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A Safeway Sandwich

28 Jun

The other day I had a small amount of time to grab something to eat so I stopped at Safeway and did that whole build your own sandwich deal…yeah…so not worth it.

I’ve never gotten a sandwich from there but since my options were one of the pre-packaged sandwiches, a freshly made to order sandwich, or my going to Subway, I thought this was a healthy choice.

The list of options you can pick from is out of date so the first three types of bread I asked for I was told I couldn’t have because they don’t use that bread anymore. Okaaaaay…annoying but fine. Then the guy couldn’t tell me how much my sandwich was going to cost because it depended what meat I got, I told him I wanted turkey and he was still unable to tell me how much it was going to cost. sigh. Then when he put the turkey on the bread it only covered half the bread! The meat is pre-portioned to make sure they only put a certain amount on the sandwiches but the portioned out amounts are freakishly small, so I asked for double meat. Oh, and when I asked how much it would cost for double the turkey he said it depended on how much the turkey cost…but he didn’t follow that up with how much the turkey costs, he just ended the sentence like that lol

I was starting to wonder just how much this sandwich was going to cost me. At this point I didn’t really want it anymore, it was becoming more effort than it was worth, but not like I could walk out half way through the sandwich making process. *rolls eyes*

The rest of the sandwich had mustard, light mayo, spinach, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and one slice of cheddar cheese. a fairly classic combo.

safeway sandwich

I was doing the really classy thing of sitting in my car and eating the sandwich, I would have eaten it while driving but they didn’t cut it so it was too large for me to hold and eat, while driving.

The first bite was pretty much all bread and that kinda set the tone for the rest of the sandwich, the tone being I was eating stale bread. I know, I know, first world problems! But c’mon, I paid for this freshly made sandwich and they can’t even be bothered to put it on bread that isn’t stale? Not cool Safeway.

In the end the bread was inedible, I ended up opening the sandwich up and eating the meat, cheese, and veg, then threw the bread away. So, yay on saving calories! But boo on paying for something that turned out to be a waste of money.

I should’ve just gone to Subway. πŸ˜›


2 Apr

I didn’t write this yesterday because I figured people might think I made it up, April Fools ya know?

I had a perfectly lovely day yesterday, it started with an audition on Granville Island, getting locked in a store and left there for over a half an hour, grabbing a quick bite to eat, running some errands, heating my back, going out for a quick dinner and then to a movie with a friend. See? Lovely day! πŸ™‚

What’s that? Oh, you caught that quick mention about being locked in a store? Yeeeeah, so, that happened. *rolls eyes*

Only to me lol

I was early for my audition and luckily for me someone else was late so they took me in 20 minutes early, I did my thaaaang and thought I’d wander Granville for a bit, hit up the market to buy some fresh produce, maybe poke my nose in to the fun shops. It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm with only a bit of wind, I had lots of time left on the parking meter, the day practically begged for a relaxed walk among the shops and who am I to deny that? πŸ˜‰

Well, on my way to the produce market I popped in to a shop called Eklectic Finds (yes, they spelled it like that lol), it features items for your home and garden and since I’m in the process of trying to make my place a little nicer I figured why not check it out?

Store front...

Store front…

So, I walk in there, start looking at items on the shelves, its one of those places that is very small and the shelves are packed so you have to squeeze to get through to the more interesting stuff. Well, I discovered a fatal flaw with that design cause I went in and started looking around and all of a sudden I hear the door close and the sound of a lock being turned,…umm…what the hell? I poke my head around the end of the aisle just in time to see the shop lady turning away and leaving me locked inside the shop. Huh. I started moving around a lot, seeing if I’d set off an alarm even though I didn’t hear her set one but nope, no alarm went off.

I found myself in a bit of a dilemma, I could leave but that would mean the shop door would be unlocked and who knows who might walk in and steal stuff, or I could stay, use the time to finish looking around the store and leave when the shop lady got back. Seemed like an easy choice lol Except the lady took for freakin ever to return! I did what anybody in that situation would do, I posted about it on facebook lol then texted a couple of friends. Just as I was thinking “screw this I’m outta here” and figuring I’d leave a note on the counter she returned and I scared the crap out of her when she walked in and I popped out from the back of the store lol. πŸ˜›

After that I didn’t have nearly as much time left on my parking meter so I grabbed a quick bite to eat, it was a toasted bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers (I don’t know why I like capers so much, they are weird looking, but alas, I do!) then booked it to my suv, oh I maaaaay have also bought one of the most amazing looking brownies ever! Mmm! It was like a super moist cake with frosting, omg yum. And no, I didn’t take pics cause both the bagel and the brownie were put in to to-go containers and didn’t look all that impressive once I got around to opening the containers. The sun kinda melted the cream cheese and the frosting, oops!

After being super classy and eating in my car I scooted off to do errands before meeting up with my friend later on.

All in all, an entertaining day. πŸ™‚

Where I wanted to go...

