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Some Food

9 Apr

I’ve been working on putting together actual meals and not relying on spoonfuls of peanut butter for my main source of food, lol, I laugh but I’m not really kidding…


I’ve been cooking, and had a decent amount of success, success in the form of I have not gotten food poisoning and I’ve liked everything I’ve been eating, so yay! πŸ™‚

Tuesday's Breakfast/Lunch

Tuesday’s Breakfast/Lunch

The above was my breakfast/lunch from Tuesday. On my days off I almost always combine those two meals cause ya know, I’m lazy, and I’m usually not up till noon-ish and well, why not? shrug.

So I made a two egg omelette and stuffed that sucker till it was hard to fold lol I put diced yellow pepper, mixed greens, a slice of marble cheese, turkey, and some diced avocado. On the side I had some baked beans in tomato sauce. Oh, and I had some toast as well. All in all a large, slightly too large, but yummy meal. πŸ™‚

The mixed greens I used are these…

my mixed greens

my mixed greens: kale, chard and spinach

First off, no I didn’t buy them because they are organic, I bought them because they were on sale and therefore the cheapest option lol I have no idea how to tell kale and chard apart so when I randomly pull pieces from the container to add to dishes I don’t know what I’m picking, this means I tend to attempt to get an equal number of the various looking green leaves so I get the same amount of everything…being that I’m not completely inept in the kitchen I actually know what spinach looks like, so at least I know when I’m picking that one lol πŸ˜›

On Tuesdays I have dragon boat practice in the evening, after practice I had to stop to pick up some milk and bread and somehow that simple two item grocery trip turned in to a two bag trip, how does that even happen? *rolls eyes* While I was in the store I decided I wanted to make a burger for dinner, now, I already had the burger patty but no buns cause usually I just cook the patty, put some cheese on it, and eat it with a knife and fork. It’s not at satisfying but it is healthier so I suffer the horrors of a naked burger patty, or rather the burger patty suffers that horrible fate. Well, that evening I decided I’d buy a bun and make it a “real burger”. Once I picked the bun I figured I should go all out so I bought a couple other things to slap on to my creation, nothing crazy, just normal yummy burger toppings that I didn’t have.

In the end I had this lovely dinner…

My oh so lovely burger

My oh so lovely burger from Tuesday night

Ok, granted it doesn’t look like much but its whats inside that counts! There is the standard ketchup and mustard, I also added a smoked chilli deli sauce for a little kick, a slice of havarti cheese with jalapenos in it (fyi, I looooove that cheese lol), there was also sauteed mushrooms, the mixed greens again and thinly sliced tomato. On the side, as you can see, was sauteed yellow pepper and asparagus. The asparagus is cut up because I was using a small pan and it fit better that way lol

It was a messy, tasty, hit-the-spot, kind of meal. πŸ™‚

And bonus, I cooked beef and didn’t kill myself! booya! πŸ˜‰

The smoked chilli deli sauce I used is this…

The smoked chilli deli sauce from Weight Watchers, one of my faves!

The smoked chilli deli sauce from Weight Watchers, one of my faves!

It is from Weight Watchers and is da bomb! I put it on so many different things, its delish! πŸ™‚ The only downside is I can’t buy it in Canada, laaaame! But lucky for me I have awesome cousins in England and they send me some when I run out and I beg and pester them. πŸ˜‰

Then Wednesday for my combo breakfast/lunch I made a tortilla wrap. I found something new at Safeway the night prior, pulled chicken, I think its one of their rotisserie chickens that they shredded, least, it was in that area. So in the wrap I put 1 tablespoon of light ranch dressing, cheese, diced yellow pepper, sliced mushrooms, mixed greens, diced avocado, salsa and the chicken. I toyed with the idea of warming up the chicken but decided against it, mostly out of laziness.

