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Those Sooooo Weren’t Healthy

13 Nov

I had the most oddly delish pancakes today, Mmm!Mmm!Mmm! 😀

I went for brunch and got Pear and Coconut Pancakes – pear and coconut infused pancakes, topped with sauteed pears, a lime mascarpone cream and drizzled with house made vanilla syrup. There were 4 nice an thick pancakes on the plate when it was served – can anyone say “goodbye flex points and daily points!” oh, don’t forget to wave madly as the points go bye-bye lol. 😉

After eating 2 of them nice n slow so I could savour them I was stuffed, hmm, that should be Stuffed with a capital S cause man I was sooooooo stuffed. After two pancakes! Crazed! I was grateful though cause not like those suckers are good for me in any way. lol. I ate the remaining 2 later in the evening for dinner and that was my entire food allotment for the day…not including a hot chocolate (so shoot me, it was chilly out!), a cup of tea, some diet coke and now some water…least I got some fluids in there…right?

I just did a points check on the pancakes and frankly, I think I was better off not knowing – what the hell does the restaurant put in those things? OMG. The fiber is 5, so yah! The calories are 1170, so holy F! And the Fat is 56, kill me, *groan*. That is a whopping 27 points, 27! It’s like I can feel my arteries clogging up a little bit more with each passing minute and my ass getting wider the longer I sit here and type. *double groan*

How do people go to brunch every week and not get obese? ugh.

We did go for a walk after brunch, we were both full and wanted to walk it off a bit, it was a very slow walk, we didn’t go all that far and we stopped and just watched the boats on the water and the moutains in the distance for a good chunk of it…so really, I guess we didn’t walk so much as meandered then paused then meandered to the little shop we got our hot chocolate from lol. Does meandering count in the battle to burn off the amazingly high amount of calories just eaten? I feel it should but I’m pretty certain that is wishful thinking lol. 😉

I had intended to exercise in the afternoon but that didn’t happen, sigh, so I’m for sure gonna hafta do something tomorrow to make up for this disaster. *rolls eyes* I hate make-up-for-disaster-food-days exercise routines, they are always harder, double sigh.

I haven’t really started tracking yet even though my life is getting a little bit more settled since the move…the oven still doesn’t work, huh, just remembered that, I’ll hafta call the building manager tomorrow…but despite the slightly more settled aspect to my life I am still not tracking, still not exercising (except for boxing twice a week – and only once last week cause of the holiday) and still not eating properly…I know this even though I am not tracking cause I am at least sorta trying to track in my head and everyday I know I am not doing a very good job food wise. blarg.

I think tomorrow will have to be a fresh start, I’ll start tracking again, start making healthier food choices, start exercising in some manner everyday…just start doing all the things I know I am supposed to be doing but stopped cause of the move.

So, since tomorrow is a fresh start I think I will no longer regret those yummy pancakes, they were unknowingly my last hurrah before getting down to the serious business of making myself thinner before I go home for Christmas! Only 36 more days…crap! Only 36 more days??? I didn’t realize it was so close! This really is crunch time! lol 😉


If I Lived In The States…

15 Oct

(Disclaimer! I am not claiming all who live in the States would be like this or are like this, just that my self restraint is so pathetic I would be like this! 🙂 )

– I would most likely be a hoarder

– I would for sure be a crazy couponer

– I’d be even fatter then I already am

How do you (people who live in the States) handle the crazyness that are your grocery store flyers? My brain amost exploded just from flipping though one of them online – it’s for a store called Albertsons.

I am going to be in the states tomorrow on a little jaunt with some friends, now, I have been to the states many times, sometimes on vacations (Hawaii, California and more) and other times I went cause I had an American roomie who had to go down every month to fill a prescription and since she didn’t have a car I drove her and we’d usually end up stopping at Target cause she was in love with the place and just had to go everytime we were near one. No biggy, we got cheap cereal from there so I was happy. lol 😀

I thought the cheap food prices were because we were in a Target and Target is like Zellers or Wal-Mart, pretty much everything is cheaper. Well, it appears all your food is cheaper…even when I take in to account the difference in our dollars. And I swear half the things in that flyer had a “10 for $10” banner, how do you resist stocking up on every-frickin-thing?! There was pancake mix, two boxes for $2, 2 for 1 on fresh corn on the cob, 79cents a pound for squash, 3 for $10 for frozen pizza, ten for $10 on ice cream and frozen smoothies, 2 for $3 bags of frozen veggies, 10 for $10 for healthy pasta!…I could go on but you get the idea…

Are the flyers always this great?

