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A Lazy Connector

22 Aug

Weight Watchers has an app, as does everything else in the world lol. Part of that app is called Connect and it is sort of like a simplified, members only, Facebook. You make a profile, you post stuff, you like and comment on other people’s posts. I find myself going on there a lot! It is great for motivation, and ideas, and just to see and message people who are going through the same thing as you.

Something I learned from Connect is that I have got to be one of the laziest people following the WW program ever! Not including the people who sign up and don’t actually follow the program of course. 😛

These people blow my mind with how much daily activity they get. Long walks. Jogs. Training for marathons. Hiking. Swimming. Wall climbing. Gym time. Name it, they do it, and they do it often.

Because WW is partnered with Fitbit a lot of people on the program have a Fitbit, the apps sync with each other so you do the activity and the apps do the math to calculate how many fit points you earn, which is lovely cause I haaaate math lol. But yeah, these people are earning mad high fit points and I’m over here having afternoon naps and cuddle sessions with the cat. *rolls eyes*

I take part in Fitbit challenges but generally don’t push to try to win them, I get about three days in to the challenge and kind of forget about it and inevitably I don’t win. It doesn’t generally bother me because most of the people I engage in Fitbit challenges with are people I don’t see often, basically nobody who I get super competitive with.

That my friends has changed! A friend of mine at work got a Fitbit, the new one that I want sooooo bad lol, and I stupidly invited her to one of the Fitbit challenges. Turns out she is super competitive and is kicking my butt!…and it is driving me nuts! She walks at work more than I do, not too much I can do about that, but do you know what she did on her break? She went up and down 11 flights of stairs! Who does that?? Crazy competitive people, that’s who!

Then she did who knows what in the evening after work but she sure racked up those steps. I held the lead for a very short time and I gotta admit, I thought maaaaaybe I’d keep it since it was getting to be evening but nope, she went and started moving again and squashed me.

So now I really want to win, or at least beat her cause ya know, I may be a tad competitive at times… 😉

By 6:30pm I had worked 8 hours, walked for an hour and 15 minutes, done 80 squats, showered, cooked, and eaten. Who am I? What dimension have I walked in to? Normally by 6:30pm I have worked 8 hours, maybe run an errand or two, and would be having a nap with the cat or watching tv.

Insanity. I have obviously reached new levels of insanity.



Stupid Move

30 May

Last Monday I got home from work, got changed in to comfy clothes, put my hair up in a messy ponytail, filled the kettle to boil some water for tea and then turned to open the fridge, only to find the fridge door open about two inches.


Since the only other living soul in this apartment is a cat who, to my knowledge, hasn’t figured out how to open the fridge door yet, it was a safe bet that I had not closed it properly that morning when I was getting my lunch for work and that it had been open for oh, eleven hours or so.

Double crap.

I yanked it all the way open and hoped that miraculously my food was still ok. Who says optimism is dead? 😉

The first thing I checked was the milk, because I needed it for my tea lol The carton was room temperature, and not inside of fridge room temperature but when I touched it there was no difference between the temperature of the milk carton and my hand. Not the best of signs, but I still tried to be hopeful. I pulled it all the way out, hoping to find a cool part somewhere on the carton but alas, there was none. 😦

I started checking other items and they were all the same, all room temperature.

My optimism that my living in a basement suite, a suite that is always a little chilly, might have kept the food at least a little chilled was fading fast.

You may be wondering why I was fighting so hard to stay optimistic that my food, ok ok, fine, my milk, was ok, and that is because I was already in comfy clothes and didn’t want to have to get dressed and go out again to buy more milk but I can’t survive without tea and I like milk in my tea. Oh the dilemmas a girl faces! 😉

I decided to chance it and put some of the milk in my tea. It wasn’t the best tasting tea in the world but I’ve had worse, and hey, the milk didn’t curdle so that is all I cared about lol.

Once I deemed the milk an acceptable risk I started looking at what else was in my fridge. Unfortunately for me I had juuuust gone grocery shopping a couple days prior so I had all sorts of lovely cheeses, some greek yogurt, deli meat, and other temperature sensitive foods in there.

Triple crap.

I don’t know why but some food items I decided it was too chancy to try and they got thrown out, others I am more willing to keep and see if they are ok as I eat them over the coming days. Selective freaking out I guess lol.

The greek yogurt ended up on the “not happening” list, whereas I kept all the cheese. Hey, cheese is ridiculously expensive (even if I did buy this on sale) and I’m not willing to just throw it all out because of it potentially being bad, I need proof before I throw that money down the drain, er, in the garbage.

