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The May Vacation

5 Jun

A cat in a booster seat.

A playboy bunny image made out of snow.

A lot of Tim Hortons.

A carnival in transport.

A couple stops at Peter’s Drive In.

A best friend’s wedding.

And of course…food. Lots and lots of yummy food.

Those are but a glimpse of what made up my little May vacation.

I drove one province over to attend, and take part in!, my best friend’s wedding. I say “I” but it was really “we” since I go nowhere without the cat. He spent his 13 hours in a booster seat designed for dogs (don’t tell him that!) because there is a serious lack of travel items designed for cats.


Silent protest – something he is very very good at!

Sidenote: if anybody has start up money and wants to invest, I have some great ideas for a range of products to make travelling with your cat easier, lol.

Back to the trip!

On the way there we saw pieces of a carnival being transported who knows where, a muffin disaster at a Tim Hortons in Golden BC, a Playboy Bunny logo made out of snow on a mountain, oh, and there were a couple escape attempts by the cat when silent protest was deemed too calm of a way to show his displeasure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been trying oh so hard for six months or so to not screw up so I would be able to fit in my bridesmaids dress and yay me, I fit! I did however get so caught up in the day I forgot to get a full length picture of me in the dress, sigh. So the best you’re gonna get is this selfie…


Gratuitous selfie.

I’m not going to share pics of the wedding, because well, that would be a lot of people to track down to ask if they are ok with their pics going on this blog and ain’t nobody got time for that! πŸ˜‰ Rest assured, it was beautiful. It was an outdoor ceremony at a mansion, pictures were done on location and also in an area with a great city view as the background. The reception was in a hall that I and others helped decorate the day prior. I gotta say, my friend is quite the savvy shopper. She got the place looking exactly how she wanted without breaking the bank.

Instead of a wedding cake there were doughnuts from some fancy bakery. Brilliant idea if you ask me!


I didn’t actually get to eat my doughnut, *pout*, as a drunk groomsman took it out of my hand as I was about to take a bite and ate it. Ate my doughnut. The doughnut that belonged to a lady who’d be dieting for 6 months. I’m impressed I didn’t jump him like a crazed animal.

Instead I ate a slice of pizza, that was second dinner, and oh my god was it goooood! Handmade crust by the caterer that was hired, seriously best crust I’ve ever had. I ended up eating a couple bites from three different slices, which makes me sound like a jerk but it is actually that the servers were just too darn efficient.

See, I had a slice, took one bite, someone was all “you’ve got to come dance!”, so I put the pizza down (on a plate I mean), went and danced, and when I came back it was gone. So like any normal person I used this as an opportunity to try a different kind of pizza, grabbed a new slice, took a bite, and basically the same thing happened, except I think it was me that was all “I love this song, I must dance!”, and yeah, when I got back the rest of my slice was gone. Not to be thwarted I grabbed a third slice, ate the crust first (the crust is the best part and I’d not managed to eat any of it yet lol), had a couple bites of the part of the slice that had toppings, and then threw it out so I could go dance.

Have you figured out yet that I like to dance? πŸ˜‰

I decided in total that equals to me eating one full slice, right?

I spent the day after the wedding wanting to die lol Hung over and sun stroked, my poor body was having none of it and I basically slept the day away on my parent’s couch. Aren’t I such a stellar example of being a grown-up! lol

Once I was feeling better things were pretty normal for one of my trips there. Visited with friends. Did some shopping. Chilled with the parents.

Granted, there was the day where a slice of cheesecake was both my breakfast and lunch which was pretty awesome…


From the Spinelli Italian Centre Shop. Go there. It’s worth it!

But ya know, other than cheesecake overload things were pretty normal.

The return trip was fairly uneventful. The cat and I finished our audio book, he didn’t seem at all surprised by the ending. πŸ˜‰ We got a milkshake at Peter’s Drive In, which if you are ever in the vicinity of Calgary AB you must must must go to Peter’s.

Best. Milkshakes. Ever.

And no, I didn’t get a picture, I was too busy driving and drinking the milkshake to take one. πŸ˜›

We got home super late, I took care of essentials – like putting the milk and wine in the fridge and having a shower, then we crawled in to bed where we both slept the way only travel weary people and cats can. I woke up briefly around 10 am (we went to bed at 4am so no judging!), looked at the time, said “nope”, rolled back over and went back to sleep. The cat didn’t even bother to wake up, he just stayed asleep until I got up at 3pm. Neither of us care for the whole waking up part of our day, we are well matched like that lol πŸ˜›


We wake up under protest, daily.

