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Today I Became a Mom?

19 Jun

haha, ok, not a real mom – don’t go freaking out that I kept something huge like that a secret, I became a GodMother…only I think that makes me sound old so I prefer GodMom…or Auntie. 😛 I am not an overly religious person and really, neither are most of my friends but it seems once you pop out a kid or two you become more religious, shrug.

A friend of mine, JF, is a mom of 3 kids, the oldest is 3.5 years old. She asked me to be godmother to her youngest (who is not yet a year old) and I was floored; in a good way! I couldn’t believe someone would ask that of me…the weird slightly crazy friend who has not gotten married, not become successful in her career, has not popped out a kid or two…basically, I am the one who didn’t follow the same road map as everybody else and while people don’t overly judge me for that they do wonder when I am going to “grow up”. *rolls eyes* I think sometimes they also live vicareously through me cause while JF is going insane on a rainy sat when the kids are cooped up inside and she can’t get anything done I am giving myself a “pampering day” and indulging in mani/pedis and sitting quietly on my couch with a cup of tea and a book. lol. We have quite the opposite lives. 🙂

In case you’re wondering – I quite enjoy my life and would pick mine over hers anyday. 😀 lol

So here I am in AB, becoming a godmom to an adorable little girl and wondering when did this happen? JF told me ages ago, after her second child, she’d only ever ask family to be godparents because for her first child she asked her best friend to be godmom and the friend said yes but since then she hardly ever sees JF or her goddaughter and they live in the same city! JF’s oldest, LF, knows me better then her own godmom and sees me more often – faintly ridiculous when you think about how I live a 12 hour drive away. 😛 So when JF asked me I was stunned, never did I expect that. She said she realized she can’t limit godparent status to just blood family, it has to be asked of people she is close to and people she thinks of like family – kinda cool, she thinks of me like family. *sappy smile*

How does all this relate to my overarching theme of weight loss? Well, when I come to AB to visit my eating habits gets all screwed up. It is so easy to follow your points plan and eat the “right” foods when at home and in your normal routine – it’s a lot harder when you are out all day for days in a row and everyone wants to see you and hang out with you and they all suggest going out for food. Seriously, all of them!

I got here wed super late at night, on thursday I went for brunch with my mom to this great place where I didn’t eat too too badly and then the rest of the day wasn’t so bad food wise. But after that it went downhill. lol. Friday I had lunch at Red Lobster, YUM, and then had dinner at The Cheesecake Cafe, YUM again. 🙂 My only saving grace is at Red Lobster I got the lunch sized portion and at Cheesecake I only ate half the sandwich and half the fries, the rest came home to sit in my mom’s fridge, lol, however, MJ and I split the most amazing desert at Cheesecake (no, it wasn’t cheesecake lol) so that shot my points way in to the stratoshphere. lol. 😛 Saturday we had a family lunch and I didn’t make the best choices, shrug, that’s totally my fault, there were healthy foods on the table but I went for the not so great foods, oops. Then I went to a movie with my oldest nephew where I was thankfully too full to want popcorn or other junkfood but after that I went back to my parents where I ate a small but not awesomly healthy dinner (I had leftovers from lunch lol) then I went out with HB and she hadn’t eaten so we went to a restaurant where I got some slushy alcoholic thing that tasted really good, so good I had two of them, eek! and I had a fruit crumble desert. *groan*

I can feel myself getting fatter. *rolls eyes*

Today, Sunday, was the baptism so after the ceremony there was a party at JF’s mom’s house so I had half a croissant sandwich, raw veggies, cut up fresh fruit, about 10 shrimp with a very small amount of dipping sauce. Not so bad right? I mean, sure, the croissant isn’t good for me but I only had half so it could’ve been worse…well…it got worse! There were cupcakes for dessert, oh my! They were so prettily decorated with cream cheese icing, sooooo yum! 😀 I had 2.5 cupcakes – yup, that’s right, two and a half cupcakes, in under 4 hours! Ack!!

All this food is bad enough but I am always out doing stuff and haven’t exercised once! I brought my free weights and my yoga matt thinking every night before I went to bed I’d at least do something…nope. I am not getting to bed until 3am or so and by that time the last thing I want to do is a bunch of sit ups. ugh.