What can I say, I’m cheap! 😛

The next day, when I was well rested and thinking a bit more clearly, I decided the milk should go, sigh, such a waste…but I still kept the cheese! lol

I hated throwing the various food and drink items away, all because of my own stupid move, and hopefully this will teach me an important lesson, to make sure the fridge is closed!…and to not get in to my comfy clothes until I know for sure I won’t have to go back out again cause the battle between going out on what would have been a 15 minute errand and staying in and potentially getting sick from bad milk was brief and brutal and won by the tired/lazy side of me. Best to just avoid that battle if possible, no need to be faced with just how lazy I am anymore than necessary! 😉

lazy 2

So Far So Good

2 Apr

Last month I tried this thing, I wrote on a calendar I have hanging on my bedroom wall every time I exercised and I highlighted it in pink. This way, I could see at a quick glance how much or how little I was exercising. I wasn’t going to push to exercise more than normal, I just wanted to see where, in my normal routine I drop the ball.

2014-03-31 19.02.14

Uh, wow, I dropped the ball a lot! If you count the pink on that calendar page I only exercised 10 times. 10 times out of 31 days, uhhh…what?? Talk about being a lazy butt and having proof of it! 😦

I am guaranteed two times a week because of dragon boat practice but I’ve got to stop slacking the other days! The easiest day to exercise, besides my dragon boat days, is Wednesday because it is a day off. Fridays through Mondays are where I suck. Those are my work days. If I don’t get my exercise in before I go to work Fridays and Saturdays I won’t get it done because of how late I get home. Sundays and Mondays I am usually so tired after working the morning shift I do nothing but crash.

But, like I said, things have to change.

So, I changed them. 🙂

This past Monday we had beautiful weather, sunny, warm but not hot, the cherry blossom trees are in bloom, a perfect spring day. I left work late but was determined when I got home I’d go out and at least walk, enjoy some of that sunshine. I ran in to my landlords when I was leaving the house and asked if their dog might want to come with me, they said yes so I had a super friendly golden lab with me. I didn’t care where we went so we followed her nose. Lemme tell ya, her nose took us on a weird, convoluted route.

the route the dog chose

the route the dog chose

I had planned on only walking, normally I get down on myself if I walk more than run but I was tired and my goal was to get some sort of exercise even if it wasn’t as intense as I would like. The dog however had other plans, lol. She wanted to run and who am I to say no to big cute doggy eyes? I am not that strong! 😉 So, it was a jog/walk. The green parts on the map are where we walked, the yellow was a jog, the tiny little orange section was more of a run, you can see that didn’t last long lol In total we went 5.45 km in 1:02:33.

Then Tuesday I had dragon boat practice so two hours of exercise there, yay! I usually (read that as Always!) sit left side of the boat but we were short people who sit on the right at practice so I ended up sitting on the right side. It was…odd…My body is used to sitting left so it was a tad more painful than normal but not bad painful, just, the other side of my body was getting worked more than it is used to, so muscle pain. Actually, I’m still feeling it today. *groan* poor muscles! lol

Today I went for my first hike of the season. I am soooo glad it is hiking season again, I didn’t realize just how much I missed it till I was out there, on a trail, in the wilderness, away from everything. Well, almost everything, I was with a friend lol We went slower than I would have if I went alone but the point is that we went…right? I used my Runtastic App to track the hike, like I did above with the dog walk, but my phone battery was low and it died while we were still on the trail so I don’t have full data on the hike. I plan on redoing that hike so I can get accurate distance and time it took. The app recorded a distance of 8.12 km in 1:36:06 which sounds horrible buuuuut please take in to account we were on the side of a mountain, on trails, going slower than my normal pace. Take a look at the picture below, you’ll see where it stopped tracking (where the red dot is)

the hike up the mountain and back

the hike up the mountain and back

The numbers on the trail are the app marking the km’s so we went up 5km then turned around and started back down, using my oh-so-non-impressive math skills I’m thinking that means we did 10km. Pretty snazzy math that! 😉 The red dot just past the number 8 is where the phone died but obviously I am not still on the mountain and I made it down and if I went up 5km then I had to come down 5km so yay for 10km! Unfortunately I didn’t notice what time the phone died at, and I didn’t take note of what time we started the hike or what time it was when we got in to the suv at the end of the hike so there goes any hope of my figuring out the math for how long we were hiking. Hence my needing to do the hike again, to get accurate numbers.  I don’t mind doing it again though, it is a really nice easy hike, a good one to start the season with. 🙂 I try to ease in to hiking season cause it can be brutal on my knee, sigh, this will definitely be a go-to-trail when I want easy, meant to relax me hiking, not intense-push-to-the-limit hiking.

So let’s tally things shall we? We are three days in to the week and I have exercised three times, booyah! I know I’ll be exercising tomorrow so that’s in the bag. My big challenge will be Fridays and Saturdays, for some reason doing some form of exercise before work on those days always seems so impossible. I don’t know why I can’t make it happen! I irritate myself with this failing weekly. Maybe this week I’ll manage it, after four days of being active maybe I’ll be so used to getting some sort of exercise it’ll be easier to get out of bed and head to the gym…maybe?

