Fix It Girl

23 May

A little while ago my vacuum stopped working properly. Every time I would use it there was this nasty smell, like something electrical burning, and it barely picked anything up from the carpet, making my vacuuming attempts a complete waste of time, ugh. I noticed that when I took the carpet attachment off the vacuum worked fine, and didn’t make that horrible smell so I used what little logic I have to deduce the problem lay in this part of the vacuum…

2015-05-14 16.09.16

Figuring I couldn’t screw up the vacuum anymore than it already was I took it apart to see if I could figure out how to fix it, and go figure, I did! Crazy huh?

There is a belt inside this piece that had snapped, also, I have long hair and it was wrapped around the bristle part to the extent I thought my hair was trying to strangle the inside of the vacuum lol

I went to a vacuum repair shop, got the new belt, put it in, closed it and voila! working vacuum that no longer smells like it is about to explode, yay!

It works so much better now, so well in fact I accidentally sucked up one of the cat’s toys, oops! Luckily he has lots of toys so I don’t think he has noticed yet…

The cat was traumatized from the vacuuming I did once I got it fixed, to him the only thing worse than the vacuum is the vet so my pulling it out, fixing it, then using it basically meant his day was ruined. Poor little guy, all his spazzing after the vacuum was put away resulted in his eventual collapse…

2015-05-17 18.46.29

While I was trapped under his dead weight I enjoyed a little treat a friend of mine brought back for me from the Philippines. He is from there originally and he and his family went back to visit other family members. He brought me a keychain and these cute little cakes…

Winter Melon Cake

Winter Melon Cake

They are Winter Melon Cakes, which mean nothing to me lol There are 4 in the package, they are covered in toasted seeds and the center is soft but firm, hmm, that doesn’t make sense, it is soft without being gooey, that makes a bit more sense, I think…lol

2015-05-18 21.50.44

They have a distinctive flavour but since it is like nothing I have eaten before I don’t know how to describe it. I think most of the flavour was coming from the seeds, the center was a subtle taste of what I can only assume is Winter Melon.

I liked them, they aren’t like anything I’ve had before, which is partially why I like them, switching things up is good for you, and keeps the taste buds from getting bored lol 😉


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