A Bonus To Being An Adult

20 Nov

We’ve all seen memes like this:

Colouring Fort

There are definitely days where I feel like that meme is sooooo true lol

However, there are some bonus points that come with being a grown independent adult and one of them is this:

When I buy a bag of mixed frozen veggies and there is one veggie in the mix that I don’t like, when I cook those veggies to go with my dinner, I can refuse to eat the veggies I don’t like and I don’t get in trouble for it! Ha! 😛

2014-11-19 19.17.15Take that all you six year olds! You may get to play way more than I do and have way less stress but I don’t get stuck sitting at the dining table for hours because I refused to eat a gross veg, nor was I denied desert! Boom! Score one point to adulthood! 😀 lol


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