There ya have it! Our little road trip sadly is over, but we have memories and pictures, and a little more body fat, to remind us of all the fun we had. We are both back to routine, me with my two jobs and dragon boat practices, he with all his cat chores. The only big thing that is a constant reminder of the trip is the suitcase I still haven’t put away but I’m determined to do that tomorrow!…says the woman who has been putting it off for 6 days…ah well, it’ll get done eventually! πŸ™‚


So We Are All Aware

23 Jan

Just so everyone is aware the cat had a very tiring day.

First he had to walk to his food dish from the bedroom where he had been curled up on what I pretend is my bed (since ya know, I paid for it) but in reality is his bed because he is a blanket and space hog.

2013-05-17 14.02.28

Then he had to move from one spot in the apartment to another at various times throughout the day so he could make sure to nap in each of his favourite spots at least once in a 24 hour period. Wouldn’t want his dolphin blanket to think he loved it less than his spot in the back of my closet. πŸ˜‰

By the end he was so exhausted his only recourse was to collapse on my legs and have one last glorious sleep session…

2016-01-21 20.33.27

…before ya know, curling up in my arms and purring his way back to unconsciousness.

2016-01-11 23.09.28

Poor guy. Don’t know how he manages to survive such hard and stressful days. He’s an inspiration to me!

It’s Been A While

23 Oct

So yeah, it has been a while since I have written. Why, you may or may not be wondering? Well, it is a combo of being busy, feeling I have nothing interesting to write about, tech problems (my laptop is dying but I can’t afford to replace it, sigh) and laziness, hey, don’t judge! Least I am honest! lol πŸ˜‰

What has been going on in my world lately, hmm…

I stopped baking every week, mostly because of not having time, and ingredients are pricey, which sucks cause I love to bake. I am hoping to bake some yummy treats for a halloween party I am going to, I’ll be making a double batch so I can take some to work cause hey, if you are going to make something full of calories you may as well share it! teehee

I’ve had some pretty awesome auditions. One went so well I got booked in to an episode of a show and I filmed the episode not this past Tuesday but the Tuesday before that. I had a lot of fun! It was great being back on set and I am sooooo looking forward to the next project I book! πŸ˜€ I had another audition for a project I super duper want but it wasn’t my best audition, sigh. There is still hope (there is always hope!) but instead of staying super positive and being sure I am going to get the part I am leaning more towards trying to move past the audition and look forward to my next opportunity. I was so sure I was going to get this part though, when I got the audition it seemed meant to be so I’m kinda bummed about how down I feel about it now. sigh. I know I could rock this part! I keep imagining the convo I would have with my agent if he called me to tell me I got the part, who knows, maybe all my imagining will make it happen? Ok, ridiculous I know but lets just let it go ok? πŸ˜‰

I just finished watching the movieΒ Hotel Transylvania, it was showing on tv, and I liked it, lol, it is cute!

I’ve lost ten pounds, yay! I think I maaaay have gained some of that back, possibly, I’m not sure, I just feel like I’ve been making poor food choices the past two weeks and that those choices must have had consequences, shrug. I’m getting back on track though so maybe if I did gain something back I’ll lose it again quick and then some! *crossing fingers*

10 pounds lost

I found out my request for time off at Christmas got approved so the cat and I will be flying home for the holidays, woohoo! Since he is currently giving me the look of death I’m pretty sure he understood when I told him we would be taking a plane together and now he hates me and is plotting my demise. He plots my demise often but so far I’ve managed to elude his assassination attempts lol

On top of my laptop dying my phone is now obsolete, damn you apple! I have an iPhone 4s and I haven’t been able to upgrade the OS on it since apple got to OS8, sigh. Now they are at OS9 and my poor phone, it is just pathetic. I’m going to have to talk to my cell phone provider cause my phone is so not reliable now that it is ridiculous, I hate how the software gets upgraded and it makes the phone you have so old school it can’t work the newest apps or load pages or reliably send / receive texts and email. And yes, I am well aware I am being all “first world problems” but hey, this is an actual problem for me right now and I am fully aware there are people elsewhere with much worse problems, I am vaguely socially aware ya know.

