so tomorrow might be a bit harsh…ugh…but, on the plus side I’m hitting up the docs tomorrow so I may get the right prescription, or at least ‘a’ prescription and I may soon be medicated, yah!

Today I ate:

1 Cup cooked oatmeal = 2 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

2 Weetabix = 2 points

1/2 Cup skim milk = 1 point

1 Kashi pumpkin spice bar = 2 points

1 Coconut Donut = 6 points

1/2 Coke, 1/2 Diet Coke = 1 point

1 Cup brown rice = 4 points

1 turkey hot dog = 2 points

mixed veggies = 0 points

1/2 tbls soya sauce = 0 points

Total Points Eaten = 22

Exercise Points Earned = 3

Oh, so the half n half I mentioned above, it’s equal portions of Coke (or Pepsi) and Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi). KL got me drinking this and I could shoot her for it cause I never drink my points but the combo of the two pops (the regular and the diet) is so tasty. Way back in the day (like I don’t even remember how many years ago) I used to drink Coke, and man, I drank it like it was gonna run out the next day and I had to get as much of it as possible into me as quickly as possible lol. Eventually I forced myself to start drinking diet Coke (I used to hate hate hate it but I retrained my taste buds, not an easy thing to do! lol) and I drank just as much if not more diet Coke as when I drank the regular Coke, after all, there were no points for a diet Coke so it made it the perfect drink, taste but no points. 🙂 lol.

For some reason diet Coke stopped tasting good, I don’t know why, it just started tasting icky and everytime I drank it I got sick feeling to my stomach so, sadly, I had to stop drinking it. I had hoped that if I took a couple months off from drinking it I’d be able to go back to it but nope, it still tastes icky.  😦 I didn’t want to go back to drinking regular Coke, and even if I decided the points were worth it it’s too sweet for me now, damn my changed tastebuds!

So, for all the above mentioned reasons, shrug, I stopped drinking pop. Some months ago I experimented with Diet Ginger Ale and found I could drink that, it tasted good, had no points, and didn’t make my tummy feel sick so when I wanted pop at least I could have it again but really, I just kinda stopped drinking it…Now, thanks to KL introducing me to this half n half combo I have found that I can drink cola again, it tastes good, it doesn’t hurt my tummy, make me feel sick or taste gross, and well…it’s not as many points as a regular pop, although it is more points then a diet or say, glass of water *rolls eyes* lol

I don’t drink this combo often, but for a couple days now I have been craving it so I bought the two small bottles, one of each, and have enough pop to have the drink twice. Really, I could have just had it as one drink but I thought I’d spread it out a bit…This may work out ok or this may become something I crave a lot and either cave and get or don’t get and well…think about having all the time…guess we’ll see how it goes 🙂

I’m an Ostrich

29 Aug

this is me...only with thinner legs lol

Alrighty, so I have this tendency to hide from things I really don’t wanna know about. If I know I am way broke I won’t sign in to my bank account cause I don’t wanna see the balance, if I get a bill in the mail I know I can’t afford to pay I don’t open it…stuff like that. So, this past week when I ate those double chocolate drumsticks I didn’t even glance at the nutritional information let alone calculate how many points each drumstick is…I just hide from the information lol.

It’s stupid, I know, cause it’s not like my not looking at the bank balance, bill or nutritional  information means that it’s not there. And when I eat something I know is really bad for me but I don’t know the points value of the food I feel way guilty after I have eaten it cause I imagine the food item must be like 10 points or higher…I tend to estimate on the high side lol.

Well, today I decided to bite the bullet and read the nutritional information for the drumsticks. The only reason I did this was cause I still had one left and since starting today I am back to being a good little Weight Watcher and tracking my food and only eating my daily points I had to know how many points they are so I can know when I will be able to eat that final drumstick. 😛

Turns out they are nowhere near as bad as I thought they were, each drumstick is 4 points which yes, not a good use of 4 points but not nearly as bad as the 8-11 points I was guesstimating them to be. Yah! 🙂

I decided to eat that last drumstick today cause it would get them out of the place and no longer be tempting me and also cause I exercised today so I could eat it without messing up my points so I figured might as well. shrug.

So today I ate:

1 Cup oatmeal = 2 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

21 grams mini breton crackers = 2 points

2 turkey hot dogs = 4 points

1 Cup Maple Flavoured baked beans = 4 points

1 double chocolate drumstick = 4 points

1 small spoonful of Nutella = 2 points

Total points eaten = 21

Earned exercise points = 6

Yes, I ate 1 point over my daily points but I hiked and dragon boated today which earned me 6 exercise points so I don’t feel bad about that 1 point extra that I ate.

