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7 Second Slate

16 Jan

Slate: a quick blurb you say about yourself on camera right before the start of an audition to make it easier for the casting directors to know who they are watching. In your slate you generally say some combination of your name, your agent info and what role you are auditioning for.

Easy peasy. 🙂


Well, there is a new type of slate being used in the acting world and today I filmed one. It was 7 seconds and I had to say my name and something about me that is not about acting. I had 7 seconds to show my personality, make myself sound interesting and basically convince people I have never met to choose me to see in person.

omg! Who can do that in 7 seconds?! lol

Oddly enough I find it harder to do a slate than to do an audition scene. Either type of slate! I think because slipping in to the skin of a character is easy, and since you are no longer you but your character it doesn’t matter what you do in front of the camera cause it isn’t you, it is the character you are being. But a slate? Ugh. You have a super short window of time to show who you are, while saying a blurb of information, and for some reason I always turn in to a bit of a robot when I do a slate.

Today, after I did my second take the camera guy said, and I quote “ok, that was good, let’s do one more and try to have fun” Fun. *rolls eyes* I do have fun when acting but sooooometimes I have to be reminded of that, usually during an especially intense scene, which for anybody reading this who isn’t into acting is kinda normal so don’t go thinking I suck or something lol But to need to be reminded to have fun while doing a slate? Makes me want to kick myself a little bit lol The next take was much better, in fact, it was the one we used, so yay!

For the slate I had to dress in the same outfit I wore for my main head shot and I had to try to make myself look as close to my head shot as possible, this means I had to make myself look purdy 😉 lol So today I was that girl who had the makeup and hair done, the cute dress and high heeled boots on and wow is it funny how you get completely different looks when dressed like that vs wearing yoga pants and a hoodie lol

Dressing up like that always makes me feel a bit like an imposter lol

I’m going to pretend you are interested in why these 7 second slates are being filmed and explain where they are used lol Feel free to skip ahead if you *gasp* aren’t curious…though how could you not be? 😉 😛

There is a website that is used by agents, casting directors and actors for setting up auditions. It isn’t the only way auditions are set up but one of them. As an actor it is my responsibility to have an updated resume, head shots, demo reel and now a slate on the site. My agent can submit my page from that website to casting directors who are posting casting calls and auditions. When my page gets submitted the casting director will take a look, see my head shot, check out my resume and if they like what they see they will then click on my head shot and they will get a pop up page that will show them my 7 second slate. This gives them a chance to hear my voice, see my body language, witness my energy…basically give them more information so they can decide if they want to see me in person or not.

So far there is only one website that is using this 7 second slate, other sites you can upload your demo reel either for free or for a small amount of money and the casting director can watch that instead. This particular site wants to charge me $22 per minute for my demo reel! Ridonkulous! Which means they get my little slate and not my demo reel cause dude, I’m not made of money, eesh.

So yeah, my day was planned around filming something that lasts 7 seconds lol Oh the weird life of an actor 😛

Afterwards I grabbed some take out sushi, hung out at a friend’s house for a couple hours, came back to my place did some random tidying up, put laundry in, plopped my butt down in my living room chair and proceeded to watch really boring tv lol. I decided I was fed up with my viewing options and was starting to stand up so I could go change and go to the gym when my timer beeped reminding I had to switch over the laundry and poof! my plan of going to the gym went up in smoke cause oops, I’d kinda forgotten I had clothes in the machines and other stuff waiting to go in. I hate being that person who takes up the laundry machines by not removing my stuff within five minutes of the machines being done so no way was I gonna go out, especially when I still had a whole other load to go in the wash. My laundry didn’t finish till 10:49pm and my gym closes at 11pm so guess who completely missed out on a gym visit due to laundry? Yup. This girl. How dumb is that?!

I’m gonna set my alarm for earlier then normal tomorrow morning and see if I can drag my butt out of bed early enough to go to the gym before work but considering how much I hate mornings I’m not holding out much hope I’ll make it to the gym. lol. And no, I don’t even feel bad saying that cause I figure hey, least I know myself! 😀


Well, I Was On A Roll…

28 Jul

Last week I kicked my own ass making sure I exercised lots and ate super great – it was a physically demanding week but I knew the exercise was a good thing. If you read my last post (or maybe it was the post before that…hmm…)I gained 3 pounds on the scale causing me to freak out.

