Reverse Shopping

9 Jan

Today was a day filled with errands that I had kept putting off. It’s not that they were particularly hard or trying errands, or even that I had to go very far away to do them, I just, shrug, kept putting them off. But alas, I had to get them done and today became my day for that. I organized myself the day prior so I wouldn’t forget anything, I’m practically famed for forgetting one essential item when going out to do errands, and I didn’t want to have to go out another day when I could, hopefully, get it all done in one excursion. Time management ya know? πŸ˜‰

The weird part about these errands is that all except for one involved reverse shopping aka returning items to stores. I kinda like returning things, not because I want to be that person whose being a pain in the butt at the retail counter but because you get all the fun of going to the shops, all the exposure and socializing of someone who has gone out to spend money but instead of leaving at the end of the day with less money than I started with I reverse that and go home with no bags and a fatter wallet. Who doesn’t like that!

All but one of the shops was in a mall that is usually a 20 minute drive from my place. Tonight however, there was massive fog all over the place and visibility was almost zero in some spots (while being perfectly fine in others, oh the specialness of fog lol) so it slowed my driving time down a bit. I almost turned right around after I started driving the fog was that bad but being the person I am I figured I’d keep going, after all, I’d gone to all the effort to put my hair in a ponytail, slap on a small amount of make-up and change in to something that wasn’t my lounging at home sweats, I wasn’t putting all that work to waste lol

Thanks to my planning I was able to get to every shop in the mall I needed, without having to backtrack…well, backtrack much, I hate this mall and almost always get lost at some point while in it, sigh. Every shop was happy to give me store credit, which was what I figured I would get so I am now the happy owner of 3 new gift cards. I love gift cards. They are like money, only they can only be used for the one specific shop, which means I feel nooooo guilt when I go shopping and use them since I had no possible way to put the money that was on the card towards something more important, like bills. πŸ™‚

Something to keep in mind, with Superstore, if you are returning something after the 14 day time limit you either have to exchange or get a store credit. I opted for store credit which is when I learned the gift cards there only come in specific amounts so I would have to top up the card if my store credit amount wasn’t enough to be the amount of a card. Does that make sense? The lady at the desk explained it much better than I just attempted to do. I’ll do better explaining with an example I think, so say your refund amount is $23, the lowest gift card amount you can buy is $25 so you have to pay $2 to make up the difference and then you are given a $25 gift card. Stupid huh?

All the other stores were way more normal about it lol I now have gift cards for LuluLemon, Chapters and of course Superstore.

The fourth shop I visited in the mall was Sephora, *wistful sigh* I love Sephora, I can’t afford Sephora, but I love Sephora.

If you are a person who ever, even if it is just once a year, buys make-up or make-up related items you should sign up at Sephora if for no other reason than to get your birthday present from them every year lol Some years the present is reeeeally good!

I bought a couple of make-up brushes to replace some of mine that had died, and happily got my bday present from them. I tried to get it on my actual birthday but the shop location I was at had run out and the girl told me I should wait and pick it up in January because the January present was waaaaay better. Ooooooh, insider knowledge!

The options I got to choose from were (1) a Nars lipstick set, two colours, thick pencil style, in what is apparently going to be “THE” colour of the season every one will want or (2) a Peter Thomas Roth duo of face wash and cucumber gel mask. I know make-up people who swear by nars, but I almost never put strong colours on my lips so I opted for the face wash and mask. I know nothing about Peter Thomas Roth products so maybe I made a stupid decision but at least this way there is a chance I will try the product out lol

love this little bag

love this little bag

hopefully this is good!

hopefully this is good!

After the mall I drove to the one shop that wasn’t in the mall that I needed and proceeded to confuse the crap out of the girl working because I had multiple items to return and they were split on to two different receipts and it just somehow became really confusing lol She handled it like a champ though and luckily that store has a longer return time than the others so instead of another gift card I got a refund on to my Visa card. My Visa card will be very happy about that lol.

So there we have it, at the end of the day I felt like I had spent hours shopping but instead of being loaded down with bags and having an emptier wallet I only had one tiny Sephora bag and no guilt, yay! πŸ˜€


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