Society and Rain

28 Mar

Two things stopped me from running tonight after work, well, three if you count my laziness whiiiiich I suppose is the only one that really counts but let’s ignore that one shall we? 😉

I once again didn’t manage to get my lazy ass out of bed early enough to workout before going to work today, sigh, I hate myself for that every time it happens which fyi, is every Friday and Saturday. blarg. I have plenty of time before work starts to get in some sort of work out, whether it is an exercise dvd, going to the gym, going for a run, hell even just doing some squats and free weight stuff in my apartment but do I do any of those? Nope! I sleep in just long enough to not have enough time to work out then I chill and do nothing important before going to work. An utter waste of a day. I do this every week, it’s pathetic. *rolls eyes*

After work tonight (I was off at 9:15pm) I actually felt like working out. I didn’t feel all super pumped this’ll-be-the-best-workout-ever! but I felt, I dunno, like it was time. Like I had hit my fed upness with myself, hit my limit of lazy and wanted to do something physical. I had to stop at Superstore on my way home but I decided on the drive to Superstore that once I got home I’d quickly change and go for a run. I was actually looking forward to it believe it or not.



Well, after Superstore I get back in the suv and start driving and got hit by a wave of tiredness. Completely out of proportion to the level of activity I had for the day I might add. I swear I felt like I could have gone home, gone to bed and fallen asleep right away. I never sleep early, my body just can’t do it, so feeling like that was uber weird for me.

I got home, sat in the suv and tried to mentally convince myself that I was going to go for a run, even if it was slow, even if it was pathetic, at least it would be something. I was texting with a couple friends at the time and one of them said I shouldn’t go running, it was too late at night and not safe. I was all “huh? that’s ridiculous” but it got me thinking. I’ve gone for runs at night before and while running have thought it was high on the list of stupid decisions I have made because it is dark, late, paths are empty, not only could I injure myself due to poor lighting conditions but I could come across someone who has less-than-nice intentions and get myself in to some serious trouble. I’d be an idiot to not be aware of that.

I absolutely hate the idea of fear making a decision for me, of my not doing something because it could be dangerous, could put me in an unsafe situation, could have negative consequences. People would never get anywhere, have new experiences, truly enjoy life to it’s fullest if fear made their decisions for them. For all of that though, I have to be realistic. There are certain situations I really don’t want to be in, like being attacked while running, and if running late at night is going to increase my chance of that well, maybe I shouldn’t go. sigh.

Despite living in a city that is considered safe, in an area that I feel comfortable walking home tipsy in, I still have to be aware of my surroundings, keep an eye out for someone acting suspiciously, someone who perhaps doesn’t belong or might have nefarious reasons for being there. And isn’t that pathetic, and sad, and horrible? That as a woman I can’t go running late at night without having a niggling fear it could be dangerous, without having to be aware that it is my responsibility to not put myself in a stupid situation because others can’t be trusted?

How did this come to be? Or better yet, how can we stop it being like this?

While having these somewhat deep (and mildly depressing) thoughts the clouds opened up and it started to rain, not lightly drizzle but pour rain, which ended my internal debate on whether I would chance it and go running or play the coward and stay inside because I do not run in the rain, I might melt! 😉 lol

So now it is almost 1am, I am still feeling a bit tired and I just might attempt to get an early night. Who knows, maybe if I get to bed and to sleep before 3am I’ll actually be able to drag my sorry ass out of bed in the morning and get it to the gym before heading to work! *crosses fingers*

Sidenote: you’d never know it by how lazy I have been for the past, oh, forever? lol but I actually really like working out. I know! I am that person, I said it, feel free to smack me upside the head! lol But I do, I like how I feel like I am accomplishing something, how I can feel myself getting stronger, how after I am done I feel better about myself – not just in how I look but how I feel health wise. You’d think all of that would be enough to get me out of bed and to the gym but somehow, it’s not. *rolls eyes*

and yet, still not enough motivation, sigh

and yet, still not enough motivation, sigh

The Long Walk

11 Apr

I walk. Not for exercise, although that is a nice side benny, I walk cause I am trying to save on gas usage in my suv (don’t ya love the irony of a mid-sized suv owner trying to be environmentally friendly? 😛 ), and cause I think having the ability to walk should never be taken for granted. In my old neighbourhood it wasn’t practical, or all that possible, to walk when doing errands cause everything was so far away but here, this neighbourhood, it’s like it was designed so people who live in the neighbourhood could get all their stuff done without ever having to go outside of walking distance. How great is that?