I’m not gonna say that I am going to stop being an ostrich about all things, but I’m glad I got my head out of the sand about the drumsticks cause I don’t feel quite so bad about eating them now. 🙂

A New Leaf

28 Aug

Last week I ate horribly, I don’t mean I ate something high in points on one day, I mean every freakin day I ate something way way way high in points, guaranteeing I dipped into flex points daily and only on one day did I exercise, and it wasn’t even my highest intensity exercise – it was just my hike. Crap. What seems to make it even worse is…I didn’t track! *hangs head in shame* aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I always track my food! ALWAYS! well…always when I am at home in my normal routine, when on vacation I usually cut myself some slack lol.  😉

Why did this happen? I’m not sure…which is weird…normally I have some idea for why I screw up but this time? I dunno…well, that’s not totally true, on Friday I know why I ate badly, I was so pissed off and hurt from that interview I had I dived into ice cream, and not even the healthy-ish ice cream (ya know, the Skinny Cow stuff) but I got the really bad stuff, I bought double chocolate drumsticks, omg, bad move! Of course, after eating the ice cream I felt so badly for what I stuffed in my face I went out at night to the hiking trail and kicked my own ass all the way around it, lol, the whole time I was internally berating myself for what I had eaten and calling myself lots of bad names, lemme tell ya, walking that trail when angry got me a way better time then when I normally walk it lol. When I got home I then popped in one of my many exercise dvds and continued to attempt to burn off some of the calories I’d ingested. So ok, there is Friday explained but the rest of it?

For those days…I only have partial ideas, none of them great. shrug. Monday it was raining so I couldn’t hike and there was no dragon boating (we had the day off since we had raced just two days prior), there are no boxerfit classes on monday so I really had nothing I could do – and yes, I am aware I could have used an exercise dvd but I figured I’d enjoy the rainy day by sitting inside with a book and a cup of tea and just relax since my weekend had been so freakin busy. Did I mention already last Sunday I was turned in to a zombie? Cause I was, and while yes that is totally fun it takes a lot of the day and weirdly enough kinda wears you out…I think cause you’re sitting so long in makeup that your body just goes sleepy. lol.

So Monday, it was a chilling/relaxing day, having one of those every now and then won’t kill a girl or her diet plan, er, healthy living regime lol, so that was ok. But then Tuesday…uh, wtf happened with Tuesday? I didn’t hike cause I was running late going to a friends to take her some stuff and I thought I’d hike afterwards but we ended up hanging out and by the time I got home it was too late and well, I’d been drinking a tad so really, exercise wasn’t on my to-do list right then. lol. For food that day I was doing ok until I was on my way home and I was starving so I stopped at a 7-11 and bought half the store, ugh, I ate billions of calories really late at night right before going to bed on a day when I didn’t exercise at all, just frickin brilliant. *rolls eyes*

Wednesday I was recovering, lol, my stomach would barely tolerate anything for quite a while which I was kinda grateful for cause I was mad at myself for what I ate the night before. I did almost nothing Wednesday cause of how crappy I felt, oh, and add to the hangover I got wicked bad cramps, sigh, so two reasons I didn’t go to boxerfit. Now that I think about it I don’t think I ate as badly on Wednesday as on the other days but that’s cause my stomach was all anti-food, not cause I had any kind of self restraint or willpower. I remember eating cereal…and some toast…I’m not sure what else went past my lips but whatever it might have been it most likely wasn’t healthy lol

Thursday was the audition that went awesome! I don’t eat a lot before going to auditions cause I don’t wanna feel bloated or digesty or anything so all I had before I went was some toast and water. Afterwards I didn’t get home for way more hours then I anticipated cause of the wait at the docs office so when I was on the way home I got a pizza, I was sooooo starved and for some reason I thought I’d have a treat since I did so well at the audition. I have to stop treating myself with food! What am I, a dog??? arg. And really, I’d eaten so badly earlier in the week that even if I decided treating myself with food was an ok option I so wouldn’t have deserved to eat something bad for me that day! Friday was the bad mean sucky day, I ended up eating the rest of the pizza and two of those double chocolate drumsticks, oh, and some pumpkin pie. Then I hiked and dvd exercised.

Saturday I…wtf did I eat yesterday? hmm…oh! I went to White Spot with KL, she did me a huge favour and came with me to pick up a tv I got for free from a guy on craigslist (the tv I’ve been using belongs to my former roomie and she’s picking it up at the end of the month so I’ve been trying to find a tv for way cheap to replace hers with and I got the worlds heaviest tv for free, all I had to do was pick it up, yah!) I was a good girl and ordered a Spot Salad with skinless boneless chicken breast on top, I get the dressing on the side and dip every third forkful into it so I barely use any dressing. Can I say, it’s freakin ridiculous it cost almost $4 extra to get the chicken! $4!!! Crazy! but I really needed the protein so there ya have it. That wasn’t so bad but later in the day I ate another drumstick and I believe I also had some of the pie, sigh.