2015-04-08 14.19.12

2015-04-08 14.20.50Some helpful tips from me to you:

(1) When I buy a pepper, the first time I pull it out of the fridge to use I dice 1/4 of it and store it in the fridge, the rest I slice in to large pieces, remove the seeds and store that in a separate container in the fridge. That way when I’m putting something together if I think “oh pepper might be nice in this” it is easy to grab and add to whatever I’m making.

(2) I like putting the dressing, in the above case it was ranch, on the wrap first unlike how restaurants like to put it on last, this way I use less and I’m guaranteed to have the flavour in every bite.

Dinner on Wednesday I heated up a delicious soup from Campbell’s called Tomato Basil Bisque, it is part of their “Everyday Gourmet” product line and I love it. πŸ™‚

Mmm Mmm Good!

Mmm Mmm Good!

With it I had two dinner buns, I know, I know! I’m not supposed to be eating white foods but I am a sucker for these dinner buns and they go great with soup and well, I’ll never cut them out completely so there! πŸ˜›

But instead of just slathering the buns with margarine I took one of the dinner buns, put some miracle whip, some mustard (both in super small amounts!), mixed greens (starting to see a trend with those mixed greens? lol), a small amount of cheese and some sliced turkey. Basically, I made a dinner bun sandwich to go with my soup.

Wednesday's Dinner

Wednesday’s Dinner

Ok, yes, there is a second bun on that plate that is not a healthy mini sandwich but is instead meant to be eaten as is but let’s not dwell on that..instead, dwell on the rest of the meal! lol

So there we have it, my food from the past couple of days, all tasty, all made by me, all eaten with no side effects…other than making my tummy full that is lol πŸ˜‰ None of it is hard to make and I tried my best to get a combination of protein, veg or fruit and whole grains in every meal, it doesn’t always happen (like the white bun incident) but for the most part I think I did ok and hey, I’ll keep working at it and I’ll get better, just gimme some time! πŸ™‚

Trying Out Green Smoothies

8 Jan

As I said in the post before this one I have decided to try the whole green smoothie craze. Though, I don’t know if it counts as a craze per say…how does one decide that?

Anyways! I started joining this bandwagon by doing a lot of googling, it netted me some useful information but also a lot of contradicting information.

The highlights that stuck in my head are:

-use fruit to hide the taste of the veggies

– use kale, because apparently it isn’t a “real” green smoothie if there isn’t kale in there

– remember it is a meal, so don’t eat all your meals aaaand drink the smoothie cause that’ll be too many calories in a day

– add the green stuff gradually so you have time to get used to it

Seems pretty easy, right?

I decided to make my regular protein shake and add green veggies to it since the recipes I was reading for green smoothies seemed vaguely similar, shrug. There are probably some green smoothie purist out there who will shudder when they read what was in my green smoothies but oh well, I’m the one who had to drink it and I wanted to make sure it tasted ok lol

This is day two of my green smoothie kick and the first consistent thing I noticed right off that bat is…my green smoothie isn’t green…

reddish. not green. there is no green colour there...

reddish. not green. there is no green colour there…

In real life the smoothie in the above picture looked more red than the brown it looks in the picture, due to the raspberries.

My smoothie today had:

1 scoop protein powder

1 tsp omega 3 oil

1 banana

1 cup of frozen fruit (today was mango and raspberry)

1/2 cup greek unsweetened yogurt

1 cup almond milk, unsweetened

broccoli, some sliced carrots and a mixture of baby greens that included kale and spinach

These are the baby greens I bought for the smoothies:

2015-01-07 18.42.57

No, I did not jump on to the organic bandwagon also, all the packages of kale I could find were organic, so I bought the cheapest, it was just coincidence it had the cutest name lol

According to the label it is a “nutritious salad mix of baby kale, baby spinach and other baby greens.”

Yesterdays smoothie was better, I had only added the mixed greens, not the broccoli and carrots so it was not as thick. If I’m going to add more solid veggies like that again I think I will have to add a bit more liquid, or some ice, to help thin it out.

