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Day 5 of 20

24 Dec

Day 5 of the 12 Days of Fitness!

Lemme tell ya, this was a good one! ๐Ÿ˜€

I had a bunch of stuff to do around my parent’s place and earmarked today to be the day of getting shit done. Before that all started though I decided to go for a walk, in -12C (that is before windchill, I’m not actually sure what the temp with windchill was but the wind was going at 11km/hr and I sure felt it!), while it was snowing…I never claimed to make smart decisions lol

So out I went and I have to admit, I kinda liked it. It was cold, at about the ten minute mark I seriously considered turning back because the wind was cutting through my pants in a brutal way and my legs were burning from the cold but I know from past winters that if I just keep going eventually the pain goes away. It isn’t that I acclimatize, it is that my legs stop feeling temperature, or anything for that matter lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

I fast walked for about 20 minutes then had to turn around due to a road and weather. On the way back I decided to jog a bit so on the parts of sidewalk that were cleared I jogged. When crossing roads I walked because they were super slippy and I really don’t need to fall and get injured right now. Some parts of the sidewalks were un-runnable thanks to snow and ice but I think I got a pretty decent jog in there. I passed two people who were shovelling snow while walking in the one direction and when I was passing them on the way back at a jog they both looked at me like I was a martian lol Admittedly, I wasn’t dressed like a runner so maybe it was my outfit that was confusing them, and not that I was running in that type of weather?


I got wicked windburn on my cheeks from this walk!

Once back at my parent’s place I shovelled snow from their back porch, the front path, and the driveway. By that point I was cold but wasn’t going to start feeling any colder so I figured might as well get it all done at once.

About an hour later you’d never know I shovelled since it had kept snowing and everything was white again *rolls eyes*

I did other things around the house that kept me busy but those two activities are what I am counting towards my fitness for the day for the challenge.

I’d say I can quite confidently check mark this day as a success! ๐Ÿ˜€


Day 1 of 12

20 Dec

It is Day 1 of The 12 Days of Fitness! You didn’t think I forgot did you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Like I said in the original post about the 12 Days of Fitness all that is required for this challenge is to find time everyday, for 12 days, starting December 20th, to be physically active.

What the activity is doesn’t matter, it can be a walk around your neighbourhood, following along to an exercise dvd, taking part in a plank challenge. Whatever! Just do something active. Every. Single. Day.

Today I went bowling. ๐Ÿ™‚


See? Not crazy active. Not some big massive workout. But it still counts! I played two games, met up with old friends, had a blast, and most importantly (for this challenge anyways), was active when otherwise I most likely wouldn’t have been.

I contemplated following along to an exercise dvd in the evening but by the time the thought came to me it was already a bit too late. But that is ok because there is always tomorrow and not like the exercise dvd is going anywhere lol

What activity did you do today?


Glucosamine – The Pill Of Almost Death

25 May

Ever try to swallow a pill and it just won’t go down your throat so you keep trying but with every new swig of water the pill starts to disintegrate a tad bit more and taste worse and worse but finally you swallow it but it feels like it is stuck in your throat so you try to swallow more water and you have a brief moment of panic when you realize the only one around you if you fall to the floor choking on the stupid pill is the cat and he won’t exactly call for help so by the time someone finds your body the cat will have nibbled on it and you’re in your pj’s, not an outfit you want to die in, and you haven’t done dishes in two days or vacuumed in longer and this is not the state you want your apartment to be in when someone discovers your body so you swear if only this pill will go down and you don’t die you will do a full apartment cleaning and then poof, the pill goes down, imminent death is no longer imminent and all of a sudden you find lots of reasons to not clean the apartment and instead you make a cup of tea and start blogging about how you almost died while trying to be more healthy?

No? Just me then? Alright.


A friend told me about Glucosamine, it is supposed to help with joint pain. I can’t say for sure that it works because I keep having issues with the swallowing of the pills, sigh. A couple of times the pill has ended up in the garbage cause getting it down to my tummy just isn’t happenin. Other times it goes down fine. Then there are the times I think I am going to choke to death and I curse my living alone status.

2016-05-15 17.17.38

I have to take it three times a day for a month before noticing it working…I figure with the decreased amount of pills I am managing to swallow a day it’ll probably take me around two months or so to notice anything.

