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Back on my points

4 Aug

It is a relief to me that I managed to eat my points today, no more no less. 🙂 Course, one of the things I ate I can’t find the points for so I had to guess so maybe I am off but I am going to pretend I am right cause it makes me feel like it won’t be so hard tomorrow when I am back at work having to eat on a schedule again. lol.

I headed out about 11am or so after a sorta ok breakfast. I ordered 2 eggs any style with toast and hash browns with a side of fruit. I thought the fruit would counteract the hashbrowns and toast of which I was only going to have a bite of; that didn’t really work. The fruit was a bowl of “mixed fruit” apparently mixed now means one bite sized piece of pineapple and a mixture of cantelope and honeydew melon. I happen to hate both those melons, and seriously? One bite of pineapple?!?! Oh, and it was all under ripe, ick.  So, since I didn’t have the fruit to fill me up I ate most of the toast and hash browns. sigh. I had only intended to have a bite, I swear! But I was hungry and the two eggs just weren’t gonna cut it. shrug.

It was tasty but settled as a heavy ball of lead in my tummy that made me not feel well for an hour or so of my drive. Oddly enough I found that drinking water helped ease the feeling so I drank, and drank, and drank and as a result thought my bladder was going to burst when I got stuck in crawling traffic due to construction…soooo much construction! Seriously, I was squirming so much in my seat, lol, I was tempted to pull off to the side and beg the use of the porta potty the construction guys/gals had but decided to tough it out till I got back to my place. Best pee ever! 😛

Let’s get back to normal here…today I ate:

2 eggs = 4 points

2 pcs toast = 4 points

hashbrowns = 4 points

1 raspberry fruit bar = 2 points

1/2 cup Sidekicks Cheddar and Broccoli Rice = 3 points

1 hot dog weiner = 3 points

2 triangles of Light Laughing Cow Cheese = 1 point

1 Thinsations Oreo Mini Cakesters pckg = 2 points

Total points used 23!!! wOOt! 😀 Now I am off to finish putting all my stuff away so I can go to bed…after Law and Order SVU of course. lol.

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