Snow Day, yah!

13 Jan

SNOW DAY!! wOOt! Who doesn’t like having a snow day? A crazy person that’s who! lol. The snow day was yesterday – I slept through most of it – which is the bestest way to spend a snow day. 😀 IMO anyways. The second best way is by curling up on the couch with the curtains open so you can see the snow but you’re comfy under a throw blanket drinking a cup of tea and reading a book. I had planned to enjoy part of the day with a book and cup of tea but what can I say…sleep won out. 😛

It’s kinda funny, a snow day here is not a snow day anywhere else in the country. I am pretty sure every other city in the country laughed at us, *rolls eyes*, but hey, we’re the wimpy part of Canada. I can say this because I am from the prairies where winter is real – it is snow up to your knees or higher and -30C or colder and even with all that you still go out and do your thing cause hey, it’s gonna be like that for weeks (probably months) – you can’t have a snow week. But here? Nope, not the same. A measly 11″ of snow screws up the whole city! teehee It’s so much fun to watch on the news but not fun to actually drive in – hence snow day! 😀

You would think that having a day where I don’t go to work would make it easier to reach my points cause, well, duh, I have the whole day to chill and eat and whatev…well, not quite. Like I said, I slept for most of it, then made something to eat that filled me for the rest of the day…oops?

I more then made up for it today though, sigh. I was doing ok points wise while at work…to be honest by mid afternoon I was kinda starving (which is something I haven’t felt since getting sick) and did I have any zero pointed snacks with me? Why no, no I didn’t. 😦  I had an errand I had to do after work so by the time I got home all I could think about was food and that’s just not good…sigh.

Oh, not only was I uber hungry  I am also pms-ing, which now that I think about it is probably why I am so hungry…huh, crap. Hormones just suck! Arg!

I ended up eating Kraft Mac n Cheese AND a Pecan Tart!! Just shoot me! I can’t believe I did that…ugh. 😦 😦 I didn’t even measure the KD!!! I have no idea how many points I ate cause at the time I didn’t care, I just needed the food I was craving…I already feel guilty about it. 😦 I have weigh in on saturday, that’s only 2 sleeps away, what was I thinking?!?!?!

Ok, I gotta calm down, it’s over and done with, the food is eaten, there is nothing I can do about it at this point (unless I wanted to puke it up but I don’t) so I’m just gonna have to suck it up and pay the piper on saturday when I step on that scale, sigh.

At least the snow day was great…


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