I’ll let ya know if they work! ๐Ÿ™‚


Now Comes The Exercise

10 May

I warned you in the last post this one would be about the new exercise plan so don’t blame me if you’re all “omg all she is writing about is working out, ugh” ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

I found the work out plan I am going to follow by complete and total fluke, such a pleasant surprise!

I can’t lay claim to any part of this plan, I found it here…


It is the Popeye’s Supplement company website. I was on it seeing if my protein powder was on sale (sadly, it isn’t) and noticed they are having a contest. I can’t enter because it is already started but that doesn’t mean I can’t read the information they have on the site and learn from it.

You select your gender and from there check out four different workouts. I have made copies of all of them with the theory that once I have gotten good at the beginner level I will be able to move up to the more advanced workouts and well, might as well be prepared for that, right?

Here is what the beginners workout plan looks like…


For some reason the part that most appealed to me was that all the workouts can be done at home. Normally I don’t like working out at home, I like being lazy at home. Buuuuuut there are advantages, like, I don’t have to worry about making myself presentable to the world, I don’t have people in the gym watching me, I can work out at anytime of day or night, my shower is less than ten steps away so when I’m done I can get cleaned up super fast.

Oh, and the biggest perk is that I have no excuse to not work out. My gym closes at 10pm Fridays and Saturdays which means I can’t get there after work and I don’t care for working out prior to going to work so I have used those two reasons for more often than not skipping my Friday and Saturday workouts. Well, no more!

Something else I like about this plan is the alternate exercises. It is smart to not keep doing the same exercises for weeks and weeks and weeks in a row so having things to swap out to keep the body guessing is good. Also, as I get stronger I can add weights to the moves, add more reps and sets, make it more of a challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus it alternates cardio with the full body circuit and even throws in a rest day and a stretching day. It’s a good mix.

I wasn’t intending to have Day 1 be a Monday but I wanted to start the program right away and I found it last night so right away meant Monday. Whiiiich actually turns out to be a good thing because if you’ll notice on Day 2 and 4 I will be doing cardio and in the alternate exercises one of the options is “sport” and those are the days I have dragon boat practice which means my dragon boat practice can be substituted in to this work out plan and count. Yay! I figure I am probably still going to do a separate 30 minutes of cardio on those days, cause why not? But if life gets in the way and one day I can’t fit in time for a run or hike I won’t be missing out completely cause I’ll still be going to practice. Maybe my logic is flawed but it makes sense to me…

So today after work I went for a one hour hike with a friend then came home and immediately did Day 1’s workout. I had to make some minor changes, after the second set my knees were hurting quite badly so during the third set I did 20 squats instead of 15 squats and 5 squat jumps, the squat jumps were killing my knees. Also, in set 3 I did my push-ups on an angle because I felt it was better to do angled push-ups with proper form than pathetic push-ups on the floor that weren’t giving me as good of a workout as they could be. I’ll get stronger and be able to do all three sets of the push-ups soon but until then I’ll do one set angled, build those muscles!

There ya have it, my new work out plan. Easy in the sense I can follow it and have no excuses to not work out. Challenging enough that hopefully it will start me on a lovely path of getting more fit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Care to join me?



28 Nov

I am so not a vitamin person. I don’t believe in them, the same way some people don’t believe in Santa Clause, or eating sugar, it is just not my thing.

Buuuut, I don’t always eat a well balanced diet and while I know and understand that our bodies are not meant to get concentrated doses of vitamins and that our bodies will pee out most of what we swallow when taking a vitamin, I figure any additional nutrients my body may absorb from taking a vitamin can only be a good thing.

Also, they came came out with gummie vitamins for adults and I really wanted to give them a try lol ๐Ÿ˜›

So I bought these…because they are gummies, and because I had a coupon…


They are not as fun to take as I was hoping lol The gummies leave a bit of ย a weird taste in my mouth once I have taken them, and you take two a day so the bottle won’t last as long as you think it will when you buy it…unless you are one of those people that reads everything on the bottle before you buy it but really, who does that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

You are supposed to take them with food so I make sure to take them right before I eat. I figure they tell you to take them with food so you don’t notice the weird after taste quite as much.