I decided over the weekend that I’d push myself again this week and see if the scale became a better friend lol. Monday started off fine, I Dragon Boated like normal and ate nice n healthy. 🙂 Tuesday I filmed my demo reel (yah!) and had such a great time with it – I’ll write more about it farther down – but, towards the end of filming my throat started to really hurt and I realized I had a headache, well, whatev, I figured it’d go away and getting the scenes filmed was more important then my headache or sore throat. Yeah…well…by the time I got home my headache was feeling like it was going to be a migraine and my throat hurt so badly I could barely talk, erg. Not good.

I ended up going to bed at like 8pm (freakishly early for me!) with a fever, headache, sore throat, body aches and more. It was highly unpleasant, duh right? lol. I woke up around 10:30am wed and luckily my fever had broken and my body didn’t ache as much, an Advil helped with the headache but the sore throat remained. Sucky. I decided I was still too ill to go exercise, I was supposed to go to boxerfit that evening, but like the day before with my standard hike, I just wasn’t physically up to it and I hate when people go out and spread their sick germs so I try very hard to make sure I don’t do that. I tend to have high hopes about how quickly I will get better from things so I was all “oh for sure I’ll be fine for boxerfit on thursday” – sometimes I am so, well, dense. 😛

Today, Thursday, what a day! Oh man. Stress levels like you wouldn’t believe! Today is the day the email was set to go out to the top 44 agents in the city (hence my filming the demo reel), I had been warned that most agents, if they like the look of you, will contact you within 48hrs of seeing your demo reel and headshots because they want to snag you before someone else does so I was told to stay near my phone. Well, never have my cell and I been more connected lol. I wouldn’t even go to the next room without it just-in-case! 😛 Not like I was expecting a phone call the minute after the email went out but after a couple hours I started to get worried, by the end of business hours I was freaking out! Freaking!!! Did nobody like me? Did I suck? Did I have to start thinking of an alternate career path? How am I supposed to go back to AB next week and face people and explain no agents wanted me? Could I really just die of embarrassment? I checked my online portfolio and saw on the tracker that nobody had viewed my portfolio yet which was almost worse then lots of people seeing it and nobody contacting me…why weren’t people looking at it?

So, me being me, I emailed the tech guy who is in charge of editing the film and sending the emails and asked if he could please-oh-please check to make sure the email went out…his response was to apologize, he went to confirm the email went out and it didn’t, it was on some auto generated send thing and it didn’t auto generate send…stupid technology. Course, since I didn’t email him till end of business day there was no point in him sending it out today anymore and since this weekend is a long weekend there is no point in him sending it tomorrow cause most of the agents will most likely be enjoying an extra long long weekend and will have also taken the friday off sooooooooo it’s not getting sent out till next week.

Here I was stressing all day about the lack of phone calls, the only thing keeping me sane was my deep involvement in the fifth Harry Potter book (which, fyi, I just finished and am now starting on the sixth) and the stress was totally uncalled for cause no phone calls were ever gonna come. sigh. Good thing I don’t wrinkle or get white hair easily! 😛

Back to the exercising though, here it is thursday night and I have only exercised once, and that was way back on monday when I dragon boated. Crap. There goes my plan of kicking my own ass exercise wise again. hmm. I had so been hoping to get on track with that because once I get to AB I know any chances for exercising will rapidly disappear – happens everytime!

Hopefully I will feel well enough to exercise tomorrow and saturday, and well, since I know the email won’t be going out till next wednesday guess I won’t be feeling any stress about that till then…now if only I could get my appetite back all would be good…


I Am A Coke Bottle

18 Jul

I am a coke bottle.

Yup, you read that right. However, do you understand what I mean by it? Probably not…but no worries cause I wouldn’t know what it meant if someone said that to me and I hadn’t been to film school, lol.

Ok, anyone who is in the entertainment industry is a product, products are there to be sold. I should amend that, some of the people in the entertainment industry are there to do the buying and selling of the products (the actors, musicians, writers etc). When one of my teachers told my class to think of ourselves like Coke Bottles and it was up to us and our agents to “sell” us to casting directors and others within the industry it made me really think about what I was getting myself in to. It didn’t disuade me from continuing on my journey towards being a paid actor though cause really, that is all I want to do so if that is how the industry perceives actors, well, that’s fine with me. 🙂

There are lots of things to think about when you start thinking of yourself as a product and not a person – there are things I can’t do to myself without some serious thinking because the changes I make to myself will affect agents wanting me and affect what auditions I can be sent out for. shrug. Soooooo what does this mean? It means that even though I really really really want to get my nose pierced with a little silver hoop and get my upper left ear pierced with a bar that connects two different sections of my ear lobe I will do neither, cause I have a face that can be quite commercial/girl next door if I tone down my makeup but that will be lost if I am covered in piercings.

