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Goodbye U.S. (part 2)

17 Oct

So sure, it’s only been minutes since I finished the last post but since it’s now past midnight it is technically the “tomorrow” I spoke about in the last sentence of the previous post so I am writing…it is my blog ya know, I’m pretty sure that means I get to make up the rules lol 😉

Let’s see, I left off with the three of us gorging ourselves at Red Lobster, yum. 😀

I took a cooler with me with a freezer pack inside to store the yogurt I was planning to buy so I put our leftovers in there and off we went to the outlet mall. I’ve been to that mall before, with KL actually, but KS hadn’t been so we wandered most of it. Banana Republic was a real wallet killer for the other two, both found multiple clothing items they wanted. I tried some stuff on for fun but none of it fit….I found this cute dress, empire waist and flowy which is usually a win for me cause that style hides a lot of my trouble areas. Well, the bodice part is fitted and made of a non-stretchy material, I couldn’t get the dress up over my hips and when I tried to put it on over my head I couldn’t get it to go past my breasts…barriers at both ends of my body! lol. 😛 Ah well, I couldn’t have afforded it anyways, and where would I wear a dress? It’s winter! *rolls eyes*

I was mostly looking for presents for people for Christmas, I found none, sigh. I was sorta hoping to find a new pair of runners for working out as mine are not very good anymore but the prices weren’t cheap enough to be worth the expense so I left them all behind…so sad, leaving shoes behind, I think there’s a Girl Rule about that and I think I broke it…oops. 😛

We didn’t stay at the mall all that long, KS spent as much as she was willing to spend in the first store so she was ready to leave right after that and KL kept looking then talking herself out of buying stuff lol. Sorry to say we didn’t help the American economy all that much…although, we did give the waitress at Red Lobster a kick ass awesome tip so at least she benefited from us being there lol.

After the mall we went to Wal-Mart for my yogurt splurge! 😀 I was so excited and so nervous – and yes, I am aware of how pathetic that is. I was all excited to finally get this yogurt I’ve been wanting to try for so long but so nervous they might not have it *cringe*

Turns out I had nothing to fear, the Yoplait yogurt section was huuuuuuge! And oh so much of it was the Yoplait Light, wOOt! 😀

Thanks to a link left as a comment on one of my posts I was able to scope out the flavours last night so I already knew what I was looking for. I found even more flavours then was on the site but it turned out that I had veered into the non-light section by accident so I was looking at flavours I wasn’t going to be buying (like Pina Colada). Luckily I realized before getting to the till so the 2 non-light ones I grabbed by accident were replaced by light yogurts.

My Tower of Yoplait Light Yogurt!

I bought ten in total, each a different flavour, and none of them flavours I could get here in a different brand of yogurt (so no mixed berries etc).

The flavours I got are: Cherry Cobbler, Boston Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Apple Turnover, Blueberry Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Short Cake, Lemon Meringue, Cinnamon Roll and Lemon Cream Pie. phew, just re-reading that is fun, imagine the fun of eating them! *excited giggles*

Walking through the food section of that Wal-Mart was crazy! We didn’t even go up and down the aisles so it was just what we were seeing as we aimed towards the yogurt but wow, lots of stuff we don’t have. I am jealous you have Special K potato chips, and for cheap! I couldn’t justify buying them but don’t think I didn’t stick a box in my cart and push it around for a while in the hopes I could convince myself lol. There was junk food everywhere! The end of each aisle we passed was strictly unhealthy food…I guess all the healthy stuff is in the aisles and they put the unhealthy at the end…which could be smart cause that means you could shop the aisles and kinda pretend the ends don’t exist so you don’t buy any junk. That’s probably not how it works though huh?