Today I swore I was gonna turn over a new leaf, see, my food weeks start on Saturdays but I bombed yesterday so I figured I’d just move on past that and start fresh today. It seemed like a decent plan…well, yeah, I ate cereal before going out but KL convinced me we needed to get something to eat before we went to the place she is house sitting at to watch a movie. We were trying to get sushi but the only place open near the place she is house sitting is stupidly expensive so we went to a food court, where of course nothing is healthy, and I bought the cheapest thing I could find. Which, fyi, was a burger and fries with a pop. sigh. There was  only one healthy place there, a salad place, but it would’ve cost so much more then the burger and fries and I’m fairly poor right now so even if it’s not healthy I have to go with the cheapest. shrug. The burger and fries were yummy, and not as bad for me as I thought they would be, it’s a mom and pop type place so the burger was cooked on an actual grill and all the toppings were fresh and the fries weren’t greasy and actually tasted like potato…weird lol…but still, not healthy! Since I’ve been home I ate the last piece of pie, thank god that is now gone from my place! and I’m dousing myself with tea to trick my tummy into thinking it doesn’t want to eat. See, without my medication I can’t eat for like 5-7 hours before I go to bed (when I am on medication it’s more like 3-4 hours which is much easier to deal with).

I find that what I have been doing this past week is instead of eating a healthy meal and then also eating the ice cream or pie or whatever I am just eating the ice cream or pie or whatever, the healthy food has gone bye-bye. Part of it is cause I have to eat what I have, I can’t afford to buy groceries for a bit and that means I don’t have fresh produce anymore, and part of it is cause when I ate the drumsticks they were so bad for me that I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything else on top of that. lol  Sooooo, while what I ate was bad for me, and I wouldn’t recommend my eating plan of the past week to anybody ever, I guess it could have been worse, I could have been eating my normal food plan and then eating all the extra bad for me food on top of that, instead I am just eating the bad for me food…talk about not getting all your vitamins and nutrients! lol All I got was processed sugar, lol.

So starting tomorrow is my New Leaf! I am back to tracking, back to eating as healthy as I am able to (this of course is dependent on what food I have in my fridge and cupboards) and basically back to being a good little Weight Watcher. 🙂 Oh, and I will be back to my normal exercising routine as dragon boating practice starts up again tomorrow and that’ll set me up for exercising throughout the week…one hopes… 😉

One weird thing, normally after I go on a food bender I look and feel way bigger. My tummy is larger, I don’t know if it’s cause it gets bloated from the sugar etc or cause I am gaining weight that quickly, but whatever the reason, it is noticeably bigger, and I feel laggier (I know that’s not a word! lol) – I usually have all kinds of side effects but this week…I haven’t had any! I still look the same, I still feel the same, you’d think I’d been eating normal all week for the lack of effect my eating and non exercising has had on me…don’t know what my body is up to but maybe my bad week won’t screw up my weight loss too much since so far it hasn’t created any noticeable changes…course, I’ll go hiking and boating tomorrow and probably almost die from not having the right type of food in my body to provide me with energy lol 😛 but that’ll be my own fault and serve me right! lol 😀


27 Aug

I believe in balance. I don’t always like it, but it’s shown up so many times in my life that I long ago accepted it is there and I have no control over it. 🙂

Nature contains balance, for every predatory animal there is a prey, for every sunny day there is a dark night, for every boom in mosquito population there will be a rise in the dragonfly population and when all those mozzies get eaten by the dragonflies the dragonfly population will decrease.

I think because there is balance in nature it is only natural that there is balance in the lives of humans, after all we are a part of nature (even though we seem to like to forget that). I don’t think everyone notices the balance, or maybe they just don’t connect the different experiences that balance each other out. Or maybe I am just crazy? lol.

Why am I nattering on about balance? Simple, all my good happy lucky woohoo stuff that happened this past week on Wednesday and Thursday got balanced out by a crappy Friday. sigh.

I should have known better then to get all psyched about how things were going last week and I definitely should have known better then to yap on about the good stuff. *rolls eyes* Whenever I really really really want something or am about to get something and am crazy excited about it something happens and I don’t get it. While that sucks all on its own it’s worse if I have told people about what I am psyched about cause then I have people asking how it went and then when I have to say whatever it was that was supposed to happen didn’t happen I have to deal with “the look” and “the tone” – the look and vocal tone being that of pity, ugh, I hate pity.