I have gotten hooked on a tv show called Rizzoli & Isles, it is a cop drama with the two main characters being the Chief Medical Examiner Maura Isles and the head homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli. The back and forth between the two main characters is vastly entertaining, and I like that both main characters are accomplished, educated, strong, females. I’m watching the episodes out of order though lol so one episode everyone is ok, the next someone has died, or better yet, one of the characters is pregnant then all of a sudden she isn’t – but not because she lost it, just because the episodes they are airing are jumping all over the place lol I may have to make an effort to go back to the first season and start from the beginning cause sometimes I am kinda confused lol


Ok, well, the act of writing has made me think of other things to write about but I think I’ll put them as individual posts since this is long enough. Cheerio! πŸ™‚

Fix It Girl

23 May

A little while ago my vacuum stopped working properly. Every time I would use it there was this nasty smell, like something electrical burning, and it barely picked anything up from the carpet, making my vacuuming attempts a complete waste of time, ugh. I noticed that when I took the carpet attachment off the vacuum worked fine, and didn’t make that horrible smell so I used what little logic I have to deduce the problem lay in this part of the vacuum…

2015-05-14 16.09.16

Figuring I couldn’t screw up the vacuum anymore than it already was I took it apart to see if I could figure out how to fix it, and go figure, I did! Crazy huh?

There is a belt inside this piece that had snapped, also, I have long hair and it was wrapped around the bristle part to the extent I thought my hair was trying to strangle the inside of the vacuum lol

I went to a vacuum repair shop, got the new belt, put it in, closed it and voila! working vacuum that no longer smells like it is about to explode, yay!

It works so much better now, so well in fact I accidentally sucked up one of the cat’s toys, oops! Luckily he has lots of toys so I don’t think he has noticed yet…

The cat was traumatized from the vacuuming I did once I got it fixed, to him the only thing worse than the vacuum is the vet so my pulling it out, fixing it, then using it basically meant his day was ruined. Poor little guy, all his spazzing after the vacuum was put away resulted in his eventual collapse…

2015-05-17 18.46.29

While I was trapped under his dead weight I enjoyed a little treat a friend of mine brought back for me from the Philippines. He is from there originally and he and his family went back to visit other family members. He brought me a keychain and these cute little cakes…

Winter Melon Cake

Winter Melon Cake

They are Winter Melon Cakes, which mean nothing to me lol There are 4 in the package, they are covered in toasted seeds and the center is soft but firm, hmm, that doesn’t make sense, it is soft without being gooey, that makes a bit more sense, I think…lol

2015-05-18 21.50.44

They have a distinctive flavour but since it is like nothing I have eaten before I don’t know how to describe it. I think most of the flavour was coming from the seeds, the center was a subtle taste of what I can only assume is Winter Melon.

I liked them, they aren’t like anything I’ve had before, which is partially why I like them, switching things up is good for you, and keeps the taste buds from getting bored lol πŸ˜‰

The New Day One

1 Oct

I started my day with a measuring tape and my almost naked body, lovely image that! lol πŸ˜‰ Ugh. I even attempted to weigh myself but my scale appears to be dead.

My scale is digital, before you step on it you are supposed to lightly tap the top of it with your foot so that it flashes three zeros then, once it shows a steady 0.0lbs you fully step on it to get weighed. Well, my scale seems to have forgotten it is supposed to start at 0.0lbs so every time I tapped the top and it reset itself it set to a weight, which I would have deducted from whatever number showed on the scale when I stepped on it but the number was different each time and frankly, it left me not trusting the scale. I took this as a sign I should stick with my measurements for tracking lol

Though, the measurements are confusing me also, sigh. I measured myself at the beginning of September so when I measured myself today I of course compared the numbers to those from Sept 1st and they had changed. All but one of the numbers had gone down (one of them stayed the same), which is awesome, but I don’t think realistic. No way I’ve gone down by at least an inch in every spot I measure, not in a month, especially a month where I haven’t been doing a good job of exercising.