Where I wanted to go…

why do I think pictures of produce are so pretty? weird...

why do I think pictures of produce are so pretty? weird…

This was the market I wanted to hit up, these are just a couple pictures of it, imagine produce like that, but on a far grander scale, the market is huge, and filled with such yummy fruit, veg, seafood, meat, basically everything lol Ah well, another time!

Changing How I Eat

27 Mar

I’ve been talking with this nutritionist to get help with my eating, I don’t have the best eating habits and I thought getting some professional help might, well, help. πŸ˜›

She’s been really good about teaching me how to make small changes that are sustainable instead of giving me a list of drastic changes I should make that I’d never be able to keep up with. Baby steps people!

One of the things she wants me working on is eating small meals every three hours. That was one of the things I was trying to do this past week and lemme tell ya, it takes a huge effort! I don’t like eating that often, or eating that much over the course of a day but I had promised myself I would try so I started trying to eat something every three hours on Sunday, I thought it’d be easier to do on a work day and yay me, I was right lol

It’s not that I have to eat a meal every three hours, I just have to eat something, preferably a combination of protein, fruit or veg and whole grains. Now, eating that combo didn’t happen every three hours but I almost always managed to eat something at the three hour mark. πŸ™‚ Sometimes it was as simple as eating a hard boiled egg, other times it was veggies and hummus, I varied it so I wouldn’t get bored.

Not gonna lie, I was kinda proud of how well I managed on Sunday and Monday but I totally dropped the ball on my days off, sigh. One thing I have managed to do for 3 days in a row is cook an actual meal each day! And not just something I would consider a meal, like a spoonful of peanut butter or some toast but food that I think almost anyone would consider a meal. Go me go! lol

The meals weren’t always the healthiest but they were better than things I have made in the past. I tried to make sure I had that combination the nutritionist had been talking about and I was trying to do this other thing she taught me which is building your meal. The idea is you take the dish you were already going to make and build on to it so it is healthier and more filling and provides more of the nutrients you need in a day.Β For example, I made a grilled cheese sandwich one day and to build on the meal I also prepped some raw veggies and got some hummus so I ate not just the sandwich but also carrots, baby tomatoes and hummus (the hummus was for the protein). Make sense?

Wednesday I made a dish I don’t have a name for lol it had noodles, asparagus, orange pepper, beefless tips (don’t judge, they are delish!) with a spicy thai sauce. It looked like this…

2015-03-25 18.57.43The beefless tips look burned but they actually weren’t and yeah I know, it doesn’t look that impressive in general but hey, this is me, baby steps! It has veggie, protein and well, not whole grains but a carb type thing so I think it follows the rules I am trying to learn. And sure, maybe I shouldn’t have added a sauce but it needed something to give it some flavour, I may be trying to eat healthy but I’m not trying to piss off my taste buds by depriving them lol

Tuesday I made chicken fingers and veggies which yes I am well aware chicken fingers are not healthy cause they are breaded but they were in my freezer and the meal I made was a better option than the peanut butter and nutella sandwich I was contemplating. πŸ˜›

Tuesdays dinner

Tuesdays dinner

To make up for eating chicken fingers I made a super healthy dessert of Greek Yogurt with sliced banana in it and a side of some sliced up mango. Only problem was I didn’t get to eat the yogurt and banana because it turned out the yogurt had gone bad, something I discovered with my first spoonful, blech. Least the mango was good! πŸ™‚

Healthy dessert

Healthy dessert

The dinner I made on Monday wasn’t from scratch, though I suppose neither are chicken fingers lol I made a stir fry but it is a ready made one that is frozen so all I have to do is warm it up, takes a whopping 18 minutes when cooked on the stove top, something even I can manage lol

Mondays dinner

Mondays dinner

So yeah, I am trying to take what the nutritionist is teaching me and incorporate it in to my daily eating habits. It doesn’t always work but at least I have a bit more structure to my eating. Like today for instance, I had oatmeal for breakfast, well, lunch, umm…late lunch I guess, I ate around 3:30pm so I knew that I should eat again around 6:30pm. Knowing I would be eating again at 6:30pm helped stop me from nibbling on food around 5pm when I was feeling like having a nibble, structure can be your friend! πŸ™‚ Course, you can’t always eat every three hours, life gets in the way, and that messes me up cause if I miss the three hour mark then I feel like I’ve screwed up and that doesn’t feel good at all, sigh. But I’ll get better the longer I try! πŸ™‚


Lunch For Breakfast

31 Jan

A friend of mine who is also trying to get in to better shape invited me over for lunch, well, technically it started as we were going to go out for lunch then for a walk but it turned in to her inviting me over for lunch and then we’d go walking. I figure eating in is always better for the wallet so I’m game…it helps that she’s a chef so she’s amazing with food lol

When I got there she had this lovely spread all ready to go…

2015-01-29 12.08.20


Thing is, somewhere along the way I got it in to my head we were having breakfast so I got there, saw this lovely food and immediately thought “salad for breakfast? huh?”

