I’ve Been Corrupted!

8 Apr

I feel like a computer program that has some bad code, or a box of crayons that’s missing a couple colours or even a Big Mac without the special sauce – something is not right!

If asked to describe myself I am naturally lazy and my stomach and digestive system can handle eating anything…seriously, anything! You know those people who are all “everytime I eat McDonald’s an hour after I eat I have to go running to the bathroom, or, I have the worst stomach ache, or, I feel so sick/bloated/gross etc” – you know what people I am talking about, the ones that eat something we all know isn’t good for you and their bodies make them feel like crap cause of what they ate but they still eat it? Right, ok, so, I’m not that person, never have been. McDonald’s? Bring it on! Taco Bell/Taco Time? No worries there! Any kind of chocolate/candy/sweet? Gimme more! It never makes me feel gross/sick/in desperate need of a bathroom and I never have any troubles digesting.

Well…apparently something has changed in my innards and I am not impressed. Grr to my changing innards! 😉 I went to a lovely Easter dinner last night at a friend’s family’s place. My friend’s Aunt made a tonne of totally delish food, Mmm! Now, my plan was to eat mostly protein (of whatever variety was made) and have itty bitty amounts of whatever sides happened to be there…I was gonna stick to my eating plan darnit! I would have stuck with that plan except the only protein was a cooked ham *gag* I don’t eat pork in most of it’s varieties and a cooked ham is most definitely one of the ways I won’t touch it, blech. So there went my eating protein for dinner plan lol. I ate only the sides and ended up eating these potatoes that were sliced then baked in the oven with some kind of cream sauce and lots of cheese (holy crap soooo good!), super soft butter buns that were heated up so you could put more butter on them (bread! I got to eat bread! *happy dance*), a spinach salad that was super yum and some mixed veggies. Soooo, my dinner was carbs, carbs, oh and more carbs covered by a home made vinagarette dressing lol. Then of course there was dessert. 😛 I made a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and the other dessert was a Kraft recipe that had philly cream cheese, cool whip, graham crackers and coconut, all layered and put in the fridge to set, holy crap it was tasty!

Anyways, my point about the food, I ate a lot of carbs in that meal, then had a bunch of sugar in the dessert, and don’t forget all the random chocolate that was floating around since it was an Easter dinner lol. Normally a meal like that wouldn’t have given me any problems, I’d eat, digest, it’d be all good. Well, um, it was not all good today…*pout* today I feel heavy, and gross, and like my stomach has a rock in it or something…I keep craving some unknown substance that will flush out the sugar and carbs I ate (even though I don’t actually believe in flushes). So I spent my day drinking water and tea and going back to my high protein high healthy fat eating plan. I think, after such a long time without eating high amounts of carbs and sugar my body is struggling to handle the amounts I put in it yesterday…Corruption! 

The second corruption I noticed the other day. You know those people who are all “I get so energized from going to the gym/working out, afterwards I feel like I can do just about anything blah blah blah” Those people! Argh! Those people annoy the fuck outta me! lol I go to the gym, I come home, I have a protein shake and a shower and I want a nap, an 8 hour nap! I’m not energized, I’m exhausted! Working out takes what little energy my body has and uses it all and then I am somehow expected to get through the rest of the day? How do people do that?!?!

Well, after the gym the other day (where I had a greeeat workout) I made my protein shake, drank it (duh) and was heading for the shower when I realized I was kinda dancing/bouncing…what the…?? Nothing too extreme or anything but definitely more then my normal walk…and I had a realization…I was…energized…Energized! How did that happen?? As soon as I realized it I came to a complete stop and tried to figure out exactly what and why I was feeling like that. What was I thinking about? Was I just really happy about whatever was floating through my brain and that had me dancing? (hey, don’t judge, that happens lol) Was I listening to music? Nope. Was I having a nervous system spasm and it wasn’t really dancing but some kind of muscle freakout? Didn’t appear to be…So, what was causing this energy and dancing? I’m still not completely sure what it was but I worry it was, *shuffles feet* feeling good about my workout and that feeling good combined with some sort of freak energy burst that came about also due to the workout…I think *clears throat* I became that person who got energized from working out…I’m not sure how I feel about this one…except…Corruption!

My very being has been corrupted by extended healthy eating habits and extended (and often) exercise habits to change my lazy-able-to-digest-any-kind-of-crap-I-put-in-to-it-body into a…into a what? I’m still not sure…into a body that likes to exercise? Prefers to have healthy food put in to it?

I’m gonna admit, it’s freakin me out a bit…you can’t spend a bunch of years as one way and then not freak out a bit when you realize you’re changing and becoming something else…what will I become? What colour crayons were taken out of the box that is me? Will I miss those colours? What if I need them back? Will I still be me? I mean, a Big Mac isn’t a Big Mac without the special sauce right? So whatever it is that is changing in me, will I still be me even though something is missing/changed?

Guess I’ll find out…

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