Kitty Litter Review

4 May

Ok so for years I have been buying Maxx Scoop Kitty Litter for Small Spaces by Purina. The cat seems to like it, it really does control smell and well, it is pretty great, ya know, for litter lol

maxx scoop

I never really thought about it but I was quite brand loyal and when it got discontinued I, and the cat, got really mad.

Apparently Purina discontinued it due to low sales, which I think is a load of shit…get it? Kitty Litter…shit…they kinda go together lol 😉

Purina oh so thoughtfully put coupons in some of the last containers of the Maxx Scoop litter for the replacement litter which is Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Litter.

tidy cats

I figured hey why not try it? The coupons weren’t just for a percentage off they were for free containers of the stuff and free is always good with me. 🙂

Well, I learned the hard way that just because something is free doesn’t mean it is a good deal.

The first version of the Tidy Cats litter I tried was the Lightweight with Glade. Apparently someone in the Purina brain trust thought cats and humans wouldn’t mind a puff of glade scent exploding in to the air every time little cat paws move the litter around. Trust me on this it is not a pleasant scent and when combined with the scent of a freshly used litter box it becomes even worse. Imagine the smell of poop and air freshener combining and assaulting your nostrils, the air freshener doesn’t do anything to cover the smell, it just is one more unpleasant scent to deal with.

So for my next coupon I selected one without Glade built in, I just couldn’t handle the idea of smelling that again. While it didn’t stink of Glade every time the cat used the litter box it also didn’t do anything to control odours, which is super important when living in a teeny tiny apartment.

All four versions of their litter are Lightweight which in theory is a great idea. Litter that doesn’t weigh so much it is hard to carry home? Yay!

What they don’t tell you is Lightweight also means dusty as hell and easily spreads all over the apartment. As in, ALL OVER!

Every time the cat hops out of the litter box a ridiculous amount of litter comes with him, and no, this is not something that has happened with other litter. My best guess is that because it is somehow, magically, lightweight, that makes it more susceptible to sticking to little paws and spreading everywhere.

Before you wonder, yes there is a mat in front of the litter box specially designed to catch the small amounts of litter that will inevitably end up outside the box but this poor mat can’t keep up with how much litter comes out of the box now. It is inundated with litter, which means it doesn’t keep it in place anymore. sigh.

Thanks to this demonic lightweight kitty litter I am now sweeping my floor multiple times a day because walking barefoot on litter is so not ideal and when I wear slippers (which I normally do) the *crunch-crunch-crunch* sounds are distressing.

Tonight I bought the Safeway Compliments brand of litter to tide me over until I hit up Costco. A friend of mine, who is a fellow Cat Slave, says there is a great Kitty Litter at Costco so I am going to try that one. My next choice after that is the PetSmart brand litter that was always advertised as being just as good at Maxx Scoop but cheaper. I was too chicken to swap out the litter before but now we have fallen on desperate times I will try anything!…well anything except more of that LightWeight crap by Purina. Talk about a waste of money.

2013-07-08 21.47.02

He has mastered the look of disdain, it gets sent my way often! lol


2 Responses to “Kitty Litter Review”

  1. VeeEmm May 4, 2016 at 7:25 am #

    the cat sure doesn’t look impressed by the new litter! Have you thought of sending his pic. to Purina, along with a complaint about the new litter? You could title it “What my cat thinks of the change!” lol.

    • shrinkingwmn May 4, 2016 at 7:11 pm #

      I don’t know that Purina will care what the cat or I think about the litter but I def enjoyed his facial expressions every time he shook litter off his paws lol

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