It wasn’t a bad drink today, it was just, not as good lol Towards the end I could feel the broccoli, the bush type part of the broccoli, in my mouth, I guess when I poured the smoothie that part sunk a bit so I got it all towards the end of the drink. Which again, didn’t make it bad, it’s just not the consistency I am used to when drinking a shake…er…smoothie. The fruit taste wasn’t as strong today, I guess the ratio of veggie to fruit was too close for the fruit to stand out flavour wise, I don’t really want to add more fruit to the smoothie though because of the naturally high sugar content fruit tends to have buuuuut I want to make sure I am putting enough veggies in there to make it worth my while.

This is becoming a complicated balance to find, especially since I am trying to find it via trial and error lol πŸ˜›

The smoothie is definitely a meal though, it fills me right up and I don’t even miss having something to bite in to. Which is something I worried about. I’ve decided to try taking them as my work meal, at least for my evening shifts. They’ll be easier to “eat” at work on that shift since I don’t get an actual break and my ability to eat anything is limited to the desk being quiet enough I can escape for 5 minutes to warm something up and then scarf it down from an office that has the door open so I can be summoned at a moments notice either by phone or by someone coming to the desk. This way I can just sip on the smoothie as I sit at the desk and not worry about it. πŸ™‚

I don’t know if swapping out a meal that may or may not have been healthy for a shake that may or may not be healthy (I haven’t calculated calories or fat or anything yet) will aid in my weight loss, but I know I felt better after drinking them. Not better as in I all of a sudden felt energized and could feel the kale doing wonderous things to my body but better as in there is no guilt associated with drinking a smoothie. I know all the ingredients in it, I know they are all healthy, and having it as a meal left me feeling I had made a good choice food wise for myself.

healthy choices

Insanity: Day 3

17 Jul

I swear, at the rate I am going, the whole 60 days of this challenge are going to be about how I messed up and what I changed to suit my likes lol. πŸ˜›

I slept like the dead last night, didn’t get to bed till super late and completely ignored my alarm this morning so I ended up with a whopping 10 hours of sleep, crazeeeee! I’m figuring my body needed it from a combo of sleep deprivation over the past 4 days, lots of activity but not lots of food yesterday and just general laziness lol.

Because of the sleeping in I slept through my first two meals of the day, oops! I wasn’t sure which was the best option, start with Meal 1 Β even though it was past noon or skip ahead to Meal 3…I opted to skip to Meal 3 but increase the calories of that meal to jump start my eating today, also I planned to speed up the timeline for when I had my first snack. I figured if I upped the calories a bit of each meal I might be able to slightly make up for my missing the first 2 meals.

I think I was wrong though…*rolls eyes*

So, my first meal of the day which was technically Meal 3 was:

1 cup of red lentil and veggie soup

2 slices whole wheat bread

4oz deli turkey meat

sliced tomato

minuscule amounts of mustard and light mayo

Here’s what my meal should have been!

1 Cup black bean soup

1 slice whole grain bread

4 oz turkey meat

1/4 of an avocado sliced on top of open faced sandwich

Why the changes you ask? Well! I couldn’t for the life of me find a can of black bean soup when I was shopping, I searched quite a lot so don’t think I skimped on this! I could have made black bean stew from scratch (and according to the meal book that is allowed) but that is waaaaaay too much work so I opted for buying soup but not the type specified. I chose red lentil and veggie soup because lentils are a bean…and uh, that’s about the extent of my reasoning lol I changed the sandwich from an open faced one slice of bread sandwich to a two slices of bread sandwich because 4oz of deli meat turned out to be a ridiculous amount of meat for one slice of bread. Oh, and I didn’t get to have the avocado because sadly my avocado was nowhere near ready to be used, hard as a rock! I put some sliced tomato on top instead, mostly because the sandwich would have been really dry without something replacing the avocado, shrug. It was just a tiny amount of tomato so I don’t think that is too big a deal.