Everytime I saw something in the flyer I eat that was 2 for 1 or ten for ten or priced in the cents amount I wanted to write it down and buy it when I am there cause the prices are crazy good! 🙂

I think I’d lose all self restraint in a grocery store in the states if I lived there, I’d be scooping up all the deals all the time, even the ones on bad-for-me foods – I now have a better understanding of those crazy couponers I see on tv lol. 🙂

Maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to snap up everything if I lived there cause I’d know that just around the corner another crazy awesome flyer would be showing up but I dunno…I think for sure for a while at least I’d be buying all those ten for ten foods…cause how do you resist buying something that’s a dollar each?

Can you imagine how much ice cream I could have stocked in my freezer? Oh the humanity! And that right there is why I’d be fatter then I already am cause not like I’d only be stocking up on healthy stuff and buying only the healthy food good deals…I’d be getting the ice cream, and frozen pizzas and who knows what else?! …cookies…I’d be getting cookies, and cakes and pies, that’s the “what else” – might as well admit it lol. 😛

So to recap, I’d be a hoarder cause I’d be buying way larger quantities of food then I could ever eat and it would eventually take over my apartment. I’d be a crazy couponer just for the sheer joy of getting to buy so much and save so much. And I’d be fatter cause I’d have a freezer full of ice cream and frozen pizzas and cupboards full of cookies and stuff from the bakery section of the store. 😛

Today I ate:

1 pckg Quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal = 2 points

1 fried egg = 2 points

1 cheese slice = 1 point

1 pc toast = 1.5 points

1 SmartOnes Cranberry Turkey = 4 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

1 pckg Thinsations Ritz crackers = 2 points

1 pear = 1 point

1 pckg Special K fruit crisps = 2 points

1 pckg Thinsations chocolate covered pretzels = 2 points

1 pckg Quaker cinnamon spice oatmeal = 2 points

1 cup cocoa = 4 points

Total points eaten = 24.5

Ok, so I ate 4.5 flex points and earned zero exercise points. You might be wondering why I ate so weirdly…or maybe you skip over the food list part of my post cause it’s boring lol

I had a nannying shift today from 4p-11p so I had to take dinner. The family is nice and I could have eaten some of what the kids had for dinner but they almost always eat white pasta with a meat sauce and you can actually see the fat and grease settling on the top, ugh. Even when I wasn’t trying to be healthier I could never eat that. ick. So I took the frozen SmartOnes dinner, my last one – so yah, one more thing outta my freezer! lol. I also took the pear and a bunch of little packages of things.

I figured it was safer to take the thinsations and special K packages then get really hungry there and raid their cookie jar – which, fyi, is always stuffed with really good cookies. *groan* They even had pie this time…apple…kill me. 😛

By the time I got home I was hungry and cold but only had 2 points left. I decided I had to eat something so I chose another package of oatmeal, it’s the only warm food I have that is low in points and quick to make. lol. I know I could have cooked up some frozen veggies but at 11:30pm I want something comforting, not veggies. 😛

The cocoa, well, my reasoning for that little indulgence was I wanted a hot drink but didn’t want the caffeine from the tea cause I have to get up early tomorrow so I want to at least try to get to sleep at a semi decent hour…this reasoning is flawed cause (1) the caffeine in tea doesn’t really affect me all that much and never really keeps me awake and (2) the sugar in the cocoa is just as bad as ingesting caffeine so I’m now all nice ‘n alert anyways lol (it’s 1:35am on Sunday morning in case you’re wondering…I will however change the Publish Time on this post so it shows as being a Saturday post)

I am now off to bed to dream of Red Lobster’s Shrimp Fest – Mmm!Mmm!Mmm! Endless shrimp followed by a romp through the yogurt section of a grocery store – it’s gonna be a good Sunday! 😀

Sidenote: what kind of freak have I become I’m more excited to buy yogurt then go through the outlet mall? Freeeeak! 😛 *crazy dance* 😉

So Not My Fault

24 Jun

Alright, so I didn’t exercise today but it’s not my fault! It’s been alternating raining and sunny – it changes about every half hour or so and when it’s raining it’s pouring so the hiking trail is all mud, ew! and my shift got extended by an extra hour so I wasn’t able to get to boxerfit. shrug. So see? Not my fault I wasn’t able to exercise in my traditional manner.

However, I would like to point out I was not lazing around today and anyone who says hanging out with 4.5 year old twins is not exercise is, well…wrong! lol. 😛

They were great kids but come on, they are at that stupid active age where sitting and reading or sitting and well, just sitting, is not high on their list of things to do. *rolls eyes* So today, I have put together a princess tent, bandaged a scraped elbow, gone to the park and pushed kids on swings, twirled them on tire swings, held them while they pretended they could use the monkey bars etc, oh, and caught them as they came down the slide. There was also dragging the bike accross a wet grassy field and up various hills (with the child still on the bike!), protecting the poor going blind dog, and running a couple blocks intermittently so the kids didn’t get impatient waiting for me at the corners on their bikes. Busy!

