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Self Isolation: Day 1 & 2

16 Mar

Yesterday when at my part-time job I got exposed to two people who had flown back in to Canada within the past week. Which means I am not allowed to go to my full-time job for 14 days because I work with seniors and I can’t put them at risk.

At first I was all:

Yay, 14 days off, I’m gonna go to the gym every day, repot those dying plants, clean the apartment like it has never been cleaned before, paint two walls, and a bunch of other stuff.

That quickly changed to:

I don’t have enough projects to keep me busy for 14 days. I’m going to die of boredom.

Then I thought:

Just live like the cat, nap a lot, be chill, run around every so often, and eat when hungry not when bored. Who wouldn’t want to live like a cat?

That plan lasted until the morning of Day 2, which is today. Work is attempting to set me up with remote access. It hasn’t happened yet, until it does I am being emailed various things to work on. Annoying things. Things that make me wish for my work monitor as it is much larger than my home laptop. Plus, the cat is mad because I am home but not cuddling, instead my laptop is on my lap and I’m working. So he is now on my chair in the bedroom, pouting. When I poke my head in to check on him he glares at me.

So to recap, I am not at the gym, or working on projects in my apartment, because I am sort of working from home. I am not living the life of a cat because I can’t very well nap when work may call, plus, I’ve pissed off the cat which is earning me mega bad karma.

Not even the cat gets to cat normally.

Totally rocking this self-isolation thing huh?


The cat came, literally pushed the laptop out of his way, and cuddled on my chest for a bit. Looks like one of us is happy again. ๐Ÿ™‚

striker day 2 self isolation

He looks unhappy but I swear he was purring!

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