Lucky for me I’m willing to eat almost anything at any time of day, regardless of what I think I “should” be eating…though I was kinda sad I wouldn’t be eating a pancake, which is what I would have ordered if we’d gone out lol

This is a better view of my breakfast/lunch:

2015-01-29 12.18.47


That my friends is a cup of Tetley tea, a glass of water, a slice of gluten free toast (she has gone gluten free, I have not), salad with tomato, cucumber, a hard boiled egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, salsa, two salmon cakes and some ranch dressing on the side. I like my dressing on the side because then I can dip my knife in and lightly distribute dressing to every second or third forkful of salad instead of drowning the entire salad.

What a lovely way to start the day!

She even went so far as to have dessert! She amazes me. If left up to me we’d have been eating toasted sandwiches or cereal lol

For dessert I had:

2015-01-29 13.18.02


There was a whole bunch of cut up fruit, I selected mango and cantaloupe. She also has kiwi and, hmm, something else I’m blanking on right now, watermelon maybe? The little bread looking thing is home made cookie/loaf, it has cranberries and orange in it and holy crap was it tasty! I ate two pieces! lol

Actually that is a lie, she sent me home with some leftovers and in those leftovers were two more pieces of the cookie/loaf and I ate them later in the day sooooo I ate 4 pieces in total, over the span of hours…like that makes it any better? lol I’m not sure what to call it, it had the texture of a cookie, but the shape of a loaf cake.

We didn’t end up going for our walk, which sucks, because we got so busy gabbing we completely lost track of time and when we finally looked at a clock we both had places to be. We are going to try to make this a regular occurrence though, not always eating food at her place, but walking every Thursday. We both usually have that day off and theoretically should be able to make it work. I’m hopeful for it as it would be nice to go walking weekly with her, it’s always easier to stick with any form of exercise, easy or hard, if you are being held accountable by someone. πŸ™‚

Awesome Sunday

1 Apr

Why can’t every day be like this past Sunday? Seriously, it was so much fun! Well…for me, others might not be that impressed with it lol πŸ˜›

It started off with something that wasn’t funny at the time but now is so sit back and enjoy a story that clearly shows you juuuuust how dumb I can be! πŸ˜‰

cant brain today

I didn’t have to work on Sunday, I had booked the day off so I could attend an Acting Workshop. The class didn’t start till 11am which meant I didn’t have to be up until 8:30am which is sooooo lovely compared to my normal wake-up time of 5:20am on a Sunday cause of working at 7am. Ugh.


So I get to sleep in which right there is a great improvement to the day lol I set the alarm for 8:30am the night before and blissfully drift off to sleep. Cue the morning when the alarm goes off. I couldn’t believe how tired I felt considering I got 6 hours of Β sleep but oh well, I roll out of bed, stumble my way to the shower and attempt to wake myself up while not drowning under the water spray. Next comes uber careful make-up application. More careful than normal since I am about to spend the day in front of a camera and I want to look good lol. After the make-up is complete I head towards the bedroom for hair and clothing. On the way I check the clock on the microwave to make sure I’m not running late and the time says, brace yourself!…6:22am. Um, what? That can’t be right, I didn’t get up till 8:30am. So I check the time on the stove clock, 6:22am. I start to get suspicious, they can’t both be wrong, can they? So I then go and check the one clock I know will never lie to me, my phone. Whaddya know, it says 6:23am.

What?!?! What is going on?? I check the alarm and there it is, my alarm is set for 8:30am so how in bloody hell did I end up with an alarm going off at 5:20am?

Turns out that while yes, I did set an alarm for 8:30am I forgot to turn off my alarm for 5:20am. Ooops! I was so tired when the 5:20am alarm went off, what with that being my approx 3 hours asleep mark I didn’t look at the clock, I just got up and started to get ready. I jipped myself our of 3 hours of sleep! *groan*

I did what any sensible person would do, I dried my hair, put my pajamas back on, crawled in to bed, spread my hair above my head on the pillow so I wouldn’t dent it while sleeping (just go with it, it’s a long-haired person thing), sternly lectured myself about not rolling over and ruining my make-up, and went back to sleep. Ahhh sleep! Since I was more than half ready for the day I got to sleep till 9am, wOOt!

*rolls eyes at self* I couldn’t believe I did that! Well, actually, yeah, I can lol but still!

What could have been taken as a bad omen for the day totally wasn’t, phew! My day was awesome – hence the title of this post lol πŸ˜›

The workshop was amazing!! As in completely, utterly, I wish I could do that everyday, amazing! The two ladies that ran it are Casting Directors so the workshop was half about getting to work on acting stuff and half about networking. Sometimes I suck at networking, I get stupidly shy at the worst moments and as a result come across as an idiot, or a bitch, or people thinking that I think I am better than everyone when that isn’t the case at all. It’s just that I’m a bit of an introvert and am socially awkward. I work really hard at being human when being social, I’d usually much rather be watching, not participating. But sometimes you just can’t do that, ya gotta participate. And I have to say, I did a damn fine job of it this time. The ladies were great, I made them laugh, they seemed to like me, they seemed to really like my acting. It was all kinds of perfect. πŸ™‚

The hope is that now that they have seen me on camera, worked with me, met and hopefully liked me, next time my agent submits me for a project they are casting they will be all “oh hey, it’s H! we like her, let’s bring her in!” See how that works? Networking!