What’s even better? I have only eaten 18 points today, I still have 2 points left! This is like the first day in ages where I will eat my points and only my points, no flex points happenin today, sweeeet! Also, even though it wasn’t really exercise it was still some activity so I don’t feel too too badly about that – my arms are freakin killing me, and different muscles then normal, apparently pushing 2 kids at the same time really high on swings uses arm muscles I don’t always exercise when I use my weights or go to boxerfit, go figure.

Today I have eaten:

29 g Special K = 2 points

1/4 C 1% milk = 0.5 points

2 pcs toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls whipped peanut butter = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 light babybell cheese = 1 point

1 apple = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

2 pcs bread = 1 point

10 slices turkey pepperoni = 1 point

2 cheese slices = 2 points

1 3/4 C Red Pepper and Tomato soup = 3.5 points

Total points eaten = 18

So now I am going to desert my couch (so sad!) and go do some work in my room, I have a lady coming to look at my desk tomorrow (I am selling it on kijiji and craigslist) and hopefully (cross fingers!) she buys it. I have to tidy up the space so the desk looks it’s best (all uncluttered etc) and so if she does buy it there is room to move around and take it apart, lol. She says she is bringing her boyfriend and he is the one whose gonna be doing the manual labour which I am fine with cause no way in hell am I taking it apart but I am slightly concerned about having strangers in my place so I asked my landlord’s son (he’s in his 30’s) if he’d please make sure to be around when they show up just in case. He’s doing me a decent and changing some plans so he’s around cause as he says “safety first”. That is not normally my motto (where’s the fun in that? lol) but in this case I will opt with safety over recklessness – I have no desire to be robbed or worse while trying to make $75, just not worth it! lol 😛

Towed or Stolen??

26 May

sonofamotherfuckingbitch! if that wasn’t warning enough this post will most likely be chock full of “colourful language” and is for the most part a rant.

It was an alright day at work – lunch was awesome, and not as many points as I expected so yah there! lol. The jerk was who is responsible for me being laid off was in the office still so I was stuck listening to him yammer his way through the day – he’s so annoying. How do such jerk wad dumbass people get the top jobs? *rolls eyes* I cleaned out my desk which was slightly depressing – I like to work in a fun environment so I have little knickknacks on my desk so I have things there I like to look at and little toys to play with. Well, I had to pack them all up today and now my desk is big and empty (except for the comp and phone), blah! Even though I had fun at lunch and liked getting to hang with my work friends it’s weird and uncomfie being there and kind of exhausting so by the end of the day all I could think was “I wanna go home”  the thought was in a whiny little kids voice in my head lol.

I got off the train, walked to where my suv is parked and…empty…as in my suv was not there…just gone, missing, Disappeared!! Stolen or towed? How the hell am I supposed to know? I didn’t even know who to call! I just stood there, with my head tilted to the right, blank look on my face, staring at where my suv was supposed to be…quietly plotting some unknown person’s demise…

I eventually called information and they put me through to the city impound number which had a messaging system kick in informing me they were closed – I had missed them by 4 minutes. Freakin awesome timing! I glowered my way through the bus ride home and stalked from the bus stop to my door front all the while wondering who I could kill or at least maim and having no release for all the pent up anger/concern/stress I was feeling. I mean really? Like the past 2 weeks haven’t been crap-fantastic enough? Now I get a missing vehicle?

The universe is kicking my ass. Grr.

I started googling and eventually found my suv in an impound lot that is open 24/7 so I waited till my laundry was at a good spot to leave it, called a cab and got my ass over to the impound lot Luckily it isn’t too far from me.

Buddy at the counter gives me my ticket which is the carbon copy so hard to read, I believe it says I broke bylaw 2849 No parking except in accordance to sign. It lies. I was so not breaking any stupid bylaws by where I was parking – I have been parking there on an almost daily basis for over 2 fucken years!!! 2 Years! Bastards. It’s pretty much the same group of people parking there daily and they took every vehicle, I saw most of them at the impound lot so I guess I was the first person to pick up their vehicle.

I had to pay $94.25 to get my suv back, almost $100 to reclaim something that shouldn’t have been taken! They couldn’t help me with the parking ticket because they are just the towing company so I have to go online and fill out a complaint form if I want to dispute the ticket, which of course I do but get this! If I pay before 14 days from the ticket being issued the fine is $100, if I pay after 35 days I have to pay $150 – I’m not sure what I pay between the 14th day and the 35th??? However, if I dispute the ticket and fail I then have to pay a $25 admin fee…so I could potentially be paying $175 – for something I didn’t do! Since the department that issued the ticket is the department deciding if I am right or not I highly doubt they will side in my favour, corrupt bastards, but damn straight I am gonna fight! Grr!

