No news is NOT always good news…

30 Aug

You know how when you have to go for bloodwork or some such thing and the doctors office always says “no news is good news – if you don’t hear from us don’t worry about it!” and then you get some vague voicemail saying “hi, this is the doctors office and we need you to come in to talk about your test results, call us!” which instantly gets you freaking out so you take time off work, go to the doctors just to find out your fine? Well, my not blogging on the weekend, thereby not providing any new news on the weight loss front, does not mean all is going smoothly.

Saturday I woke up in such a good mood, I did a happy dance before I even stepped on the scale, how twisted is that?! During the week I had felt like I hadn’t lost any weight but I was so sure that when I stepped on the scale I’d see a smaller number, I was soooooo hoping I’d hit the 10 lbs lost mark…I didn’t hit the mark. sigh.  I only lost 0.8 lbs, that’s right, not even an entire pound! That wouldn’t be so bad except the week before I maintained my weight, argh! It’s not officially called a plateau until it has been 4 weeks without losing weight but come on already! I was so upset that I couldn’t bring myself to blog about the weigh in on saturday, too depressing to write about how poorly I did.

I was all “I don’t get it! I didn’t cheat, I followed all the rules, I ate my points…what happened??” I spoke with my mom on sunday who has much more weight loss knowledge then I do and she said not to fret about it. I still lost even if it’s not a big number and there could be all kinds of reasons why it happened. My body could still be recovering from the week before where I underate for so many days,  it could be it (my body) is learning how to maintin – and apparently this can happen. You will plateau for a week or so and then your body gets back to dropping the weight. Like it needs a break from losing weight then decides it’s ok with getting smaller again after a while and gets back on track. lol. Stupid body. 😛

I decided I had to move past the sadness of weigh in day and on sunday I hung out with MJ, we went and shopped, did touristy stuff (she was only visiting for the day, she had a really long lay over when on her way home) and of course, we ate. lol. I knew I was going to end up eating badly sunday because of where we were going. There is a great farmers market with lots of fresh local fruits and veggies (I bought my fruit for the week there) but all the places to buy food and eat there are fast food unhealthy places. This dicotomy has always confused me. I ended up getting a piece of battered cod and chips (aka french fries). Mmm! Fish n chips, can’t go wrong there! Well, fat/calorie wise you can but taste wise you can’t. lol. The fish was oh so fresh and the texture was perfect, the entire thing was delicious. 😀 I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat the entire thing cause it was such a big serving but I ate every single bite! lol.

When speaking to my mom sunday night I told her about the fish n chips and she was all “good luck losing weight this week” which of course got me freaked that I had totally messed my chances for the coming weigh in day so today I went googling, teehee, to try to discover the points for a piece of battered cod and a huge portion of fries and came up with numbers ranging from 14.5 to 18…I decided to count my points for the fish n chips as 18, better to guess high then low, right? Even at 18 points I didn’t do too badly for the day, I only ended up 1 point over my daily total, yah!

Today was back to normal, work, ugh, so easy to figure out my food. I took left overs for lunch so I had a little bit of this an a little bit of that and while not an amazingly great lunch it was filling and decent in points and that’s all I need. Dinner however was really good. 😀 I had two new things that I found in the frozen section of the grocery store yesterday. New food, sweet! 😀 lol

I didn't have the spicy ones but otherwise they are the same

The first new thing is Alexia Sweet Potatoes Julienne, 85 grams are 3 points. 85 grams translates to about 12 fries…depending on the size of the fries you pull out of the bag. lol. Easy to make, stick em in the over at 400C for 17 mins or so, turn them over at the half way mark, and voila! Yam fries! I am a total sucker for yams/sweet potato so these were a nice find. The Alexia line is 100% all natural, 0 trans fat, premium products blah blah blah. I didn’t pick the fries for any of those reasons, I picked them because I could fit the points in to my daily food. The company’s website is:  They have a large line of products on the website, there were not nearly as many items at my grocery store but I will keep an eye out to see what else from them I can find. 🙂

not real meat...but it sure tasted like beef


The second new item I had for dinner was Beefless Tips…a non-meat item that is s’posed to be just like eating beef only without the dead cow. shrug. I have never grasped the whole vegetarian thing, I like meat. However, I don’t like cooking meat or handling it when it is raw, eeeeeew! I always have a fear that I won’t cook it properly and will end up getting food poisoning…meat just has too much pressure attached to it, but it’s so yummy! lol. So I found these meatless things, which I always view as a cop-out. I figured what the hell, can’t hurt to try and at least I will get some protein in to me. 100 grams (which is about 10 cubes of “meat”) is 2 points, not bad at all! That 100 grams contains 18 gram of protein which is good, for my gender and height I should take in 28.6 to 50.9 grams of protein a day – I am pretty sure I never manage this, lol, but at least these fake meat cube things give me a boost. They were really tasty, tender and juicy. I was concerned I hadn’t cooked them all the way through but they only take a couple minutes each side in a super hot frying pan so they were cooked just fine. I made the mistake of biting one cube in half and looking in the middle…don’t do that…it totally takes away your illusion your eating beaf cause dude, it looks weeeeird! Apparently the company has been around 25 years but I have never heard of them. According to the speel on their website ( they are committed to making healthy, protein filled meat alternatives for all kinds of reasons. shrug. Whatever. As long as it is tasty and cheap that’s all I really care about. I know I should care about where my food comes from and the healthiness of it, and sometimes I do but most of the time I am more concerned about how much my food costs – this was on sale btw, I am fairly certain normally I wouldn’t be able to afford it. lol.

This has already been a long post so I won’t put down my food lists for sat, sun or today but here are the points eaten for those days. Saturday I ate 20 point – I had a nanny job in the evening and forgot to take a snack, oops, by the time I got home it was late and I just wanted to go to bed so no chance to pick up the two points anywhere. Sunday I ate 23 points, granted that is an estimate cause the fish n chip points are estimated but it seeems about right. Today I ate 21.5 points, lol, I hate that half point cause then I either have to go over or be under my points. Annoying.

I made certain to eat lots of fruits and veggies today to make up for the lack of them yesterday – I know it doesn’t really work like that, one day can’t make up for another, but it makes me feel better. 😛

I am considering adding in some form of exercise in to my new healthy lifestyle to counteract this whole not losing even a pound a week problem but I am lazy so this will take a while to implement I am sure. lol.

Oh, if you want to calculte how much protein you need per day go to:  and use the drop down menu, it calculates for you based on your gender and height, it will also tell you your healthy weight for your height (take that with a grain of salt) and there are links to find foods with protein in them. It’s not the most scientific of websites but the calculation is easy to do. 🙂


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