I was going to go for a run in the are afterwards but it was raining and I forgot about one important thing. Hunger. I often forget I am going to have to eat throughout the day, I really wish I didn’t since it takes up so much time, sigh. I drove home, made a delish wrap (I put honey glazed chicken, Mediterranean and stir-fry veggies in it, oh and I spread two triangles of Jalapeno Laughing Cow Cheese on the wrap), called and chatted with the parents for a while, attempted to digest what turned out to be way too big of a wrap (I put way too many veggies in there, so good but omg my poor tummy lol). Then I basically chilled with the cat before I went out in the evening.

I loved Sunday. Not because I got to sleep in – sorta. Not because I got to not be at work – though that was nice. Not because I had an interesting start to the day which gave me a funny story to share – that’s a bit of a bonus. But because for a chunk of my day I got to be an actor. I got to play. I got to be in front of the camera, working on scenes, some improv, some scripted. I got to meet two amazing casting directors who gave me great feedback, constructive criticism, and who provided an open and safe environment to act in. I got to hang with other actors and talk about the industry. I got to feel like I was being pro-active towards my acting career. I got to feel alive. *happy sigh*

I wish everyday could be like Sunday. πŸ˜€


I Just Don’t Care

19 Nov

I can’t bring myself to care, about anything, it just seems too exhausting. It is like every emotion I have has been muted, or covered by a blanket, stifled in some way. I know they are there, just under the surface, wanting out, I just can’t be bothered to make an effort to try to feel them anymore.

I’m doing a pretty decent job of faking it, sorta. At work when I’m at the desk interacting with residents or guests or most of the other staff I’m able to put on a fake smile, make my voice sound cheery and do my thing. There is one staff member that for some reason I don’t feel the need to put the mask on for, it is much easier being around her, less effort needed ya know?

That’s why I haven’t been writing, just the thought of opening my laptop was too much, let alone logging on to wordpress and writing something. The only reason I managed it tonight was because I was going to watch a movie and when I logged onto the computer wordpress popped on to my screen, musta been the last place I was when I closed the laptop last time. I wasn’t going to log on, wasn’t Β going to write, was just going to ignore wordpress but then I decided to read other people’s blogs and it made me realize I should probably write in mine…don’t know why, not like this is a happy, cheerful, entertaining post…generally my posts are upbeat and mildly entertaining (at least I hope they are).

I managed to follow my eating plan for the most part since the fiasco that was Friday. Saturday and Sunday were perfect. Followed my eating plan, tracked everything in my Lose It! app, I may be going through a tough time but at least I didn’t add guilt to my shoulders over messing up my eating plan. Monday however I screwed up, but since I’m still in a cloud of not caring, I can’t bring myself to feel badly about it. I’m sure I’ll feel like that eventually, but for now, no guilt over choosing bad for me food. shrug. I ate according to plan while at work but when I got home I just couldn’t get the energy to make dinner. At first I wasn’t really hungry so I figured wait a bit, when I’m hungry then I’ll want to eat and I’ll go make something but nope. By the time I was hungry I was in no mood to go messing around in the kitchen so I did what I absolutely should not have, I ordered pizza…and dessert bread sticks. Damn you Panago for having such tasty food! Mostly I wanted the dessert breadsticks, I am a carb junkie, when things go bad that’s what I aim for, not good I know but I figure it’s better then gambling or drinking, right?

dessert breadsticks from Panago, just dip em in frosting and enjoy!

dessert breadsticks from Panago, just dip em in frosting and enjoy!

I ate the breadsticks and a bit of the pizza, it was super tasty. Mmm! The low level headache I’d been having for days went away and for a little while I actually felt like I had energy. I didn’t do anything with that energy mind you, just chilled watching tv and cuddling with the cat but at least I felt a bit energetic. That quickly faded and I ended up napping on the living room chair by accident, oops. I’m putting that down to a long day at work on very little sleep.

Today (Tuesday) I met up with a friend around 5pm-ish. I slept most of the day, having gone to bed around 3am, so I had a protein shake before meeting her and then we went shopping, had dinner and watched a movie. For dinner we had sushi, I know if you order carefully sushi can be a healthy meal, but I order like a born and raised North American which means not healthy. We split some spicy agedashi tofu, then I had an avocado roll and a philly roll. The philly roll is my favourite, smoked salmon and cream cheese…so not on my eating plan! Then, just to make things worse, I had a small frozen yogurt at the theatre. *groans*

Even while sitting here typing out what I ate and knowing I should feel badly about messing up my eating plan I just…don’t. I’m not even trying to justify the food choices, shrug. I made them. I ate the food. Whatever, it’s done and there’s nothing I can do about it now. I am however trying to figure out what to do with the left over pizza in my fridge…can I freeze that so the next time I crave pizza I can just thaw out one slice? I’ll hafta google that…

So eating hasn’t gotten me out of this funk, neither has shopping. Weird huh? I bought some Christmas presents today, and some stuff for myself yesterday and the day before and while I am glad I made the purchases the usual giddy happiness I would feel over some of the stuff I bought isn’t there. I’m just all meh about it.

