I’ve Set a New Goal

18 Feb

Not a new overall goal…maybe I should have been more clear in the title, lol, a new short term goal! 😀 I am a firm believer in short term goals, they keep you sane, they give you easily (or at least quickly) reached accomplishments and they help keep you on track. Losing weight can be a loooooong journey, so break it up a little with short goals to reach along the way. 🙂

So far I have had goals of buying a new shirt, buying a full length mirror, trying on every article of clothing I own and getting rid of whatever has become too large. – stuff like that. 🙂 I try not to use food goals because it seems counter productive to me, if I just put a whole bunch of effort in to losing weight do I really want to go eat ice cream? No! I’d much rather buy a new shirt to go with my new body size/shape/look…but maybe that is just me?

So my new short term goal – when I hit 30 lbs lost I will buy a new pair of pants. 🙂 They will have to be work pants since mine are currently so large they are practically falling off my body, actually, not practically, they are! I need to replace the jeans I bought over Christmas too cause they are now too large, pretty sweet huh?!, but those will have to wait. I only have so much money and I refuse to buy a bunch of new stuff when I still have more weight to lose, I’ll just have to replace it before I get my moneys worth, shrug, I figure I can deal with wearing clothes that are too large until I get to my final goal weight and then I will buy stuff. 😛 Man, that’s gonna be so awesome! But, for now, I am focusing on the 30 lbs lost mark, which is a little over 2 lbs away (as of last saturdays weigh in). I don’t expect to reach it tomorrow when I weigh in but maybe next saturday, hopefully no later then the saturday after that…I could see me being really close to the 30 lbs lost mark next saturday but not quite there…that’s how it seems to be with all my short term weight loss goals, lol, but that’s ok, makes it all the sweeter the next weigh in when I not only achieve the goal but go flying past it. lol 😀

I did really well with my points today, hit them right on the mark! Yah! I thought I was gonna go over by 2 points cause I was wanting something sweet after I ate dinner but I ate a salty snack that used up my last two points so if I hit up any of the chocolate it would have cost me flex points. Luckily, I managed to rein myself in, made myself wait the recommended 20 minutes after my snack and I realized I was actually quite full…I didn’t even want the chocolate anymore! I have got to remember that trick more often…I wonder if I had used it this past week if I would have avoided using so many flex points…hmm, something to ponder.

So here is what I ate today:

2 Weetabix = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 point

1 Smart Ones Spicy Szechuan Style Veg & Chicken over Lo Mein Pasta = 4 points

1/4 cup pizza sauce = 1 point

30 grams light shredded cheese = 2 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

1/4 cup ground beef = 2 points

1 Bakery Counter Pizza Shell = 5 points

1 bag Pop Chips = 2 points

Total Points eaten = 20 😀

So, in case you didn’t put the ingredients together in your head I made home made pizza for dinner, only I didn’t feel like making the dough so I bought that. I was torn, I could have bought one large pizza shell (average medium to large pizza size) that was 2 points for 1/8 of the shell or I could buy 5 smaller sized shells (small to medium pizza size) that are 5 points per shell. I stood there trying to figure out which was the best buy for a good 5 minutes, I think I drove some people a little nuts, lol. 😛 When I thought it through I decided that if I bought the one large shell it would be good because I’d only be able to make one pizza so only one high pointed dinner would come of this whole making my own pizza debacle BUT I would eat probably 3-4 pieces so for the shell alone I’d be consuming 6-8 points per meal whereas I could buy the smaller shells in the package of 5 and use 5 points for the shell but that’s for the entire pizza and I can always put the remaining shells in the freezer so it’s not like I have to eat pizza 5 days in a row. It seemed a no brainer to buy the smaller shells. 🙂

I should’ve taken a picture of the pizza, it was pretty good. Not as good as Panago but hey, some things must be sacrificed for the greater good (the greater good being the reduction in size of my ass! lol) I topped it with pizza sauce, cheese, lots of mixed veggies (diced carrot, green peas, green beans, corn and mushroom) and some ground beef. I could have saved two points by not putting the beef on but I really need to use it up and I thought the protein would be good for me and help me get fuller off the pizza. I’m just grateful I didn’t cave at the grocery store and buy pepperoni, cause Yum but omg high points! Such is the way with the really tasty foods. lol.

The pizza was a good size, if I had put a side salad with it I think the meal would have been perfect. As it was, when I was done scarfing it down (I’m joking, I ate it normal speed) I still felt hungry, hence the pop chips instead of chocolate since you get more pop chips for 2 points then you would get chocolate. lol.

I think I’ll start experimenting with the pizza – after all, I have 4 more shells lol. Maybe put some feta cheese or something on…I’ll hafta investigate pizza topping ideas…

Tomorrow, eek! Two scary things tomorrow! 😦 I have to stand on the evil scale, erg, and I have to get blood drawn. Ick. Now, I may not treat myself with food when I reach a diet goal but if I manage to get my blood drawn without swearing at or kicking the person taking my blood (yeah, I’m not kidding with that…) then I always treat myself with food. I am phobic with needles, *flares nostrils, glares* so it takes a lot out of me to let them poke me. sigh. I have decided I will either have Vietnamese or Japanese…we’ll see what I feel like when it’s all done…either way, yummy food coming my way tomorrow – after the weigh in of course! lol


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