This is what I have come to expect when I visit – lots of food, lots of bad food choices, me going back with a couple extra pounds on me but this time it is bothering me way more then normal cause I am filming on Tuesday and I don’t want to feel fat on screen. An extra 2 pounds or so won’t show on screen so I’m not worried about how I will look – my concern is I will feel heavy in my tummy area and extra jiggly (both of which I am already feeling) and that will make me self conscious and affect my acting – which sucks. For me, I have to feel comfortable in my body for my acting to be good, if I am not comfie I don’t move as much and I look stuck in one spot, it’s highly annoying. If I feel heavy and fat then I won’t be moving around so much and it’ll affect my demo reel. Argh!

My only way to fix this, that I can think of, is to start right now with being stricter. I figure it’s a better late then never approach lol. I am still way full from the party after the baptism so when I do eat it will be small and healthy and then tomorrow while driving back to BC I will hafta be careful with what I choose. For in the car I have veggies and fruit, just like on my drive up, so I’m not too worried about that. I find though, that the last 2-3 hours of the drive are the hardest and I make it through by using caffeine, water and processed sugar. lol. That’s why I always have timbits on the car, for the last couple hours. But not tomorrow! Nuh-uh! Fruit! Natural sugar! Water! Veggies! Only healthy food is going in me so hopefully I won’t feel heavy on tuesday when I am filming…*scared face*…wish me luck!

Mmm…Restaurants! :)

28 Jul

Yesterday and today have been “restaurant days”; in two days I have eaten in 3 restaurants and visited 2 coffee shops! Every single bite was delicious and worth it but not all that healthy…shocker! lol

Let’s see, yesterday, I ate at Red Lobster, yum! It was Shrimp Lovers Tuesday and I am sooooo a shrimp lover. 😛 I picked three dishes, I don’t know why I did that…you can pick just two but I chose three. shrug. Even before I was trying to lose weight and just ate whatever I always ordered the three and couldn’t finish so this time I really couldn’t finish! I got the Shrimp Linguine Alfredo; it’s my absolute fave dish at RL. Sadly though a half serving is 14 points…yup, you read that right, 14 points! When you get it as part of the trio the quantity is less then a half portion but I am not sure how much less so I am not exactly sure how many points it was. Don’t forget the other two items though…the Fried Shrimp and the Garlic Shrimp. The Garlic Shrimp were perfect; the Fried Shrimp were alright. Oh, it also came with a baked potato that I of course got sour cream for, a garden salad with ranch dressing on the side (it would have been light dressing but they don’t have light dressing there) and the cheese buns. Everyone who goes to RL knows the best part is those free dinner buns they give you at the beginning, they are to die for! They are so warm and delicious, they tear apart easily, are soft inside and a bit crunchy outside, there is cheese baked in to them…mouth heaven right there!

So after eating enough food to fill a lady pregnant with twins I went to a movie where I did not eat or drink anything cause really, where would it fit? lol. After the movie though N and I wanted to keep hanging out so we went to Tim Horton’s and were there just in time to get tea before they closed…I figure tea aids in digestion though so that’s ok. lol

Today was lunch at Joey’s with J; it is tradition, we go there everytime I visit. I fluctuate on what I get there so you’d think I’d order something kinda healthy, ha! I got the Sliders which are 3 baby burgers and a side order of yam fries which I am proud to say I didn’t eat all of. 🙂 As soon as the order was taken and the waiter gone a table near us that had 4 women got served and they all ordered huge salads and I immediately felt guilty and was tempted to call the waiter back to change my order but the waiter was nowhere to be found and I would have felt like a fool doing that anyways so shrug, it didn’t happen.

Dinner was at the Cheesecake Cafe with MJ and K; that is also becoming a tradition when I visit. 🙂 I was still full from lunch so I got soup, safe right? Nope! I got the broccoli and cheese soup in a bread bowl, a frickin bread bowl! Just stick a needle in my arm full of carbs and let it go! *rolls eyes* It was yummy though and not such a huge serving I felt like I over indulged…and I only ate a small part of the bowl…Then over to Starbucks where I got a tea. I am glad I like tea so much, no calories, tasty, helps the tummy – all kinds of good reasons to drink the stuff!

So those were my two days of restaurants and coffee shops; not good by any means but I s’pose they could’ve been a lot worse! …right?

On a good note I got a response finally from Peter’s Drive In, remember I mentioned I emailed them ages ago looking for nutritional information for the milkshakes there? Well…they sent it! Along with the nutritional information for the entire menu. Sweeeet! It is too late tonight to do anything about it but I will finally be able to figure out the points for that milkshake and see just how bad it was!

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