Dieters Hell

21 Nov

I found a whole new hell-on-earth, one I never even thought of and therefore was quite unprepared for…

The grocery store during the holiday season *shudder* I never want to go back and yet, it is a place everyone must visit usually once a week.

Why is it a hellish place to be? Simple. Christmas goodies. Oh you know what I mean, all those chocolates, cookies, tins of various sweet treats that all come out this time of year. It’s a dieters hell, even a weight watcher dieters hell cause sure, the program is based on the principle you can eat anything you want you just have to portion it out but really? Do you really think you can buy that box of danish cookies, the tin of seashell chocolates, the cadbury’s chocolate fingers, the ferrero rocher, the Almond Roc, the chocolate orange and all those other things that are now sitting temptingly at the end of every aisle in the grocery store and not blow your diet? Hell no!

They totally took me by surprise, I turned a corner in the grocery store and boom! The empty space that used to be for traffic flow was filled with displays and all those displays were some kind of chocolate or cookie…or cookie chocolate! heh I walked very quickly through that section but I must admit I cast quite a few longing gazes at a lot of those treats. sigh. Oh, and yeah, they were all on sale too! Torture!

So what’s a dieter to do during this loooooooong season? Eat before you shop! lol. Sounds weird but it works. I had just been  out for a late lunch with friends so I was disturbingly full and had no interest in any food, I bought the things on my list and that was it but I know if I had been even a tiny bit hungry it would have been hard to resist picking up something from one of those displays. So my plan for the next, hmm, 7 weeks, is to not step foot in a grocery store unless I am not hungry. Hopefully this works…oh, and the 7 weeks? I figure all the stuff that doesn’t sell will go on sale in the new year so I am enacting this plan through to the second week or so of January. Cross your fingers for me!

Today I ate:

1 Activia = 2 points

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points

1 chocolate glazed timbit = 2 points

White Spot

    – Southwest Bigger Burger (6oz 100% Canadian beef burger with jalapeno jack cheese, marinated onions, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato), oh and to make it worse it comes with a spoonful of coleslaw and a serving of fries – I swapped out the normal fries for sweet potato fries (what can I say, I am weak when it comes to sweet potato fries!)

So, I have no idea the points of that burger, coleslaw and fries, sigh. The restaurant’s website doesn’t have nutritional information which by this point we all know is a bad thing. lol. According to weight watchers 1 fast food burger is 6 points, or if you look at the beef the least healthy beef option in the book (85% lean/15% fat) for 3 oz is 5 points, I know my burger was 6oz so my meat alone may have been 10 points (depending how lean the beef was), the bun was probably 2-4 points (let’s go with 4 just in case) and then there are the toppings, sigh, the onions, tomato and lettuce are zero (small mercies) but the cheese, oh the cheese, that was probably 3 (it was 1 slice but no way in hell that was light cheese like what I buy for at home lol) and the sauce (the mayo), there was about 2 tbls of mayo on that and I highly doubt it was light so there is another 2 points…let’s tally this shall we?

Beef = 10, Bun = 4, Cheese = 3, Mayo = 2, That’s 19 right there, but don’t forget the grease used to cook it all (what, you thought I forgot? lol), so it’s actually higher, then there are the yam fries and the coleslaw. 1/2 cup of coleslaw is 4 points, there was only a spoonful of coleslaw so maybe 2 points worth? The yam fries, well, the ones I make at home are 3 points a serving and the restaurant was a way way way bigger serving then what I get at home, so easy 12 points of fries if not more.

I didn’t eat all the burger, but I did eat most of it, and I eventually ate all the fries, lol, I brought about half of them home and ended up snacking on them later in the evening, double sigh.

I don’t know what got in to me! I went in to that restaurant fully intending to order a salad but it’s so frickin cold out that the idea of a salad was just laughable, I wanted something warm! But did I pick a healthy warm dish? Nope. I followed my friends choices and got a burger. Dummy! Argh!

I will have to be very very careful this week, I never start a week having used so many flex points, it’s a little scary. I am going out for lunch Tuesday with peeps from work, it’s been planned for a while and I can’t get out of it (to be honest I don’t want to either, lol) we are going for Japanese so I have no idea what I will order. Also, it’s a restaurant I have never been to so I don’t know what to expect from the menu…hopefully there are some healthy choices. But other then that lunch I absolutely must stick to my points cause I don’t wanna go over my flex points, not when I am this-close to reaching 20 lbs lost. I wonder if sub-consciously I am self-sabatoging my diet so I don’t reach the 20 lb mark…hmm, something to ponder this week…


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