So how did all the awesome stuff that happened on Wednesday and Thursday get balanced out on Friday? Well! I had the interview with the agent and it went horrible! The guy was totally unprofessional and it was a complete waste of my time! I was so disappointed cause going into the interview I had been so excited but that interview, ugh, nothing good came out of that! So as if that wasn’t bad enough I had to go fill a prescription I got the day before. When I went to the doctors I found out the medication I am normally on is not covered by the new drug plan I am on so the doc prescribed a different drug (that may or may not work) but that is covered by the drug plan. Well, when I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist said that no that drug isn’t covered by my plan it is a different drug that is covered so now I will have to go back to a doctor, get this other drug prescribed to me (that may or may not work) and then get that filled. So now I am unmedicated and can’t get to a doctor for the new prescription till Monday and by then let’s just say things could go verra verra badly. eek!

You may have noticed my “may or may not work” comments? That’s because the drugs that are covered by the plan are lesser versions of the medication I am normally on, so, what I am normally on works perfectly. But can I get that medication? Why no, no I can not. Grr. So I have to take this first drug (the one I don’t have the prescription for yet) for a month, if that one doesn’t work I have to go back to the doctor and they will prescribe me the second drug (which is the one the doctor accidentally prescribed for me this time) and take that for a month and if that doesn’t work then I have to try a third one for a month THEN if that one doesn’t work the doc has to write a special letter saying I have tried all these other drugs and the doc has seen that they do not work for me and only then will my plan cover the drug that does work. Can you believe that?!?! I can potentially be sick for 3 months (if the drugs don’t work) before I can get back on the drugs that work…and once I am on my drug again it’ll of been so long since I was on it it’ll take ages for my body to absorb enough for it to work properly again. ugh.

I hate drug plans. 😦 Grr!

So there ya have it, the interview that was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter of my working life was quite possibly the worst interview I have ever been on and my easy peasy drug refill errand has turned in to prescription drug hell. *rolls eyes*

I was oh so upset yesterday while this was all happening, there were a couple times I wanted to cry but when I called my parents to tell them about the interview (I had promised them a couple days prior I would) my mom got me laughing, she’s good at that. It must be a mom thing, she always makes things better. 🙂

But there is the balance! I was so happy, and so excited, and having such good luck and then karma/the universe/nature whatever you want to call it kicked me in the teeth and brought me back down to earth. And really, that’s fine, it’s life, it’s how things go and no one can be all revved up and psyched all the time, unless their drugged…lol, but I really wish the balance had come in some other way then messing with my interview…

From Boring To Exciting All In A Couple Of Days

25 Aug

The beginning of this week was pretty lame, nothing bad was happening, just nothing exciting which is why I wasn’t blogging. I mean, come on, does anyone really want to read that it was raining on Monday so I coudn’t hike and instead stayed in and relaxed, giving myself a nice day off? Maybe in one little sentence like that it’s not so bad to hear about it but a whole blog post about that? Nuh-uh. Lame! lol

Tuesday was so boring I don’t even remember what happened that day…I know in the evening I took some duffel bags to a friend’s place, she’s going away and needed to borrow some bags cause she doesn’t have any suitable for travelling. We had ourselves a little mini party so I spent Wednesday a tad hung over, lol. I was intending to go to boxerfit Wednesday but was too uh, unable to exercise due to my not feeling all that great lol.

However, something totally awesome happened on Wednesday that made me literally jump up and down all over the place because I was so excited, then I did some happy dancing then I called my parents lol. I got an email from an agency that I applied to, they want to meeeeeet meeeeeee! 😀 😀 😀 wOOt! I have an appointment with them tomorrow afternoon!

Also on Wednesday, I got sent audition sides for an audition I went to today. It’s a student project so no pay but it’ll look great on the resume if I get it. The audition went amazingly awesomely perfect! 😀 I got such great feedback and compliments, put me on cloud 9, heck move over cloud 9 I was on cloud 10! lol. *happy dance*

Then! To keep going with the awesomeness that is life when I got home today from the audition and checked my email a second agency emailed me wanting to meet with me! Hells Yah!

Yesterday and today have totally rocked and tomorrow is the interview with the first agency so I fully expect to love tomorrow as well lol. 😀

I gotta say, I love this week! lol.



20 Aug

My Silver Medal!