Of course it doesn’t help that it’s leading up to halloween so there was lots of extra candy etc all around…we saw this huge container of cheese balls…for halloween, kinda strange. Oh, and these cookies with marshmallows attached somehow and shaped to look like spooky cats, also kinda strange. There was lots of candy and junk food I wish I’d written down the names of cause I wanted to know what it was but didn’t want to pick it up in case I didn’t have the willpower to put it back lol. One thing I couldn’t resist was this big box of Junior Mints for only $1! Only a dollar?!?! Sweeeeet! Oh, fyi, those are like my all time fave chocolate candy type thing and they are kinda expensive here so I don’t buy them all too often and when I do buy them I get the super small box. So this, a big box for only a buck, there was no thought process, there was just my hand reaching out for a box lol. Bad I know…I’ll probably regret it tomorrow…but not tonight! 😛

So yeah, Wal-Mart was like a wonderland for bad-for-me-foods but I was firm and stuck to the yogurts and er, that one box of Junior Mints *whistles an innocent tune*

After that we got some gas (oh my god so much cheaper there, even when you take in to account gallons vs litres! It was a little over $20 for half a tank in my suv, here that’d cost me about $35!) and we headed back to our side of the border.

The Canadian border guard was a lady and asked how long we were in the states, I said approx 12 hours, she asked why we went, I said to eat at Red Lobster. She gave us all this up and down look and said “you were at Red Lobster for 12 hours??” So of course I said no, after eating we hit up the outlet mall blah blah blah. We always get way more questions going back home then leaving…firearms, tobacco, drugs, duty free shopping, how much did we spend, anybody give us gifts, and on and on…I mean seriously, if I was bringing drugs or firearms back do they really think I’d say yes when they ask? *rolls eyes*

I am happy to report my yogurt stayed nice and cold (I put it in the cooler bag) so I am not concerned it will not be safe to eat and I can’t wait till I have an appetite again cause the first thing I’m gonna eat is one of those. I am going to eat them by randomly plucking one from the group instead of carefully choosing, so it’ll be a little surprise each time. 🙂 Hey, let me get my jollies where I can alright? 😛 lol

No more food binges for me though, that was plenty of damage! I know there is no saving this week but I will be careful for the rest of it anyways and hopefully my body can recover from the damage I inflicted in a couple weeks or so…I wish it luck! lol.

Oh! Sidenote, I got hit on in the yogurt section of Wal-Mart…guy offered to buy me the “real thing” when I was holding the Pina Colada yogurt…I said thanks but no…random!

Hello U.S. (part 1)

16 Oct

I may never finish digesting all the food that got put in my stomach today…seriously, soooooo much food! All of it delicious but ugh, my digestive track is going to make me pay for this tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after…and probably even tonight eek! lol.

Today was my quest to Red Lobster, oooooooh yeah baby! *butt wiggling dance* 😀 It is ShrimpFest at Red Lobster and who can resist all you can eat shrimp? Not I or my friends lol. 😀

KL and KS got here at 9:22am, luckily I was ready early. 🙂 I may have been a tad eager for the day to begin *blinks innocently* I drove us and we made good time, the wait at the border was about 20mins which is much better then the sign warning a 40min wait, lol. The US border guard was a guy and when he asked why we were going to the States I was honest, I told him we were going to Red Lobster. 😛 You should have seen his face, the funny look he gave me, maybe he hasn’t heard that reason before? *head tilt* He let us cross without any real hassle (yah for the three of us looking fairly harmless!) and on we went. 😀 We actually passed the outlet mall on the way to the restaurant but we wanted to eat first and then go shopping, the shrimp was more important then the potential clothes etc we might find.

There were barely any people in the restaurant when we got there, they’d only been open an hour or so but that was perfect cause we got a great booth really quickly. Now, here’s the thing, when it’s an all-you-can-eat deal you can’t take food home with you, buuuuut, like I was gonna let that stop me? I was determined to sneak out some of those cheddar biscuits!…sooooo, I had tupperware in my purse *blush* Hey! Don’t judge me! A girl does what she must! 😉

KS and I both did the ShrimpFest but KL had never been to a Red Lobster before (poor deprived soul) so she got the Create-A-Feast, she got snow crab legs, large butterfly coconut shrimp and um…I don’t remember her third item. She also “generously” offered to sacrifice her waist size by helping KS and I eat our shrimp – isn’t she so selfless? It’s amazing the lengths friends will go to for each other. teehee

Brace yourself! Here are the shrimp dishes I got: (seriously, you may want to sit for this…okaaaaay, I warned you!)