This particular bottle is meant to help with my immune function, antioxidant and metabolism…though I don’t know how it is supposed to affect any of those three things, shrug. The mystery of the multigummie! lol

There are three flavours in there, cherry, berry and orange. I haven’t noticed a distinct difference in the flavours of the various gummies, they are all a bit bland, but not gross bland, just not as good as a gummie candy and not like I can be expecting them to taste as good as a real gummie, I mean c’mon, these are nutritional gummies, practically a contradiction in terms! ๐Ÿ˜›

I don’t know if they are helping me, or making any difference at all, but I have only been taking them a week so I doubt I would be able to notice a difference that quickly. Maybe once I am at the end of the bottle I will notice a change, in something…somehow…someway…I don’t even know what kinds of changes to look for so I might not notice even if something does change lol

My Own Recipe

17 Jun

Normally when I cook I use a recipe, I tend to follow the recipe quite diligently because I suck at cooking and I am not good at winging it, at least not when it comes to cooking.

Well for some reason I decided to create my own dish, mostly because I was sick of googling recipes lol but also because I had some random things in the fridge I wanted to use up.

When I was growing up my mom would make this thing called Mom’s Amazing Mixed Up Mess…basically it was her version of what I did, or I should say what I did was my version of what she perfected. My mom can look at a bunch of random ingredients and somehow make something that tastes good. I look at a bunch of ingredients and see nothing except the individual ingredients, sigh.

The only thing I bought was some ground turkey, which I proceeded to brown in a frying pan along with some garlic and chopped up white onion. I then added a whole lot of mixed frozen veggies, they are from a stir fry blend that I have had in my freezer for over a year, yes, I know that is ridiculous. They were starting to not taste as good as they used to, I’m thinking because of the freezer burn, so I wanted a way to cook a lot of them at one time. I then moved everything in to a large pot, added 1 cup of pasta sauce (it was how much I had left over in the jar), 1/2 cup of salsa (it was how much I had left over in the jar), 1/2 a jalapeno chopped up (because it was how much I had left…detecting a theme yet? lol). Once it was all mixed together and cooked I put it in to a casserole dish, spread it out, sprinkled some shredded cheese on top and tossed it in the oven until the cheese melted.

It was originally meant to be a sort of stew/casserole type of thing but there wasn’t that much liquid in it so I don’t know what I should label it as, not a stew though…

Whatever it is called, I liked it! It was a good ratio of meat to veggie, it was just spicy enough, the veggies cooked up well and bonus points because it is healthy! Woohoo!

When it was still in the pot

When it was still in the pot

Just out of the oven with the cheese melted on top.

Just out of the oven with the cheese melted on top.

My first bowlful.

My first bowlful.

In the land of Weight Watchers Points Plus, if you split the entire dish in to 8 portions each portion is 3 points, if you split it in to 6 portions each portion is 4 points.

Even if I wanted to I don’t think I’d be able to recreate it perfectly since it was basically a dish I created specifically to use up what I had in the fridge and freezer lol Oh! I forgot! I put in a bunch of Mrs. Dash Seasoning as well, I didn’t measure it though, just shook the shaker thing until what came out looked about right…something else I won’t be able to duplicate.

I know it is a ridiculously easy meal to make, not fancy, not all that inspired or impressive, but I am proud of it anyways. It is the first time I cooked without either following a recipe or the instructions on the packaging my food came in. This is, weirdly enough, a big step for me cooking wise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hawaiian Turkey Loaf

15 Jun

No. Just…no. This did not turn out well at all! Partly because I made mistakes, partly because the recipe calls for too much ginger and partly because, well, I dunno, it just isn’t good. ๐Ÿ˜›

I like meatloaf, no, scratch that, I love meatloaf, my mom’s meatloaf anyways. Nobody makes it better! I always intend to try duplicating it but haven’t gotten around to trying. Well, in my hunt for healthy recipes that I can make on Thursdays so I have food to last me through my working days (Fridays through Mondays) I came across a Weight Watchers recipe that looked easy and interesting so I thought I would give it a try.

It is called Hawaiian Turkey Loaf but in reality it is a turkey meatloaf with a pineapple chutney for topping. The original recipe can be foundย here.

In theory the recipe is an easy one, you make a puree using orange juice, soy sauce, onions, peppers and ginger. You then pour the puree in to a bowl, add ground turkey, bread crumbs and an egg. Once it is all mixed together put it in a loaf pan that you have liberally coated with non-stick spray, toss that sucker in to an oven that has been heated to 350F and about 45 minutes later you have turkey meatloaf. While it is cooking you combine crushed pineapple (and the juice), sugar, vinegar, onions, peppers, ginger and pepper flakes in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 3-5 minutes, add raisins, microwave for a couple more minutes then let stand for a couple minutes. You can use the chutney when it is warm or cold, serving it on the side or on top of your turkey meatloaf.

