A Loooong 24 Hours

21 Jan

I feel like I have been on a two day bender – I should clarify, a two day food bender. lol. When I look objectively at what I ate over the past two days I don’t think it really counts as a bender exactly, but it sure wasn’t normal!

Let’s look at yesterday shall we? Yesterday some of us at work got treated to a belated Christmas lunch, at a nice restaurant where we could order whatever we want, yah! I decided before I even went that I wasn’t going to count my points, I would just order whatever. Mainly the reason I decided that was cause I scoped out the menu before the day and there ain’t nuthin healthy in the joint, lol. It’s not like the food was all battered and deep fried, it’s just got sauces and crusted this and battered that and well, more sauces. 😛 I decided on the halibut sandwich, not great for me but it could’ve been a lot worse and it sounded sooooo good. When we got there though the menu was slightly different then the one you can view online, weirdness, there were more options and some of the stuff had changed…for instance, the sandwich I wanted was now crunchy salmon and didn’t sound as good…oh, and apparently it is an appetizer and uber small…huh.

There were 5 of us and before I knew it they were ordering appetizers, it could have been worse, it wasn’t we each got an appie it was we got 3 and shared them, sigh…so I had a bite of calamari, one duck taco (yes, duck!) and we got the cheese pot which is this pot of super duper yummy melted cheese and cut toast on the side to dip. Yum! I had two 1/2 slices of toast so really, 1 piece of toast dipped in the cheese. My main dish was a miso turkey burger with asian bbq sauce and skinny string fries. That burger, wow! It was juicy, and tender and had excellent flavour. Mmm the sauce! It was on a, shoot, now the name of the bun has escaped me, it’s not a normal hamburger bun, it was better! I at least had the presence of mind to have them cut the burger in half before bringing it to me so I made a deal with myself, eat half the burger and at most half the fries and the meal can be counted as a success. 🙂

Seems simple right? I did eat only half the burger, and I had even less then half the fries BUT I ended up with dessert. OMG. What was I thinking? That dessert while being the cap on a truly amazing meal was so over the top it’s ridiculous! It’s the kind of restaurant where there’s no dessert menu, there is only one thing offered per day, whatever the chef felt like making that day…well yesterday he felt like making Chocolate Ganache Lave Cakes with berry compote and a huuuge scoop of vanilla ice cream. Holy crap. I think I gained 10lbs from dessert alone! I can’t remember the last time I had a dessert like that…wowza. 😀

That dessert though, as delicious as it was, man, I thought it was gonna kill me. *rolls eyes* By the third bite I knew I should stop eating it, it was just too much food and that specifically was way too much sugar for me…how sad is that? I am consoling myself by saying it was too much sugar cause I’m still getting over being sick and barely eating…it damn well better not be cause I don’t eat sweet stuff like that anymore and have now screwed myself for ever enjoying it again! That is a scary thought! Did I stop eating it though? Ha! Nope I did not. I kept thinking how it’s gonna be a very long time before I get anything like that again and on someone elses dime, well, hard to resist! I kept eating the lava cake, sigh, one mouthful after another of chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and some berry compote with just a tad bit of ice cream…yup, that is how I ate almost every bite of that dessert, with all the stuff on the spoon mixed. YUM! I can’t even describe how amazing all those flavours mixed together tasted in my mouth…if only there was a way to get all that yummy flavour without having to swallow and take in the calories…

this is the dessert that put me over the top...YUM!

So by the last bite of dessert I was feeling sick…the kind of sick you get when you ate way way way too much and you know digestion is gonna be a bitch. 😦 I so should have stopped eating before that point cause now when I think back to that meal all I remember is how much my digestive track hurt for (and I’m not even joking here) almost a full 24 hours. Yup, it took that long for my system to be able to sort out what I put in to it and be ok. Pathetic!

I didn’t eat anything else after that gorge fest yesterday, which really, I used so many points in that meal even if I had wanted to eat something else I couldn’t have afforded it lol. When I went to bed my gut was hurting but I figured it’s ok, I’ll wake up and it’ll feel fine…uh, no. It still hurt. Not as much, but close. I was a tad worried, wondering if my odd abdomenal pains from when I was sick were returning but it turned out to be me still digesting my food. lol. I didn’t eat lunch today until hmm, 1:30pm or so and I didn’t want it any earlier then that, I forced myself to eat some breakfast and that just made things worse so I waited till all the pain/discomfort were gone before attempting lunch lol.

I feel fine now, in case you are wondering, everything is all settled. 😀 BUT! I ate for lunch the other half of the turkey burger and the rest of the fries so I feel like I shouldn’t have eaten dinner cause no way that meal was anywhere close to good for me but I couldn’t resist eating dinner. I know I should have just had a salad with no dressing but alas, I had pancakes. lol. Yeah I know, pancakes? What makes it weirder is I bought the fixings to make home made pizza but the pancakes were lower points so I figured I’d eat those instead, and I wanted some comfort food for some reason…but seriously? After a lunch like that, eating pancakes? Where has my brain gone?!?!

And that is why I feel I have been on a 2 day food bender in which 24 hours of that was spent digesting one meal…Not Good! I have weigh in tomorrow and even before all this food I felt fatter and am positive I have gained weight, now I took what might have been a small amount of weight gain and turned it into an astronomical weight gain…I wouldn’t be surprised if I went up by 5 pounds on the scale tomorrow…how depressing!

The pancakes tonight were good though…lol 😉


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