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Doctor’s Advice

3 Mar

I’ve been sick for a week, which sucks but is not the point of this post. 😜 It is however what had me going to a walk-in medical clinic on Sunday to be seen, verified as sick, and be given a doctor’s note for work on Monday.

I had never been to this particular clinic which means the doctor was new to me. Because of this I was all prepared to explain that I’m not some worry wart who thinks they have coronavirus, just someone who has been sick with eerily similar symptoms and needs a note.

At first the doctor seemed fine, asked the usual chatty questions at the beginning of the visit where they pretend they want to know how you’re doing. Then asked about symptoms. I explained the progression of my symptoms, and that I wasn’t looking for medication, just a note for work. Honestly I expected him to be happy he had someone who didn’t want to take up a lot of time and that he’d write the note and send me on my way. Though I was a little surprised he didn’t at least ask if I’d been travelling or exposed to someone who’d travelled lately, considering what’s going on but fine, whatever.

He did ask if there was anyone at home. I figured he wanted to check if it was possible I infected someone else so I made the joke I always make about how it’s just me and the cat. Instead of laughing like I thought he would he stopped typing on his blue laptop (blue!) and started telling me that I work too much and I need to take time to have fun, get out there, socialize, date a man.

I’ll admit I was a bit stunned and just sorta nodded. Who says that to a stranger? But then he kept going! Informed me that it’s not too late, he didn’t get married until he was 38 and his wife was 37, and they still managed to “fit in” having 4 kids. Like I want any kids, let alone four? Ugh.

It gets better!

He then said, and this is an actual quote not me paraphrasing like I usually do:

“When you have children you are poor in life and rich in retirement.

When you don’t have children you are rich in life and poor in retirement.”

Gee, thanks for that. Really what I wanted to hear on a Sunday afternoon when I feel oh so incredibly sick and in desperate need of a nap, and a tissue.

I’ve had a female doctor for so long that I’m trying to figure out if this is just what male doctors do, or is this one special.


The only good part of that whole visit was I got my note and didn’t have to miss work for the appointment. But the unsolicited advice about needing to date, and get married, and pop out some kids, because that’s how I’ll be happy, I could most definitely have done without.

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