It was a tasty meal, and while not exactly what the book says it should have been I think what I ate was still pretty close to what they say to eat…sorta…well, in my head it is lol πŸ˜›

I went out afterwards and was out for hours. I toyed with the idea of taking some sort of a snack but nothing in my meal plan makes a good portable snack, especially since most everything needs to be refrigerated and oddly enough I don’t have a mini fridge in my vehicle, do you? πŸ˜‰

By the time I got home I was quite hungry, and had been for a while. Seems by only day 3 of this challenge I am already wanting to eat more, weird huh?

I decided to eat before exercising mostly because I was cranky from being hungry and wasn’t willing to wait any longer for food lol. So my second meal of the day (which was supposed to be Meal 4, or possibly even Meal 5 considering the time) was Tuna Salad in a Tomato, it involved:

4oz water packed tuna

1/4 cup celery, chopped

1/4 cup red onion, chopped

1 tbsp light mayo

1 tsp mustard

1 large tomato, hollowed out

1 whole grain english muffin

This was slightly altered from what is in the book, the book wanted Dijon mustard and I used normal mustard, and I was supposed to eat an apple with the meal but forgot.

I’m not sure why but the tuna mix was stuffed in to the hollowed out tomato, I don’t understand why I sacrificed the innards of a perfectly good tomato just to stuff the tuna mix inside…I found it mildly awkward to eat and an odd thing to do lol I’d like to know what kind of crazy tomato the people who made the recipe used because nowhere near all of the tuna mix fit inside of the tomato! lol Oh, and I had slightly less than the 4oz of tuna required because I am not allowed to open a can of tuna without sharing some of it with the cat, I’m pretty sure I’d be killed in my sleep if I attempted to keep all the tuna for myself! lol I feel safeguarding my life was well worth the cost of some of the tuna. πŸ™‚

Today’s exercise dvd was Cardio Power and Resistance. So, cardio with some exercises in there to strengthen muscles. There was jumping but not as much as yesterday which is nice because it meant I didn’t hit the ceiling as much lol. I also learned a new way to work my triceps. Go in to downward dog, then bring your feet in and scrunch down so you are in a bit of a ball, have your weight on the balls of your feet and your hands (your hands are placed on the floor in front of you), while in that position do push ups. I found a youtube video of a girl showing how to do this exercise so you can watch instead of try to visualize what I just wrote lol

There were some exercises that I can’t do. I do girl push ups, hey, don’t judge! I’m a girl and my upper body is not as strong as I would like…yet! Anyways, there are these push-ups where you do 1 push-up, then in plank position move to the right, do a push-up, stay in plank position and move to the right, do a push-up, then repeat but move to the left. It’s moving left and right in plank position and each time you stop you do the push-up. Uhhhh, yeah, so not happening! lol Instead, I did girl push-ups the entire set, I figured better to do push-ups that are actually me going all the way to the floor and back up then me doing some half ass push up that doesn’t actually do anything for me, make sense? Well, it makes sense to me. πŸ˜›

The workout was really good. Any workout that is hard enough that at some point I am actually yelling a bit because of how hard I am working to push myself through is awesome in my opinion. Means I am really working! πŸ™‚

After my workout session I had a protein shake. A tragedy happened while making the shake though, my blender died. I mean dead dead dead! It was making this scary noise and starting smelling like burning electrical ickyness so I stopped it, waited a bit, then retried lol Hey, I really needed that shake to be blended! In the end I had to use a spatula and mix it all up which was fine to a point, didn’t help with the big pieces of frozen fruit though. πŸ˜› It was the lumpiest shake I have ever had, buuuuut it still tasted good. πŸ™‚ I will have to buy a blender tomorrow, sigh. Mines be slowly dying for a while now but I kept putting off replacing it, looks like I don’t have a choice anymore, I can’t go a day without a blender, I use it that often!

