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LV Costs What??

21 Apr

I have this totally awesome friend (who is awesome even though she doesn’t read my blog 😛 ) who is getting me a freakin amazing birthday / Christmas present this year. My birthday is Dec 23rd and she never ever gets me combo presents but this one is above and beyond and in reality should be her present to me for two or three years, not just one. She talked to me about it before going ahead with it, which is how I know about it so far in advance, and I was completely blown away.

Well obviously I want to get her something totally beyond anything I have gotten her in the past, because even though it won’t compare with what she is getting me I have to do my best on my smaller budget.

She really loves designer purses and shoes and I had this oh so brilliant idea to get her a designer purse. Now, I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about designer purse brands except that I can’t afford them normally but for this, well, I’ll save, and it’ll be worth it, and really, just how much could they possibly be?

Ha! What silly naive thoughts I had!

I watched a bunch of YouTube videos of people talking about their various designer purses to get an idea of which were good and which were found to be lacking and it seemed Louis Vuitton was super popular and almost never disappointed people. I also learned women collect LV stuff like it is going out of style, or like it is some sort of investment or something which has led me to believe that some people have way too much money and if any of them read this feel free to donate to the cause of moi! 😉 lol

After getting it in to my head that I’d get her a LV clutch or something similar I went to the LV website and almost had a heart attack as soon as the page for wallets loaded. The first wallet that popped up was this one…


Want to know how much this wallet costs? Go on, guess, I dare you!

This, the Sarah Wallet is $1030.00, Canadian.

Seriously? For a wallet?!

After the shock dimmed a bit I skimmed through some more of the website and kept blinking in disbelief as I saw the prices scroll by.

I feel so poor now lol

And yeah, I may love my friend to bits and pieces but no way I am getting her a LV anything cuz there is nothing on that site that is a price I can ever afford.

So now I am back to square one for what to get her, I have a couple months so I’m sure I’ll think of something but wow, what an eye opener for how the other half live. 😛

Japanese Treats

19 Jun

A friend from my dragon boat team was in Japan recently and brought the team back some treats! 🙂

They were so cute I just had to take pictures lol

Cheesecake KitKat

Cheesecake KitKat

This first one is a mini KitKat that is cheesecake flavoured. When you open it the chocolate around the wafers is white which makes sense when you think about cheesecake lol It was okaaaaay, it didn’t really taste like cheesecake, or KitKat lol

It's fuzzy, and squishy and filled with caramel!

It’s fuzzy, and squishy and filled with caramel!

I don’t remember what this second one is called, it looks sorta like a giraffe though lol The outside was fuzzy, I actually petted it once I opened it 😛 It is also quite squishy and when you bite in to it there is a caramel like filling. I think it was banana caramel flavour…I quite enjoyed the picture of a bow on the packaging that makes it look like the giraffe spotted fuzzy treat is wearing a bow teehee

a banana brownie, I think...

a banana brownie, I think…

I don’t remember the name of this one either, oops! It was a cake texture, a little dry, the bottom half is darker in colour, actually, if you see in the picture how there are darker patches on top, see them? The bottom is the same colour as those patches. It is like a mini banana bread brownie type thing. Again with the bows on the packaging, cuteness!

I don’t know if these are typical treats in Japan or things sold to tourists, ya know, like how people come to Canada and always seem to end up buying mini bottles of over priced maple syrup lol but no matter what they are they are cute and its always nice to try something new. 🙂

Thanks, You Shouldn’t Have…Really…

3 Jun

I got a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers from my manager the other day. Seriously, so pretty, and massive, and probably costly.

2015-05-30 21.45.27

The bouquet is so large I had to seatbelt it in to my suv, it was an interesting drive home lol

From one angle...

From one angle…

Something yellow

Something yellow

White rose

White rose

Pink daisy

Pink daisy

Something in a colour I like

Something in a colour I like

Group shot!

Group shot!

Something white

Something white

2015-05-30 22.50.42

I am not really a flower type of person so while I appreciate the sentiment and the beauty of the flowers I would have been just as happy, if not more so, to have gotten something else…like a gift card to Safeway or something. Isn’t that horrible? For some reason I feel like that is horrible when really it is just a personal preference.

