Flax Seed: Quickest Way to Make Your Food Taste Weird

1 Apr

Well, this whole eating flax seed idea of mine was not a good one. Yup, that’s right, I admit it, I had a bad idea, shocking huh? πŸ˜‰

I had my first serving of the stuff two days ago, I sprinkled it on some cereal (sssh! I’m not supposed to be eating cereal anymore but lets keep that between you an I m’kay? teehee) and it didn’t seem so bad. It added a nutty flavour to my cereal that normally isn’t there but since I like nuts I was sorta ok with this. Some spoonfuls were more intense in the nut flavour then other spoonfuls, I didn’t particularly care for those spoonfuls but hey, that’s why I had a big ol glass of water beside me lol. Just in case… πŸ™‚

It seemed like this whole flax seed idea was going to pan out…oh me and my silly early optimism!

Yesterday after work I went for a hike then when I got home made a protein shake. Now here’s the deal, I love my protein shake! It is by far one of the tastiest things I eat/drink, and that isn’t because all the other stuff I eat/drink sucks, it is because I make an awesome protein shake. It has the protein powder (duh), yogurt, frozen mixed berries, half a banana, omega 3 oil, vege powder and almond milk. This combines to make a fruity yummy drink. Well ok, since I started adding the vege powder it isn’t as great, that powder is flavoured as a berry (can’t think of the specific berry right now) and it’s a bit too strong of a flavour for my preference, it overpowers the real fruit, what’s with that?? But it’s my own fault, if I ate enough fruits and veggies in a day I wouldn’t need the powder so can’t really bitch about it all that much…well, out loud πŸ˜‰ I thought adding the flax seed to the protein shake was a brilliant idea! Sure, it is a nutty flavour but all the other stuff would mask it so it wouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Oh how wrong I was!

The flax seed totally took over the protein shake, as in a hostile takeover, I am surprised the shake survived. Ugh. It was a funny colour and tasted nasty! And I mean nasteeeeeeeeeeee! Double ugh. I hated it. I drank it. But I hated it. It has never taken me so long to drink something in my life. I’d take a sip, force myself to swallow, grimace, contemplate giving up, realize I can’t, take another sip then repeat the whole process again lol. 😦

Never again will I be defiling my protein shake in that way!

Today I failed completely on the flax seed mission. I had a huge lunch at work, way bigger then I wanted (the chef likes to over feed me *rolls eyes* so even though I say no he loads me down with food and I hate to waste food so I usually end up eating more then what I want). This meant that when I got home dinner was not anywhere on my mind. I nibbled on some random stuff throughout the evening but didn’t actually eat anything that could be called a meal, or food really (I nibbled on candy, also pushed on me at work, sigh, I am so weak sometimes) and I’m sorry but no way can I sprinkle flax seed on easter candy, for one thing it wouldn’t stick and secondly, that is defiling innocent candy and I can’t be a party to such behaviour. *sticks nose up in the air*

I guess I could go dissolve some in a glass of water or something but really, who am I kidding? I’m not having the flax seed today. After yesterdays debacle with it I’m not all that upset about the lack of it today, not gonna lie. I will however do my best to get back on the flax seed bandwagon tomorrow. I am usually healthier on my days off (those are the next three days) so I should have an easier time fitting it in to my food, I’ll just sprinkle a little bit on everything, make everything taste weird! lol πŸ˜›


3 Responses to “Flax Seed: Quickest Way to Make Your Food Taste Weird”

  1. Randall May 20, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    What a delectable food creation. Thanks for sharing this. I am glad I came across your blog. It is very informative in respects to food and cooking in the kitchen.

    I would like to invite you to view my blog, Fun with Food http://www.savorthefood.com/blog .

    We hope to have you as a reader. Mean time I look for to future post from The Amazing Shrinking Woman.


    Did you use whole Flax seed or did you grind it up? And if you used it ground up like Flax meal, did you buy it that way or buy it as whole seed and grind it at home?

    Whole seed does not digest in our digestive system. Also flax seed when ground to meal starts to lose its nutritional value at that moment. So therefor buy pre ground seed at the market doesn’t have much value and can taste different than when you grind it fresh and use it right away.

    I sell cheese cakes and the crusts include ground flax seed. That is one of the reasons my cakes sell a lot.

    • shrinkingwmn May 21, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

      Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, and the comment! I bought ground flax seed, and I’ve pretty much given up on it, it just makes everything taste unappetizing. I’ll make sure to check out your blog, Cheers! πŸ™‚


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