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Leg Week?

10 Aug

Is leg week a thing? I feel it should be a thing, I can’t be the only person who has done this…granted I did it by accident, but still, I’m not the only one, right?

leg day 1

Last Friday night (it is currently the next Friday) I had leg day at the gym. I hadn’t had one in a while due to scheduling and life and laziness so it was nice to get back to routine. I pushed myself, because what is the point of working out if you don’t push yourself? By the end of the workout I could tell I was going to be feeling the results of that workout for days.

I love that feeling. 🙂

Saturday there was pain, there was using my arms to push me up from a chair, and using arms to take the weight off my legs when I would go to sit, and there was the knowledge I would probably suck at running if I had to run that day. But all that is good, because it is good pain, and it means I worked the muscles hard, the pain will fade, the results will stay.  Saturday is my rest day due to how my work schedule is so I didn’t do anything to really work the legs beyond normal day-to-day things.

Sunday I went for a hike after work, it occurred to me that might suck since my legs still had a noticeable amount of muscle pain but I went anyways. During the hike I noticed my legs started to feel better, stronger, they were benefiting from being worked again, even though I was still feeling the Friday night workout. I think, and I could be wrong, but I think the hike helped clear out some of the built up lactic acid and helped them stretch and basically just helped the muscles in their recovery. Yay for a good hike! The trail has a lot of ups and downs and uneven surfaces so not only did the larger muscles get worked but so did the smaller ones used for stabilizing etc. Also, part way in to the hike I noticed my stride was lengthening, I have a decent stride length but started the hike with a shorter stride due to discomfort, as the pain cleared my stride got longer, and I felt better.

Monday evening I did the Coquitlam Crunch which is like a less evil version of the Grouse Grind…which means nothing to you if you don’t live in Vancouver BC or the surrounding areas lol Basically it is a steep urban trail, with an elevation of 244 meters, that gives you a great and fast workout. So far my best time is one hour and two minutes round trip. My goal is to get that under an hour.

Then Tuesday evening I did a long walk with a friend after work. Which brings us to Wednesday where I did the Coquitlam Crunch with the same friend I walked with Tuesday. I had intended to go to Lynn Valley and hike the trails but that will wait for another day.

So, I inadvertently had, what is that, 5 leg workouts in 6 days? Um, oops? Sorry for neglecting you upper body, I swear I still love ya! lol

Normally I do a much better job of working out all my muscle groups, and its not like I have some driving desire to only work on my legs, they just somehow got all my attention this week.

I think the flaw in my workouts is that it is summer, and that means hiking, and trails, and all those lovely outdoor workouts can be done at any time of day, on any day, without worry about weather cancelling your outing, so I tend to go out on a trail instead of inside to the gym. I mean c’mon, if given the choice wouldn’t you go out on a trail, get some fresh air, see some pretty sights, maybe spot a deer or bear or some other fuzzy critter, rather than be inside the gym where yes, you get a good workout but all you really look at is equipment and yourself in the mirror?

The hiking gives me a chance to either ruminate on something that is bothering me, or clear my mind and enjoy the quiet for a while, whichever I need. I can be alone, with nature, infusing myself with the peace that comes from being surrounded by trees (seriously, what is it with trees that they are so soothing?) or I can go with a friend and enjoy a lovely chat while getting in a workout.

The gym, I love the gym, but to me it is more like work, or an expectation, or I dunno, a thing I schedule. I don’t mind any of that, I really don’t, but sometimes I like the idea of being out on a trail more. I know it isn’t as good of a workout as my gym time, and my muscle definition suffers every summer because of that, but I can’t give up my trail time, I enjoy it too much.

However, my enjoying of my trail time this week has resulted in a lot of leg workouts, and no upper body workouts, until Thursday that is when I was at dragon boat practice.

