A Couple Weeks A Couple Pounds…Almost…

8 Mar

So I’ve been on the new eating and exercise plan for a couple weeks now (like my title suggests lol) and I’ve lost 1.8 pounds, which doesn’t sound all that impressive but since the goal is 1 pound a week I’m almost right on target, so yah? My current dilemma is that NC said he could help me lose 20 pounds in 2 months but if I am only losing 1 pound a week well…even I know that math doesn’t add up! Anybody out there have some wicked awesome math skills that make that work? Maybe a snazzy calculator that fudges results a little bit? Something? Anything?…no, I didn’t think so lol

I’m not really too upset about the 1 pound a week thing, I mean yes I would rather be losing more per week cause I am totally a need-to-see-results kinda girl but hey, I have been plateaued for freakin ever and in only two weeks the plateau has stopped, technically really, the plateau stopped being a plateau after the first week since I lost 1.2 pounds the first week, so yah for no more plateau! 🙂

Here’s how a typical food day goes:

Upon first rising have a protein shake and half a piece of fruit (say half an apple or pear or whatever)

Approximately an hour later have breakfast, some sort of protein (I have 2 slices of turkey bacon), an egg (did you know you destroy all the good nutritional benefits of an egg if you cook the yolk? so now I eat them sunny side up with a runny yolk, yum!) and the other half of that piece of fruit you cut up earlier…I also have a glass of water but that’s not technically part of the eating plan, it’s just cause I like to stay hydrated lol

Here is where I go exercise…

After getting home from the gym I have a protein shake but this one is yummy cause it has one scoop of protein powder, half a banana, half cup of frozen fruit (I alternate between just blueberries or having mixed berries), half cup non flavoured sweetened yogurt from Activia, one cup almond milk (don’t even get me started on how much I miss milk from a cow, milking an almond is just so wrong! lol) , and one teaspoon of something called NutraSea +D (it’s to get me some much needed healthy fats, my omega 3)

An hour or two later I have dinner, some form of protein (say a half a chicken breast or a fish fillet) and some veggies (usually 2/3C mixed frozen veggies but it can be other veg, it’s all dependent on preference)

Then a couple hours after that, or whenever I start to feel hungry, I have a salad, mixed greens that I add cucumber and half a cut up pepper to, if I had half the chicken breast for dinner I put the remaining half on my salad, if I had fish for dinner then I’ll have half a cup of cottage cheese or a serving of marble cheese with the salad, just something to get a bit of protein and make it a bit more filling.

Then right before bed, literally it’s the last thing I do before going and washing up is have a couple spoonfuls of either some yogurt or some cottage cheese, just something little like that to help keep your body from freaking out about being starved to death while you are sleeping lol.

Sounds like a lot huh? And it is…and yet it isn’t lol. I have a goal of almost 1500 calories a day for my food intake, this compensates for my daily exercise and with all the math done will result in my losing a pound a week and not starving while doing it. Also, I need all that protein and well, food in general, to keep my body fueled up and able to deal with the exercise without it deciding to use my muscles as fuel thereby taking away my ability to get in shape in a healthy way. My problem is that not once have I been able to reach my caloric goal, not once!! How insane is that? Even on days I splurge and get a hot chocolate or eat some sushi or have a piece of chocolate (hey, I’m a girl, I have chocolate needs that can’t be denied lol) I still don’t manage to reach my calorie goal of almost 1500.

Any other day I would be able to honestly write that I am not feeling hungry, or deprived or anything negative and that I don’t really think I need all those calories despite what NC and all the books I am reading say buuuuut well, today I am freakin starved! lol I don’t know what it is! I ate all my food like I am supposed to, even my night time salad which normally I kinda skip cause it’s just too much food but here it is a little after midnight and I could so go for a meal right now, sigh. I am not going to have a meal cause well, hello, it’s a little after midnight, it’s a weird time to be eating and I have to try to get some sleep soon since I have to be up in the morning but that doesn’t mean I don’t want something to eat lol. Despite my hunger pains tonight let me reassure you I am not starving myself, I am not denying myself food in an effort to get thin, it’s driving NC a little nuts I think that I am not eating more but I’m not gonna force myself to eat when I am not hungry, that just doesn’t make any sense to me, does it make sense to you?


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