Tomorrow I will go to Zumba class no matter what, maybe that’ll help shake me outta this? Gotta try something since my usual ways of cheering myself up have failed.

The only positive thing I am getting from all this is since eating the pizza, and the breadsticks, and the sushi and the frozen yogurt didn’t make me feel better I might as well make the effort to eat according to my meal plan. Since the high calorie, carb laden food is doing nothing for me emotion wise or body fat % wise I might as well ignore it and eat only what I am supposed to. Least when this is all over and I am back to my normal self I won’t be looking in to the mirror at someone who let themselves go and gained a bunch of weight instead of reaching her goal of dropping a size by Dec 22. Cause even if right now I don’t care about that, I’m sure I will care about it again soon and I don’t want to be kicking myself for making my goal even harder to reach all cause I couldn’t keep it together.

Insanity: Day 5, 6 and 7

24 Jul

Ok, now don’t freak out at me, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to update about my Insanity workouts and foods but I’m back so all is good again. lol. πŸ˜‰

I do that!

I do that!

Day 5 (Friday):

Was supposed to be a Pure Cardio day buuuuuut I was so busy getting ready for my trip that even though I got up earlier than normal that day I just didn’t have time to fit in the workout. Bummer. 😦 I followed the eating plan as best as I could – we all know so far I have been sucking in that area lol πŸ˜› I had all my meals planned out, ate fairly close to schedule before going to work and at the beginning of work was doing well but then I got so busy I just didn’t have time to eat, hey, it happens! After my shift was over (at 9pm) I had to go buy some stuff for the trip that I of course forgot *rolls eyes* then hightail it home to get my gear and hug the cat then I had to hightail it over to where one of my team mates was waiting so I could pick him up and we could head on out. We got to Harrison around 11:30pm-ish, met up with the team and of course by that time I was hungry and wishing I had one of my missed meals from when I was at work earlier lol. I didn’t have them, duh, so I drank some water and crashed…don’t go thinking I’m lazy, the whole team crashed lol we had to be up early Saturday!

Day 6 (Saturday):

Saturday was RACE DAY!! wOOt!! πŸ˜€ It started early, at 7am, and went till about 2am Sunday lol. No, the racing wasn’t that long, just the day! We had four races that day and we killed it! We qualified for A Division, which is awesome, normally we are B Division, and we got offered a spot in the Hong Kong dragon boat festival in 2014!! Holy crapola dude! How amazing is that?!?! πŸ˜€ We missed out on a medal by 3/100th of a second but we aren’t bummed about it. I mean sure, we wanted a medal, but we earned a spot in A Division and we were sooooo close to getting a medal that obviously we deserved our spot in that medal race. It would have been so embarrassing to qualify for A Division then be way far behind the other boats in the race, eek! Races were done around 6pm or so, after everyone had a chance to shower (it was so windy that day we were all covered, literally covered, in sand!) we all ate then partied. πŸ™‚ What else would we have done? lol That day I didn’t do my Insanity workout (case you hadn’t already figured that out lol) and I also didn’t follow the eating plan. On race day we eat little bits that are high protein high sugar between races but you can’t eat a lot because racing when full is not pleasant, or advisable. When I finally got to eat a meal I had a personal sized pizza topped with a mixture of super yummie veggies but I regretted ordering it because I really wanted some protein. My team mates got burgers and I was so jealous of them lol Oh, I also had an ice cream cone, in a waffle cone!…a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and skor pieces! omg sooooo good! I drank my share of alcohol after the ice cream but didn’t get ridiculously drunk…I’m pretending the amount of racing and the sheer energy used during the day is helping to offset the ice cream and alcohol lol πŸ˜‰

Day 7 (Sunday):

The day started off in Harrison where the team went to this little place that had been recommended to me and had brekkie. I got the french toast, it also came with two eggs and two sausages, a ridiculous amount of food if you ask me. I gave the sausage away since I don’t eat pork but I ate the eggs (over easy) and the french toast, which uh, had caramel drizzled over top and sliced banana. It was quite tasty. πŸ™‚ By the time I got home I was exhausted. I had intended to exercise when I got home, or soon after getting home but ha! like that happened?? Nuh-uh! I unpacked, partially, sat my butt down and immediately wanted a nap. I actually did end up napping, oh the shame! πŸ˜‰ I ate Insanity approved meals after that, as well as a bit of fudge I brought back from the trip lol so the day wasn’t a total loss. It sucks I didn’t manage to get off my lazy ass and exercise but it just wasn’t happening. sigh, so lazy. 😦

So, let’s recap shall we?