Coconut Shrimp Bites

Garlic Shrimp

Those came with a baked potato, oh, and I’d already been served a garden salad and eaten two of the cheddar biscuits…and eaten 1 lobster-crab-and-seafood stuffed mushrooms (we split the appie but I didn’t care for it so I let the other two eat the rest)

Then I got:

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Shrimp (ten to a skewer – I highly recommend, they were awesome!)

Parmesan Shrimp

Shrimp Linguini Alfredo

Coconut Shrimp Bites (yes, I got a second order)

At that point I thought I was gonna burst and was ever so grateful I wore my loose fitting jeans – more room for my tummy to expand lol.

The Shrimp Linguini Alfredo wasn’t as good as it normally is, when I get it in AB it has more seasoning, I found this serving a bit bland, this blandness saved me some calories cause I decided since I didn’t loooove it I wasn’t gonna eat it (ya know, considering how many calories I ate with all the other food I feel that savings is rather pathetic in the grand scheme of things lol).

The Coconut Shrimp Bites were amazing! I loved them! Never had them before but I will so want them again someday…the dipping sauce has coconut in it and the batter on the shrimp has a bit of spicy to it, Mmm! and yeah, you read that right, batter, as in bad for me batter…no healthy shrimp for me today!

The Parmesan Shrimp was yum but basically the Garlic Shrimp with a breaded parmesan layer over top so I say just get one per meal and stick with the Garlic ones cause they are so so so delish and by avoiding the breaded parmesan layer you just gotta be saving some calories, fat, carbs, etc…right? *nods convincingly* Yah! I convinced myself! lol

One of the newbie shrimp dishes is the Sweet and Spicy Grilled Shrimp – holy crapolla! Whoever came up with that dish deserves praise! The perfect blend of sweet and spicy, nice big shrimp, ten on a skewer, they slid off the skewer oh so gently. Couldn’t ask for anything better. I wanted a second order of those too but knew I wouldn’t be able to eat them there and figured they wouldn’t warm up very well at home – and really, if I couldn’t at least eat a couple at the restaurant and if they weren’t going to warm up well I figured it’d be a waste of food to order them…I didn’t want to be responsible for the death of more shrimp then absolutely needed. lol. I was already causing a severe dip in the shrimp stocks of this Red Lobster location 😛

I had a strategy going in to this meal and I was even kind enough to share it with KS, I wanted to make sure we didn’t get too full too early on and not be able to eat lots. The first part of the plan was don’t order the linguini first! The pasta is way filling and will take up too much room! The rest of the plan was fairly simple, only order water or a diet pop (no filling drinks), eat barely any or none of the salad that comes with the order, don’t eat the side that comes with the order (I ordered a baked potato which I love but barely touched it), don’t eat the rice or other filler foods that come with the various shrimp dishes, oh, and most importantly, for pitys sake, never stop eating! If you stop eating that gives your stomach and brain time to get all chatty with each other and your brain will realize that you are way full and tell your stomach to STOP! If that happens you’re screwed…so, keep eating, a slow and steady pace, that way you can fit way more in. Gee, is it a wonder I got so fat? 😉

The plan worked out great! Obviously. You did read the food list above right? What normal person can eat that much food?? *rolls eyes* Well, ok, the other two at the table ate about the same amount so I’m not the only one lol.

I did manage to sneak 4 of the cheddar biscuits out of there, and KS and I each brought home leftovers. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the leftover coconut shrimp bites there (they are just that good!) so I brought them home, along with the dipping sauce, and will see how they warm up…ya know, in four days when I finally get an appetite back. 😉

*I have more to tell about the trip but this post is already long enough so I’ll write a Part 2 entry tomorrow!* 😀

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

10 Oct

For those of you reading this who are not in Canada it is Thanksgiving Weekend – gobble gobble lol. Thanksgiving is a bigger deal in the States then in Canada (there’s some huge shopping day in the States after their Thanksgiving) but it’s not like it’s ignored here…well, by people who are not me lol. 😛

The “traditional” Thanksgiving celebration is a family congregates at some point during the long weekend and eats turkey with all the trimmings – and dude, who doesn’t like a full out turkey dinner? It’s like an early Christmas meal lol.

