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10 Sep

My Bikram Yoga teacher said this the other day and I really like it…

FEAR is…


Everything (is going to be)




Something to remember when you’re facing something that scares you! πŸ™‚

A Bonus To Being An Adult

20 Nov

We’ve all seen memes like this:

Colouring Fort

There are definitely days where I feel like that meme is sooooo true lol

However, there are some bonus points that come with being a grown independent adult and one of them is this:

When I buy a bag of mixed frozen veggies and there is one veggie in the mix that I don’t like, when I cook those veggies to go with my dinner, I can refuse to eat the veggies I don’t like and I don’t get in trouble for it! Ha! πŸ˜›

2014-11-19 19.17.15Take that all you six year olds! You may get to play way more than I do and have way less stress but I don’t get stuck sitting at the dining table for hours because I refused to eat a gross veg, nor was I denied desert! Boom! Score one point to adulthood! πŸ˜€ lol


Spider Protein

21 Oct

Depending on which internet meme you believe we all either eat 7 spiders a year while sleeping, or we don’t. I prefer to think that we don’t cause the idea of eating anything while I am asleep is disturbing, ick! lol

Last week I was cooking dinner and I decided to boil some pasta. I keep the pan and pot I use most often on top of the stove instead of putting them away in the cupboard, cause you know, I’m lazy like that – don’t worry, when I have guests coming over I put them away *rolls eyes*.

Anyways, I grabbed the pot off the burner it lives on and measured some dry pasta in to it, then I realized I was an idiot and needed to take the pasta out of the pot so I could put the water in and bring it to a boil before adding the pasta so I started taking the pasta out. When I lifted a couple of the noodle pieces out there was a fluff dangling off of one of the pieces. I was all, “huh, guess there was a piece of fluff or something in the pot” I brought the pasta closer to my face so I could see the fluff better while separating it from the pasta and it turned out it wasn’t a fluff it was spider webbing and dangling at the end of that suuuuuuper fine piece of webbing was the world’s smaaaaaallest spider. It was a little dot of a spider, practically not there.


Obviously it died a quick death.

The disturbing reality is, if I hadn’t put the pasta in the pot and then realized I had to take it out I would have added water to the pot, brought it to a boil, added pasta, cooked the pasta, drained the pasta then eaten the pasta. The spider would have been present for each of those steps and unless it went through the strainer when I drained the pasta, it would have ended up in my tummy. Ugh.

Granted, I would most likely have not even noticed it, it was such a teeeeeeny tiny spider, but knowing I might have eaten it makes me shudder. πŸ˜› …shudder and wonder if the meme that says we eat spiders in our sleep is right? πŸ˜‰


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