Out of three days I followed the food portion of the plan 1.5 days and the exercise part of the plan 0 days. Not exactly a great way to finish off my first week of the Insanity Program huh?

I’m mad at myself for messing up so badly so early on in the program but at the same time I knew something like this would happen. I was so uncertain when to start the Insanity Program because I knew I had trips that would be happening during the 60 day program that would mess with my ability to follow the eating plan and would most likely cause trouble with the exercise portion as well. I decided to start anyways because I didn’t want to put the new phase of my healthy lifestyle on hold because of life. I mean, even if I had waited, and had 60 days where I wasn’t going anywhere there will always be things that pop up and have the potential to throw a program off track, right? I have to learn to make Insanity fit in to my life, not completely alter my life to work around the program. If I can’t make it fit in to my life then (in my opinion) the Insanity Program takes on the qualities of a fad and fads are no good, you may have success when on a fad program but as soon as you finish the fad you lose all your progress because you can’t live your life long term following the rules. What would Β be the point of that? I don’t want to lose what I manage to accomplish, does anybody? I’m thinking no! πŸ˜›

Insanity: Day 4

18 Jul

Soooooo, I’m getting worse lol Not on purpose! πŸ˜›

I was up early-ish to meet a friend for breakfast, we went to a diner type place and I actually wanted some form of meat…I never want to eat meat! lol It’s not that I don’t like meat, I do, I just, shrug, I dunno, don’t make it a priority I guess?

The only problem with wanting meat at breakfast time is pretty much everywhere only serves pork products for breakfast, what’s with that?? I asked, and this place didn’t have any turkey (or any other animal) alternatives so there went my fantasy of eating some form of meat. I ended up ordering french toast, yeah I know right? Way to dive right off the deep end with the meal plan! lol *rolls eyes* It was super yummy (duh!) but a lot smaller then I expected and it left me feeling hungry, there were three pieces of bread (small pieces but whatever), I’ve never still been hungry after eating a diner/restaurant breakfast of french toast (or pancakes), I don’t know if I was still hungry because of the craving some form of meat thing or because the bread was smaller than what I am used to or what…

After breakfast I was meeting up with my lil sister, we did a quick errand (I bought a blender! yah! an on sale blender! super yah!) then hung out at a Tim Horton’s cause that is what she wanted to do. I went from bad to worse with my food for the day, I got an Iced Cap (made with milk, not cream) and…a donut *hangs head in shame* We stayed there for hours hanging out and catching up (she’s been on vacation so we haven’t seen each other in weeks). Right when we were leaving I decided to buy a chicken wrap thingy because I knew by the time I got home I would only have enough time to grab my dragon boat gear and rush to practice and I figured it was better to eat something that finally had some meat in it then power through practice on a donut lol

It was a great practice, we race this coming weekend so we worked on some race pieces and had some endurance training. πŸ™‚

After practice I rushed home cause I have a hundred an one things to do, a big thing I had to do was prep/cook food for tomorrow…oh yeah, and exercise!

You didn’t think I forgot to do my Insanity workout today did ya? Silly! πŸ˜›

Today was Cardio Recovery Day. I actually kinda liked it. πŸ™‚ Twisted huh? It was mostly stretching, yoga style. Think deep stretching, think kinda painful stretching lol There were a couple where I actually couldn’t hold the stretch for the full time cause my muscles were all “nuh-uh you crazed nutball!” lol Some of the stretches you had to really focus on your balance, I learned quickly to face away from the tv because if I am looking at the movement on the tv while trying to hold my balance on one foot I lose my balance super fast! lol πŸ˜› Also, some of the exercises you are basically folded in half so you can’t see the tv but then he says to move in some way and I don’t understand his explanation so I had to get out of the position to see what he was doing, it was annoying because then I missed out on some of the reps watching what he was doing then getting back in to position so I could try. This has been happening with every work out so far so I figure the more I get used to the program the fewer times this will happen, I hope!

I can normally do this stretch no problem...but not while watching the tv!

I can normally do this stretch no problem…but not while watching the tv!

The only food I ate today that is part of the meal plan was the Protein Pizza Muffin, it is basically one whole grain english muffin topped with 1/4 Cup tomato sauce, 1/4 Cup mozza cheese and 2 oz grilled chicken. I was supposed to eat it with a side of broccoli but I don’t have any and frankly, it is late and I didn’t want anymore food, shrug. I had a little under the 2 oz of chicken because I cooked my second to last chicken breast thinking it would be enough for my meal tonight and one of the meals I prepped for tomorrow but when I was part way through weighing out the diced pieces for the Pizza Muffin I realized it wouldn’t be big enough for both meals to have the correct amount. I figured, split it as close to even as I could eyeball and get a little under 2 oz chicken in each of the two meals. Better that than one meal getting the full amount and one getting nowhere near, right?