Also, because my hair has to match what I look like in my headshots once my pictures were taken I became fully committed to keeping this haircut cause I can’t afford new headshots. That is ok though cause I like my haircut…or I did.

I had my first encounter with changing my appearance in a way I didn’t want to but that was suggested (in a very firm, I can’t actually say no to the suggestion kind of way) when I had my first meeting with IQ, the acting coach who is going to film my demo reel. Now you might be thinking, why change your appearance because one person said to, simple, she is crazy good at what she does and not making the change she suggested (in that very firm tone) would be the same as being told by a lawyer “don’t talk!” but you go blathering away when the detective questions you – why would you not take the advice of someone who knows more then you and is only trying to help you?

So, my hair has been changed. I spoke to IQ about my concern about changing my hair since I can’t afford new headshots and she said I won’t need new headshots, at least not for agent hunting, because they will have the demo reel to watch and will see me there with the new look but the new look isn’t soooo drastically different from what they will see in the headshots. It made more sense when she said it to me lol.

I changed my hair in the way IQ suggested…and I don’t like it! ugh. I was fairly certain I wouldn’t, what she wanted done is so not my style but others think it looks good so I’m thinking maybe it looks good but my own prejudice against this particular hairstyle is making me more critical of it then normal. Oh, I should probably say what got done huh? I now have sidesweeping bangs…sigh. I hate bangs!

The reason IQ wanted me to get them is because she wanted to “soften my look”, especially around the eyes. I (according to her) have a dominant forehead and large eyes, uh, duh! lol. This I already knew, shrug. So she wanted the sidesweeping bangs to soften my eye area and make my forhead less dominant. sigh. I would have been more comfie if she asked me to chop all my hair off, or get a piercing, or pretty much anything else but noooooo, she had to ask me to get bangs. *rolls eyes*

They totally change the shape of my face in a way I don’t like, my face looks fatter now! Fatter! I spend all this time losing weight and am working to lose the rest of it and what happens?? I get a stupid hair cut that makes my face look fatter, so Not cool! This whole softening (aka fattening) the look of my face had better work!

Since the haircut on Saturday I have been hiding out in my apartment but I had dragon boating tonight so what could I do but go out in public? I figured I might as well just get everything over with so I hiked this afternoon, came home, showered, ate, then went dragon boating. So now lots of people have seen me with these bangs – since I wasn’t pointed at or openly laughed at I can only assume I don’t look as ridiculous as I think I do, *rolls eyes* no real guarantee about that tho 😛

My first time having to change my look because someone else said so, I went through with it, and am even dealing with the change in a slowly decreasingly bitter way lol, looks like I am ok with being a product! 😀

Oh Dessert Breadsticks, How You Taunt Me

6 Jul

Alright, so guess what yesterday was? It was I-am-pmsing-and-want-to-eat-everything-in-sight day. lol. Seriously, everything! Oh, and whatever I smelled I wanted too! *rolls eyes*

I was meeting up with a friend downtown and I swore to myself before I went that I would not cave, I would not eat a jappa jog, I would not have chocolate, I would.NOT.cave! Get this…I actually managed to not cave – a-frickin-mazing! 😀 I let myself have a small frozen yogurt (worth 2 points) but that was a planned indulgence so I don’t feel bad about that.

However, sigh, on my way home all I could think about was pastry – most specifically the desert breadsticks from Panago, they were all I could think of, all I wanted, I felt like I was gonna go crazy if I didn’t get some so I caved and called Panago, well, no way was I gonna pay extra for delivery so I said I would pick up the order and I was told pick up ends at 10pm and it was 10:15pm so I could only get them via delivery. I took it as a sign the universe didn’t want me spending money, money I can’t really afford to spend anyways so I went home. You’d think that’d solve everything but it so didn’t…I ended up eating 8 Junior Mints (tho they had melted so some of them were just the chocolate shell no minty stuff inside lol), 1 serving of Maltesers, 4 cookies oh, and 2 pieces of toast (the heels of the loaf though and I always feel those should count as slightly less points since they are smaller…altho my bread is only 1 point for 2 slices anyways so I can’t really complain lol), the toast had margarine, raspberry jam and cheese slices on it…weird, I know! I ate all of that cause I couldn’t get the breadsticks so nothing I ate soothed the craving, sigh, annoying.

