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Hiking Pics

28 Apr

I’ve been hiking a handful of times since the weather got nice and each time there have been some definite kodak moments…some of which I actually pulled my phone out and took pics of. Look at me, remembering to take pictures of things so I can share them with you, go me go! lol πŸ˜‰

Well ok, I remembered to take pictures twice and one of those hikes I’ve already shared the pics of but if my Drop Box will ever finish uploading the newest pics from my phone then I will post some of them here…

Let’s all wait together shall we?

-Insert Jeopardy music here-

Aha! Finally! πŸ™‚

2016-04-24 16.21.50

This was taken from around the halfway point on the staircase. I hate stairs. Stairs are evil. Having said that, when I got to the top I realized they weren’t as bad as I anticipated. Lesson learned! Always try something you think is gonna be hard, it might turn out to not be that bad… πŸ™‚

2016-04-24 16.18.44

A lovely little spot where people go swimming in the summer. Despite how warm we had gotten from our hike it was definitely nowhere near warm enough in the water to dip a toe in. You can’t tell from this pic but to the right the water gets deeper and extends quite a ways up until it meets with a waterfall. There is a ledge where people jump in to the water from that currently has a tribute on it because someone jumped about 3 weeks or so ago and died.

2016-04-24 16.48.09

This is a man made lake that sorta just appears when you’re on a certain trail. It is super calm and relaxing and I could sit on the bench and enjoy the spot for hours. Well, except that just behind you is the trail so you hear people going past. A bench that is a bit off the trail and more secluded would be nice, only, how would people know about it? Oh the dilemmas! lol Apparently there are fish in the lake and people go fishing here, I didn’t see any but maybe they are deeper in the water where it is warmer.

I feel a little bad about the fish, I mean, c’mon, people make a lake and stock it with fish then let people fish there. It is kinda mean. The fish have no way to escape, they didn’t choose to be there and you are almost guaranteeing they get killed…just doesn’t seem right to me. If people want to fish I think they should fish somewhere the fish have a bit better odds of not dying, but that is just my opinion, shrug.

All in all, lovely hikes. πŸ™‚ Lisa and I go every Sunday after work and we are upping that to also going every Monday after work, so guaranteed two hikes a week, yay! They aren’t crazy intense hikes or anything but they are still nice. I’ll leave the crazy intense hikes for a day off so I have more time and energy to enjoy them and go farther in to the back country…bears here I come! πŸ˜‰

Candle Drama

18 Jan

I love candles. Any size. Any type. I love em all! πŸ™‚ I find it so soothing to have a candle burning while I’m puttering around the apartment, it helps if the candle smells pretty but some of them I burn just because I like the look of the candle or I’m trying to get it down a bit so when it is on display it looks more creative lol πŸ˜›

I received a lovely smelling candle at Christmas time, the scent is black cherry. I would never have thought of that scent but as soon as I sniffed it I couldn’t wait to burn it and have that scent fill my apartment.

Smells amazing!

Smells amazing!

Unfortunately, the pressure change in the plane cracked the jar the candle is in and according to the sticker on the bottom of the jar and results of many a google search if there is a crack in the glass you should not burn the candle. NoooOOOOoooo! 😦

Can you see the cracks in the glass?

Can you see the cracks in the glass?

Not sure if you can see the cracks in the glass, there are two of them and they are thwarting my ability to light my candle, boo!

I keep debating on burning it anyways, maybe putting it inside my deepest pot (without the lid obviously lol) so if it explodes or something the glass is at least a little bit contained but then I think that is probably a bad idea, I dunno, I haven’t decided yet, shrug.

I asked my mom if she remembered where she bought it from so I could look for it here but she couldn’t recall. When I was in Safeway the other day I found this…

New candle!

New candle!

It is Juicy Black Cherries instead of just Black Cherry, which, you wouldn’t think would make a difference but it does a little bit. When neither candle has been lit and I sniff them both they don’t smell quite the same. The one my mom gave me smells better but this one isn’t bad. I figure when I have finished burning the one I bought from Safeway I will attach a wick to the bottom, melt the wax from the candle I am not supposed to burn because of the stupid jar, pour that wax in to this jar and boom! Second chance at burning the lovely smelling candle I got for Christmas! πŸ™‚

I never thought taking candles on a plane would be problematic but not only did the candle I was given get damaged but some of the candles I made and took with me had side effects. Those ones shrunk so if you tip the jar upside down the candle will slide out, fully formed, it’s weird. I’m assuming they will be ok when lit, and hey, maybe when they get lit they will somehow secure themselves to the jar? Here’s for wishful thinking! πŸ™‚

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