I figured out that it is waaaay easier if all (or most) of my food for the day is prepped and or cooked the day prior. If I had food already prepped for today then I would have been able to grab something that was part of the meal plan when I ran home to get my dragon boat gear instead of buying a turkey wrap thing that I had no control over the contents of. With that in mind, I have made 2 of my five meals for tomorrow, and have items for two others (meals I will be eating at home) beside each other and ready to be used. Tomorrow is going to be a super busy rushed day so hopefully this prep work pays off! *crosses fingers* πŸ™‚

I’ve Gone Insane!

15 Jul

I have officially started the Insanity Program…it is the end of Day 1 and I have already made mistakes lol πŸ˜›

I already knew when starting the program the hardest part for me would be the food, sigh. According to the eating plan you have to eat five times a day, FIVE!! The meals are to be spaced out throughout the day and don’t forget the snaaaacks, oy!

The plus side to the eating plan is I am allowed to eat carbs, not crazy amounts of them, but they are there, and that I looooove!

The book gives you specific meals to make and they are labelled for Meal 1, Meal 2…through to Meal 5. I spent so much time figuring out my meals for the first week it was ridonkulous! You can’t just randomly pick what you want, you have to pick meals that create a diverse menu (they don’t want you eating the same things day after day, otherwise you will miss out on various nutrients as well as get bored) and you have to pick meals that add up to the amount of calories you are supposed to be eating daily.

I figured I’d probably need 1200 calories or so, that seems to be the standard amount for a woman my age but you have to do this math formula called The Harris Benedict Equation, then multiply it by the level of exercise you will be doing then subtract 500 from the results if you want to lose weight (which, duh, of course I do lol). The Harris Benedict Equation determines how many calories you need to maintain your current weight without exercise…ah math, knew it’d become useful at some point in my life lol πŸ˜‰

The end result was I am apparently supposed to eat, get ready for this…1927 calories per day! PER DAY!! That CAN NOT be right! That is ridiculous! Right??

Admittedly, I don’t know my exact weight, the battery in my scale died and I haven’t replaced it yet, but I know what I weighed last time I stood on a scale and even though I gained a bit of weight I still fit in all my clothes so I can’t of gained that much weight…that’s my logic anyways lol. I calculated my numbers with a weight ten pounds higher then my last confirmed weight just to play it safe, and calculated my activity level as very active since (1) that is what the Insanity Program recommends and (2) I’m also going to be attending my dragon boat practices and racing so some days I’ll be doing double the exercise…to me that sounds like “very active”…

I still don’t believe the numbers though, I will be rechecking them tomorrow…

For today however, I used them as my guideline for what to eat, and I still messed up lol

Here is what I was supposed to eat:

Meal 1

1 C Kashi Go Lean Cereal

1 tbsp Flax Seed

2/3 C skim milk

1/2 banana, sliced

Meal 2

Vanilla Berry Protein Shake

1 C Almond Milk

1 scoop protein powder

1 C frozen berries

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 banana

ice to thicken

Meal 3

1 6″ whole grain tortilla

3oz grilled chicken breast

tomato, sliced, for toppings

lettuce, for toppings

Red bell peppers, sliced

Celery sticks

1 tbsp light ranch dressing

Meal 4

2 slices whole grain bread

1 tbsp light peanut butter

1 tbsp all fruit preserves OR 1/2 sliced banana

1/2 C 1% cottage cheese

Meal 5

4oz lean ground turkey

2 tbsp salsa

2 tbsp red onion, chopped

1 whole grain hamburger OR english muffin

green beans, steamed

1 slice reduced fat cheese


1/2 C oatmeal, cooked with water

top with 1tbsp slivered almonds or chopped walnuts

Now, I swear I tried, I really really tried to follow this plan! I did fairly good up to a point…I ate Meal 1, and Meal 2. Meal 3 I ate the wrap but had no room for the pepper slices or celery so I saved them for later. Meal 4 I ate, and also had the sliced pepper and celery sticks.

So far so good, right?

I got super busy after work, and made the mistake of sitting down, lol, from there I was doomed, doooooomed! I totally ended up napping, oops! When I woke up I took a bit of time to actually properly wake up lol did the Fitness test and made dinner buuuut it was way too late to be making a turkey burger from scratch so I swapped out for a different meal labelled for Meal 5 that is roughly the same amount of calories, I ended up eating…

Meal 5 – Dinner Omelet

1 whole egg

2 egg whites

1/4 C feta cheese

1 C baby spinach

1 slice of whole wheat bread or whole grain english muffin

a fresh pear

I modified it though…I forgot to buy spinach so I used lettuce, oh, and nowhere near 1 Cup of it, I had cherries instead of a pear, Β I added dill to the eggs for flavour, and I made the eggs scrambled instead of an omelet. I layered the lettuce, cheese and egg on the open english muffin and chowed down. It was yum. I figure the spirit of the dish was still intact. πŸ™‚

I also modified the protein shake that was for Meal 2. I put yogurt in it, I always put yogurt in mine for thickening and since I had yogurt in the fridge I used it because I don’t want it to go to waste. Also, I added my vege powder, and instead of using mixed berries I used a fruit combo of peaches, pineapple, strawberries and mango. Again, it was the fruit combo I had been using lately, it was already in my freezer, and I wasn’t not going to use it and have it go to waste. shrug.