When someone gives me flowers it makes me wonder why they feel the need to give me an armful of dead things that are going to take up space in my tiny cramped apartment and do nothing more than wilt, slowly showing on the outside just how dead they are on the inside. What did I ever do to you that you felt giving me something dead was a good way to show your feelings towards me? sigh.

Yes, I am aware I am not normal. 😉 lol

Thing is, my apartment is very small and there is nowhere for these flowers to sit that doesn’t put them in the way. I don’t mean slightly in the way but massively in the way. They have to either sit on the stove or on what teeny tiny counter space I have beside the kitchen sink, neither spot is ideal. I use the stove, oddly enough, so I have to move them off the stove every time I want to eat and that teeny tiny bit of counter is where other things generally live so the flowers have taken up residence on a tv table that stands in the middle of the kitchen, generally being a pain in my ass. Sometimes they even end up on the floor but they aren’t safe there, I live with a cat, anything on the floor becomes fair game to him lol

The reason behind the flowers was because I have been doing extra work for my manager as well as helping out with a variety of things and generally having to do the work of three because of training new staff. Its not that I thought management hadn’t noticed, I just hadn’t thought of it at all so being surprised with the flowers and being told what they were for was really nice. Its always nice to be told you are appreciated. They came with a lovely card that will last far longer than the flowers. 🙂

So yeah, here I am, probably the most ungrateful person to ever receive flowers, finding more joy in the heartfelt written card than the gorgeous floral display taking up the middle of my kitchen space. Go ahead judge me, I probably deserve it. 😛

An Unintended Hiatus

3 Jan

I didn’t mean to go offline for so long but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of blog posting time lol Heck, it gets in the way of updating facebook and twitter also, which is vaguely impressive considering how quick it is to update those two sites.

sooooo busy

sooooo busy

Prior to Christmas I was busy making Christmas presents…yes, you read that right, making the presents. I chose to make the majority of my Christmas presents for family and friends this year in an effort to (1) give gifts that will mean more to the recipient and (2) would cost me less.

The people I gave the presents too seemed to really like them, so I think I succeeded in giving gifts that meant more than something store bought. I’m not so sure about the saving money part of my plan though…oops?

I made a couple different things but couldn’t mention any of them here because some of the people I was giving the presents to read this blog and I didn’t want them to know in advance what they might be getting. It’s hard to be sneaky when you blab about stuff online all the time lol

Let’s see if I can remember what I made, there were…bath salts, candles, coasters, port wine jelly, Christmas popcorn, granola with nuts and seeds, marble peppermint bark, vanilla extract, rum butter (technically my mom made that one for me so I wouldn’t have to transport it on the plane, same with the vanilla extract), spice rub, a pedicure themed mason jar and a dragon boat themed mason jar…I think that is everything…

I am not a naturally crafty person so to learn how to make all of these things I did a lot of research (which means I scoured Pintrest and googled a lot, oh and watched multiple youtube tutorials) lol Thank goodness other people are crafty! 😛

Luckily I had no craft fails with the presents I was making, phew!

Luckily I had no craft fails with the presents I was making, phew!

The item that caused me the most stress was the port wine jelly, that particular item was for my brother and the fear that it will taste horrible or that I might have screwed up when sterilizing or canning and food poison him was (and is) intense. I don’t know that he’ll tell me when he eventually opens one of the jars, so I may never know if it tastes ok, which means I just have to let it go…sigh…

Like a dummy I didn’t take pictures of the items I made sooooooo yeah, I have no filler for this post in the way of images lol The bath salts were white and green, as were the candles. The food was the colour of food, duh, um, the coasters I made used pictures I nabbed from people’s facebook accounts, or pictures that had been texted to me throughout the year or in one friend’s case pictures I got her daughter to email me lol The coasters are 4×4, so normal size, but a bit thicker and heavier than most coasters you’d buy in a store, mostly cause they are made with a 4×4 wall tile and those suckers are kinda heavy.