There are times when I have to drive to get my errands done, usually cause I will be carrying something really heavy or I have a massively short time limit to get everything done in but meh, once every now and then (and only when it’s for a legit reason) doesn’t seem soooo bad. Then I have days like today, where I end up driving cause of sheer laziness coupled with poor time management and well, more laziness lol. Hey, don’t judge, everyone has stupidly lazy days! I just happen to have the balls to admit it online…in my fairly anonymous blog…lol 😛

After I got home and was actually thinking about it I realized how dumb I am sometimes lol. I have walked in the rain, in the snow, when the ground is so slippery I was sure I was doomed to getting at least a sprained ankle, when the wind is so strong it actually pushes you back a bit, when it’s really late at night and the crazies/annoying drunk people are out an about…I’ve walked this neighbourhood while doing errands in every type of weather imaginable…well, except for nice weather, I moved here beginning of November so I’ve only experienced winter so far lol. But today, on a lovely spring day where it was warm with a mild breeze and I had the time and physical ability to walk to Safeway, did I walk? Nope. I drove. That whole entire 3 minute drive which is maybe a 10 minute walk? I’ve never actually timed it…that little walk seemed too long today for me to bother with. How lame is that? *rolls eyes*

After the gym and shower and protein shake I made the horrible mistake of sitting down, epic fail right there people! One should never sit down “just for a minute” after just getting outta the shower after being at the gym. Your body is all nice and loose and limber, you’re cozy from the shower, you’re feeling good about your exercising and that maybe you deserve a little rest…this is a recipes for disaster! Disaaaaaster! 

I, instead of getting presentable and going to Safeway, sat down, on a comfy chair, within reach of my laptop…do you see where this is going? I ended up going online and doing all kinds of stuff and then all of a sudden *bam!* it’s hours an hours later, I haven’t had dinner and I still need to go grocery shopping before coming home and doing laundry…isn’t my life just oh so exciting? *rolls eyes*

I almost broke one of the cardinal rules for people trying to follow a strict eating plan and went to Safeway without having had my dinner, oh geez, but never fear, least I didn’t wimp out on that lol. I made a quick dinner and then off I went…in my suv. Why the suv? The weather was still great, still nice and warm, I bet it would have been a lovely walk, buuuuut, I convinced myself the bags would be too heavy to carry all the way back (ya know, those whole freakin 7 blocks, oy!) and that I didn’t want to take too much time because I did still have all that laundry to do…I think I might of even had a third equally lame excuse in my head at the time which has since fled the confines of my brain, pretty much proving what a pathetic “reason” it was lol 😛

In the end, my grocery bags actually were heavy (yogurt was on sale so I got 2, and it was also my almond milk and meat purchasing trip) so it would have sucked to carry the bags back to the apartment, but not like I haven’t carried heavier ones, in worse weather, that same distance before…sigh.

So now, it’s 1:32am and I’m sitting here typing away, feeling a bit lazier then normal, all because I drove 7 blocks instead of walked it. If it wasn’t the time of night it is I’d go for a random walk just to make it up to myself but I am tryyyyyying to get back in to a normal sleep routine so I want to be in bed by 2am at the latest…guess I’ll hafta go for a walk tomorrow as well as have my cardio day at the gym to balance this all out. Ya know, I’m starting to think being lazy always comes back to bite ya in the ass! 😉

A New Leaf

28 Aug

Last week I ate horribly, I don’t mean I ate something high in points on one day, I mean every freakin day I ate something way way way high in points, guaranteeing I dipped into flex points daily and only on one day did I exercise, and it wasn’t even my highest intensity exercise – it was just my hike. Crap. What seems to make it even worse is…I didn’t track! *hangs head in shame* aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I always track my food! ALWAYS! well…always when I am at home in my normal routine, when on vacation I usually cut myself some slack lol.  😉

Why did this happen? I’m not sure…which is weird…normally I have some idea for why I screw up but this time? I dunno…well, that’s not totally true, on Friday I know why I ate badly, I was so pissed off and hurt from that interview I had I dived into ice cream, and not even the healthy-ish ice cream (ya know, the Skinny Cow stuff) but I got the really bad stuff, I bought double chocolate drumsticks, omg, bad move! Of course, after eating the ice cream I felt so badly for what I stuffed in my face I went out at night to the hiking trail and kicked my own ass all the way around it, lol, the whole time I was internally berating myself for what I had eaten and calling myself lots of bad names, lemme tell ya, walking that trail when angry got me a way better time then when I normally walk it lol. When I got home I then popped in one of my many exercise dvds and continued to attempt to burn off some of the calories I’d ingested. So ok, there is Friday explained but the rest of it?

For those days…I only have partial ideas, none of them great. shrug. Monday it was raining so I couldn’t hike and there was no dragon boating (we had the day off since we had raced just two days prior), there are no boxerfit classes on monday so I really had nothing I could do – and yes, I am aware I could have used an exercise dvd but I figured I’d enjoy the rainy day by sitting inside with a book and a cup of tea and just relax since my weekend had been so freakin busy. Did I mention already last Sunday I was turned in to a zombie? Cause I was, and while yes that is totally fun it takes a lot of the day and weirdly enough kinda wears you out…I think cause you’re sitting so long in makeup that your body just goes sleepy. lol.