After a great low points day, and really, I’ve been doing well for a lot of days in a row now, I totally threw it away and ate who knows how many points – but ya know what? It happens. I’m a girl. Deal. 😉 Thankfully it doesn’t happen every month, how bad would that be? Ack! I’d say it’s only like every 3 months or so that my hormones go crazed like that so that’s ok, I can handle that. 🙂

I gotta say though, I still want those dessert breadsticks, *rolls eyes*…maybe I should learn to make my own, hmm, that’s a thought…

Today I ate:

1 pear = 1 point

1 peach = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich = 2 points

85 grams whole wheat spaghetti pasta = 5 points

1/4 C 4 Cheese alfredo sauce = 2 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

Total points eaten = 13

I have lots left yet for the day and not sure how I am going to use them…I’m thinking something that has to do with cheese…apparently that is what I am craving today lol.

On a non food related note, I had a great meeting with the acting coach who is going to film my demo reel, we went over scenes, picked out three, did some reads, she gave me some ideas/coaching, we went over wardrobe for the scenes, stuff like that, it was so so so awesome! Now all I have to do is memorize my three scenes and contact her when I am ready for filming, eeeeeeek! I am so psyched! 😀

Tuesdays Are Now My Fave Day!

7 Jun

Wow, I loved today. 😀 I wish I could wake up tomorrow and it would be today again just so I could relive it! Extreme? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. lol.

It’s not like the day started off amazing or anything, I had to be up a bit earlier then normal cause I had a first stage job interview conducted over the phone. So there I was, up and fed reading a book when the call came through, it took a bit over an hour and I think it went well. shrug. I’m not all that excited about the job (aka, I don’t think I really want it but am going through with the interviewing process just because lol) but even though I don’t want the job doesn’t mean I wanted to totally tank the interview, it’s good to know that the interview went well. 🙂

Then I hiked, did some free weights, ab work and stretching – I’m sure you’ll all be super duper excited to hear my sit ups are getting easier to accomplish, lol. That was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell, lol, it’s sometimes hard to tell when it’s in writing… I still can’t do a lot of them, weak core muscles, sigh, but I did 20 full sit ups and 20 angled ones (you know, the kind where you only go up as high as the bottom of your shoulder blades and angle so your right hand touches your left knee and your left hand to your right knee). I feel the angle ones more which I am surprised at but I struggle more with the full sit ups…oh, and did you know if you drink water before you start your sit ups you can hear the water jiggle around in your tummy each time you go up and down? It’s true, it’s happened to me 3 times in 4 days, lol.

After exercising, which while I hate exercising I have to admit it does leave me feeling good about myself, arg, I ate a yummy meal which I’m not sure if I should classify it as late lunch or early dinner…I think early dinner. The reason I had to eat an early dinner? Acting Class! wOOt! 😀 I wanted to make sure I was fed early enough before class I wouldn’t be making any digesting noises during class, or feeling really full, but I couldn’t eat so early I’d get hungry in class…a fine line! lol.

Acting Class rocked! Totally, absolutely, 100% ROCKED! 😀 😀 😀 Can you tell I’m excited? lol. This is why I love tuesdays – cause I have acting class. 😀

I worked on one of my scenes for my demo reel, I need two. I was worried about my choice of scene, I’m used to working on really deep/emotional/disturbing scenes, I love those scenes don’t get me wrong, I’m really good at them and there is such a sense of accomplishment when you finally get a hard scene nailed down but this scene is a comedy, more light hearted, and I was stressing it would be considered too, um, not flighty, uh…shallow? That’s the best word I can think of right now. Well, I was wrong, and soooo happy about that! How often is a person happy they are wrong? lol

The scene went great, I got some awesome tips and suggestions from the teacher (who I totally trust about this), the feedback from the other students was helpful, and…I found out my eyes aren’t too big! 😀

