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Flax Seed: Quickest Way to Make Your Food Taste Weird

1 Apr

Well, this whole eating flax seed idea of mine was not a good one. Yup, that’s right, I admit it, I had a bad idea, shocking huh? 😉

I had my first serving of the stuff two days ago, I sprinkled it on some cereal (sssh! I’m not supposed to be eating cereal anymore but lets keep that between you an I m’kay? teehee) and it didn’t seem so bad. It added a nutty flavour to my cereal that normally isn’t there but since I like nuts I was sorta ok with this. Some spoonfuls were more intense in the nut flavour then other spoonfuls, I didn’t particularly care for those spoonfuls but hey, that’s why I had a big ol glass of water beside me lol. Just in case… 🙂

It seemed like this whole flax seed idea was going to pan out…oh me and my silly early optimism!

Yesterday after work I went for a hike then when I got home made a protein shake. Now here’s the deal, I love my protein shake! It is by far one of the tastiest things I eat/drink, and that isn’t because all the other stuff I eat/drink sucks, it is because I make an awesome protein shake. It has the protein powder (duh), yogurt, frozen mixed berries, half a banana, omega 3 oil, vege powder and almond milk. This combines to make a fruity yummy drink. Well ok, since I started adding the vege powder it isn’t as great, that powder is flavoured as a berry (can’t think of the specific berry right now) and it’s a bit too strong of a flavour for my preference, it overpowers the real fruit, what’s with that?? But it’s my own fault, if I ate enough fruits and veggies in a day I wouldn’t need the powder so can’t really bitch about it all that much…well, out loud 😉 I thought adding the flax seed to the protein shake was a brilliant idea! Sure, it is a nutty flavour but all the other stuff would mask it so it wouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Oh how wrong I was!

The flax seed totally took over the protein shake, as in a hostile takeover, I am surprised the shake survived. Ugh. It was a funny colour and tasted nasty! And I mean nasteeeeeeeeeeee! Double ugh. I hated it. I drank it. But I hated it. It has never taken me so long to drink something in my life. I’d take a sip, force myself to swallow, grimace, contemplate giving up, realize I can’t, take another sip then repeat the whole process again lol. 😦

Never again will I be defiling my protein shake in that way!

Today I failed completely on the flax seed mission. I had a huge lunch at work, way bigger then I wanted (the chef likes to over feed me *rolls eyes* so even though I say no he loads me down with food and I hate to waste food so I usually end up eating more then what I want). This meant that when I got home dinner was not anywhere on my mind. I nibbled on some random stuff throughout the evening but didn’t actually eat anything that could be called a meal, or food really (I nibbled on candy, also pushed on me at work, sigh, I am so weak sometimes) and I’m sorry but no way can I sprinkle flax seed on easter candy, for one thing it wouldn’t stick and secondly, that is defiling innocent candy and I can’t be a party to such behaviour. *sticks nose up in the air*

I guess I could go dissolve some in a glass of water or something but really, who am I kidding? I’m not having the flax seed today. After yesterdays debacle with it I’m not all that upset about the lack of it today, not gonna lie. I will however do my best to get back on the flax seed bandwagon tomorrow. I am usually healthier on my days off (those are the next three days) so I should have an easier time fitting it in to my food, I’ll just sprinkle a little bit on everything, make everything taste weird! lol 😛

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