So Monday, it was a chilling/relaxing day, having one of those every now and then won’t kill a girl or her diet plan, er, healthy living regime lol, so that was ok. But then Tuesday…uh, wtf happened with Tuesday? I didn’t hike cause I was running late going to a friends to take her some stuff and I thought I’d hike afterwards but we ended up hanging out and by the time I got home it was too late and well, I’d been drinking a tad so really, exercise wasn’t on my to-do list right then. lol. For food that day I was doing ok until I was on my way home and I was starving so I stopped at a 7-11 and bought half the store, ugh, I ate billions of calories really late at night right before going to bed on a day when I didn’t exercise at all, just frickin brilliant. *rolls eyes*

Wednesday I was recovering, lol, my stomach would barely tolerate anything for quite a while which I was kinda grateful for cause I was mad at myself for what I ate the night before. I did almost nothing Wednesday cause of how crappy I felt, oh, and add to the hangover I got wicked bad cramps, sigh, so two reasons I didn’t go to boxerfit. Now that I think about it I don’t think I ate as badly on Wednesday as on the other days but that’s cause my stomach was all anti-food, not cause I had any kind of self restraint or willpower. I remember eating cereal…and some toast…I’m not sure what else went past my lips but whatever it might have been it most likely wasn’t healthy lol

Thursday was the audition that went awesome! I don’t eat a lot before going to auditions cause I don’t wanna feel bloated or digesty or anything so all I had before I went was some toast and water. Afterwards I didn’t get home for way more hours then I anticipated cause of the wait at the docs office so when I was on the way home I got a pizza, I was sooooo starved and for some reason I thought I’d have a treat since I did so well at the audition. I have to stop treating myself with food! What am I, a dog??? arg. And really, I’d eaten so badly earlier in the week that even if I decided treating myself with food was an ok option I so wouldn’t have deserved to eat something bad for me that day! Friday was the bad mean sucky day, I ended up eating the rest of the pizza and two of those double chocolate drumsticks, oh, and some pumpkin pie. Then I hiked and dvd exercised.

Saturday I…wtf did I eat yesterday? hmm…oh! I went to White Spot with KL, she did me a huge favour and came with me to pick up a tv I got for free from a guy on craigslist (the tv I’ve been using belongs to my former roomie and she’s picking it up at the end of the month so I’ve been trying to find a tv for way cheap to replace hers with and I got the worlds heaviest tv for free, all I had to do was pick it up, yah!) I was a good girl and ordered a Spot Salad with skinless boneless chicken breast on top, I get the dressing on the side and dip every third forkful into it so I barely use any dressing. Can I say, it’s freakin ridiculous it cost almost $4 extra to get the chicken! $4!!! Crazy! but I really needed the protein so there ya have it. That wasn’t so bad but later in the day I ate another drumstick and I believe I also had some of the pie, sigh.

Today I swore I was gonna turn over a new leaf, see, my food weeks start on Saturdays but I bombed yesterday so I figured I’d just move on past that and start fresh today. It seemed like a decent plan…well, yeah, I ate cereal before going out but KL convinced me we needed to get something to eat before we went to the place she is house sitting at to watch a movie. We were trying to get sushi but the only place open near the place she is house sitting is stupidly expensive so we went to a food court, where of course nothing is healthy, and I bought the cheapest thing I could find. Which, fyi, was a burger and fries with a pop. sigh. There was  only one healthy place there, a salad place, but it would’ve cost so much more then the burger and fries and I’m fairly poor right now so even if it’s not healthy I have to go with the cheapest. shrug. The burger and fries were yummy, and not as bad for me as I thought they would be, it’s a mom and pop type place so the burger was cooked on an actual grill and all the toppings were fresh and the fries weren’t greasy and actually tasted like potato…weird lol…but still, not healthy! Since I’ve been home I ate the last piece of pie, thank god that is now gone from my place! and I’m dousing myself with tea to trick my tummy into thinking it doesn’t want to eat. See, without my medication I can’t eat for like 5-7 hours before I go to bed (when I am on medication it’s more like 3-4 hours which is much easier to deal with).

I find that what I have been doing this past week is instead of eating a healthy meal and then also eating the ice cream or pie or whatever I am just eating the ice cream or pie or whatever, the healthy food has gone bye-bye. Part of it is cause I have to eat what I have, I can’t afford to buy groceries for a bit and that means I don’t have fresh produce anymore, and part of it is cause when I ate the drumsticks they were so bad for me that I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything else on top of that. lol  Sooooo, while what I ate was bad for me, and I wouldn’t recommend my eating plan of the past week to anybody ever, I guess it could have been worse, I could have been eating my normal food plan and then eating all the extra bad for me food on top of that, instead I am just eating the bad for me food…talk about not getting all your vitamins and nutrients! lol All I got was processed sugar, lol.