In my family every Thanksgiving long weekend my dad would go visit his mom (Grandma was in a different province so he was gone the entire time) and mom would order us a pizza, I think we’d usually rent a movie as well but I might be wrong about that…for sure though we had pizza. 😀 I loooooove pizza so I was uber happy with this deal since we didn’t order it in very often (my dad has an aversion to cooked cheese and the smell of it distresses his stomach…also, why order a pizza for dinner when one of the people in the house wouldn’t be able to eat it? kinda rude…) I looked forward to this pizza every year lol.

I remember the first year we had Thanksgiving after my Grandma passed away, mom decided to do the turkey dinner thing, I was upset cause I wanted our traditional pizza lol. Random huh?

Since I moved to BC Thanksgiving has been different every year. The first year I was in school so my entire class got together and had a potluck, we had some “traditional” foods, like stuffing, but we also had things like home made macaroni and cheese, some Chinese food, this chicken thing, a tofu dish…it was whatever people wanted to bring so a really random combo of foods. It was great!

The second year my roomie and I had a small group of friends over and we had some homemade dishes as well as some store bought foods and we all chilled and watched movies. Nice an quiet.

The third year I was soooo looking forward to my pizza meal but a girl I was working with was way homesick for her family and the standard turkey dinner thing (she was from SK and was really missing her family and friends) so we went to White Spot and got the full turkey dinner with a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. They actually serve the turkey dinner year round and to be fair, it’s way legit, totally tasty but it just wasn’t what I wanted. lol. That year, it was kinda funny, I was really wanting pizza and I ended up going to two turkey dinners, the one at White Spot and then a different friend on a different evening made the entire turkey dinner and invited me and like I could say no? Sooooo I had two full turkey dinners, both with pumpkin pie for dessert and no pizza. Can’t really complain since the food was great and getting to eat pumpkin pie two days in a row was a little slice of taste bud heaven lol 😀

This year though I figured I’d finally get my pizza dinner – and I did! I ate a personal sized pizza on Friday and instead of pumpkin pie for dessert I got dessert breadsticks from the pizza place. Delish! 😀 And yes, I know, way bad for me, but as I stated in yesterdays post I have been an epic failure in the making food choices department lately so Friday was just one more day when I sucked at making good food choices. shrug. I regret it but there’s nothing I can do about it now lol.

So now it is late night on Monday, Thanksgiving is over, and this year it passed with barely a whimper. I am not at a standard monday to friday job so the long weekend aspect of the weekend didn’t affect me, I got my pizza and avoided turkey and well, nothing hugely special happened.

I am trying to get back on track with my food choices and my food tracking so today I wrote down what I ate and attempted to make good food decisions. I made a mistake with calculations though so I ended up going over my points, figures, but at least I am trying! Also, once I realized I went over my points I cut myself off from food, which kinda sucked cause it’s a rainy icky day and I keep wanting to make cocoa or have more soup or chocolate or something but I am resisting it all. Maybe my willpower is slowly coming back to me? I’m over by 3 points so it could’ve been a lot worse…just thought I’d point that out for my defence lol.

I have made a promise to myself and here it is: this week, starting today and going through to the end of this coming Saturday I will be a good little Weight Watcher. I will do all my tracking, I will eat only my points (and if needed a small amount of flex points), I will exercise as much as possible (should be 4 times this week minimum) – basically I will do all the things I am supposed to be doing but fell off the rails with. And why this time frame? Cause I have had long standing plans for this coming Sunday to go with friends down to the states to go to Red Lobster, lol, weird huh? I love Red Lobster but there are none in BC, lame! so some of us got together and decided we’d make a road trip to go since Shrimp Fest is on. lol. We saw ads for Shrimp Fest last month and it’s only on till Oct 22 (if I remember correctly) so we’re going before the end of that – shriiiiiiiimp! YUM! 😀

At Red Lobster I am going to allow myself to eat whatever the heck I want since it’s such a rare treat but after that day I am going to be jumping back onto the strict-diet-wagon I am hopping on today.

