Stop Already!

19 Jan

Ok, how much of this am I supposed to be able to take?! I finally have my appetite back (yah!) but in seems my tummy wants to make up for all those days I had no appetite and everything I look at I want to eat, argh. This would be easily handled if there wasn’t so much stupid junk food being brought in to the office this week – it’s killing me! Double argh!

Yesterday there was leftover baked goods and timbits in the lunch room – I don’t know why I even went in there, *rolls eyes* but I did, sigh…and it was so so so hard to not eat something off those platters! There were cheese scones for heavens sakes! Nobody should ever be asked to resist that! So I leave the lunch room and go back to the “safety” of my office area – ha bloody ha – and got there right in time to see a fellow co-worker unloading 4 containers of baked goods on to the desk next to mine – 4!!! FOUR!!! Insanity! There were apple strudel, mini cinnamon buns, mini blueberry bran muffins and worst of all…croissants!! OMG! Cheese scones and croissants?! There should be rules about bringing these things around me!

Oh, and do you think all those baked goods were gone from the office today? Nope, not even close! And guess whose desk they were closest to all day? Yup, mine. Grr. Plus, there were more meetings today which means more baked goods in the lunch room.  😦

It’s like the universe is out to get me…

I am the universe's pin cushion this week

So, somehow the baked goods and timbits and just general junk food that are circling the office and lunch room have yet to make it in to my mouth or stomach…phew! I feel like I have somehow managed to avoid some hurdles…but it’s not over yet!

Let’s see what I ate today:

1 pckg instant quaker oatmeal = 3 points

1 banana = 1 point

1 Lean Cuisine Sweet n Sour Chicken = 5 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 orange = 1 point

3 chicken strips = 4 points

mixed cooked vegg = 0 points

50 grams dates = 3 points

That is a total of 19 points – yah! 😀

I still have 1 point left and I will either eat a 1 point werther’s chocolate candy or splurge and have a 2 point thinsations package. Normally I wouldn’t even consider the splurge but I am kinda hungry…not starved though so I am gonna make a cup of tea and wait cause maybe I am just dehydrated and so I think I am hungry but I am actually thirsty…hey, it happens!


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