Oh yah baby! We won Silver!!! wOOt! wOOt! 😀 😀 😀 *fist pump*

*sidenote: aaaaahhhhhh! I wrote an entire post about today and when I went and pressed Publish wordpress deleted everything but the picture! my second drafts are never as much fun as my first drafts, sigh*

Today I competed at the Stevenston Dragon Boat Festival, it was held in Richmond BC. 😀

The entire day was soooooo awesome I don’t even know where to begin! 😀

KL came to my place at 8am, I was awake at 6:20am after a measly 3 hours of bad sleep, ugh. Not the best start to a long day but oh well! I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to get ready and have time to eat a proper breakfast, my thinking was that starting my day with a healthy breakfast would help fuel my body through at least the first race and would help me eat properly for the rest of the day. I’m really glad I chose to eat breakfast at home cause when we got to the racing site all the food vendors and the majority of the food my teammates brought was unhealthy. At our tent we had timbits, donuts, cookies, banana bread, cranberry ginger bread, bagels…to be fair, we also had veggies (which I brought), some fruit – cause our coach made us promise to bring bananas (potassium = goooooood! lol), there was also a bit of grapes and a watermelon…so, ok, not all of the food was bad but most of it was!

We had to race in 4 heats, the first two were 200 metres and the second two were 500 metres. After the first race we all got back to the tent and dive bombed the food table, lol, this happens after every race! I don’t really understand why, like under 3 minutes of intense exertion has totally wiped us out and we must immediately refuel or risk faaaaading away. teehee. We had less then an hour until our next race so I nixed the idea of eating the salad I brought for my lunch and instead ate 1 C of strawberries and 1 light babybell, both of which I brought, lol. It’s weird, the entire day, I never felt hungry. When I did eat it was usually some fruit and I was only eating that to help keep me hydrated, shrug, ah well, doesn’t seem to have hurt me in the end. 🙂

The third race was to determine who qualified for the finals, for some reason if your team came in first or third you would go on to medal races but if you finished second or fourth you went to, um, shoot, what were they called? consolation races? that doesn’t seem quite right…basically, you would get to race one more time but not win anything, shrug. I don’t know why it wasn’t the first and second placed teams in those heats that went on to compete for a medal but hey, who am I to question? lol

For our fourth race all the competing teams were ready to go when an official called over the steerer and drummer from each team and they were all having an official looking convo. Then the official turned around and told us that two of the teams competing had “sandbagged” to get in to this heat and to make things fair teams had to swap steerers and drummers! There was a massive uproar! The drummer is the person who is responsible for keeping the team in sync, informing the team when we are switching to a different type of stroke and also they are the person who yells at us the whole way to keep us going – these people are NOT interchangeable! Turns out this was the officials idea of a joke, odd sense of humour that man has. *rolls eyes* A good side benefit to this joke was we were all riled up and ready to take that excess energy we had immediately built up to fight this unfairness out on the water. Sadly though, our team lost all that riled up energy because it took us so long to be able to get in our boat, by the time we were in our boat we were more worried about if we were going to miss our race! Ack!

Some of the teams are there for fun, they aren’t as competitive as the other teams, not to say they don’t work their asses off,  they do! They just aim to have fun and enjoy the experience where as some of us (my team! lol) are there to WIN!! lol Some of the fun teams are geared towards making the sport accesible to people with disabilities. Like last racing weekend, there was a team that for every seeing rower there was a non-seeing rower. This time, the team that was vacating the boat that we were supposed to use for our race was a MS team. Not all the members have MS (from my understanding) but most do, those who have advanced MS were having extreme difficulties getting out of the boat. What normally takes a team about 1 minute to accomplish took this team closer to 10 minutes to do. Since the races are scheduled down to the second for start times this is a problem. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, I think it’s great that the sport is open to pretty much anyone who wants to try, but this delay put us at a disadvantage within our division because all the other teams we were racing against were already sitting at the start line while we hadn’t even left the dock (which is at the finish line).

Usually, to get to the start line you row casually, you have to row 500 metres to get there and you don’t want to wear yourself out! You take your time, on the way your team will probably practice your starting strokes (that’s usually your first 30 strokes), then go back to rowing casually, this way you’re warmed up and pumped to go when you get there. You always want to be the first team at the start line because that means you have the most resting time before your race starts, you can relax, get in the zone, do what you need to do in order to prep yourself for what is to come. We were soooo late getting to the start line that we had to row faster then normal to get to the start line, then we right away had to turn around and get in our lane, as soon as we were turned the announcer was calling alignment and bam! we were off! We were yelling at each other right before the race started “no pain!” “no tired!” because of course we were all in pain, and we were all tired but we had to work past it, we had to act as if the next 500 metres decided everything – which they did, lol.

Just goes to show you what training and perseverance will get ya! Well, that and I told the team that bronze just doesn’t look good against my skin tone so we had to at least get a silver! 😉

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