I’d like to count day 3 of Insanity as a success buuuuuut if I am being realistic I had yet another day with not enough calories…least I only exercised once today! So not as bad as yesterday, right? πŸ˜‰

A New Way of Tracking Your Workout

20 May

I found a new app, well, in all fairness it might not be new but it is new to me. πŸ™‚ It’s called runtastic. Not the most original name but who cares what the name is if it is a good app?


I’ve only used it once so I can’t say for sure that it is good but here is what I know about it so far:

-you open it at the beginning of your workout, you tell it what type of exercise you are doing and it gps tracks your route, time and speed

-when you are done you fill in info saying what the road surface was like, how you feel, weather conditions, and there is a spot for notes

-there is a section for your heart rate but I don’t have that info

-you can save all the stats from your workout and go back and check them later, the app even oh so nicely dates the info so you don’t have to remember when each workout was

I’m going to keep using the app for the next little while so I can see if my running gets any better. It was also nice to see what distance I am running when I use the trail near my place. Normally I run on a treadmill so I can track everything about my run and I really like that. When I run outside, or go hiking, I generally don’t count it as exercise because I have no way to track it except for how long I do the activity for, not really a lot of information lol. But since I plan on doing a lot of outdoor running and hiking this summer I figured I needed a way to track it.

I was actually looking for a couch potato to 5km app that is free but all the ones I found you have to buy. You can install them free and use them for a little bit of time free but eventually it snags you for money and well, how rude is that?? So this runtastic app was sorta my second choice…after reading what it can do and trying it out today though I’m thinking I might have found something better then a couch potato to 5km. Sure, I won’t have a voice telling me when to run, jog or walk but maybe I can figure that out on my own?

I’m back on the wagon with my protein shakes, yah! I have had one for 4 days in a row and am planning on keeping it up! πŸ™‚ They are so tasty I don’t know why I stopped them *rolls eyes* I’m using them as a meal replacement, gotta say, it’s my best meal of the day lol For the last 4 days I made the shake and took it to work so that I could avoid the food at work. I figure it is better to drink the shake and know exactly what is going in my body then eat the delicious food at work that is not cooked by me and is most likely not quite as healthy as I would like. I’m really gonna miss the food tho, *big epic sigh* 😦

On a completely unrelated topic, I am craving junk food like you wouldn’t believe! Even while making my dinner I was going through the fridge, freezer and cupboards looking for what I was going to eat for dessert…fyi, I found nothing. Nothing!! 😦 I don’t keep junk food in the apartment specifically because of days when I am craving it and won’t be able to control how much I eat but omg thought I was gonna go nuts from the wanting but not getting lol πŸ˜› In the end I had a greek yogurt cup for dessert, sooooo not what I was wanting but a way better choice then the pastry or chocolate I would have happily jumped through fire for. I’m hoping that my not eating something high in sugar today when I am wanting it so badly will help me to resist next time I have a junk food craving…wish me luck! πŸ™‚


Flax Seed: Quickest Way to Make Your Food Taste Weird

1 Apr

Well, this whole eating flax seed idea of mine was not a good one. Yup, that’s right, I admit it, I had a bad idea, shocking huh? πŸ˜‰

I had my first serving of the stuff two days ago, I sprinkled it on some cereal (sssh! I’m not supposed to be eating cereal anymore but lets keep that between you an I m’kay? teehee) and it didn’t seem so bad. It added a nutty flavour to my cereal that normally isn’t there but since I like nuts I was sorta ok with this. Some spoonfuls were more intense in the nut flavour then other spoonfuls, I didn’t particularly care for those spoonfuls but hey, that’s why I had a big ol glass of water beside me lol. Just in case… πŸ™‚

It seemed like this whole flax seed idea was going to pan out…oh me and my silly early optimism!