I’ve been working really hard since coming back from vacation in July to eat three meals a day instead of the one or one and a half I normally eat, and for the most part I’ve been trying really hard to eat in a healthy balanced way. I wasn’t tracking calories or anything, I was just trying to make better choices in general, so protein and veg and fruit with smaller than what I used to eat amounts of carbs. Nothing really impressive about that eating plan, and nothing that would create a large change, right? *confused face*

So why are the numbers down? For my arms I think it is because dragon boat training season is over, has been for a while now, and that means my arms are being worked a bit less, well, a lot less lol. Even though dragon boating is mostly core, back and shoulders, the arms do get worked, I figure the lack of practices has taken away some of my arm muscle, hence my arms getting a bit smaller. As for the rest of the numbers, I guess I messed up somewhere. I double and even triple measured myself today because I was so shocked the numbers were different from last month so I guess I messed up when I measured in September.

In case you’re wondering, the different areas that I measure are:

– mid upper arm

– just under the breast

– belly button

– lower than the belly button at the fattest part of my tummy

– hips

– fattest part of my thigh

– mid calf

I measure both the left and the right side, mostly because my left and right legs are different sizes due to an old injury, but it is something I recommend for everyone, after all, if your feet can be slightly different sizes who says your limbs can’t be?

There are a lot of measurement tracking pages you can find online, none of which I liked (of course lol) so I made my own but I don’t use it, instead I draw a stick figure and make marks on the stick figure labeling what I am measuring and what the measurements are. I don’t know why I prefer using the stick figure drawing with measurements marked on it but, shrug, I do. I’m visual like that I guess. I am going to start transferring the measurements to the tracking sheet I made though for quick reference.

I ended up not taking pictures of myself like I had planned. I have one full length mirror and that is in my bedroom, by the time I woke up there were construction guys working on the house next door so there was this constant parade of guys walking past my bedroom window. Now sure, you’re probably thinking, why didn’t I close the blinds? Well, they were as closed as they can be but thanks to a certain cat who has climbed through the blinds so often they have been permanently disfigured there is no such thing as having actual privacy in my room anymore, the blinds are always open at least a bit…just enough to make me uncomfie standing around in my underwear and bra, taking pics of myself, while guy after guy walk past my window. I know, I’m so high maintenance! lol So I’m thinking Saturday morning should be safe, I mean, construction guys won’t be working on a Saturday, right? It’s a bit annoying my measurements and my pictures won’t be done on the same day but 4 days difference won’t matter, nothing will have changed in that amount of time, shrug.

he looks innocent but he killed my blinds. Blind killer!

he looks innocent but he killed my blinds. Blind killer!

I managed to track every single thing I ate today, yay! I ended up eating 1140 calories, I’m not sure if that is good or bad since I haven’t done the calculations that will tell me how many calories I should be eating, oops! Also, I did nooooo exercise, nadda, niet, nine, NONE! Talk about a lazy day!

All in all, I think my New Day One went well, I didn’t cheat with my food even though I was sooooo tempted, I tracked everything I ate, I got my measurements done…*nods head* yup, a good new Day One. πŸ™‚

2013-06-28 22.05.47

Headlamps an Stuff

27 Feb

I have been sick since Sunday and instead of getting better I appear to be getting worse, arg. It’s not a debilitating illness or anything, just a run of the mill cold but I’m smack in the middle of the symptoms and it’s annoying. Kleenex are my new best friend. *rolls eyes* I’ve been purposefully not letting it slow me down so Tuesday I went snowshoeing, Wednesday (today) I went to the gym and Thursday I will be dragon boating. A nice busy three days off from work! πŸ™‚

I’m so psyched for Thursday, it will be our first time back on the water this season and it’s gonna rock and suck all at once lol. We won’t be on the water till about 7:15pm so it will be dark and cold and this year head lamps are mandatory. Guess who doesn’t own a head lamp? Oh yeah, that’d be me lol

I wasn’t aware until last night we were going to need them so when I was out today I did a little shopping. Silly thing cost me $45! It is a white LED light but if I am in distress I can push a button and it will flash red, interesting huh? I think I will actually get to return it though, yay! One of my teammates found some for way cheaper, only $11, so she bought a bunch and I can just buy one from her. Which means back to the store I will be going to return the head lamp but hey, a special trip to get money back? I’m cool with that!

