The Cat Says…

17 May

Anybody who lives with an animal that doesn’t reside in a cage (soooo a dog, cat or free range bunny?) knows that those furry little (or big!) animals are very good at letting their humans know what they want, when they want it…they are also quite good at conveying their disappointments in us and at times even let us know when we have screwed something up by such monumental standards even they can’t over look it. lol

This cat I live with has me so whipped it’s ridonkulous! If he wasn’t so cute I’d be distraught at how quickly I went from autonomous human to cat slave! Even as I type this my fingers strain to reach the keyboard cause the cat is resting on the entire front of my body and if I stop cuddling him for longer then 15 seconds or so I get a paw patting my face that has claws slightly unsheathed, a not so gentle reminder that he has decided it is cuddling time and I am not getting with the program…obviously I like to live dangerously since I am still typing lol. 😉

There is one way this cat is not like other cats I know, he doesn’t like human food. Now, I don’t mean he doesn’t come meowing at me when I’m cooking something but that he’ll sneak it off my plate if I’m not careful, nope, he doesn’t even look at me with big sad eyes while I’m eating in the hopes I’ll share…he just doesn’t care. I can put a plate with freshly cooked salmon on the table and walk away and it is perfectly safe cause dude, this little guy just don’t care for it! How great is that? I of course keep tempting him with random human foods just to see if he’ll change his mind but so far, nuthin…Then! I opened a can of tuna. How cliché right? A cat that likes tuna…who knew he’d end up having such pedestrian tastes. 😛

He’s a smart little guy though and he knows the only food I eat out of a can is tuna so as soon as he sees the can opener in my hand he is all over me like white on rice! Climbing up my legs, meowing like he’s been starved for days and this is his only chance for food until the next millenium, just a general adorable cat freak out. Of course, being the dutiful slave I am I always serve him some of the tuna first. Heck, I even serve him, then put a little more off to the side so when he is done I can give him seconds lol. Everyone likes seconds right? 😉

Well, today was the first time that his second helping was apparently not enough, he felt he deserved more, oh dear. I totally would have caved but I had already mixed the Miracle Whip, avocado and diced tomato in to the tuna so it was a no-go for him. I may be willing to give him treats but I’m not gonna give him something that’ll make him sick, what kind of person do you take me for? *raised eyebrow*

I explained to him there was no more…yes, I talk to the cat, deal with it lol 😛 and continued making my meal. Well, he came over when I was sitting down and took interest in the plate so I let him have a look so he’d see I wasn’t eating straight tuna and therefore being a jackass by not sharing. Well! The look he gave me! He took one look at my plate then looked up at me like “what the hell did you do to the tuna? I can smell it but can’t see it! Stupid human!” then he started sulking and stalked away from me, obviously so disappointed in my food error he couldn’t even look at me, let alone be in the same room as me.

So what did I do to this tuna that made it such a disappointment to the cat but yummy for my taste buds? It’s something my friend KL came up with and I love it! See, I keep wanting to like tuna but every time I’d try it I’d gag, ugh, it’s so healthy but so disgusting! KL though fixed that dilemma! You take a can of tuna, drain it (duh, lol), add chopped onion or celery or whatever you like, add Miracle Whip (or Mayo if that’s your dealio) and mix till it is a consistency you like. I add a lot of Miracle Whip to help hide the tuna taste. Then you cut open an avocado, dice it and put that on the tuna, mix it all up so the avocado is spread evenly around but not complete mush, then you dice up some tomato and put that on top and voila! Edible tuna! 🙂 Easy peasy huh? It’s especially great if you are low carb like me *pout* and can’t have bread on any kind of regular basis thereby taking away the opportunity for a tuna sandwich…or any sandwich really…

I like this dish so much I eat it about once a week, Mmm! Now that summer is here it’s even better cause days/evenings when the apartment seems especially warm or I am especially lazy, or rushed, it can be put together super fast, doesn’t require a lot of effort or the turning on of the oven and like I already said, tastes great…well, if you put lots of stuff in there to hide the tuna flavour cause yeah, I’m still not really sold on tuna unless I can disguise it really well. 😛

Just don’t let your cat see what you did to the tuna or you may spend the rest of the day making it up to them…like I am right now…

my owner, all tucked in and ready for bed, he’s glaring at me cause I had the audacity to read before going to sleep so the light was still on and bothering him…not even kidding!


3 Responses to “The Cat Says…”

  1. VeeEmm May 18, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    He’s definitely giving you the evil eye! That’s a cute pic.

    • shrinkingwmn May 19, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

      yeah, the little guy is pretty much cute 24/7 lol

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