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Stupid Move

30 May

Last Monday I got home from work, got changed in to comfy clothes, put my hair up in a messy ponytail, filled the kettle to boil some water for tea and then turned to open the fridge, only to find the fridge door open about two inches.


Since the only other living soul in this apartment is a cat who, to my knowledge, hasn’t figured out how to open the fridge door yet, it was a safe bet that I had not closed it properly that morning when I was getting my lunch for work and that it had been open for oh, eleven hours or so.

Double crap.

I yanked it all the way open and hoped that miraculously my food was still ok. Who says optimism is dead? 😉

The first thing I checked was the milk, because I needed it for my tea lol The carton was room temperature, and not inside of fridge room temperature but when I touched it there was no difference between the temperature of the milk carton and my hand. Not the best of signs, but I still tried to be hopeful. I pulled it all the way out, hoping to find a cool part somewhere on the carton but alas, there was none. 😦

I started checking other items and they were all the same, all room temperature.

My optimism that my living in a basement suite, a suite that is always a little chilly, might have kept the food at least a little chilled was fading fast.

You may be wondering why I was fighting so hard to stay optimistic that my food, ok ok, fine, my milk, was ok, and that is because I was already in comfy clothes and didn’t want to have to get dressed and go out again to buy more milk but I can’t survive without tea and I like milk in my tea. Oh the dilemmas a girl faces! 😉

I decided to chance it and put some of the milk in my tea. It wasn’t the best tasting tea in the world but I’ve had worse, and hey, the milk didn’t curdle so that is all I cared about lol.

Once I deemed the milk an acceptable risk I started looking at what else was in my fridge. Unfortunately for me I had juuuust gone grocery shopping a couple days prior so I had all sorts of lovely cheeses, some greek yogurt, deli meat, and other temperature sensitive foods in there.

Triple crap.

I don’t know why but some food items I decided it was too chancy to try and they got thrown out, others I am more willing to keep and see if they are ok as I eat them over the coming days. Selective freaking out I guess lol.

The greek yogurt ended up on the “not happening” list, whereas I kept all the cheese. Hey, cheese is ridiculously expensive (even if I did buy this on sale) and I’m not willing to just throw it all out because of it potentially being bad, I need proof before I throw that money down the drain, er, in the garbage.

What can I say, I’m cheap! 😛

The next day, when I was well rested and thinking a bit more clearly, I decided the milk should go, sigh, such a waste…but I still kept the cheese! lol

I hated throwing the various food and drink items away, all because of my own stupid move, and hopefully this will teach me an important lesson, to make sure the fridge is closed!…and to not get in to my comfy clothes until I know for sure I won’t have to go back out again cause the battle between going out on what would have been a 15 minute errand and staying in and potentially getting sick from bad milk was brief and brutal and won by the tired/lazy side of me. Best to just avoid that battle if possible, no need to be faced with just how lazy I am anymore than necessary! 😉

lazy 2

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