Since I was at SportChek I also bought an Olympic Team Canada t-shirt. I know, I know, cheesy or what but, shrug, I’ve been wanting one since the collection came out and now that the Olympics are done they are on sale lol. Cheesy and cheap! πŸ˜‰ The t-shirt apparently has great wicking capabilities blah blah blah, I’m sure it is great, and I did buy it wantingΒ to wear it when exercising but let’s get real, I didn’t buy it cause it’d suck my sweat away from my body quickly, I bought it cause I like it lol πŸ˜›

my new t-shirt, hopefully it will inspire me when I work out

my new t-shirt, hopefully it will inspire me when I work out

Then I bought a toque! Ack! I’d say it was like a shopping demon came over me but I already knew I was needing to find a new toque, shrug. All but the Olympic collection toques were gone, winter gear is being phased out because spring is soon to be upon us, wOOt! So I bought an Olympic gear toque, it’s actually really nice, red and black, I didn’t buy the one that says Canada on it cause clothes that scream your country’s name are so vulgar *shudder* Unless you are a spectator at a sport your clothes should not say your country’s name, or unless it is your independence day and you are celebrating your country, then it’s ok. So yeah, toque, t-shirt and headlamp, quite the productive little shopping trip.

Not that you were wondering, but the reason I so suddenly need another toque is because I looooove my toque that I wear for snowshoeing and that means I do not want to wear it when dragon boating cause it’ll get wet with nasty water and I have noΒ idea how to wash my snowshoeing toque. It is a hand made product, not like it has a tag inside saying how to wash it! I gotta be careful, and making sure that toque doesn’t come in to contact with the water I dragon boat in well, that’s just good ownership lol

I’ve got a couple other pieces of gear I need for dragon boating buuuuut have no money to buy them soooooo just gonna have to do without, shrug.

Hmmm, this quickly became quite the post about shopping, oops! Lemme catch you up on other stuff real quick…

– We got snow! As in lots of snow! Three days worth of non stop snow! Lovely! I was so happy while it was falling, every time I went out in it or looked outside it made me smile. Made most other people grumps but whatev. I so desperately wanted to go snowshoeing in the falling snow but was too sick for that, boo!

while snowshoeing, gorgeous!

while snowshoeing, gorgeous!

– The avalanche warning was high but I like to think that makes things more interesting lol. It was so sunny you could hear the snow melting and a couple times I got pelted with snowballs that were actually chunks of snow falling off trees. πŸ™‚ I ass-tobogganed part way down the mountain which was epic and I sooo want to do again! lol I went off trail on the way down so I could walk through some fresh snow, it’s way more fun, well, I got to a part that was super steep and no way could I climb down it, instead of going back and finding the trail again I sat down, had my knees bent, snowshoes on the ground in front of me (feet still strapped in them) and let myself slide down using the snowshoes to steer me, clear the path so my butt slid smoothly and also act as breaks when needed. Seriously, most fun ever! There was a minor issue of not being able to stop in time at this one section and becoming a tad airborne but meh, I landed on soft snow so who cares? Just made it more fun actually…I’m really hoping I get to do that again lol

– Some not so cool stuff, I keep getting sick! My immune system is really taking a beating this year, I am not impressed at its lackluster performance in the germ kicking business.

– I bought a piece of fish I have noooo idea how to cook, sigh. It is coconut encrusted, sounded interesting and was on sale. Perfect combo! I am going to (most likely) attempt to cook it tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes *worried face* I really hope I don’t food poison myself before practice, that would suck!

– I skipped Stir Fry Sunday this week cause I was too sick to want food Sunday or Monday and by Tuesday it just seemed like I was destined to not have stir fry this week. I will be back to my stir fry madness this coming weekend though, no worries!

– I discovered the deliciousness that is cherries in a cherry sauce put on top of ice cream, trust me, this is something you should try, Mmm!

– The cat got mad at me and purposefully peed on the floor right in front of his litter box to show his anger. You’d think I’d get mad, instead I realized that because I’d been sick when I’d been home the past couple days (this was on Monday) I was unconscious so I made a concentrated effort to stay home and conscious more and since then he’s been much happier. Yes I am aware he has me well trained. πŸ˜›

– Lastly, I missed three days in a row of my Squat Circuit Challenge because of being sick. Sunday and Monday I got home from work and basically crashed. Then Tuesday I forgot, which is weird, I think because I was out of the rhythm of it. So starting tomorrow I will pick up where I stopped. I hate that I inadvertently took a bit of a break in the middle but whatcha gonna do, can’t control being sick, shrug.

