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Step Away From the Moose!

27 Aug

wOOt! wOOt! there was cake at work and guess who didn’t have any? Me! Oh yah! I am back! lol.

It was birthday day at work – once a month at work cakes are brought in to cover the bdays of everyone for that month in all departments…sometimes that is a lot of people! Since we are a growing company and there are now a lot more of us (in all departments) there was more then just cake this month. There was a big thing of chocolate moose, tirimasu and a cake that had a base of chocolate chip cookie and then frosting and then fruit on top. Interesting…to look at that is!

I went with friends who were going to eat the treats so I could chat an hang out with them but all I got from the kitchen was a cup of tea. I was tempted by the chocolate moose but I managed to stare at it longingly and not actually eat it. I was tempted to ask for a tiny tiny taste of someone elses moose but decided that’d just be putting me back in the same boat I was in after having a couple bites of that cake last weekend so I followed the look-no-touch rule. I feel so good about myself that I didn’t cheat! 😀

I ran out of food to take to work so mid afternoon I was hungry but had nothing to eat.  I could’ve gotten some toast from the kitchen but didn’t want to use points that way so I made myself wait till I got home then had a double serving of baked beans. lol. It was funny, I got in the door and didn’t even have my shoes off before I was turning on a burner and opening a can of beans. It was good though – I hadn’t had baked beans in a while so altho they were not a new taste it was one I hadn’t gotten to taste in a couple weeks…lol. I eat a lot of the same stuff so occaisionally I get a bit bored with my food choices but hey, I’d rather be a bit bored then getting fatter!

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am fluctuating between excited and concerned. Last wednesday I really wanted to step on the scale, weird huh? I never want to step on that stupid thing, grr to the scale! But for some reason on wednesday I felt like if I stepped on it I’d have a smaller number then last weigh in day and I really wanted to test this theory…but I didn’t. If the number hadn’t gone down I’d be depressed and if it had gone down then I wouldn’t be as suprised saturday and I enjoy the thrill I get on saturdays when I step on the scale and the number has gone down. 😀  So that is the excited part, I want to see a smaller number…if I lose enough I will be at my ten pounds lost mark and man do I want to hit that mark! The concerned part is because I don’t think I look any different and I don’t feel (anymore) like I have lost any weight this week, I am scared the number is going to be the same…just like last weigh in day. Eek! I always dreaded the week the number didn’t go down, then it really happened and it was a pretty bad feeling, now I am super dreading having that happen again. 😦 There is nothing I can do at this point so I shouldn’t stress over it…people on the Biggest Loser always stay the same weight or gain on the weeks they have been stressed cause stress can totally screw up your weight loss attempts but I can’t stop thinking about it. shrug. What can I say, this weight loss thing is overwhelmingly in my head.

Today I ate:

3/4 cup Blueberry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 cup grapes =1 point

1 cup Lentil and Veggie Soup = 1 point

1 light babybell = 1 point

carrots = 0 points

1 kiwi = 1 point

1 cup Heinz Maple Baked Beans = 4 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

1 whole wheat wrap = 2 points

1/2 tbsp light peanut butter = 1 point

1/2 tbsp nutella = 1 point

2 Hershey’s Oh Henry cookies = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

Hit the 22 point mark again today, yah! 😀 This week has been good for hitting my points perfectly, and I am glad for it cause I want to lose weight this week instead of maintain. I have been good everyday this week for drinking lots of fluids – I have anywhere from 2 to 4 cups of tea per day at work as well as 2 to 3 glasses of water, then I come home and have at least 1 cup of tea and 2 glasses of water. That means everyday this week I have had my 8 glasses of fluid or more that is recommended by the “experts”, since those “experts” also say that drinking 8 glasses of fluid per day (or more) will help you lose weight I am hoping drinking all this fluid will give me a good result on the scale tomorrow. See how everything comes back to that stupid scale? lol

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