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Weird Timing

15 Jul

I tend to do things at weird times, well, weird times to other people, it seems like a perfectly rational, normal time to me…in the moment anyways…

Sometimes there are unexpected consequences to my choices, last night was a prime example…

I randomly decided to clean the bathroom, starting around midnight. This on its own isn’t a weird choice (at least to me!) except I had to be up at 5:30am to go to work so I wasn’t really making choices my future self would appreciate.

After the bathroom was cleaned I decided to clean the litter box. They aren’t in the same room so you wouldn’t automatically smoosh the two chores together but by that point I figured I already felt kinda gross and was going to need a shower, and garbage day is Monday so might as well get the litter box cleaned out and the grossness put in to the main garbage can.

Logic! Just at an inconvenient time lol


Spock would understand the logic!

Me being the cheap person that I am I buy the garbage bags that I use for the litter box from the dollar store.

My cheapness also occasionally has unexpected consequences, sigh.

I get the dirty litter in to the garbage bag. I move it to the side so it is out of my way while I go to clean the now empty box and yup, you guessed it, a trail of dirty litter, and poop, followed the path of the bag because the bottom had split.

Well, split is an exaggeration, but there was a hole!

Damage control was swift and efficient, and there was a lot of cursing during it. Cursing at my insistence in buying cheap garbage bags and then not double bagging them. Cursing at it being so late at night I couldn’t pull out the vacuum. Cursing that I started this whole process so late at night.

Just cursing.

So now my “quick chore” turned in to finishing the litter box, sweeping, then washing the floor, then using some extra anti-bacterial cleaning stuff on the directly affected area because hello, there was cat poop on the floor! Ick.

Then a shower, cat cuddles, and bed.

The plus side to all this is I don’t have to take care of the litter box when I get home from work today, which is nice. The down side is I will be so tired from sleep deprivation I probably won’t care. *rolls eyes*

Ah well, least the cat is happy, and really, isn’t that the point?



Late From the Beginning

30 Jun

I’ve gotta say, it kinda sucks to be running late from the moment your eyes open in the morning. I don’t normally work Thursdays so my big epic plan for today was sleep in, gradually get up, work on a scene I was going to perform in the evening at an acting class, come home and chill.

Well, all that got turned upside down when I got a phone call at 7:23am from one of the ladies at work reminding I was supposed to be working the 7am – 3pm shift.


Never have I moved so quickly so early in the morning on such a small amount of sleep…approx 2 hours of sleep in case you were wondering.

Talk about regretting staying up till 5am! *rolls eyes*

By the time I got ready and battled my way through traffic I was an hour and twenty minutes late for work. Ugh. When I walked in the big boss was sitting at my desk, doing my job. Lucky for me he is actually a super decent guy and instead of being mad he made a little joke and was fine with what happened. Phew!

I thought my adrenaline rush would come to an end as soon as I got to work but alas it did not, which in hindsight is probably a good thing since it kept me energized for work. It was a busy day with me running all over the place and to be honest I’m not completely certain how I didn’t fall asleep on my feet…soooooo tired.


I guess never discount the affects of adrenaline, caffeine, and the knowledge that you don’t have a choice but to keep going, shrug.

The whole time I was at work I fantasized about having time to go home after work and nap before my acting class but obviously lack of sleep made me delusional because no way in hell was there time for a nap, or dinner! Poor tummy.

So on to the second rush of my day where I was going home to change and do make-up before heading off in rush hour traffic to the downtown core, basically where all the demon traffic from hell is.

I guess if I wanted to look on the positive side I could say that the busy traffic helped me to stay awake and alert while driving…yeah, lets go with that! lol

Acting class went greeeeeeeeat! I was riding the high from it for a couple hours after class ended, however now, after I’ve been home a little bit, managed to scarf down some food and finally chill the tired is creeping back in and it kinda moved the excitement from class off to the side. Ah well, I’ll get it back next week!

We were given sides (sides are scenes from a script) to prepare a day in advance and the teacher really liked what I did with my character. I could go in to all the acting deets but I don’t think many of my acting friends read this so I’d probably be boring you all to death. Lets leave it at I did well, and this class helped remind me why I keep trying. In case you are wondering why, it is because it is something I am not only good at but love. I can’t wait to see what is the next scene I get! 🙂

For now though I think I should focus on sleep, I’ve been awake 17 hours after only getting around 2 and a bit hours of sleep, I’m pretty sure my brain is turning to mush lol

brain mush

A Loud Empty Lot

22 Oct

How much thought have you ever given to the length of time it takes to tear down a building? Or how loud the process of tearing down a building is?

The house next door to where I live got bought by some guy who decided to tear it down so he could build a bigger better house. The tearing down process got delayed because the house had asbestos and I guess that means special care has to be taken, shrug. I figured with fall here the house would stay with it’s yellow warning tape wrapped around it until spring, I mean, no one starts construction right before winter, right? Um…wrong apparently.