So starting tomorrow is my New Leaf! I am back to tracking, back to eating as healthy as I am able to (this of course is dependent on what food I have in my fridge and cupboards) and basically back to being a good little Weight Watcher. 🙂 Oh, and I will be back to my normal exercising routine as dragon boating practice starts up again tomorrow and that’ll set me up for exercising throughout the week…one hopes… 😉

One weird thing, normally after I go on a food bender I look and feel way bigger. My tummy is larger, I don’t know if it’s cause it gets bloated from the sugar etc or cause I am gaining weight that quickly, but whatever the reason, it is noticeably bigger, and I feel laggier (I know that’s not a word! lol) – I usually have all kinds of side effects but this week…I haven’t had any! I still look the same, I still feel the same, you’d think I’d been eating normal all week for the lack of effect my eating and non exercising has had on me…don’t know what my body is up to but maybe my bad week won’t screw up my weight loss too much since so far it hasn’t created any noticeable changes…course, I’ll go hiking and boating tomorrow and probably almost die from not having the right type of food in my body to provide me with energy lol 😛 but that’ll be my own fault and serve me right! lol 😀

Breakfast Food Day!

25 Jun

I declare today a Breakfast Food Day – meaning everything I eat will be a breakfast food – Yum! 😀

The reason for this? I had to get up early today (well, early for me anyways) and when I was making breakfast rain started pouring down like crazy, it immediately made me think it’d be a nice day for staying in, wearing sweats, drinking tea and lounging and what goes better with that then warm breakfast foods? lol.

So for breakfast I had oatmeal and oh, you should try this! My mom got me eating this combo, you cook your oatmeal on the stove (oh yeah, this is real oatmeal not instant) then you pour it on top of yogurt – uh, in a bowl, not into the yogurt container 😛 It’s yummy! The yogurt stops it from tasting too bland and you save points by not putting brown sugar or syrup on it…or whatever it is you put on it. I had a 1/2 C of uncooked oatmeal which turns in to 1 C cooked, normally I have 1/3 C uncooked and some toast but I thought this time I’d just do the oatmeal and yogurt so 2 points for the oatmeal and 2 points for my yogurt, a 4 pointed breakfast, not too shabby. lol.

It’s only 2 pm so I haven’t eaten anything else yet (I ate breakfast at 11am) but I’m already looking forward to the rest of my food for the day. lol. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to eat eggs in some format, pancakes or french toast…so many breakfast food options! Obviously there are more options but those are my top three picks so far…I could always go for cereal, some turkey bacon, crepes….oooooh, crepes, hmm, now I have a top 4 to choose from! lol. Ah well, I’ll figure it out by the time I get hungry I’m sure. 🙂

As you have probably noticed, I am not dead, nor did I get robbed when the couple came to look at my desk today – this is why I had to be up early. *rolls eyes* I was asking $75, she offered $60, I wasn’t expecting to get over $50 so I feel happy about how much I got. My room looks a lot emptier now, it’s kinda sad, what is even sadder is that my poor computer is turned off, unplugged and sitting in pieces on my bed and by tonight it will be sitting in pieces on my floor! My poor computers! They will feel like I don’t love them cause of this treatment! Ack. 😉 Sorry…I’m way attached to my computers. 😛 One of them is never turned off, unless I go away for over a week cause well, why keep it on if I am not here? It is almost always downloading something though which is why it is always on. That is the one I am worried will be distraught, thinking I don’t love it anymore. hehehe. Heck, even my external hard drive is turned off and unplugged…it is so…weird…

My friend KL is selling me her old desk cause she is getting a custom made one. This may seem weird, selling mine just to buy another but it’s not. Mine is really big, can easily hold 3 computers (and it has!) and is really meant for someone who needs space to spread out text books, papers etc and I don’t need that space anymore. Also, the desk takes a lot of space in my room and I am feeling cramped in there so KL’s desk is perfect, it is smaller, it’s antique which is not normally my thing but I enjoy the rollertop lid part and it has lots of built in drawers whereas the desk I sold today doesn’t. It’s a good swap and since she’s charging me $50 and I got paid $60 for mine I have a super tiny but still there profit. 😀 Profit is goooood, even if it will only pay for a small amount of groceries, shrug. 😛

This is usually the time I would be getting up on a saturday but not this time, so far today I have sold a desk, gotten all groomed for the day, eaten, realized I can’t hike cause of the rain, checked and discovered there is no boxerfit class, spoken with my acting coach on the phone, spoken with my parents on the phone, had multiple text convos, watched Wimbledon, drank multiple cups of tea and well, now I have nothing to do. lol.

What the hell do people who get up early on saturday mornings do with their day??? *confused face*

Epic Salad Fail

29 Sep

I was lazy last night and paid the consequences today, sigh. I got caught up in tv and laziness last night and didn’t make adequate food for today at work, not good! I thought it would be alright but when I was getting my lunch and snacks out of the fridge this morning I was all “ah crap, where’s all the food??” I am used to having breakfast, snack, lunch and then if I feel like it another snack – all at work – that’s a lot of food, and generally a lot of tupperware containers! lol.