I’m happy with how things turned out. 🙂 It took a lot more time and organization than I had thought it would, which left me in a bit of a panic when it was only a couple days until I was getting on the plane and I had yet to make the majority of the items. Then again, I work best under pressure lol 🙂

Sugar Overload

17 Dec

*groan* oooohhhhh my poor tummy, and taste buds, and fat cells *double groan*

The past couple days I have been Christmas baking, not for me, it’s all to give away but that doesn’t mean I haven’t nibbled myself into a sugar coma. It doesn’t help that my roomie also did some baking so I’ve been nibbling on her baking as well as my own. Now, nibbling on her baking makes sense to me but nibbling on my own? Weirdness! I never eat my own baking! But I dunno, this year, I have been nibbling. *shakes head*

So my roomie made Gingerbread cookies, I made: 2 coconut cakes (both with cream cheese icing), chocolate brownies with frosting, coconut cookies, meringue kisses…um, I think that’s it, like that isn’t enough? 😉 lol

So I’ve nibbled on the brownies, the coconut cookies, the first coconut cake and for sure the meringue kisses. The meringues are my absolute fave thing evah! My mom only ever made them at Christmas time so even though I am an adult and could make them whenever I want I only make them around Christmas time, makes them more of a treat this way I think. 🙂

But yeah, so yesterday I ate a bowl of cereal to get my day started and then all I ate after that was nibbles on various baking treats while I continued to keep on baking. Then today I was making icing and cake decorating, oh and brownie decorating lol, so I again started the day with a bowl of cereal and then ended up nibbling on various baked goods while I frosted and iced my way through the kitchen lol.

I did eventually eat “real food” somewhere around 8pm, I had sushi – something as far away from baked goodies as possible lol. I wasn’t actually hungry but I knew I had to eat something that wasn’t a cookie, brownie or meringue and I couldn’t face stepping back in my kitchen and cooking something so take-out it was!

The sushi was yummy, I got a phili roll and a yam roll and a veggie spring roll. Not the best choices but it’s a new sushi place (er, new to me, not new restaurant) so I wanted to stick with dishes I know how they should taste so that I could judge the yummy level of the food against other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to.  Make sense?

I really liked the food, the look of the restaurant, the people there, the menu options and how close the place is to me so I’m for sure gonna go back. 🙂 After I placed my order I noticed hand written signs on the walls advertising house specialty rolls that were all quite unique sounding, and since I love trying new foods I definitely want to go back and try some of them…well, ok, all of them lol. They have one that has a frozen filling that supposedly melts in your mouth! How awesome sounding is that?! 😀

In case you are wondering about the distribution of the baking, one cake was for my roomie and her friends for a Christmas party, the other cake was for my old landlord and his family, they also got some cookies, brownies and meringues (they are the nicest people ever and we still keep in touch), the rest of the cookies, brownies and meringues are being split between friends and my current landlady as presents. I’m fairly poor and can’t afford to get everybody awesome presents so I am supplementing my lame ass purchased presents with baked items cause well, as boastful as this sounds my baking rocks, shrug, and people love it and they always want it anyways so why not give it as presents?

I’m kinda worried people will feel I skimped out cause I didn’t buy stuff but I just can’t afford to buy everyone stuff…as much fun as giving presents can be isn’t it weird how it can also be quite stressful?

I’m now on a no-sugar kick cause seriously, I am so over sugared that the idea of eating anything sweet makes me feel icky inside 😛 I’m not gonna do some cleanse or anything, I’m not that freakin out about all the sugar I’ve been eating, but I am gonna stop eating the baking and any other goodies I come across for the next couple days or so…huh, I just realized that timeline puts me back to eating sugar type items right when I get back to AB lol, geez, you’d think I’d planned it lol 😉

Christmas Phase 1

13 Oct

Yes, I am aware that Christmas is still far away (73 days!) and most people if they are thinking of it at all think of it in passing or in a “meh, lots of time to get ready” kind of way. I am not that person. lol. I LOVE Christmas time. The music, the way people are nicer on a daily basis, the decorations, the ice skating, the hot chocolate, the buying of presents, the wrapping of presents, seeing the pretty wrapped presents sitting under a tree just waiting to be opened, having an entire day that is guaranteed to be spent with family, the love I swear I can feel emenating from the households and wrapping the earth in warmth, the magic that is in the air…heck, on that one day I even love the snow! lol

Christmas though (in my world) must be dealt with in phases…or I suppose you could say stages…because not only do I want to be able to get gifts for all those I will be visiting when I go back to AB I also want to send gifts to my family in England…this takes a bit of planning though. If I want to send a parcel to England cheaply and have it get there in time for Christmas I have to mail the package in October…crazy huh? I very rarely manage to do this so I spend an exhorbitant amount of money to send the packages quickly so even though I mail them late they get there on time. I am determined to not have to do that this year, determined!

