Oops! I Did It Again!

24 Jan

πŸ˜‰ Who doesn’t like a reference to Brittney Spears prior to the shaved head-bad marriage-crotch flashing-rehab sentenced period? Well, ok, probably most people don’t cause, uh, hello? It’s Brittney Spears, *gag*, but the line from the song seemed soooooo perfect!

I miscounted points today…wait, that’s not the correct word, I didn’t keep track properly and as a consequence I went over – even over my points when you add in the exercise points! Ack! I don’t feel badly about it though cause (1) I was really hungry and dude, I needed food and (2) I feel so good from my Zumba class that really, I just don’t give a flying fart lol πŸ˜€

Zumba tonight was so great! It was my first class back since before Christmas; I should have gone the previous two mondays but was too sick, sadness, I was a tad worried how I would do tonight cause of slacking off activity wise since before Christmas and also cause I still get coughing fits (though not as bad as before!) but how sucky would it be to start hacking up a lung in the middle of the salsa? πŸ˜› Luckily for me, no huge coughing fits, yah! Couple minor ones but nothing that made anybody look and really, what more can a person ask for? lol.

I really pushed myself tonight and I am glad – that class totally made me sweat…and my abs still hurt, oh my! If they still hurt now imagine how they will feel tomorrow?Β  Oh the things we do to ourselves in our quest to get skinny!

So let’s see what I ate today!

1 package instant Quaker Oatmeal = 3 points

1 Lean Cuisine Chicken a L’Orange = 4 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 orange = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 piece bread = 1 point

1 tbls light peanut butter = 2 points

1 cup mashed yam = 3 points

1 whole wheat wrap = 2 points

1/4 cup pizza sauce = 1 point

30 grams shredded light cheese = 2 points

mushroom and tomato = 0 points

6 slices pepperoni = 4 points

Total points eaten = 26 😦

Exercise points earned = 3 πŸ™‚

So, with my 21 daily points + my 3 exercise points I should have eaten 24 points of food…instead I (in all my brilliance, sigh) ate 26 points which means 2 more flex points bite the dust! This is just a bad bad bad week for flex points!

I’m glad I don’t feel guilty about eating over my points today cause frankly I can’t stand anymore days this week where I feel bad about what I ate or how much I ate or how stupid of a decision I made food wise, shrug, so for today sure I over ate but I exercised too! And sure, I messed my points up again (ala Brittney Spears and her screw ups) but I can learn (theoretically) and maybe I won’t do this again…at least not too soon! Hope springs eternal on my couch tonight! πŸ˜‰


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