Ok, I can see your faces now, the confused look, the “huh?” noise you’re quietly making, you don’t know what I look like so you don’t know what I am talking about. Lemme try to explain, my eyes are really big, you know how Julia Roberts has a huge smile that overshadows the rest of her face? That’s my eyes. shrug. I don’t mind too too much, I usually play up my eye makeup and downplay the lips and cheeks cause if I have a feature I might as well use it right? The only problem is that’s all people notice when they look at me, especially when they are seeing me on screen, I have been told by acting teachers in the past to never roll my eyes on camera, not blink so often…all kinds of stuff cause it draws too much attention to my eyes. Do you know how hard it is to control your blinking?? I finally got myself out of the habit of rolling my eyes on screen, now, none of the characters I ever play rolls their eyes which is a little sad imo but oh well.

So today, the teacher brought up my eyes, made a comment about them which opened the floodgates for all the other students and the comments went like this “I am always staring at your eyes”, “I can’t look away from your eyes” etc etc. Not negative comments but all the comments were about how large my eyes are, how that’s all they noticed, blah blah blah. lol. Not like I don’t like compliments but I don’t feel like these are compliments, I felt like they are warnings, red flags being waved! Ack, be careful it’s the girl with the too large of eyes! 😛 I made a comment back about how my eyes are too large and mentioned how JB (the teacher from the past) gave me a list of rules about my eyes, like never rolling them, because the movement becomes too large on screen and RH (the current teachers) response was this: “Bull Shit! I call bull shit on JB!” 😀 How great was that?!?! *giggle* RH and all the other students agreed that my eyes aren’t too large, yes they draw attention but it’s just a matter of learning how to use my eyes and not let them take over the scene – that I can do! 😀

So, not only did I get some great help for my scene and am that much closer to being ready to film my demo reel I feel better about myself because some self consciousness I was feeling (and not really aware of) in regards to my eyes has been soothed. shrug. May seem silly, that all it took was one teacher and 4 students to all agree about my eyes not being too large to help me feel better but hey, I’m a shallow creature and I get my self worth from others (in some ways, not all my self worth cause that’d just be crazeee! lol).

After getting home from class I found in the mail room a door hanging thingy for me saying I have a parcel waiting for me at the nearest Canada Post office, it’s from my cousin DA in England and I am psyched because it contains what will be super yummy junk food that I can’t get here. lol. Yeah, I know, junk food? I can’t eat that! But it’s English junk food, it’s special. 😉

So, that’s my day, the day that I loved and wish I could repeat cause I loved it so much. Oh, and bonus, I earned 8 exercise points today and only ate in total 21 points, so, I only ate 1 exercise point. 🙂 I love when I don’t eat them all. lol. I’m tired from my hike earlier, being up earlier then what I am used to, and the decline of my adrenaline (always happens after acting) so I am gonna go to bed which means I won’t even cave and eat something else thereby eating more of my exercise points. Score! 😀

Oh, fyi, I didn’t put my food list today because this post is long enough but I had a stuffed Ricotta and Spinach chicken breast for my early dinner from M&M’s Meat Shop that was freaky good and only 3 points. Yum! I’ll talk more food stuff tomorrow.

Boy, I sure hope Wednesday brings something awesome with it cause it’ll take a lot to surpass today. 😀

I Caved

30 May

I caved, but not food wise, so no worries! 🙂 Remember yesterday when I said how I lost my next food tracker, well, not lost but “put away somewhere safe” and was unable to locate? Yeah, still unable to locate it and it was driving me nuts – not the lost part but the not being able to write down what I had eaten and having to tally numbers in my head part. I don’t trust my brain to be able to keep accurate track of what I eat and how many points the food is worth so while not having a specific book to keep track of my food in may seem like a stupid little thing it was actually causing me a bit of stress and worry about screwing up not only today but throughout the week.

Sooooo, I caved, and when I was out today I bought some new little notebooks. They came in a set of 4, are a variety of colours and are made of bamboo…yeah, bamboo, which I believe makes them more eco-friendly but I can’t swear to that. I suppose I could google it but, shrug, I’m not that bothered about it lol. I always try to pick notebooks that are fun colours or patterns on the front because who are we kidding? Writing foods that we have eaten and what the points for those foods are is not the most fun thing in the world, and frankly, the pages of the book can be slightly depressing when over-eating happens and weight maintains or goes up, so at least the front is always entertaining in some way. 😛

My day was not just buying little notebooks, how boring would that be?! I had a job interview this afternoon which I totally rocked but now I have a dilemna about that. sigh.