I’m also that crazy person who shops for Christmas presents year round…starting with the boxing week sales that pop up every-frickin-where right after Christmas. Before the first week of January 2011 was over I had already purchased many of the presents I am giving to people for this year, what can I say, I love a good sale. 😀

It’s hard shopping for people that are overseas, because you might find the abso-perfect gift for them but it’s heavy, or an ackward size/shape or explodable and all of those conditions make hassles for shipping.

Luckily this year everything seems to be working out, I only have 2 more presents to get and I already know what they are and where to get them from so I’ll be doing that tomorrow then it’s off to the post office to get the parcel in the mail, yah!

Mailing the first Christmas parcel always makes me feel like the season is that much closer – and I can’t wait! 🙂 I spent this evening writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents and it was so much fun I can’t wait till I can do it again…course Phase 2 won’t happen until end of November or sometime in December when I will wrap the gifts I am taking to AB or giving to friends who are here…something to look forward to! 🙂

I almost made some hot cocoa to drink while I was wrapping presents cause hot cocoa and Christmas just make a good pairing in my opinion but I resisted cause I wanted to use my points on actual food…although, I ended up eating some chocolate buttons so that’s not exactly food lol.

I also almost dipped a spoon in to the Nutella jar while waiting for my water to boil for my evening cup of tea. I was all “go for it, I exercised, one spoonful won’t kill me or derail my entire healthy eating plan” but after I sorta shouted/groaned out loud (not even kidding!) I turned away from the cupboard that has the Nutella jar in it and reminded myself that I don’t need the Nutella, and if I have a spoonful of it then I will feel like a failure for not sticking to my points. Now, in all honesty, I could have had a spoonful of Nutella and not gone over my points, well, not eaten all my exercise points, but I didn’t want my food journal to reflect that. I feel stronger mentally if I don’t cheat with my food and the more days in a row I go without cheating the easier it is to resist the various temptations that pop up…does that sound crazy?

It’s like how the more days in a row I exercise I get physically stronger, the more days in a row I follow my eating plan and don’t cheat I get mentally stronger (uh, in the food area of my life anyways lol). That strength is a good thing to build up because when something truly tempting comes along you can lean on that strength and it’ll get you through the hard part. If I have followed my eating plan properly for 5 days (for example) and on day 6 someone puts a slice of cake under my nose it’s easier to say no to the cake because I don’t want those 5 days to be overshadowed by my giving in and eating the cake…I probably sound cooky…lol

Today I ate:

1 Hearty Medley’s = 3 points

1 pc toast = 1.5 points

1 fried egg = 2 points

1 cheese slice =1  point

1/2 C maple baked beans = 2 points

1 chicken breast = 2 points

1 tbls olive oil = 2 points

mixed veggies = 0 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

20 gram Vegetable Thins crackers = 2 points

28 grams pretzel crisps = 2 points

1 pck chocolate buttons = 3 points

Total points eaten = 21.5

Exercise points earned = 7

The olive oil was used to cook the veggies, they were the last of my grilled mixed veggies from M&Ms Meat Shops. Normally I cook them in the oven but they cook at a totally different temp from the chicken so I tried cooking them on the stove top this time. They turned out pretty decent and I kinda wish I’d tried cooking them that way earlier on. I have always stuck them in the oven and even though I cook them for a shorter length of time and on a lower temp then the package says to some of the veggies always got burned…as in to a crisp, they were black charred pieces that fell apart when I tried to move them. lol. Cooking them this way, none of them burned, they all tasted yummy and they took a lot less time. Bonus!

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