Oh, and uh, I totally didn’t eat the snack…if I hadn’t had that nap I might have been able to fit that in but no way it is happening now! It’s way to late for more food, and I’m not hungry. Those calculations have got to be off…

The Fit Test I mentioned above is the exercise for Day 1 and it is exactly what it sounds like. You do a series of exercises, for a minute each, as fast as you can while maintaining the correct form. There is a tracking sheet so you can write down your results then in two weeks I’ll be doing it again, and then again in another two weeks, and then again another two weeks from then and then again on the last day. The Fit Test was harder than I expected, I sorta thought I’d breeze through it…some exercises I did, others I didn’t do as well as I’d thought I would. But oh well, just means I have room for improvement!

So that is my Day 1 of Insanity. I didn’t manage the food quite as well as I was supposed to and I didn’t do as well on the Fit Test as I thought I would. But that’s ok, it’ll just be a learning curve for me lol πŸ˜›

This is the exercise calendar for Insanity, my next 60 days all planned out...eek!

This is the exercise calendar for Insanity, my next 60 days all planned out…eek!


Here is what the tracking sheet for your Fitness Tests looks like.

Here is what the tracking sheet for your Fitness Tests looks like.


The Week’s Highlights

15 Jun

I have had so many things over the past week or so I have wanted to blog about but noooooo time to blog and now they are all old news in the past topics and I’m a little sad I never got around to telling you about them. sigh. The weirdness of having a blog! lol

Lemme see if I can give you a quick recap:

(1) my left knee has started popping in and out of joint at random times, lovely huh? Turns out all those squats I did during my squat challenge were bad for my knees (I suppose the knee pain I was feeling towards the end of the challenge could be considered an indication of that buuuuut I’m not gonna go there… πŸ˜‰ ) I went to see a doctor to request a consult with a knee specialist but of course he didn’t refer me (why are there even specialists out there when nobody can ever get referred to them?? *rolls eyes*) Anyways! He gave me some specific knee exercises to do, said the reason it is having so much trouble right now is the squats had negative consequences and to wear a knee brace when exercising for the next little while. I very much hate knee braces as they are sooooo uncomfie and not at all attractive but oh well! lol

(2) I went hiking last week and thought I was going to die from the knee pain lol I went with TF and except for the pain part we had a great time! Even with my being a bit slower than normal due to the pain we managed a perfect 30 minutes to get to the top so we made excellent time, yah! πŸ™‚

(3) I competed in our second Dragon Boat Festival of the season last weekend. Normally in this festival you race Saturday and Sunday but this year it got changed so my team did all our races on the Saturday…Saturday morning to be precise. I had already booked off both the Saturday and Sunday from work so I ended up with an entire Sunday to myself, sweet! For the races, we did really great in our second race, the other races we didn’t do quite as well but we didn’t suck either! I don’t recall the times right now but we increased our third race time by an entire second…I might be off on that so don’t quote me or anything lol πŸ˜› We have a larger festival coming up in a week so we are busy prepping for that. It’s gonna be awesome! πŸ˜€

(4) That weird and random Sunday off got turned in to a patio brunch and errand day. I was amused (and kinda pissed) when I realized at the end of Sunday I managed to not get sunburned at all on the Saturday while racing but managed to get sunburned Sunday while eating brunch. Oh the special-ness of being a redhead lol The burn faded decently fast but still! While eating brunch? Doesn’t seem quite fair if ya ask me πŸ˜‰ lol

(5) I had a friend visit from out of town for my days off this past week (that would be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) I still went to dragon boat practice on the Tuesday and Thursday evening but everything else got changed for those three days. We did some tourist stuff, saw some sights, went zip lining in Whistler BC (which, fyi, I totally recommend as it was beautiful and fun! http://www.ziptrek.com this is the company’s website, if you are going to Whistler or surrounding areas I say give it a go!). We also ate a lot of food, and I mean A LOT!! It was tasty, but oh wow! We had Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Western, Street Truck food, Tim Horton’s…I can’t remember the last time I ate so often/much but I’m ok with it, surprisingly (I’ll explain why in another post).

(6) Tonight was a big party at work to celebrate our First Anniversary. Dinner was lobster and steak (with a bunch of other stuff), dessert was creme brulee, all I can say is Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Freakin delish! πŸ˜€ I took a protein shake to work but didn’t touch it lol Good thing it’ll keep until tomorrow! πŸ˜› It was my first steak experience and while it was good, after I got my food I got called away to do some actual work, sigh, so when I ate it the steak was cold…still tasty! but cold…I feel the temp of the meat is an important factor so I think I’m just gonna have to force myself to try it again sometime to properly judge it and see what I think, oh what a hard life I lead πŸ˜‰ teehee

Well there ya go, the highlights, not as many as I thought, I’m fairly certain I am missing stuff but it is late and my brain has stopped functioning so for now, that is all you are getting lol πŸ˜‰

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