Been Gone A While

23 Jan

So I’ve been gone a while, I hadn’t even realized how long until the other day when I logged in and saw when I last posted and I immediately thought “aw crap, I’ve been gone way longer then I thought”. I did want to post that day, I had a topic and a vague idea in my head about what I was going to write but the entire site was blacked out in protest, seriously? I finally get my ass back on to wordpress and it’s all blacked out?? What are the odds? *rolls eyes*

Any normal person would have just said ah well and logged on the next day, written their post then, but I am not normal in any way and somehow that just didn’t happen…I think cause I was busy with, ya know, life…or something resembling it anyways…

Here’s a little catch up on things:

I got back from Alberta safe and sound, got back to my apartment to find my roomie’s cat was crazy sick (some kind of cat cold) and she hadn’t even noticed (the poor thing was having sneezing fits lasting 10 sneezes or longer at a time, and his poor darker coloured then normal really wet nose, sigh). I ended up hanging at the house for a couple days right after getting home nursing the poor cat back to health (may I remind you, it’s not even MY cat!!) but I can’t let him suffer alone just because his owner doesn’t pay attention or want to take him to a vet, sigh.

The guy I was seeing and I broke up so I spent some days wallowing in self-pity, depression, despair, sadness – doing all the things girls do at a time like this (I watched Dirty Dancing and got drunk and ate pie). What made it even better was my roomie was dumped two days before my break up so there were two of us going through this together…the amount of chocolate and pizza that has been in this apartment since those days is amazing. Then I decided to give myself a good kick in the ass cause what kind of girl am I? The whiny crying stupid kind? Hell No! I had a really good couple of days where I hit the gym, stopped listening to depressing music, starting wearing makeup again (it’s amazing how pathetic I got…) and then I ended up going for dinner with a friend who spent the entire time yapping about her new boyfriend and how happy she is and how great he is and how wonderful being in a relationship is and blah blah fucken blah…I couldn’t wait to get away. So that dumped me back down in to a pit of despair. I know! I’m rolling eyes at myself right now, I am well aware how pathetic I was (am?).

During this I pulled myself together and met with a guy who went to the same film school as I but a couple years prior, he is starting his own production company and we had a meeting (ie interview) to see about collaborating together, sweet! He wants to get a team of actors and crew and writers together, start filming small scenes that showcase the writing and acting skill/talent of the people involved, then show those to backers and get funding so we can film small films and enter them in to Film Festivals and then get more backing from that and film Feature Films. How awesome is that?! He really liked my demo reel and we are meeting this week to go over the first script he wants me to work on, he said at the interview he already had two characters he thought I’d be great for and he now has a third (which I will be learning more about this week), so way excited for that! There is no money involved, because it’s all entry level, all a bunch of us who are just starting and trying to find a crack in the industry wall that we can get through to get noticed but hey, at least I’m trying. 🙂 The Production Company is going to be focused on sci-fi/fantasy so I’m betting I’ll be working on some pretty crazy scripts, yah!

What else? Oh yeah, I damaged the back bumper of my suv, sadness. I was reversing on a twisty narrow road that cuts through a forest on a freakishly steep hill in the pouring rain as the sun was setting and a tree that had fallen and was partially crossing the path came in to contact (painful contact) with my rear bumper. sigh. I am fairly certain it is cosmetic damage, but by the time I was leaving the area it was too dark to check out the suv (and there is always the fear of wild animals deciding to jump out and eat you…not even joking!) so I waited till I got back and parked in the underground parking that comes with my apartment, turns out I brought part of the frickin tree home with me, all squished in to the crack that is now in my bumper. Awesome huh?

Oh and lastly, my roomie convinced me to start a Plenty of Fish account (for those of you that don’t know it’s a dating website) because she thinks the best way to get over my ex is to start dating someone else. I don’t know about this logic but am willing to give it a try I guess, shrug. Well, turns out I seem to hold a lot of appeal for random guys on dating websites as I have been getting weird emails to my account inbox since I opened the silly thing, which was oh about, 24 hours ago? *rolls eyes* I started emailing with one guy and we are tentatively making plans to meet for coffee this week but I dunno, now that the plans are being made I don’t know that I want to go through with it…I’m not really into this whole internet dating thing, I always think it’s better to meet people the old fashioned way, ya know, in person? Seems to be a dying trend though, shrug.

How does any of this relate to my weight watchers? Well, it kinda does kinda doesn’t. I haven’t been tracking but I have been measuring and portioning my foods (well, except for the “dark days” when I pretty much stopped eating completely, then the couple days after that where I lived off pizza, pie and chocolate…but we won’t go in to that lol) I have been getting to the gym about 3 times a week and the days I don’t go to the gym I make sure to walk somewhere that is a decent walking distance away, so the grocery store, the seabus terminal, purolator…basically, I look at it as there is no physical reason I can not walk to do my errands so walk them I will. It’s working out well. The walking gives me time to get outside, breath fresh air, listen to my iPod and just be by myself but not isolated in my apartment. It’s been almost therapeutic and the days I don’t walk somewhere I find a little sad. Oh, I took a kick boxing class last week, it was alright, not as good as my boxing classes were but decent.

I am reading the books to learn how to do the Points Plus Program and will be starting that soon, perhaps tomorrow? I haven’t finished reading the book yet but maybe I will finally get through it tomorrow. It’s funny, I got so used to the old program and when people would ask I’d say how it’s so easy, nuthin to it, stuff like that, I forgot how overwhelming it can be to read that first book of the program and be introduced all at once to all the crap you have to remember/know/learn, all the rules you will have to follow, just all that stuff. I am reading this book for the new program and just keep thinking I should be taking notes somewhere cause this seems like a lot to have to remember and am I going to want to flip through this book everytime I need to refresh myself about something? But oh well.  I am a (vaguely) smart individual who should be able to figure this out…and if all else fails I’ll call my mom, she’s on this plan so she’ll have answers to all my questions lol.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes I am still doing Weight Watchers unofficially, so no going to meetings or using the online support tools for me, I’m still poor, shrug. 😛 A whole new Weight Watcher’s adventure is about to start for me!…I really hope this new program gets me off my plateau, here’s hoping! 😀


2 Responses to “Been Gone A While”

  1. VeeEmm January 23, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    Welcome back – I’ve missed you! The “new” WW program takes a while to get used to – fruit is NO POINTS? How weird is that? At first I felt guilty eating a banana and not counting 2 points for it, but I soon got over it! Good luck with the acting – one day something great will happen.

    • shrinkingwmn January 27, 2012 at 12:47 am #

      Thanks! 🙂 It is gonna be weird not counting points for fruit, I had some canned (in water) peaches yesterday and kept thinking “wow, this snack has no points, score!” lol

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