I’ve really got to take care to balance things a bit better because while Leg Day is a thing, a good thing, a thing to be done often, Leg Week is a teeny bit of over kill and maybe shouldn’t be repeated anytime soon…don’t want my back and arms and shoulders to think I don’t care about them after all! 😉


My Ulcer and I

23 Sep

My ulcer and I are so tight I don’t do anything without it! ahahahaha, aren’t I just soooooo funny? 😛 If I could leave the stupid thing behind I would, duh, but unfortunately I’m stuck with the bastard. Grr. Maybe I should name it? Then I’d have a name to be thinking while I am thinking about how much I hate it. It’s good to focus your anger right?

This past week has been a suck fest cause my stomach has been a boiling volcanic hell *rolls eyes*. It’s all cause the BC healthcare made me switch my acid reflux pills to something that is cheaper but doesn’t work nearly as well. I have a freakishly acidic stomach so without medication to control it I get -drumroll please- Ulcers! Yah! Oh wait, that’s not a “yah!” moment, oops! 😉 lol

Because of the ulcers I missed dragon boating, and only managed to box once this week (and I had a wicked hard time at that training session). Why did I miss out on so much? Cause I spent a good chunk of time sitting on my couch trying to find any frickin position possible that would help minimize the pain (fyi, no position was any better then the others) and alternating between wanting to eat but being scared to and finally caving and eating but then being in so much pain from the combo of food+ulcer that I couldn’t focus on anything but the pain and even though it makes me a wimp, I’ll admit it, shedding some tears. Lame.

Ulcers suck big fat hairy toes. 😛

I have learned over the past week the only food I can sorta manage is Weetabix cereal, one piece of it, with 1/2 cup 1% milk…milk has become my best friend which is weird cause milk produces acid during digestion but somehow it helps when you have an ulcer…I’ve never understood why…

I had an inspiration yesterday though, maybe if whatever I ate was mooshed to the same consistency as what Weetabix cereal becomes once you add milk to it I might be able to eat it and not have too much pain – I’m so brilliant! kinda…lol. I mooshed up a banana and put some yogurt with it and ate that last night and it wasn’t so bad. So, I think my ulcer doesn’t like food that is in pieces it has to work to digest, and ok, I can deal with that, my tummy wants to be lazy, fine, I’ll accomodate. So today I ate a fried egg, cheese slice and slice of tomato on one piece of toast and chewed every single bite till it was mush in my mouth (yeah, it was as gross as it sounds lol) But! after I was done eating I didn’t have nearly as much pain as before so I am couting this as a win for me. 😀 Later I ate yet another piece of Weetabix with milk. lol.

Never in my life have I eaten so much Weetabix in one week nor have I drank so much milk in one week since, well, before Weight Watchers. I limit my milk intake cause I don’t like using my points on my drinks but since it helps my stomach I drink a glass of milk with everything I attempt to eat (except the Weetabix cause it’s already in milk). It really does help with the pain so for now you couldn’t get me to part with my milk if you pointed a gun at my head. 😛

I didn’t mean for this to be a whining post but I guess all I’ve done is bitch about the ulcer, sorry. Hopefully it will be better starting next Tuesday, that’s when I see the doctor again and hopefully get new and better pills *cross my fingers*

For now, I think I’ll go pour myself yet another glass of milk…


5 May

That OW is not a simple tiny little ‘ow’, it’s not a ‘I stubbed my toe’ or ‘I have a hangnail’ ow it is an OWWWWWWWWWW! I am hurt! Even typing is causing me pain. *pout*

I have a slight leaning toward whiny-ness when sick and/or injured. I am not as bad as some people but I do have my complaining moments – consider yourself warned! 😉

The building I work in offers these bettering yourself courses once a year to all the tenants so my friends at work and I signed up for the self-defence class cause well, duh, it’d be fun! lol. I went last year and had a blast so an even bigger group of us went this year. The way they run the hour long session is first you have warm up, then you pair up and go to a punching bag. The guy running the session shows you what move he wants you to work on and one person holds the bag while the partner performs the move on the bag – then you switch. Easy peasy right?

