Glucosamine – The Pill Of Almost Death

25 May

Ever try to swallow a pill and it just won’t go down your throat so you keep trying but with every new swig of water the pill starts to disintegrate a tad bit more and taste worse and worse but finally you swallow it but it feels like it is stuck in your throat so you try to swallow more water and you have a brief moment of panic when you realize the only one around you if you fall to the floor choking on the stupid pill is the cat and he won’t exactly call for help so by the time someone finds your body the cat will have nibbled on it and you’re in your pj’s, not an outfit you want to die in, and you haven’t done dishes in two days or vacuumed in longer and this is not the state you want your apartment to be in when someone discovers your body so you swear if only this pill will go down and you don’t die you will do a full apartment cleaning and then poof, the pill goes down, imminent death is no longer imminent and all of a sudden you find lots of reasons to not clean the apartment and instead you make a cup of tea and start blogging about how you almost died while trying to be more healthy?

No? Just me then? Alright.


A friend told me about Glucosamine, it is supposed to help with joint pain. I can’t say for sure that it works because I keep having issues with the swallowing of the pills, sigh. A couple of times the pill has ended up in the garbage cause getting it down to my tummy just isn’t happenin. Other times it goes down fine. Then there are the times I think I am going to choke to death and I curse my living alone status.

2016-05-15 17.17.38

I have to take it three times a day for a month before noticing it working…I figure with the decreased amount of pills I am managing to swallow a day it’ll probably take me around two months or so to notice anything.

I’ll let ya know if they work! 🙂



3 Responses to “Glucosamine – The Pill Of Almost Death”

  1. beeorganizedwithpamela May 26, 2016 at 5:56 pm #

    You are not alone. Sometimes I think the people who make those pills sit in meetings and say, “how big can we make this and those fools will still take it.” Thats for posting.

    • shrinkingwmn May 26, 2016 at 6:24 pm #

      Yes! I agree! Can’t you almost see a group of people sitting around a table wondering just how far they can push the consumer before a rash of people drop over dead from choking on pills? lol

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