I had my breakfast with me, it’s only cereal and fruit after all, but for lunch I had a sandwich (tuna), my laughing cow cheese and a yogurt…what’s with that? It just didn’t seem like enough. shrug. I guess I got used to taking small amounts of lots of things (like cottage cheese, yams, side salad and soup) so the amount of food didn’t look like very much. In reality it was enough and geez, complaining about “only” having a sandwich, yogurt and two triangles of cheese makes me sound like a pig. Oink! Oink! I bought a Mediteranean Salad to go with my sandwich, it was mixed greens, black olives, baby tomato and feta and it was disgusting! Oh so disgusting! Hence the Epic Salad Fail. It was the mixed greens that made it gross, weird huh? I don’t know what was up with them but they were nasty. ugh.

To compensate for my no salad at lunch I ate some raw mixed veggies in the afternoon for a snack; least I still got my veggies for the day…well, some of them. lol.

Also today I got a treat…a cookie by George! Mmm Mmm Mmm those cookies are like ecstasy, pure bliss in my mouth. I decided since I am trying to eat some of my flex points now and on normal days I have trouble doing that I might as well use some of my flex points to fit in one of those cookies. I grabbed a chocolate chip (the only one I have been able to calculate the points for so far) and wrapped it up to bring home. I didn’t want to scarf it down and barely notice how good it tastes and that’s what would happen if Iate it at work. This way, I sat all comfy cozy on my couch and ate that cookie nice an slow so I savoured every bite. Yum!

Mindless eating is something I have been working on stopping. We all know we aren’t s’posed to eat in our cars, or in front of the tv or when reading and I usually did all of those on a regular basis. lol.  So now I don’t eat in my car or when reading, I do still eat in front of the tv tho. 😛 I do my best to eat at a moderate speed and think about every bite. I am not always able to manage it but I try. Sometimes, like yesterday at dinner time, I am so hungry I can’t help myself, I eat really fast…I regretted that yesterday cause I still felt hungry even though I knew I wasn’t. sigh. I know to wait about 20 mins after eating to see if I am really hungry or if my stomach just hasn’t gotten the message to my brain yet that I am full but man, yesterday was hard.

Today I ate:

29 grams Honey Nut Cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup skim milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 apple = 1 point

1 tuna sandwich = 4 points

1 Activia Yogurt = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

raw mixed veggies = 0 points

1 Fiesta Salad = 6 points

1 pckg Jolly Time Popcorn = 1 point

1 chocolate chip cookie = 5 points

Total points eaten today = 25. So that’s my 22 daily points and 3 flex points. I still feel uncomfie using my flex points but I decided to look at it this way – today is a ‘hungry day’ I have wanted to stuff my face all day, if I wasn’t on weight watchers I would have eaten way more then 25 points worth of food and not even realized so sure, I ate 3 flex points but it could be a lot worse! lol.

TV Coma

4 Sep

I love long weekends, who doesn’t? I usually try to do something at least mildly productive during them since I have three wonderful days off work instead of just two but so far I have done nothing but mimic a sloth – I must say, my sloth abilities are deserving of top marks. 😛

Today I slept in, ate, then sat on the couch and proceeded to watch whatever was on…I caught some tv show episodes and also watched a couple movies I hadn’t gotten around to seeing yet. But now, approximately 8 hours after turning the tv on I am realizing my brain has stopped functioning and is in a partial coma…hmmm…

I have been so lazy today that it took me until after 11pm to turn on my laptop – because it just seemed like to much work! Too much work? It has been sitting within arms reach of me all day…but it was going to take too much effort to reach over, flip open the lid and press that power button…I can’t remember a time I have been so lazy (unless I am sick but that doesn’t count! lol). I figure before I go crawling off to bed to continue with my all day sleep fest I should do something mildly purposeful  – hence my post. 🙂

I had weigh in day today, I’d say I don’t want to talk about it but duh! this blog is all about the weight I am trying to lose so it seems only fair to keep you in the loop. This week was an epic fail, sigh. I want to lie and say I maintained but I didn’t…I gained 0.2 pounds…:( I am hanging my head in shame and sitting in a corner due to this failure. double sigh. Well, ok, I should be sitting in a corner with my head hanging but instead I lay on my couch all day attempting to fry brain cells in the hopes of forgetting what a screw up I am with my weight loss.

I can’t believe it! I really can’t, what the hell is going on??? I know I had that fish n chips last weekend but I was only one point over for the day that day and this week I worked really hard at hitting my points exactly, I had a couple days where there were snags but not so many I thought it’d screw up weigh in day. I hate weigh in day. Grr.