See how easy all that sounds?

Well…things did not go according to plan when I was cooking that night, sigh.

Thinking how smart I was being I chopped the onion and pepper needed for the puree in advance and left it in the fridge. Well, I didn’t chop the correct amount, somehow I read the 3/4 red pepper as 3 tablespoons red pepper and well yeah, those two quantities are so not the same. Oops!

Then the big screw up! When I was shopping for the ground turkey I was so worried about buying the correct quantity, because once again the recipe is american so it told me I wanted 18 ounces of meat and I was translating that in to kg and trying to find something close. And yeah I know that doesn’t seem too hard but I suck at math and I don’t really care for being surrounded by raw meat so I wanted in and out of the meat section as fast as humanly possible lol Once I’d found the package of ground turkey that was as close to 18 ounces as I could get I tossed it in the cart without double checking the label. Stupid move. It turns out that I bought turkey cutlets, not ground turkey. In my defence it kinda looked the same and it was in the ground turkey section so I just assumed it was what I needed.

So there I am with my puree in a bowl, trying to open a package of raw turkey without touching any turkey liquid or meat and then putting it in to the bowl with the puree only to realize the meat is not ground, it is solid. Aww shit. I tried mixing it up with a spoon, thinking it might break in to pieces. It didn’t. I tried hacking at it with two knives, hoping I could chop it in to small pieces. I couldn’t. So I did the only logical thing I could think of…I poured the entire concoction in to the blender.

FYI, don’t put turkey cutlets in to a blender…

My blender is now dead. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It blended a teeny tiny bit but all of a sudden the blender stopped. Didn’t make any scary warning noises, it just stopped. I think maybe it blew a fuse or something, not an apartment fuse but a fuse inside the blender, if that is possible…is that possible? I now think that is possible…

I was so incredibly mad at this point, mostly at myself since it was my fault but a little bit with the universe cause well, I can only yell at myself so much before I stop listening to myself lol ๐Ÿ˜›

I took the meat out of the bowl I had poured it back in to, plopped it on to a cutting board and proceeded to cut it up in to itty bitty pieces…I also took this opportunity to remove some ribbons of fat that were running through the meat cause yuch! Once it was as chopped up as I could manage I put it back in the bowl with the puree, mixed, added the egg and oatmeal (I used oatmeal instead of bread crumbs because 1. it is a healthier option, 2. I already owned it and 3. I checked with my mom and she said it would be ok), threw it in to the oven then proceeded to clean and then bleach everything in the kitchen because I was paranoid due to the raw turkey.

I made the chutney according to the recipe, well, almost according to the recipe lol I didn’t add the raisins because I don’t like raisins, shrug, why add something I know I don’t like? Oh and I couldn’t find crushed red pepper flakes so I bought red jalapenos flakes and used that. The chutney was meh, nothing amazing and I won’t make it again cause it made a huuuuge batch that for the most part ended up in the garbage.

This is what it looked like in the end…

2015-06-05 00.09.52

2015-06-05 00.13.18

I’m sure it would have had a better texture if I hadn’t screwed up and bought the cutlets instead of the ground turkey but even if I hadn’t messed that up I still wouldn’t have liked it. There was too much ginger in it and the overall flavour was one that was kind of musky, it was gross.

Despite my not liking it I had to eat it, I can’t afford to throw food out. I tried eating it with light sour cream, ketchup, brown sauce, anything I could think of really. I did discover one thing that made it ok, I put it in a sandwich and disguised the flavour with cheese and pickles and mustard which sounds gross but I really enjoyed lol

So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend this recipe, it didn’t taste good, in my opinion anyways.

If you are following Weight Watchers Points Plus I cut the loaf in to 6 slices, each slice is 4.192 points, so 4 points. At 6 slices per loaf each slice is quite thick so don’t worry that it isn’t filling.

The Sweat of a Mushroom

7 May

Have you ever wondered why, when buying mushrooms, you put them in a brown paper bag instead of a plastic bag like all the other produce? I haven’t, shrug.