Yesterday after work I went for a hike then when I got home made a protein shake. Now here’s the deal, I love my protein shake! It is by far one of the tastiest things I eat/drink, and that isn’t because all the other stuff I eat/drink sucks, it is because I make an awesome protein shake. It has the protein powder (duh), yogurt, frozen mixed berries, half a banana, omega 3 oil, vege powder and almond milk. This combines to make a fruity yummy drink. Well ok, since I started adding the vege powder it isn’t as great, that powder is flavoured as a berry (can’t think of the specific berry right now) and it’s a bit too strong of a flavour for my preference, it overpowers the real fruit, what’s with that?? But it’s my own fault, if I ate enough fruits and veggies in a day I wouldn’t need the powder so can’t really bitch about it all that much…well, out loud πŸ˜‰ I thought adding the flax seed to the protein shake was a brilliant idea! Sure, it is a nutty flavour but all the other stuff would mask it so it wouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Oh how wrong I was!

The flax seed totally took over the protein shake, as in a hostile takeover, I am surprised the shake survived. Ugh. It was a funny colour and tasted nasty! And I mean nasteeeeeeeeeeee! Double ugh. I hated it. I drank it. But I hated it. It has never taken me so long to drink something in my life. I’d take a sip, force myself to swallow, grimace, contemplate giving up, realize I can’t, take another sip then repeat the whole process again lol. 😦

Never again will I be defiling my protein shake in that way!

Today I failed completely on the flax seed mission. I had a huge lunch at work, way bigger then I wanted (the chef likes to over feed me *rolls eyes* so even though I say no he loads me down with food and I hate to waste food so I usually end up eating more then what I want). This meant that when I got home dinner was not anywhere on my mind. I nibbled on some random stuff throughout the evening but didn’t actually eat anything that could be called a meal, or food really (I nibbled on candy, also pushed on me at work, sigh, I am so weak sometimes) and I’m sorry but no way can I sprinkle flax seed on easter candy, for one thing it wouldn’t stick and secondly, that is defiling innocent candy and I can’t be a party to such behaviour. *sticks nose up in the air*

I guess I could go dissolve some in a glass of water or something but really, who am I kidding? I’m not having the flax seed today. After yesterdays debacle with it I’m not all that upset about the lack of it today, not gonna lie. I will however do my best to get back on the flax seed bandwagon tomorrow. I am usually healthier on my days off (those are the next three days) so I should have an easier time fitting it in to my food, I’ll just sprinkle a little bit on everything, make everything taste weird! lol πŸ˜›

Not Sick But Not Well

16 Mar

You know that weird in between spot where you aren’t sick enough to be sick (and get sympathy and pity and special treatment from people πŸ˜‰ ) but you’re not exactly well either so you’re just not up to doing your normal daily stuff and you kinda wanna crawl back in to bed and stay there?

Well, that’s me, I’ve been there for the past couple days, it’s sooooooo annoying! I woke up Wednesday super late (even for me! lol) and my first conscious thought was “oh no, I so don’t feel good, ugh.” All I wanted to do was go back to sleep but then I’d actually be literally sleeping the day away so up I got. I had no appetite, something that always happens to me when I am sick, and my throat hurt. Not hurt enough that I sounded weird or needed some sort of throat medicine crap but hurt as in I was way more aware of my throat then I should be. I thought for sure I am getting sick, I have all the early warning signs and well crap, how much does that suck??

My newest line of defence against getting/being sick is taking Airborne…ever heard of it? It’s this big ass pill you dissolve in 6oz of water and then chug it back, it comes in two different flavours, neither of which actually taste good, hence the chugging lol. It’s loaded up with zinc, iron, echinacea…all kinds of good for your body things. The pharmacist recommended it to me last christmas time when I was desperate to find something to help me not catch anything over the holidays, she said the Airborne thing boosts your immune system to prevent you from catching anything and if you’ve already caught something it’ll help battle it so you get rid of it sooner. So far Airborne has not steered me wrong. Everytime I start feeling sick I take it (twice a day) and I don’t get severely sick, I sorta linger in that kinda-sick world for a day or two then I get better, and hey, who doesn’t love that? lol