There we have it, my catch up of the last couple days. Food, exercise and shopping…apparently that is my life this past week lol πŸ˜›


30 Dec

My cat is back! Yay! Things are now officially back to normal. πŸ™‚

It’s amazing how empty this apartment felt with the cat not here. No little fur ball trying to trip me, meowing for treats, playing with toys, falling asleep in the most annoying spot possible on the bed, patting the mouse pad as I type so my words get all messed up…he definitely makes his presence known at all moments and the absence of him was sad.

He had to go in to boarding while I was in Alberta. He did not like it! It was the first time I’ve ever done that to him and he did not adjust to such an extent I don’t know that I’m going to ever want to resort to that choice again. *concerned frown* For now though that is not something I am going to focus on. Instead I am going to focus on him being back and cuddling him as much as he wants (fyi, right now that is A LOT!) so he feels secure once again.

I only have long legs so I can provide adequate napping spots

I only have long legs so I can provide adequate napping spots

he kept having bad dreams and for a while insisted on using my hand as a pillow

he kept having bad dreams and for a while insisted on using my hand as a pillow

ahhh finally a restful sleep

ahhh finally a restful sleep

Yes I am aware I now seem like a cat lady because this post is about my cat and is filled with pictures of him but ya know what? I don’t care! Well…ok, I do a little bit but I’m good at pretending otherwise lol πŸ˜‰




No Party For Moi, le sigh.

29 Nov

Tonight was my work Christmas Party. It was at a gorgeous hotel, gourmet food and drinks, dancing, prizes to be won, mingling with all your work friends in a social setting, getting to dress up and feel pretty…

Guess who wasn’t there?




I didn’t get to go last year either. 😦

See, the party is always on a Friday, I always work Friday evenings don’t I? Why yes, yes I do. Which effectively means I will never get to go to the over-the-top work Christmas Party.

Last year I was promised I would get to go this year since I had to work it. I was ok with that. Someone has to work during the party and last year I was perfectly fine with it being me since it does land on my shift. Also, the promise that this year I would get to go meant I wasn’t forever missing out on the event. Turns out the only “plan” made to let me go to the party was to ask the casual worker if she would like to work this evening. She said no for the perfectly legitimate reason that it is her birthday. That was the only attempt made.

Know what makes it even worse? I wasn’t even told! I had to ask if I was going to get to go and I got informed in an oh-so-casual way that nope cause K doesn’t want to work it the shift is yours. Lovely.

If they had told me earlier I would have asked both of the other ladies that share my job duties if one of them would be willing to swap shifts since last year I had to work the party and isn’t it only fair that I would get to go this year? Hell, one of the servers at work came up with a way to make it so I could go (it involved fiddling with shift times a bit), but management said no because, well, they can? They didn’t give a reason. Blarg!

I know it is stupid to be upset about it, after all it is just one party in the grand scheme of life but it is my only Christmas Party this year (my friends don’t really “do” Christmas Parties), my one chance to get to dress up, be at a formal dinner, go dancing…all that fun Christmas Party stuff. Plus! My friends at work (most of them anyways) left for the party right after their shift ended so they got changed at work, which means I got to see them all dressed up and wave them off into the night while I stayed behind. They all looked so great! They insisted I get in a group photo with them, it’s nice they wanted to include me but I looked at that picture after and there they are all glam and I’m not. I’m just in normal boring clothes. *pout*

I keep trying to look at the bright side, I am saving calories by not going to that meal, I’m sitting in my living room comfy in pj’s with a cup of tea a cat and my laptop while they are desperately trying to find excuses to slip their shoes off cause their feet hurt (well, the ladies anyways, the guys are probably fine lol), I don’t have to suck in my tummy all night and wonder if I look ok, I don’t have to find my way home late at night in the cold rainy air…um yeah, that’s pretty much all I got…and to be honest it was a stretch to find those reasons lol

Aww man, I just got texted a group pic of my friends from work all dressed up at the party, screw my bright side at not being there, I wanna be there! *pout*

Ok, pouty child moment over…

What gets me though is one of the staff members who doesn’t do my job offered to cover my shift so I could go. That would have meant she worked a 12 hour shift! She doesn’t even know how to do my job but she was willing to chip in so I could go because she thought it wasn’t fair I couldn’t go again. Management told her no because she doesn’t know how to do my job, which ok I do agree with that decision but what struck me is that she selflessly offered but the two ladies who also work the same position as me, who both were soooooo full of sympathy that I had to work tonight, who are the only two people in the entire place who could have actually helped me be able to go to the party did not think to offer.