I have decided that I have hit some kind of stupid plateau, I know according to weight watcher rules I can’t say that till I have had 4 sucky weeks in a row but why the heck would I wait another week, for another crappy weigh in result to do something about this problem? I am going to have to do something I really really really don’t want to do…I am going to have to…exercise. Noooooooooooo!!! I don’t wanna! (now picture me stomping my foot, crossing my arms and getting a pouty face) I used to have nothing against exercise, I went everyday after work and weekends too, I did classes, cardio, weights, all kinds of different things but that was a lifetime ago, that girl was a different girl and I don’t know if I can be her again. The girl I am now, she doesn’t know how to do all that active stuff anymore, and the things she does remember she doesn’t want to do because she doesn’t want anyone seeing all her fat jiggle. That’s right, you heard me (well, read me) I don’t exercise cause I don’t want other people to see how much my fat moves around. FYI, when I say people I mean guys.

Not like I think guys are looking at me when I exercise, or if they are it’s with alarm that someone so red in the face is around them and may collapse at any moment – that prob needs a minor explanation, lol, my face goes alarmingly red with very minor exertion, it goes red enough I have had perfect strangers come up and ask if I am ok because I look like I am about to keel over or something.  It was funnier when I was in shape (all those years ago), now, combine the red face with the heaving breath and the fat body and people really do think I am gonna keel over and that’s just not cool.

I tried out a couple different gyms on trial runs hmmm, last year maybe? I can’t afford any of them so even if I found one I wanted to join it wouldn’t matter but none of them were gyms I liked. Most were unisex so I had to deal with all these hot guys around and that just made me uncomfie – the really in shape women made me equally as uncomfie cause I kept thinking they were silently judging me or something. Oh, and yes, I am aware probably way fewer people pay attention to me then I think but hey, I live in my world and in that world a lot of people look at me daily and it stresses me out. 😛 There was one gym that was all ladies but it’s not all that great and costs way too much considering the equipment and classes available.

Now however I am going to hafta do something active because I am sick of the disaster I have had on the scale three weeks running. There is a medium/strenuous hiking trail near my place, it’s 3.8km long so I guess I should start walking that. sigh. There is another hiking path I found by accident months ago that I guess I will try to re-find so I don’t always have to do the same path. Other then that I am not sure what to do. I don’t like exercising at home cause it means I am in the living room and I don’t like the idea of my roomie seeing me exercising (she’s in shape so I’m back to the thinking a thin girl will be judging me). There is a hot yoga place near me I thought I’d try but it’s stupid expensive – why do exercise places have to cost so damn much?!?!?! You’d think the gov would regulate stuff like that since they want all of us to stop being so out of shape and such a drain on the health system, eesh.

If anyone has any suggestions for exercises that don’t involve a gym I am so up for hearing about them! For now though I am going to have to get active in whatever way I can manage. This means that the rest of my lazy long weekend has to not be lazy, least not all the time. Sad. I am going to attempt to hike that trail tomorrow (weather permitting) and maybe sometime over the weekend I will walk to the train station to see how long it would take, there is one near my place and one far from my place. If I take runners to work in the morning I could walk to the station near my place and after work get off at the one far from my place and walk home, enforced exercise. I wonder though, is it better to do that or better to drive home like always and then go for the hike – the hike has more up and down hills and I wouldn’t have to stop for red lights etc…it’s something to think on anyways.

Here is what I ate today (keep in mind I was lazy and unhappy cause of the stupid scale):

1 toasted sandwich

    – 1 scrambled egg = 2 points

    – 2 pieces toast = 2 points

    – 2 pieces turkey bacon = 2 points

    – 1 cheese slice = 1 point

    – tomato slices and ketchup = 0 points

1 cup pineapple = 1 point

18 pieces Maltesers = 4 points

1 whole wheat tortilla = 2 points

1/2 tblsp light peanut butter = 1 point

1/2 tblsp nutella = 1 point

1 package Jolly Time Kettle Corn = 1 point

fruit smoothie = ? points

So, the points that can be added up are 19 points but I don’t know what the smoothie is. I took some frozen mixed berries and put them in the magic bullet with milk to make a smoothie. I measured half a cup of milk and a cup of berries but it was too thick so I added some more milk and that made it too runny so I added a bit more berries and finally it was ok but with all the adding of little amounts of milk and berries I ended up not knowing exactly how much I used. It should have been a 2 point shake but it went over that, how much it went over however, I am not sure. And, to top all that, it wasn’t even worth it! lol. My roomie drinks them all the time so I figured I’d do it and all it tasted like was milky fruit, not as gross as it sounds but really bland. I asked her about it and turns out she uses vanilla flavoured soy milk so hers tastes better, and she adds a bit of sugar. Ah well, it was an attempt and even though it didn’t work it got me some more fruit which is always good.  

I am not looking forward to tomorrow and my having to exercise, ugh, this is gonna suck but if it shows results on the scale next week I guess that’ll make it worth it…now to find my small iPod so I can have it all charged an ready…crap, I have no idea where I left that thing…

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