Fish + Microwave = Messy Microwave!

25 Feb

For some reason today I kept feeling like cheating – I kept thinking “oh, I’ll treat myself with this or that” when really, there is no reason to have a treat today…I’m fine with having a treat if it’s an occasion (ya know, a birthday or something) heck, even if it’s just cause I am going for dinner with a friend I don’t hang with as often as I would like that is fine but today? There is nothing happening today. If anything I should be more strict today cause of what I ate yesterday…dun dun dun…

Ok, it’s not as bad as my cliffhanger of a paragraph made it seem lol. I was doing really well yesterday, better then I expected considering I had Tim Horton’s donuts staring at me ALL day! It was the really good flavours too! The boston cream, cruillers, raspberry flower, caramel, maple, chocolate, sour cream glazed…man, I shoulda taken a picture lol. So, these donuts are staring at me and I somehow mustered up the willpower to not touch them, amazing! Everyone around me was eating multiple donuts (yeah, you read that right! some of the guys ate 3 each!) and I didn’t even touch a crumb – I just stared a lot. 😛

So after work I rushed home to eat, put some laundry in, change and then rush back out to meet a friend to go to a movie, during all that I kinda killed my fish…er, as in the salmon steak dinner not glub glub little goldfish turning circles in a bowl. I didn’t think I had time to put the salmon steak in the oven so I microwaved it (in my defence, the cooking instructions say this is ok!), well, the sauce started splattering everywhere (it’s teriyaki flavour) so it looked like a bloody war occurred when I opened the microwave door lol. When I ate it the edges were hard and the middle was not as soft and tender or as flavourful as it would be if I cooked it in the oven. sigh. But whatever! I ate it and left.

I took snacks with me to have during the movie, a pre popped package of Jolly Time popcorn (1 point) and a Thinsations yogurt covered pretzels package (2 points), well, somehow my good intentions went out the window and I ended up getting a small swirl frozen yogurt with crushed skor pieces sprinkled on top, yeah yeah, I know, what was I thinking?! I had healthy snacks with me so why’d I buy something? Well, first off, I didn’t actually buy it, KL owed me $3 and that was the cost of the yogurt and secondly, um, I dunno, I don’t have a second, I don’t know why I ate it. shrug. I did it on a whim *rolls eyes* Oh! To compound the error, I also ate the popcorn! lol . 😛

So today, along with the feeling of wanting to treat myself (ie cheat on my diet lol) I also kept feeling like I had screwed my points up and was way over. I don’t know why I felt like that cause I haven’t, but hey, our minds mess with us sometimes. shrug. I couldn’t find exact nutritional information for the frozen yogurt so I have emailed the company asking them for the info I need…hopefully I hear something back from them! But yeah, so this evening, I got home and had really random things for, well, I can’t even call it dinner cause it wasn’t a meal, it was random things cooked at varying times and eaten here and there…and all the while I kept thinking “well, this is all I can have cause I have eaten too much today” – when I hadn’t! Annoying!

I think part of the sensation (this evening anyways) was cause I had a huuuuuge portion of soup for lunch; it was way yummy soup, it’s Campbell’s Healthy Request Fiesta Vegetable and Black Bean Soup – it has lentils and beans (duh!) and tonnes of veggies; slightly spicy but not too much. Thing is, sometimes when I eat too many veggies in one meal it makes my tummy feel icky, not sick exactly but achy and unsettled. I don’t really know if this is normal or not but it’s the way it’s always been so whatev. lol. Anyways, when this happens I instinctively go for carbs, it’s always been this way, usually I will eat some pasta or bread or something and it helps the tummy to feel better so for “dinner” I had two crumpets with cheese and hashbrowns, then later (like hours later) I had one piece of toast with a tiny bit of honey and a stuffed potato with a tiny bit of sour cream. Not the best choices for my evening eats but oh well; it’s eaten now! lol.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am really super hoping I lose 1.4lbs cause then I will be at 30lbs lost. I don’t actually expect to lose that much, I usually top off at losing 1lb a week which ok, kinda sucky at times but least I am losing consistently! The way I feel right now I don’t think my number on the scale tomorrow will be any smaller then it was last week but I am sure that is just cause my tummy feels kinda off; once I have slept and the bod is all rested I’m sure I will feel different…I hope! 🙂


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