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Hiking Pics

28 Apr

I’ve been hiking a handful of times since the weather got nice and each time there have been some definite kodak moments…some of which I actually pulled my phone out and took pics of. Look at me, remembering to take pictures of things so I can share them with you, go me go! lol 😉

Well ok, I remembered to take pictures twice and one of those hikes I’ve already shared the pics of but if my Drop Box will ever finish uploading the newest pics from my phone then I will post some of them here…

Let’s all wait together shall we?

-Insert Jeopardy music here-

Aha! Finally! 🙂

2016-04-24 16.21.50

This was taken from around the halfway point on the staircase. I hate stairs. Stairs are evil. Having said that, when I got to the top I realized they weren’t as bad as I anticipated. Lesson learned! Always try something you think is gonna be hard, it might turn out to not be that bad… 🙂

2016-04-24 16.18.44

A lovely little spot where people go swimming in the summer. Despite how warm we had gotten from our hike it was definitely nowhere near warm enough in the water to dip a toe in. You can’t tell from this pic but to the right the water gets deeper and extends quite a ways up until it meets with a waterfall. There is a ledge where people jump in to the water from that currently has a tribute on it because someone jumped about 3 weeks or so ago and died.

2016-04-24 16.48.09

This is a man made lake that sorta just appears when you’re on a certain trail. It is super calm and relaxing and I could sit on the bench and enjoy the spot for hours. Well, except that just behind you is the trail so you hear people going past. A bench that is a bit off the trail and more secluded would be nice, only, how would people know about it? Oh the dilemmas! lol Apparently there are fish in the lake and people go fishing here, I didn’t see any but maybe they are deeper in the water where it is warmer.

I feel a little bad about the fish, I mean, c’mon, people make a lake and stock it with fish then let people fish there. It is kinda mean. The fish have no way to escape, they didn’t choose to be there and you are almost guaranteeing they get killed…just doesn’t seem right to me. If people want to fish I think they should fish somewhere the fish have a bit better odds of not dying, but that is just my opinion, shrug.

All in all, lovely hikes. 🙂 Lisa and I go every Sunday after work and we are upping that to also going every Monday after work, so guaranteed two hikes a week, yay! They aren’t crazy intense hikes or anything but they are still nice. I’ll leave the crazy intense hikes for a day off so I have more time and energy to enjoy them and go farther in to the back country…bears here I come! 😉

Sun Shopping and Sand (part 2)

20 Jul

Alrighty, so now we are on to Sunday, not nearly as fun of a day just packed full of stuff to do. I prefer my sundays to be quiet and just chill at home but that was not how this sunday went!

Went for a hair appointment at 12:30pm, I think I have found a new hairdresser – she totally rocked! Then did a bunch of boring manual labour chores, ugh. lol.

For those of you that follow my posts on a regular basis you know that saturday should have been my weigh in day. Remember how last week when I weighed myself early in the day I was up by 0.2 lbs but when I weighed myself closer to the same time I weighed myself the previous week I was down the 1.8 lbs – well something similar happened like that this week. sigh. I weighed myself early saturday morning and was up 0.2 lbs, sadness. I tried again sunday morning cause I wasn’t up quite as early and I was down that 0.2 lbs – so back where I was the previous week. shrug. Better then gaining! I was going to get my hair done then come back home and weigh myself cause I figured I could wait that long without eating and that would put me close to the same weigh in time as last week. On the way home I convinced myself I should go do my errands first and all of a sudden it is 3pm I am feeling faint and slightly nauseaous cause I’ve been moving heavy stuff on an empty stomach. Oops! My cure for that was…brace for it…Subway! lol. That sadly never changes. *rolls eyes* So the re-weighing never happened cause by the time I got home it was around 6pm and I’d eaten, sigh. That means for this week I plateaued – man I hate that word! – but again, it’s better then gaining.

Mmm! If only I stopped with this...

I did a stupid thing though, since I hadn’t eaten anything but the sub that whole day I decided I could treat myself to a medium Tim Horton’s Iced Cap (3 points if you get it made with milk instead of cream) and while there I thought hey, one timbit can’t hurt, that’s only 1 point. I swear that’s what I ordered but once away from the store I go to eat my timbit and it’s a frickin donut!!! I totally ate it. lol. I really debated over it though and the only reason I ate it was because I’d only had the sub at that point and figured I had to use a lot of points somewhere might as well be with a yummy chocolate glazed donut. Man, it was so good! Mmm! Sadly, the donut was 6 points so that won’t be happening again! Then around 8pm a friend called and I hooked up with her, she hadn’t eaten so we went to Brown’s Social House where I ordered what I thought seemed a healthy meal but it tasted way too good to be healthy. Sad. Then half a beer while on the beach and bam! All of a sudden I am way over my points for the day! Oh dear. I had planned on not using any flex points because I know I will be using some on friday but guess I screwed that up.  sigh.

I know that points don’t move from one day to another so using under my points on saturday and going over on sunday doesn’t help to even things out but somehow it makes me feel better about the whole thing. lol. 😛

Weight Watchers has what is called Activity Points; I don’t talk about them because I am not active so I never have to calculate them. However, for sunday I was quite active and even though it was active in the sense I was lugging a bunch of heavy stuff around instead of going to a gym I feel that should count because (1) I was sweating and if I am gonna sweat it damn well better count as exercise and (2) some of my muscles hurt the next day so obviously I did something. I figure I earned about 3 or 4 activity points which doesn’t cancel out that horrible for me yet oh so tasty donut but it does help make it not so bad! lol

On Sunday I ate:

1 6″ turkey sub = 5 points

cheese on the sub = 1 point

1 medium Iced Cap = 3 points

1 chocolate glazed donut = 6 points

Halibut with roasted corn, almond rice and salad

    – halibut steak = 5 points

     – rice = 4 points

     – almond milk used to cook rice = 2 points

     – salad = 4 points

For the day I used 33 points!! OMG!! Horrible!!! Stupid donut. And stupid fish dinner! I thought the halibut was going to be a healthy choice but really, the dinner was quite high in points. Mind, the points for dinner are approximates because the restaurant doesn’t have nutritional information which sucks but what are ya gonna do?

Oh and guess what I got in the mail today? A gift card for Tim Horton’s, lol, oh my…that could buy a lotta donuts! 😛

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