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Late From the Beginning

30 Jun

I’ve gotta say, it kinda sucks to be running late from the moment your eyes open in the morning. I don’t normally work Thursdays so my big epic plan for today was sleep in, gradually get up, work on a scene I was going to perform in the evening at an acting class, come home and chill.

Well, all that got turned upside down when I got a phone call at 7:23am from one of the ladies at work reminding I was supposed to be working the 7am – 3pm shift.


Never have I moved so quickly so early in the morning on such a small amount of sleep…approx 2 hours of sleep in case you were wondering.

Talk about regretting staying up till 5am! *rolls eyes*

By the time I got ready and battled my way through traffic I was an hour and twenty minutes late for work. Ugh. When I walked in the big boss was sitting at my desk, doing my job. Lucky for me he is actually a super decent guy and instead of being mad he made a little joke and was fine with what happened. Phew!

I thought my adrenaline rush would come to an end as soon as I got to work but alas it did not, which in hindsight is probably a good thing since it kept me energized for work. It was a busy day with me running all over the place and to be honest I’m not completely certain how I didn’t fall asleep on my feet…soooooo tired.


I guess never discount the affects of adrenaline, caffeine, and the knowledge that you don’t have a choice but to keep going, shrug.

The whole time I was at work I fantasized about having time to go home after work and nap before my acting class but obviously lack of sleep made me delusional because no way in hell was there time for a nap, or dinner! Poor tummy.

So on to the second rush of my day where I was going home to change and do make-up before heading off in rush hour traffic to the downtown core, basically where all the demon traffic from hell is.

I guess if I wanted to look on the positive side I could say that the busy traffic helped me to stay awake and alert while driving…yeah, lets go with that! lol

Acting class went greeeeeeeeat! I was riding the high from it for a couple hours after class ended, however now, after I’ve been home a little bit, managed to scarf down some food and finally chill the tired is creeping back in and it kinda moved the excitement from class off to the side. Ah well, I’ll get it back next week!

We were given sides (sides are scenes from a script) to prepare a day in advance and the teacher really liked what I did with my character. I could go in to all the acting deets but I don’t think many of my acting friends read this so I’d probably be boring you all to death. Lets leave it at I did well, and this class helped remind me why I keep trying. In case you are wondering why, it is because it is something I am not only good at but love. I can’t wait to see what is the next scene I get! πŸ™‚

For now though I think I should focus on sleep, I’ve been awake 17 hours after only getting around 2 and a bit hours of sleep, I’m pretty sure my brain is turning to mush lol

brain mush


Tuesdays Are Now My Fave Day!

7 Jun

Wow, I loved today. πŸ˜€ I wish I could wake up tomorrow and it would be today again just so I could relive it! Extreme? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. lol.

It’s not like the day started off amazing or anything, I had to be up a bit earlier then normal cause I had a first stage job interview conducted over the phone. So there I was, up and fed reading a book when the call came through, it took a bit over an hour and I think it went well. shrug. I’m not all that excited about the job (aka, I don’t think I really want it but am going through with the interviewing process just because lol) but even though I don’t want the job doesn’t mean I wanted to totally tank the interview, it’s good to know that the interview went well. πŸ™‚

Then I hiked, did some free weights, ab work and stretching – I’m sure you’ll all be super duper excited to hear my sit ups are getting easier to accomplish, lol. That was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell, lol, it’s sometimes hard to tell when it’s in writing… I still can’t do a lot of them, weak core muscles, sigh, but I did 20 full sit ups and 20 angled ones (you know, the kind where you only go up as high as the bottom of your shoulder blades and angle so your right hand touches your left knee and your left hand to your right knee). I feel the angle ones more which I am surprised at but I struggle more with the full sit ups…oh, and did you know if you drink water before you start your sit ups you can hear the water jiggle around in your tummy each time you go up and down? It’s true, it’s happened to me 3 times in 4 days, lol.

After exercising, which while I hate exercising I have to admit itΒ does leave me feeling good about myself, arg, I ate a yummy meal which I’m not sure if I should classify it as late lunch or early dinner…I think early dinner. The reason I had to eat an early dinner? Acting Class! wOOt! πŸ˜€ I wanted to make sure I was fed early enough before class I wouldn’t be making any digesting noises during class, or feeling really full, but I couldn’t eat so early I’d get hungry in class…a fine line! lol.