I have decided that I am going to be super strict girl starting now (minus my Red Lobster day) and going until Christmas. I am sure there will be days where I go over my points, or I eat something stupid or I’m pms-ing and can’t resist the Nutella (hey, it happens lol) but I’m going to do my best to minimize those screw ups. I want to lose 15 pounds by the time I go back to AB for Christmas and if I don’t start now it’s not gonna happen – cause we all know how frickin slow my body allows me to lose weight, erg.

Huh, I guess instead of a New Year’s resolution (something I never do) I am making a Thanksgiving Resolution…here’s hoping I can stick with it!

Mmm…Restaurants! :)

28 Jul

Yesterday and today have been “restaurant days”; in two days I have eaten in 3 restaurants and visited 2 coffee shops! Every single bite was delicious and worth it but not all that healthy…shocker! lol

Let’s see, yesterday, I ate at Red Lobster, yum! It was Shrimp Lovers Tuesday and I am sooooo a shrimp lover. 😛 I picked three dishes, I don’t know why I did that…you can pick just two but I chose three. shrug. Even before I was trying to lose weight and just ate whatever I always ordered the three and couldn’t finish so this time I really couldn’t finish! I got the Shrimp Linguine Alfredo; it’s my absolute fave dish at RL. Sadly though a half serving is 14 points…yup, you read that right, 14 points! When you get it as part of the trio the quantity is less then a half portion but I am not sure how much less so I am not exactly sure how many points it was. Don’t forget the other two items though…the Fried Shrimp and the Garlic Shrimp. The Garlic Shrimp were perfect; the Fried Shrimp were alright. Oh, it also came with a baked potato that I of course got sour cream for, a garden salad with ranch dressing on the side (it would have been light dressing but they don’t have light dressing there) and the cheese buns. Everyone who goes to RL knows the best part is those free dinner buns they give you at the beginning, they are to die for! They are so warm and delicious, they tear apart easily, are soft inside and a bit crunchy outside, there is cheese baked in to them…mouth heaven right there!

So after eating enough food to fill a lady pregnant with twins I went to a movie where I did not eat or drink anything cause really, where would it fit? lol. After the movie though N and I wanted to keep hanging out so we went to Tim Horton’s and were there just in time to get tea before they closed…I figure tea aids in digestion though so that’s ok. lol

Today was lunch at Joey’s with J; it is tradition, we go there everytime I visit. I fluctuate on what I get there so you’d think I’d order something kinda healthy, ha! I got the Sliders which are 3 baby burgers and a side order of yam fries which I am proud to say I didn’t eat all of. 🙂 As soon as the order was taken and the waiter gone a table near us that had 4 women got served and they all ordered huge salads and I immediately felt guilty and was tempted to call the waiter back to change my order but the waiter was nowhere to be found and I would have felt like a fool doing that anyways so shrug, it didn’t happen.

Dinner was at the Cheesecake Cafe with MJ and K; that is also becoming a tradition when I visit. 🙂 I was still full from lunch so I got soup, safe right? Nope! I got the broccoli and cheese soup in a bread bowl, a frickin bread bowl! Just stick a needle in my arm full of carbs and let it go! *rolls eyes* It was yummy though and not such a huge serving I felt like I over indulged…and I only ate a small part of the bowl…Then over to Starbucks where I got a tea. I am glad I like tea so much, no calories, tasty, helps the tummy – all kinds of good reasons to drink the stuff!

So those were my two days of restaurants and coffee shops; not good by any means but I s’pose they could’ve been a lot worse! …right?

On a good note I got a response finally from Peter’s Drive In, remember I mentioned I emailed them ages ago looking for nutritional information for the milkshakes there? Well…they sent it! Along with the nutritional information for the entire menu. Sweeeet! It is too late tonight to do anything about it but I will finally be able to figure out the points for that milkshake and see just how bad it was!

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