The section where you’re working on the bag is fun, and tiring, and works your muscles and did I mention fun? teehee. Anything where you get to punch and kick and basically pummel something without getting in trouble is truly awesome! I apparently have “violent tendancies” but I think it’s just that most people bury their feelings of violence, not that I have stronger feelings then others in that regard. lol.

After the punching bag part a guy comes in dressed in one of those huge padded outfits so that we can all take turns fighting him. hehe, Sweet huh? Well, we were supposed to use the moves we’d just learned on him and basically survive an attack, oy! It appears I have a tendency to fight instead of just hurt the attacker and run away which is what we are supposed to do, huh. You fight for 30 seconds, then get told what you are doing wrong, then go for another 30 seconds. I know 30 seconds doesn’t sound like long but it’s long enough to get incapacitated, thrown to the ground, trapped from behind, knocked over…it’s long enough for all kinds of stuff to happen. erg.

I ended up slammed to the ground, hitting an open drawer that was full of hand weights on the way down. Nice huh? The high point is I took the guy down with me! Oh yeah baby! Go girl power! I was so in to it I scrambled up quick and went to kick him in the nuts but managed to stop myself before I actually did – in real life I would have but this is some guy in a protective suit not a real danger. shrug.

After all that I got told what I should do better and was put back in for another 30 seconds, in the dude who ran the sessions defence he did ask if I wanted to sit out my second round cause I was hurt but I said no – like I am gonna let some guy best me?!?! Hell No!

Ok, I just went to go switch over my laundry and discovered new injuries…greeeeaattt. 😛 Both knees, both! Can you believe it?!?! omg I hurt *groan* Told you I’d get whiny!

I’m kinda pissed that the guy managed to get me to the ground, you’re not supposed to let him do that cause in real life if that happened well…bad! All kinds of bad!

My tally of injuries (so far lol) are: 1 skinned elbow, same elbow is swelling up and so far looks like a golf ball is attached to it lol, the joint/bones also hurt so I wonder if I did more then surface damage but can’t say for sure, my left knee is bruising and swelling and makes me limp also, I think there is fluid forming under the bruise, eewwww!, my right knee is skinned, bruised and the muscle or tendons or something hurts and the more I use it the more it hurts – wouldn’t be so bad but the left knee hurts the more it stays still, it stiffens up ya know?, so whether I sit still or move around I am causing more pain to one of the knees…oh, and it feels like a mild sprain in my right ankle.

Seems I am totally weak cause can you imagine if it had been a real trying-to-hurt-me guy and not some guy in a padded suit?? Must toughen up!

Today I ate:

3/4 C Vanilla Almond Special K = 2 points

1/2 C 1% milk = 1 point

1 C Maple Baked Beans = 4 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

85 grams whole wheat pasta = 5 points

1/2 C Hunt’s Thick n Rich premium pasta sause, original = 1 point

2 pieces bread = 1 point

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

Total points eaten = 17

Exercise pointes earned = 3 – 7 ??

I am not sure the best way to calculate the exercise points I earned, yeah I have my slidy thing so that’s not the problem, the problem is what intensity was it? Moderate or High? Moderate is you sweat after 10 mins and high is you sweat in 3-5 minutes…I was mildly sweating by the 5 minute mark due to the warm up and had a steady glow happening the entire time we worked the bag but my hike seems more strenuous then that work out…and the fighting part with the guy was probably High intensity but that didn’t last very long so doesn’t really count…I will probably count 3 exercise points and leave it at that, better to be a bit low then to calculate high and over eat right?

This means I have 6 points left to eat and I am so grateful since I am hungry! 😀 I haven’t figured out what I am gonna eat yet but I’ll find something tasty, you can count on it lol. Oh, sidenote! Last night, remember my dilemma about what to eat to use up that last point? I found a happy middle! A 1 point healthy snack, yah! I ate a banana, don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner…

I know I bitched about my injuries a lot and made the self defence class sound not all that great but I would do it again in a heartbeat cause it was fun, it was active and it taught me things that are good to know – don’t let my whining put you off taking one if ever you get the chance!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ice my knees…or maybe apply heat…I’m not really sure…

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