$18 Jug of Milk

8 Apr

Do you ever do that thing where you go in to the store for one item and come out with a bagful?

That was me this evening, so my intended $2 and change purchase of milk turned in to $18 and change for milk plus some other stuff. *rolls eyes*

This doesn’t happen to me when I go actual grocery shopping, then I go with a list and I get just what is on the list…ok so sure I also sometimes end up with a treat or I buy something I know I’ll need soon that is on sale now but in general, I follow the list.

When I go to buy one or two items though it is like all hell breaks loose with my willpower over choosing what I pick up and next thing you know I’m spending $20 when all I intended to purchase was a bunch of bananas, or like this time, milk.

What’s with that?

My mom does the same thing, so maybe it is genetic? ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

This time I justified some of the items because I didn’t have cash on me and no way was I using my debit card for such a small purchase so I figured hey, buy one or two other things just to make the purchase amount less pathetic but those one or two other things turned in to about 6 things and next thing I know I’m unpacking croissants and cereal and turkey pepperoni and milk and a couple other things on to my stove (I don’t have a kitchen counter) and wondering what the hell I was thinking.

I’d love to say all the items are essentials but who am I kidding? Froot Loops are not essentials…well, essential to my sugar levels and happiness but nutritionally? Not quite! lol Though if I thought on it long enough I’m sure I could find a way to justify them…it is a fortified cereal after all… ๐Ÿ˜‰

grocery shopping



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