The interview was for a placement agency, I figured they’d like me, and it’d take them a couple weeks or so to find me a job so that’d give me lots of time to work on my acting stuff but they loved me and have a brand new job placement that they think I’d be perfect for and are going to talk to the contact at the company tomorrow afternoon about me and my apparent greatness. *rolls eyes* I mean yeah, that’s awesome right? Who gets such a great result from their first interview when they start job hunting? Nobody! You’re not supposed to get such a good result until at least the third interview you go on, it’s like an unwritten rule but I guess these people don’t know about that rule lol.

I am not ungrateful for this result, don’t think that, I understand that good paying jobs are hard to find and it’s great that this agency thinks so highly of me but…I’m not meant to live my working life in an office, the idea of it is so depressing…no offence to those of you in offices.

I am meant to act – this is the only thing about myself I know with absolute certainty. I don’t believe that whole “everyone has one thing they are great at and are meant to do” because if you believe that and then look at society, well, think of all those millions of people who are not doing the thing they are apparently meant to do. Or are people meant to be spending their lives working in offices? sitting in cubicles? being micro managed by people who got upper management jobs by being excellent ass kissers? always working in retail? picking up garbage? what about all those peope who accidentally end up in a career path and stick with it because it pays well enough and they don’t think they’ll get something better? how is that finding the thing you are meant to do?

Now, I am not trying to offend any people who do any of those jobs I mentioned above, I know lots of people who work in offices etc and are perfectly happy with their jobs/careers but that’s just not for me, I am not happy with my life if a good portion of it is spent working at a job that is not acting. Sounds over dramatic huh? shrug. I don’t think with most aspects of life I am over dramatic, and in this instance I don’t feel like I am being over dramatic, just truthful to who I am. But to others it probably sounds over dramatic, ah well. lol.

But yeah, so back to the acting, that is what I am meant to do – it is just unfortunate that many (take that to mean all) agents first look at your body size/shape and then look at your face and then look at your talent. *shakes head* I understand why, but I still think it is a screwy system where your talent and ability to act is the last thing looked at. I have managed to lose enough weight that I can finally go agent hunting again (I had an agent but she went mia and really, she wasn’t good anyways so no big loss but I need a new one now, sigh) but in order to agent hunt you need a list of things already taken care of.  One of those things in a Demo Reel, this is a 6 minute video of 2 seperate scenes, each scene is approx 3 minutes where you can showcase your acting ability. This lets the agent see how you look on camera, how well you act, it helps them to see what kind of auditions they might send you out for. While your headshot will get you in the door the demo reel is what will keep them from booting you back out again – you need a kick ass totally up to date amazing demo reel.

These things don’t come cheap and they need a lot of prep time, the time to work on my demo reel was sorely lacking while I was working full time so I have managed to get excited about being unemployed because it would give me a couple of weeks to get my scenes sorted, work on them, get them filmed and have my demo reel. Then I was going to use the rest of my out-of-work time to do the actual agent hunting part and go to what I am hoping will be a plentifull amount of agent interviews. lol.

But now I had this great interview and I am worried the agency will contact me sooner then what I want telling me they got me a job – a fairly great job if you’re not me and wanting to earn your living acting…

For all my craziness I have a strong streak of practicality (I blame it on being a Capricorn and my parents raising me to be responsible lol) So, if they contact me with a job I don’t know that I will be able to say no because I know that I need a steady income to pay my bills etc but if I take another full time job so soon how will I ever get my demo reel done and be able to get a new agent???

Do you see the dilemna? Do I hope for the job or do I hope for not getting the job? I want the job so I have money coming in, I don’t want the job because I want the time I need to focus on my acting. Ack!

I think at this point the only thing I can do is not think about it…I will wait and see what happens and while waiting to see what happens I will work hard to memorize lines and work on my character and book my time slot to film the demo reel and I’ll cross my fingers that nothing gets in the way of my acting…

Sorry this post had next to nothing about weight loss, a quick fyi, I ate my 20 points and only my 20 points today, yah, didn’t exercise even a tiny bit, oops, lol, didn’t eat anything new or exciting so don’t feel jipped I’m not putting a food list today, I’ll get back to my normal formatting tomorrow. 🙂

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