This past Wednesday morning I got woken up niiiiice n early by my landlord knocking on my door (I knew it was my landlord because I am in a basement suite of a house and my “front door” opens to a hallway within the basement of the house so the only people who can knock on my door are my landlord and his wife). So, yeah, super early I get woken up by knocking, which to be honest, I am surprised I even heard since I sleep like the dead lol I go stumbling to my door in mismatched flannel pj’s, crazed hair and my eyes squinting out from behind my seriously outdated glasses and mutter a “yeah?” as I open the door a crack. He found this all very amusing 😛 lol he said the workers for next door needed to bring in a large piece of machinery and they needed me to move my suv. I just sorta stared at him in confusion, said wait a minute, grabbed my keys and handed them over, no way in hell was I gonna go out there in my pj’s with my bed head and glasses to move my suv! 😛 Luckily I have an awesome landlord so he went and moved my suv and I crawled back in to bed, ahhhhh bed, such a good place to be.

I got all comfy, the cat crawled back in to bed and got all comfy, I was almost unconscious and Oh.My.God. the loudest noise in the world started! Right outside my bedroom window! Oh, and yeah, the noise didn’t stop. The cat freaked out and went running, I groaned and tried to bury my head under the pillow but oddly enough I don’t like being smothered *rolls eyes* so I lay there, so comfy, so cozy, so miserable because I was being deafened.

Eventually I decided screw this, get up and watch out the window, how often do you get to watch a building be torn down without leaving your place or having to put on real clothes? Wasn’t till I put my glasses back on and went over to the window I clued in someone had put a piece of wood over the window to protect the glass from shrapnel, which sure is a good thing but to me that just meant I had all the volume but none of the viewing opportunity. Lame!

Turns out it takes all day to demolish a house. A very loud long day.

Thursday, I got woken up bright n early by the sound of horrible horrible machinery because apparently Thursday was clean-up-the-mess-that-was-created-by-demolishing-the-house-on-Wednesday day. Lovely. *rolls eyes* Neither the cat or I were impressed.

I figured for sure it won’t be like that Friday, what else could they possibly be doing over there now that the pieces of the house were gone?

I was wrong. Bright n early Friday morning that god-awful piece of machinery was turned on again. By this time the cat had given up running in to other rooms trying to escape the noise and instead crawled under the blankets, who doesn’t like a blanket fort when they are upset? lol

Day three of this process involved making the hole in the ground even bigger *groan* Stop the madness!

Least they didn’t work Saturday or Sunday, phew!

On Monday when I got home from work I stopped and took a long look at the hole…

This was a house three days ago

This was a house three days ago

That big ol mess used to be a house filled with asbestos.

As I was walking away I noticed this…

random vegetable

random vegetable

A random zucchini. I went and poked it because it seemed so odd to see a zucchini sitting on top a pile of dirt that was part of demolishing a house. I guess there was a vegetable garden in the back that got demolished along with the house…or the earth is randomly spitting up vegetables, and if that is the case I’d like some squash to appear in my backyard thanks, lol. 😉

The noises are still happening but not as loud, or maybe I’m just used to the volume now? Either way, I am now able to sleep through the madness, yay! My ability to sleep like the dead is such a wonderous gift lol

Now the hole is more defined, has straight edges, a flat bottom, and has been lined with a thin layer of some sort of rock, to me it looks like a really large litter box lol

I’m kinda regretting not taking that zucchini…

Insomnia Much?

20 Apr

I have not been sleeping well at all, ugh. Which is ridiculous cause sleeping is one of the things I do best! Well, after 3am it is lol I have always been a night owl so going to bed prior to 2am is a chancy thing, I will most likely toss and turn wondering why I am wasting time lying in bed when I could be doing countless other things. If I go to bed around 3am odds are decent I’ll fall asleep in a more acceptable length of time. However, going to bed at 3am is not a smart thing to do when you have to be up at 5:30am for work. sigh.

It’s not just last night though, it’s the past week, I just haven’t been sleeping well. Not only do I have a ridiculous time falling asleep, once I am asleep I’m not staying there, I wake up throughout the night and my dreams are weird, and not entertaining weird but disturbing weird…normally I like dreaming, I have vivid dreams that tell a story in a chronological order, it’s like watching tv that my mind makes up, it’s awesome! But not this past week, nope, just weird annoying dreams.

When the alarm goes off and I finally get up I don’t feel rested but I don’t particularly want to go back to sleep cause sleep just ain’t doin nuthin for me lol 😛


I’m not really sure how to deal with this, so my approach to the problem has been to try to wear myself out so I will sleep better. Let me just say that so far, it isn’t working. 😦

Yesterday my dragon boat team had a fundraiser, friends and family could pay $10 and come dragon boating with members of the team, get a feel for it, have some fun on the water, see what it is all about. It went great! The team raised money, the people who came out had lots of fun, I invited a friend and her two daughters and they loved it! I am now considered even cooler than I already was in their ranking system, and hey, I didn’t even have to bribe them with chocolate! lol 😉

I thought for sure being up early for that, then putting in a full shift at work would wear me out and I’d have a great sleep last night. Ha-bloody-ha!