Back to Wednesday, I was so not feeling well and when that happens I just don’t eat but I had lots of stuff I had to do. I decided to skip the gym cause how can I go running (it was a cardio day) when I haven’t eaten anything and I have no energy? Can’t right? Right! I was working hard to make sure I felt no guilt about this decision lol. But get this, by about 8:45pm I was feeling well, not guilt exactly, but weird for having not gone to the gym, I still had stuff I had to do at home (things that had an actual deadline) but what did I do? I changed my clothes and hightailed it to the gym so I could squeeze in a run and some ab work and some stretching before they closed…a sure sign I was sick! πŸ˜‰ When I got home I got a text from NC seeing if I wanted to chill which I did so I left all the stuff I had to do at home, lol, deadlines be damned! I can deal with it tomorrow! (aren’t I a great procrastinator? lol) got ready and went out. I managed to squeeze in my protein shake (the yummy one with all the fruit an stuff) after I got home from the gym and before I went out so at least I got some nutrients that day, other then that all I’d eaten was a pear, um, 3 chocolate chip cookies (I had been baking), some cookie dough batter (cause duh, who doesn’t eat the batter? lol) and my morning protein shake (the gross one that is just the powder and water)…not a lot of fuel huh?

Thursday was almost as bad, sigh. I got up early cause all that stuff I put off doing the evening before I had had had to do that morning as early as possible, I hate mornings. Unfortunately I still felt sick and my throat was doing worse, sigh. I got a tea to get me through my running around and I will admit, I caved and also got a hot cross bun, oh yum! and I got them to warm it up so holy crap was it gooooood. *smile of bliss just remembering how tasty it was* after I was done my errands (all done on time thank goodness, phew!) I went home and thought vaguely of going to the gym but had even less energy then the day before so I knew at that point it sure wasn’t happening. Instead I snacked oh so badly on some bakery goodies we had in the apartment, yeah yeah, I know! then I watched a cartoon (I like watching cartoon movies when I don’t feel well lol) and tried desperately to nap. Do you know how hard it is to nap when you are an insomniac??? It’s freakin hard! Eventually the roomie and her daughter came home so my attempt at napping went out the window lol. I made what I usually eat forΒ brekkie (one egg, 2 slices of turkey bacon and 2 slices of tomato) and thought again briefly about going to the gym but even as I thought it I knew it wasn’t gonna happen. Which kinda sucks cause it was a weight training day and I like those but some days you just gotta let your body have a break and take a chance to get better ya know? Least, that’s what I think…Later that evening I also made my protein shake (the yummy one of course lol) cause I figured I wasn’t hungry but I could probably manage to drink the shake and that way I’d get a lot of vitamins etc…I never used to think like that lol.

I feel I should explain the hot cross bun and the bakery slip up…when I am sick I don’t eat, I just have no interest in food and can’t be bothered. I know this about myself so when I feel myself starting to get sick I tend to eat say a donut or something even when I know I shouldn’t cause I know it’ll probably be the only thing I eat that day. I figure better get as many calories in as possible per food item since I will barely be eating anything…does that make sense? Probably not lol πŸ˜›

Today I am feeling a bit better, my throat doesn’t hurt as much, I’m still taking my Airborne and well, I don’t have any energy back yet but I’m gonna blame that on two days of crap eating lol. I forced myself to go to the gym, had my cardio day, thought I might fall off the back of the treadmill cause it was a bit harder today then normal (I’m thinking cause I hadn’t eaten properly for two days so didn’t have a lot of stored energy? that’s really a guess, I have no idea lol) But I ate properly today, even though my appetite isn’t quite back to normal, I ate my morning protein shake, my fruit, my egg and turkey bacon and tomato slices, even had half a chicken breast and 2/3cups of mixed veggies, oh and of course my yummy protein shake after the gym lol. So hopefully that’ll make tomorrows exercise easier *crossing fingers*

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