When I was a child and would tag along with my mom as she went grocery shopping I noticed that mushrooms went in the the mini brown paper bag, and I thought it was fun (yeah, weird, I know), but I never wondered why. It was just the way it was done.

As an adult, when I grocery shop, I automatically put mushrooms in the supplied brown paper bags and never question why I do it, it is just how things are done.

Normally I question everything so when I realized I had never questioned this it got me wondering why I never wondered about it, and would I have ever wondered about it if my grocery store hadn’t run out of those mini brown paper bags, thereby forcing me to either buy the over priced pre-sliced mushrooms or buy the non-sliced mushrooms and put them in a plastic bag?

Oh the oh-so-deep places my brain goes… ๐Ÿ˜‰ (sarcasm people, that’s sarcasm!)

Last week I bought mushrooms and put them in a plastic bag because that is all the store had, I vaguely wondered if this was going to affect the mushrooms but once I put them away in my kitchen I didn’t think about them again. Go figure that mushrooms don’t hold a huge section of my brain’s thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I discovered why we don’t put mushrooms in plastic bags and ew, it was not pretty!

Mushrooms sweat.

I thought about saying they cry, since that seems less gross, but nope, with the amount of liquid on those suckers it just has to be called sweat. Icky, gross, dripping sweat.

Why was I never told this??

I innocently pulled a mushroom out of the bag and was all “what the hell, why is it wet?” I washed it, then peeled the top layer off of it, sliced it and threw it in the frying pan and when it was mooshed in with the other ingredients I was eating that meal I didn’t notice it all that much.

My lesson from this was that it may be gross but it can be washed and salvaged.

However, the next day I went and grabbed another mushroom and it was even wetter, ugh. I washed it, and peeled it and well, there’s no nice way to say this, it had died a tragic, liquidy death, it just couldn’t be salvaged. It was gone.

Well ok, not gone gone since it was in my hand, but gone as in it wasn’t going to fulfill it’s life purpose which was to be eaten and provide nutrients to someone’s body.

I couldn’t even slice that thing, it just fell apart in my hand.

So my new lesson was: Don’t ever put mushrooms in a plastic bag, you will regret it!

Carrot Juice Review

7 Jan

Alrighty, so in an attempt to be healthier I started researching green smoothies, basically, smoothies with lots of veggies in them (mostly green veggies), they are supposed to be meal replacements and an amazing addition to your healthy lifestyle. Or so many a blog and article say…

I was reading a bunch of different articles to find out what I should be putting in my green smoothie and in what quantities and well, the research wasn’t going great. A lot of people seem to be all “this is my way, it is the best way, follow my rules!” Bunch of green smoothie freaks happenin out there! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

So after basically learning only four things for sure (1) start adding green stuff slowly cause it’s an acquired taste (2) carrots will help add some sweetness (3) everyone seems to use a lot of kale and (4) hmm, I would have sworn there was a fourth…oh well! ๐Ÿ˜› I went to the store to start my shopping cause yeah, not a big owner of kale over here…I didn’t know what it was actually and had to google it ๐Ÿ˜›

A friend recommended I check out the drinks and smoothies by Healthy Planet, they have a green smoothie drink, she said why not just read the bottle, see what they put in theirs and buy the same stuff. Brilliant! I am not above copying someone if they already figured out the best way to do something, cause ya know, sincerest form of flattery an all that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was checking out their drinks and what caught my eye but a bottle of carrot juice by Bolthouse Farms. I read a book yeeeeeears ago where the main character, in one small scene, was drinking carrot juice. From that day I have always wondered about it. The character was super healthy, fit, ate well, I liked her, and I dunno, I got intrigued. Not intrigued enough to go off searching for a bottle of carrot juice, obviously, but it was something that always stayed in my head.

Knowing I love carrot soup I decided why not buy a bottle of carrot juice, it’s right here in front of me and on sale, it’s like it is meant to be! Adding something healthy to my list of healthy choices can only be a good thing, right? Right!

2015-01-03 13.16.49

Well lemme tell ya, I am oh so grateful I only bought one bottle cause omg no! No! No! No! No! That juice is nasty! Ugh! *shudder*

I tried. I swear I tried but I couldn’t get past two small sips and down the drain it went. So amazingly not good.

What kind of crazy person came up with this idea? I’m all for healthy but wow, just…No!

