20 Nov

Yesterday was an Epic day – in all ways! 😀 😀

It started off with breakfast with KL at the Crepe Cafe, a restaurant that does not provide any nutritional information, grr to that! lol. Restaurants not providing nutritional information has become quite a pet peeve of mine, sigh. So I went online today and googled nutritional information for some of the items in my breakfast so I could at least get an approximation of what I ate. I had eggs benedict with hash browns, yum! And yes I know, point wise it was a bit of a nightmare. lol. The eggs and english muffin I was able to calculate but the hollandaise sauce and back bacon I had to look up. Gotta love the internet!

On www.caloriegallery.com I found that for 1.37 ml of hollandaise sauce the points are 6. Now, I have no real concept of what 1.37 ml is…is that a serving? Half a serving? I dunno…so I am couting 6 points for the sauce. Although, the sauce is not classic hollandaise sauce, I know this cause of how it tasted and the texture. It seemed more whipped, lighter, thinner…and to be honest, didn’t taste all that great. It wasn’t not good tasting it just wasn’t the right flavour for the sauce, ya know? It burns my ass a bit that I wasted points on something that doesn’t taste all that good but oh well, it’s done with now. shrug. If I remember I will look at a package of the sauce at the grocery store tomorrow and check out the nutritional info, see if that varies from the website, also, I’ll have a better understanding of the measurement of the serving on the packaging so that should help me to understand better. 🙂

The hash browns, sigh, I ended up using the nutritional information from a restaurant called Perkins Restaurant…I have never heard of them but I am going to assume that most restaurants make their hash browns in a similar manner and serve similar portions…cross your fingers I am right! lol. Nutritional calculator put the hash browns at 2 points per serving, so it could be worse. Oh, and the back bacon, for 3 slices it is 1 point (that is Maple Leaf brand btw), there were 2 slices on each benny but I didn’t eat it all so I figure I maybe ate in total 3 pieces of the bacon but prob not. Either way, it’s only 1 point so that’s fine.

In total, that breakfast cost me 16 points which is absolutely ridiculous! It was a special day though so I am gonna just let it go and forget about it. 🙂

The reason it was a special day? Harry Potter came out!!!! 😀 😀 😀 That was why KL and I met up for breakfast, we went to the 11:15 am showing of Harry Potter and thought we’d eat first. That movie, epic! I won’t say anything specific about it cause I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but let me just say – you should see it! There you go, I will leave you alone now. lol

After the movie KL and I went shopping, her bday was this past wednesday and friday night was gonna be her party so we had to find her something to wear! She already had an outfit but wanted to see if she could find something better. shrug. Makes sense to me. 🙂 I already had an outfit picked out too but she somehow ended up convincing me to buy this dress we came accross and made me promise to wear it to the bar. Now, here’s the thing, I don’t wear dresses, not my thing. I mean, if I absolutely have to I can wear a dress but I don’t. lol. Dressing up for me is wearing nice pants and a well, a nice top. lol. Pair it with some jewellry and voila I am done. I wasn’t allowed to get away with that this time. The dress is kinda simple, it has an empire waist (which is good cause it helps hide my tummy and the full width of my hips!) and it shows off my breasts quite nicely. teehee. Hey, if you got it flaunt it! It has no sleeves so I worried I’d freeze but ah well, sacrifices must be made for fashion. *rolls eyes*. I have been engaged in an epic search for a pair of rockin boots, still looking btw, sigh, if I had found a pair I would have worn them with the dress but instead I wore black tights and black flats. I was pleasantly surprised how good I looked, the 18 lbs lost was totally noticeable in that outfit…and in how I felt in that outift. 😀

Oh, so back to the epic day, after the shopping we each went home, groomed, I scarfed down a salad and some toast, then out to party town I went. I hadn’t decided how much I was gonna drink…it’s a hard decision to make. I was factoring in calories, parking, public transit, temperature, possible hangover, all kinds of things but the deciding factor that actually made my decision for me? I left my place and walked in to a snow storm…well, storm is an exageration but it was snowing and boom! decision made! No way in hell would I be taking public transit, at night, in the cold windy snow falling weather to get to the bar and then repeating that but later at night when it is going to be even colder to get home…not in that outfit! Nuh-uh! So, I drove downtown, got a wicked great parking spot, had one or two drinks right at the very beginning of the night to toast my friend’s bday and then chugged water the rest of the night and danced the night away. I love dancing. 🙂 It’s a good thing that’s how it went down too cause by the end of the night KL was sick, everyone was so amazing plastered, and they all missed the last seabus back to the north shore so they’d of had to spend a fortune to get a cab so I did the dd thing and gave em all a ride home. Didn’t get home till about 3:30am which meant I slept in even later then normal today but I figure that’s better then all of them having to find a way home when they were that drunk. shrug.

All in all, yesterday, like I have said, was Epic. A totally awesome day from beginning to end!

Today…not so awesome. I slept so late that when I woke up I felt sick…weird, huh? If I didn’t know how much I actually drank I’d think I was hungover but I can’t be, sigh, so I am not sure exactly what is wrong. shrug. I have a headache, am tired, felt so incredibly sick to my stomach earlier, ugh, not pleasant. I guess such an Epic day should be followed by a crappy day – the universe has to balance itself out right? lol. I finally managed to be able to eat and for the day am sitting at 16 points total, I am not gonna be able to get any higher cause (1) it’s 11:30pm and when this is done I am gonna go to bed and (2) tummy is still anti food and just couldn’t handle more. Oh, and for all it’s unhappiness I kept wanting to get McDonald’s today, lol, I think cause when I am hung over I would eat either kraft dinner or McDonald’s, I don’t have any KD in the house and McD’s is really close so my brain kept wandering to McD’s, lol, but I decided no cause I don’t feel well and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I would if I was eating it when I felt fine and well, I didn’t want to go driving in the snow just for a big mac lol. So then my brain clicked over at one point to timbits from Tim Horton’s, sigh, and yum. lol. I was contemplating going to Timmy’s and getting 5 timbits cause that would use the rest of my points for the day and I could just sit and vegg while gorging on them but that went out the window cause I didn’t know when they closed and couldn’t find store hours online, if I got all the way there and they were closed I’d have a fit! lol, also, it seemed a stupid way to eat my points and it was just too much effort for my poor headachy body. shrug. So I made some tea and had a weight watcher wrap with some light peanut butter and nutella in it, yum! It fixed my craving for sweet and was easier and cheaper to do. Yah!

I am sure tomorrow will be a more normal day, no recovering or partying or anything, which I think I am looking forward to. But, one more thing before I go…

WEIGH IN DAY!! I wasn’t gonna weigh myself today, what with the crazy day of yesterday but I decided to give it a go and this past week I lost…1 pound! Yah! That means I am at 19 pounds total! 😀 😀 😀 I think 1 pound is great since the whole week I felt off and diconnected to my food choices. I can’t wait to be able to say I lost 20 pounds, hopefully that will be next saturday!


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