That so didn’t happen! *pout*

I was super tired when I got home but could I sleep? Nope. Just lay there, couldn’t get comfy, tossed and turned much to the cats annoyance until I eventually drifted off only to be woken repeatedly through the night by absolutely nothing at all *groan* then the alarm goes off at 5:30am and I didn’t even bother with hitting snooze cause what is the point? I didn’t hit snooze! You probably don’t realize how big of a deal this is but let me explain, snooze and I, we have a complex relationship where snooze promises me ten more minutes of precious sleep so I can finish a dream but not be late for work and in exchange I don’t break the alarm. It may be a mildly threatening relationship where snooze cowers in fear of failing and then being beat, but hey, it works for us. 😉

So now it is a little after 10pm, I am tired but not, I want to go to bed cause I have to be up early tomorrow for work and I want to make sure I am rested enough to go hiking after work buuuuut a big part of me is wondering why even bother going to bed when I know I’ll just lay there, jealous of the cat who instantly falls asleep as soon as his head touches a surface. The brat. 😛


I Nyquil’d!

2 Dec

Yes I created a word. Or maybe this is already a thing? If it isn’t it should be. I mean I know people do it, but does it have a term yet? Cause if not, how is “I Nyquil’d” not the best term for it?

Ok, for those of you who I have already lost lemme back up a bit lol

I don’t sleep well. Actually, that’s not right, I don’t sleep well at night. Weird, right? I sleep great once I am actually asleep but getting asleep? Holy crap that is hard! How do people do that with any kind of speed?? I will go to bed at say 1am, kinda tired but not really, but knowing I should be going to bed otherwise I’ll sleep half the next day away. Well yeah, just cause I am in bed doesn’t mean I pass out now does it? Nope. Nope it doesn’t. I quite easily will stay awake until 3,4,5am. It sucks. Doesn’t matter if I am tired and want to sleep or awake and just trying to force myself to sleep, getting to sleep just isn’t something my body likes to do.

Like I said though, once I am asleep I am fine, usually. There are obviously nights where I don’t get a deep sleep so I’m constantly waking up, rolling over and falling back asleep buuuut the nights I sleep well? Heaven! They make me wish I could get a job sleeping cause I am just that good at it!

Nothing wakes me! Not even exagerating here. Wanna text me? Go for it! I don’t care that my phone is right beside my head, I won’t hear it! Wanna knock on my door? I won’t even twitch! Are you a roomie and you make a shit tonne of noise in the mornings? I don’t care, I don’t hear you! bwahahaha! I thwart all your attempts to wake me! 😛

I get my best sleep when everyone else is getting up and going about their day. When the city around me is sleeping I am all “let’s clean, let’s read, let’s watch a movie, let’s work out, let’s do anything and everything because I am wide awake” but once the sun starts setting I am all “ok, bed time, zzzzzzzzzz” It’s like my internal clock is reversed.

Most days/nights I don’t really care, I make it work for me and all is well. If I have some days where I have to be up earlier then what I would naturally wake at so I spend the day yawning, well, shrug, it’s ok, I’m used to it.

Thing is, since this night my ability to fall asleep has gotten even worse. Hard to believe, I didn’t really think it could get worse… Where as before I’d usually be able to fall asleep by about 3am or so now it is pushed to 4 then 5am and well, this is just no good! I mean come on! Two days a week I have to be up at 5:20am, I can’t fall asleep at 5am just to wake up at 5:20am, even I can’t function well on that little sleep! Arg!

I was getting concerned leading up to Saturday night (Sunday morning is the first of my two work days where I have to be up at 5:20am). How was I going to get to sleep? What was I going to do when I was unable to function at work on Sunday? How do other people dooooooo this?!?! When I panic my questions don’t become super deep lol.

Then I had a brainstorm! When I was sick a couple weeks ago I used, for the first time, Nyquil cough syrup for night time. It helped me sleep by calming my cough down and making me drowsy, it is a miracle liquid! Don’t mind me, I don’t take over the counter medications often so to me this nasty tasting liquid was crazy awesome. 🙂

Nyquil, my new best friend!

Nyquil, my new best friend!

I decided to Nyquil myself. Yup, that’s right, when I got home after work I took a half dose of the cough syrup and let it help me drift off to la-la land. It sooooo worked! Not only did I get 5 full hours of deep sleep but when my alarm went off I woke up easily and had no problem getting up and ready for the day. Yes! Success! 🙂

I of course, not being a dummy, did a repeat Sunday night since I had to be up at 5:20am Monday morning. Guess what? Same superb results! Got a great 5 hours of sleep, woke up easily, woke up alert, had a day that ended with me having enough energy to go work out instead of go home and have a nap. 🙂 Is this what normal people feel like?

Now obviously I am not going to do this every night (much as I may want to lol) because I can’t rely on Nyquil to get me to sleep every night but I am definitely going to keep it as a back up plan for my Saturday and Sunday nights!

I’m also kind of seriously wondering if how I felt both mornings is how other people feel every morning? Cause that’s just weeeeird, and something that kinda makes me jealous lol 😛

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