Makes a girl think about things…

There we have it, my first (and only) Christmas Party post for the 2013 holiday season. Fairly pathetic. One day though! One day I will be a successful actress and will be turning parties down because there will be so many offers! Until then, it’s just me and the cat and the laptop chillin in the living room cause that’s how I roll. πŸ˜›

don't mind my pj's! lol. I couldn't get the cat to look at the camera hence the almost profile shot :P

don’t mind my pj’s! lol. I couldn’t get the cat to look at the camera hence his profile shot πŸ™‚

Stuff To Share

28 Nov

Alrighty, so I skipped writing a post yesterday and now I feel I have too much stuff to share and not enough time to type…that and I’m sure I’d lose all my readers before they got through such a long post lol I thought I’d try writing it all in bullet form, see how that goes, shall we give it a go? πŸ™‚

  • I picked up my new headshots today! Yay! The levels of excitement I have over this are through the roof! They turned out great – I always feel like I’m being narcissistic when I say that lol I don’t mean they are great because of me but because of the border and the font for my name and the overall look of the thing. I want to share them with you but I don’t have photo shop so I can’t black out my name along the bottom and while I might be leaning to the side of “it’s ok to share pics of me on this blog now” I don’t want to give you my full name…no offence but I think we still need a bit of space between you an I, don’t you? πŸ˜‰
  • When I was picking up the headshots I was driving through the sketchy part of downtown and saw a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a building, surfing on his laptop. For some reason this made me really curious about what he was doing, updating his facebook status? Tweeting the random stuff he sees? Looking for an online sale? Job hunting?
  • Two days in a row I made sure to go to Zumba, yay me! I resisted my natural inclination to be lazy and exercised. I’m really enjoying Zumba, I get all sweaty and gross but have lots of fun while doing it. I have trouble thinking of Zumba as real exercise because of how much fun it is. Don’t take this to mean I look good while doing it! Oh heavens no! But hey, most of us look ridiculous to some degree so I figure that’s ok. πŸ™‚
if I keep doing Zuma do I get to look like this? Pleeeeease?

if I keep doing Zuma do I get to look like this? Pleeeeease?

  • I have been searching for a replacement piece for one of my cat’s toys for almost a week, finally got it which means the cat has stopped giving me looks of death every time he tries to use his toy and can’t lol Oh, and because I can’t resist buying the little furball stuff I bought him a soft catnip filled toy in the shape of a pig. Cutest. Thing. Ever!! For those of you who don’t know I heart pigs and seeing my cat scoop a little pig in to his mouth then walk purposefully away so he can have privacy while he plays with it was freakin adorable!
  • Another cat story, last night the cat clawed me in juuuuust the wrong way, ouch! His claw sliced through where my thumbnail connects to the skin of my thumb, along the side of the nail. He got quite deep and it bled for ages. Now it hurts to do pretty much everything and I am still muttering under my breath about getting a dog (in an attempt to put him in his place). He is of course acting super extra over the top cute (not a hard thing for him) and knows that I will forgive him soon…he probably also knows he doesn’t have to fear a dog being brought in here since he is obviously in charge, sigh, I’m so whipped πŸ˜›
I swear it is a lot worse then it looks in this pic and I'm not just a big baby lol

I swear it is a lot worse then it looks in this pic and I’m not just a big baby lol