Acting Class rocked! Totally, absolutely, 100% ROCKED! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Can you tell I’m excited? lol. This is why I love tuesdays – cause I have acting class. πŸ˜€

I worked on one of my scenes for my demo reel, I need two. I was worried about my choice of scene, I’m used to working on really deep/emotional/disturbing scenes, I love those scenes don’t get me wrong, I’m really good at them and there is such a sense of accomplishment when you finally get a hard scene nailed down but this scene is a comedy, more light hearted, and I was stressing it would be considered too, um, not flighty, uh…shallow? That’s the best word I can think of right now. Well, I was wrong, and soooo happy about that! How often isΒ a person happy they are wrong? lol

The scene went great, I got some awesome tips and suggestions from the teacher (who I totally trust about this), the feedback from the other students was helpful, and…I found out my eyes aren’t too big! πŸ˜€

Ok, I can see your faces now, the confused look, the “huh?” noise you’re quietly making, you don’t know what I look like so you don’t know what I am talking about. Lemme try to explain, my eyes are really big, you know how Julia Roberts has a huge smile that overshadows the rest of her face? That’s my eyes. shrug. I don’t mind too too much, I usually play up my eye makeup and downplay the lips and cheeks cause if I have a feature I might as well use it right? The only problem is that’s all people notice when they look at me, especially when they are seeing me on screen, I have been told by acting teachers in the past to never roll my eyes on camera, not blink so often…all kinds of stuff cause it draws too much attention to my eyes. Do you know how hard it is to control your blinking?? I finally got myself out of the habit of rolling my eyes on screen, now, none of the characters I ever play rolls their eyes which is a little sad imo but oh well.

So today, the teacher brought up my eyes, made a comment about them which opened the floodgates for all the other students and the comments went like this “I am always staring at your eyes”, “I can’t look away from your eyes” etc etc. Not negative comments but all the comments were about how large my eyes are, how that’s all they noticed, blah blah blah. lol. Not like I don’t like compliments but I don’t feel like these are compliments, I felt like they are warnings, red flags being waved! Ack, be careful it’s the girl with the too large of eyes! πŸ˜› I made a comment back about how my eyes are too large and mentioned how JB (the teacher from the past) gave me a list of rules about my eyes, like never rolling them, because the movement becomes too large on screen and RH (the current teachers) response was this: “Bull Shit! I call bull shit on JB!” πŸ˜€ How great was that?!?! *giggle* RH and all the other students agreed that my eyes aren’t too large, yes they draw attention but it’s just a matter of learning how to use my eyes and not let them take over the scene – that I can do! πŸ˜€

So, not only did I get some great help for my scene and am that much closer to being ready to film my demo reel I feel better about myself because some self consciousness I was feeling (and not really aware of) in regards to my eyes has been soothed. shrug. May seem silly, that all it took was one teacher and 4 students to all agree about my eyes not being too large to help me feel better but hey, I’mΒ a shallow creature and I get my self worth from others (in some ways, not all my self worth cause that’d just be crazeee! lol).

After getting home from class I found in the mail room a door hanging thingy for me saying I have a parcel waiting for me at the nearest Canada Post office, it’s from my cousin DA in England and I am psyched because it contains what will be super yummy junk food that I can’t get here. lol. Yeah, I know, junk food? I can’t eat that! But it’s English junk food, it’s special. πŸ˜‰

So, that’s my day, the day that I loved and wish I could repeat cause I loved it so much. Oh, and bonus, I earned 8 exercise points today and only ate in total 21 points, so, I only ate 1 exercise point. πŸ™‚ I love when I don’t eat them all. lol. I’m tired from my hike earlier, being up earlier then what I am used to, and the decline of my adrenaline (always happens after acting) so I am gonna go to bed which means I won’t even cave and eat something else thereby eating more of my exercise points. Score! πŸ˜€

Oh, fyi, I didn’t put my food list today because this post is long enough but I had a stuffed Ricotta and Spinach chicken breast for my early dinner from M&M’s Meat Shop that was freaky good and only 3 points. Yum! I’ll talk more food stuff tomorrow.

Boy, I sure hope Wednesday brings something awesome with it cause it’ll take a lot to surpass today. πŸ˜€

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