I’d like to be clear I am not blaming Bolthouse, it’s not that I think they personally made a horrible juice but that other companies have an ok version, I’m now of the firm opinion that carrots should not be made in to juice. Keep them as soup. Keep them as solids. Keep them as garnish. Just don’t turn them in to juice, that’s when you know you’ve gone over to the dark side…or would it be the orange side? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aquafit Tuesdays

7 Oct

Normally Tuesday and Thursday evenings I am in a dragon boat, training. I’m so used to that schedule that when training season ends and I have those evenings free I feel a little lost…what am I supposed to do now? Usually, for a month or so I just have fun doing whatever, either staying in or going out, doesn’t matter what I do I feel like I am in the wrong spot, like I’m cheating on the team lol

Training has been done for quite a while now and I’m trying to find something to replace it, I’m much more likely to not skip a workout if it is planned and I’m expected to be there. Gotta love accountability! ๐Ÿ˜›

A teammate suggested I join her at aquafit class on Tuesday evenings. Normally I would have begged off, uh, bathing suit? No thank you! But ever since my cliff jumping and subsequent swimming in the ocean I have been wanting to get back in the water. I had so much fun swimming in the ocean that I spent the rest of the summer wanting to repeat the experience. Every body of water I saw while on the rest of my vacation elicited the question “can we swim in that?” and the answer was always “no!”…makes you think about just how horrible humans are to the planet that there are so many different water sources and none of them are safe to swim in, what’s with that?

When I got back from vacation I thought I’d hit up the pool near me but it was under construction and wouldn’t be usable for a couple months, sucky timing that. I have been waiting for the pool to re-open when KR texted me about going to aquafit with her at a different community centre and I figured, yes, go for it! Forget about the whole people-seeing-me-in-a-swimsuit-thing and go, swim, enjoy!

This has been my third Tuesday in a row going to aquafit and I’m really liking it. I always thought of aquafit as something old ladies did lol but this class is an intermediate to advance and has a wide variety of ages, oh, and there are guys there also, not cute guys, old guys, but whatev.

The class is an hour long with 40-45 minutes of cardio, the rest uses these dumbbell foam things to do resistance work in the water. It works the muscles surprisingly well! ๐Ÿ™‚

the foam dumbbells

the foam dumbbells

This evening I messed up on the time and was an hour early, oops! Last week I purposefully went early to use the fitness room in the community centre, I hopped on a treadmill and went for a run before meeting my friend for the aquafit class. Apparently my brain is easily confused because when I was getting ready this evening I was remembering being there for 7pm but thought that was for the class, not for the run then the class *rolls eyes* I didn’t take my running clothes because I wasn’t planning on running before the class, and I didn’t realize my error until I was in the hot tub waiting for what I thought were the last ten minutes before class started. I wasn’t about to go get dried off and try to find something to occupy myself for a little under an hour just so I could come back and get dressed in a wet swimsuit lol So I sat in the hot tub for an hour, oh the hardships! lol I actually spent most of that time sitting with my legs dangling in the hot tub, but close enough lol ๐Ÿ˜›

I know some people scoff at working out in the water, everyone knows it is easier on the joints but somehow working out in the water, in a lot of people’s minds, equates to a less effective workout. Perhaps because you can’t see the sweat? Here are some facts about water workouts that may surprise you…

–ย Working out in water means your muscles are forced to work harder, burning more fat and toning them up faster than land-based exercises. This is because they are fighting the water every time they move.

–ย Jogging on dry land will only burn up approximately six calories per minute. But aqua jogging can burn over 11 calories a minute, giving you a better workout.

–ย The extra pressure of the water on your legs also pushes more blood back up into the top half of your body. This makes your heart work harder, raising your heartbeat and burning even more calories during your water workout.

–ย Aqua-exercises also have a cooling effect on the body. Because you are working out in theย water, your body is not sweating as much to cool the muscles down. This means there is less chance of you becoming dehydrated during your workout.

– Peopleย with lower back problems can benefit from aqua-exercises as the water supports them, taking pressure off the spine.

So there ya have it! Don’t mock those of use that work out in the water, we’re getting in shape faster than you are! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

I bought a ten visit pass and plan to go to aquafit every Tuesday, most Tuesdays I will go for a run first, might as well utilize as many of the community centre’s resources as I can. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now to find something to do the rest of my evenings…

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