  • I watched an interesting documentary this evening called Xmas Without China. About how people in the States are so anti-China and anti products being imported from China but could not survive without them. A family got rid of all items in their house for the month of December that were Made In China and were not allowed to buy anything that was Made In China. Lemme tell ya, their place looked bleak once everything was taken away. Even their dishes were gone! It gave them a new perspective on just how much they rely on other countries (specifically China) to survive and how they as a country don’t really produce anything and the guy who came up with the project learned to be a bit less biased towards the States (probably a good thing since he moved there when he was 8 from China and is now at least mid-twenties).
  • I have lost the ability to sleep at night, ugh. I am going to bed later and later and even once I am in bed I don’t fall asleep, I just lie there, for ages. That’d be fine if I wasn’t about to start my work week, meaning I will have to actually get up at a decent time instead of sleep the day away. I’m not sleeping any longer than anyone else (on average) I’m just sleeping 4am-noon instead of 11pm-7am.
  • I’m really sick of the ads for Black Friday. Even though this weekend is not our Thanksgiving the stores up here give all the same Black Friday sales as you would get if you were in the States so there is a constant bombardment of ads via email, tv, billboards, radio, websites and any other way you can imagine telling us to shop! shop! shop! It’s not that I don’t like shopping but having a holiday that is supposed to be about families getting together, spending time with each other and thinking about what you are thankful for being oh-so-over-board commercialized is making me mildly disgusted with the whole thing. I don’t remember it being this bad last year, was it this bad last year? Also, I keep hearing that stores in the States are opening on Thanksgiving? Seriously? People don’t get a day to just chill with their families without feeling like they are missing all the best deals? Oy! I’d be pissed if I normally got it off but now had to work it because some corporate suit decided the store should open so he/she gets their yearly bonus *rolls eyes*
  • I bought mandarin oranges, Mmm! A sure sign of it being the Christmas Season! It’s ridiculous, no way can one person eat an entire box but I’ll do my best and then share the rest. πŸ™‚
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

And that is it for now! πŸ™‚ I’ll type you all later!

I Threw It Out

23 Dec

I can’t believe I did it, I actually threw out a donut, a fresh purchased from Tim Horton’s less then 2 hours earlier donut…it was a vanilla dip with holiday red and green icing on top, it was so pretty…or was before it had an unfortunate encounter with a book, oops!

Here’s the deal, I was at the airport with my cat, my whiplash and my muscle strain trying to figure out if I was hungry or not. I had a while to go before boarding but the food court was starting to close (quite early in my opinion) and I was left with making a rushed decision about food. I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry at that moment in time but figured once I got through security and was cut off from the various food sources in the airport my hunger would kick in and I’d be pissed that I chose to not eat. So I did what any self-respecting Canadian would do, I went to Tim Horton’s! πŸ˜€ Ordered a sandwich and on a whim decided to get a donut as well, I wanted a steeped tea but was about to go through security and knew I wouldn’t finish it in time and No Way am I throwing out a cup of tea!

Once the cat and I got through the ordeal of security (fun fact, you have to take the cat out of the carrier and walk through the metal detector while holding the cat so that the cat carrier can go through the x-ray machine…not that I would let my cat go through the x-ray machine but what genius *read that as moron!* came up with the idea of taking a terrorized cat out of his carrier in the middle of a busy airport???) *shakes it off* anyways! Once we got through that and were settled at our gate I decided it was din din time, Mmm! Timmy’s sandwich here I come! It was good, as I knew it would be, I got the turkey chipotle on brown bread, can’t go wrong there! πŸ™‚

I had started debating about the donut, regretting the purchase, thinking I shouldn’t have done it, it was late-ish evening so I shouldn’t be having so much sugar, I wasn’t hungry now that I’d eaten the sandwich and I’m heading home to a bday dinner (mine), a xmas dinner (with the family), and multiple eating out situations over the course of the next week…do I really need to start my week of food-related-activites with a donut? That donut might be the item that tips the scale, that takes me from eating a bit too much to complete over indulgence, it might be the starting point of a horrible food week versus a not perfect food week…I know I know, that’s a lot of pressure to put on one little donut but I have found that the way you start a vacation is how you tend to maintain and end a vacation…it’s all about habits ya know?

So I pull the donut out of my purse (uh, it was in a bag of it’s own, not like it was loose in the purse lol) and realized my book squashed it! One whole section of it was smooshed almost completely flat! Poor donut. 😦 Now yes it was still edible, and some foods, oddly enough, are more tasty when slightly destroyed or just plain messier (like burgers, a burger tastes best when it is messy, I don’t know why, it just does, shrug) and I’m absolutely positive that donut would have tasted delicious but instead…I threw it out. Didn’t even feel a twinge of regret. Sure, I wasted the money I spent buying it but luckily donuts are cheap and if it’s a choice between wasting a bit of money and saving myself un-necesarry calories, well, I’ll save the calories everytime!

Here’s to having a great birthday (today) where I don’t feel I ate too horribly (home made stir fry for dinner thanks to my mom) and homemade birthday cake to go with it (hey! birthdays deserve dessert!). I may go a little crazy on xmas day but hey, I managed to throw out that donut so maybe I won’t? Guess we’ll find out! lol πŸ˜‰

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