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The Death of Math

13 Mar

I budget, as in sit down with a notebook, bill tracker, fun coloured pens, and a calculator, every paycheque and do actual math kind of budget.

I have a love hate relationship with the whole budgeting deal but whatcha gonna do? Somewhere along the way you become adult enough to realize you should properly track your money and that means budgeting.

This whole being an adult thing is such a scam. 😐

To make it suck a little less I use tools I like, because they are cute or in a fun colour or because they make me smile. It might seem childish using brightly coloured gel pens to track my bills but since I don’t recall being told I have to adult in a boring way I choose to adult my way. Which is more cute than boring, and yet still functional…mostly. 😉

Which is why I was sad today when working on the numbers to have my cute calculator die.

Don’t mind the ratty looking savings challenge behind the calculator.

Not all of it stopped working, just the addition button, so ya know, a mildly important button. 🙄 It even feels different when you push down on it so I guess something inside shifted? I dunno. I’ll probably never know, unless I get stuck in self-isolation at some point and am so bored I take the calculator apart…let’s hope that doesn’t happen ok?

It’s not the end of the world, I can use the calculator that’s in my phone, and at some point brave the shops to find a new cute calculator. But for now, in this apartment, I declare math dead (at least for that calculator) and I’m swapping my notebook and bill tracker and fun pens for a cup of tea and a cuddle with the cat. Buh-bye math, see you in a couple weeks!

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