So shall we tally this? I had to pay:

$25 cab fare to get to the impound lot, $94.25 to get my suv out of the impound lot and will possibly have to pay up to $175 for the fine. F*&@#$)@*!&#@)$)&$^?^%!&!  I’m trying to be nice and not swear…

To top it off, they damaged my suv, scratched the paint on the passenger back corner all to shit! Guess I’m back to swearing…

Before I left the impound lot I walked around my suv just in case, I am so glad I did! The scratches are pretty bad. Grr. I went back in and asked what I do when they damaged my vehicle, I then got the joy of filling out a damages claim form that I got a copy of, and their copy will be given to the Damages Manager and I will hear back in 3-5 business days. Apparently the manager will look at some video and from that will see if the scratch is new or not (huh???) – oddly enough I don’t trust them (weird right? lol) so I went and took pictures of the damage, you can see the paint curled at the end of the scratch marks becasuse the scratches are so fresh. Bastards.

You are probably wondering how in the hell any of this relates to my healthy eating plan – it relates because it screwed it all to shit. sigh.

I ate well during the day, sure my points for lunch were slightly estimated but I feel confident they are right so I got to dinner time with 8 points left – plenty for the soup I was planning on eating but…yup, the big but! I was so pissed off when I got home (and depressed) while my soup was warming and I was googling to find my suv I ate 2 spoonfuls of nutella, *rolls eyes* oh yeah, and a cookie…I then ate my dinner, so soup with 2 crumpets that had honey on it –  that would of been ok, I could have survived that, actually, now that I do the math even with the nutella that would have been my 8 points, so, well, shit, why the fuck couldn’t I have just stayed there??? No wait! the cookie! I forgot to tally in the cookie, so 10 points meaning I would have used 2 flex points, so still not the end of the world right? Like I left it there! pfft.

After getting my suv back I was steaming over the cost and the damages and got turned around when driving home, I somehow ended up at Tim Horton’s where I got a small (made with milk not cream) iced cap flavoured with chocolate mint (I am not sure if the flavour shot adds points or not, I have never gotten one before) aaaaaand a toasted coconut donut. *hangs head in shame* Yes, that’s right, 2 donuts 2 days in a row…way to just round off a perfect day huh? Not only am I poorer and pissed off I am also getting fatter as I type due to what I ate today. Just grrrrreat.

As you can tell I am in a pissed off not thinking clearly mood and everything is horrible and end of the world unforgivable never gonna get better grr-ness. A small vaguely rational part of me knows things will (hopefully!) get better and that things could be a lot worse and that even if I go up on weigh in day this week I will do better next week and fix it but that doesn’t help me now, not when I am feeling down and moody and pissed and I have nothing to take any of these emotions out on. Man, I can’t wait for dragon boating tomorrow, I’m gonna be putting so much effort in to my rowing my muscles are gonna sing…well, probably cry if we’re being honest lol.

It Starts.

25 May

The office I work in revolves in so many ways around food. Every meeting has food brought in, people are always bringing snacks and treats for those in the office to nibble on, when people come visit (brokers, insurance peeps etc) they always bring food to treat/bribe us with. lol. It’s just the way the office works, shrug, I was part of it in that I would bring in baked goods fairly often – hey, I like to bake but don’t want to eat it so I got my co-workers to. teehee. 🙂

Well, I should have expected that people would start bringing in food the closer and closer it got to my last day. It started today. Donuts. Oh my. DS brought in Tim Horton’s donuts and muffins for everyone, she doesn’t work from the office thurs and fri so this was her last time seeing me and she brought them so we could all “drown our sorrow” – direct quote!

It’s so thoughtful of her, and I highly appreciate the meaning behind it but…well…crap! I would have felt like a jerk not eating one since she brought them in due to me but like I really needed the calories? *shakes head*

You might think the healthier option would have been to pick one of the muffins but nope, they are worse then some of the donuts, lol, scary huh? I chose a Boston Cream donut cause they are omg delish and I know by heart how many points they are. lol. 5. 🙂 So, horribly high number for a snack that I didn’t really need but oh well. I was undecided as to what I should do (1) eat the donut and then be super careful with dinner so as not to go in to my flex points or (2) eat the donut and count the 5 points from the donut as flex points…notice neither option is don’t eat the donut? teehee

Today I ate:

1 apple = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1 Mediteranean Veg and Pasta soup = 4 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

1 boston cream donut = 5 points

1 cup hot cocoa = 3 point

– 1 tbls cocoa (0), 2 tbls white sugar (1), 1 cup 1% milk (2)

2 dinner buns = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

1 thinsations Ritz pckg = 2 points

Total points eaten = 25

Soooo, obviously I ended up putting the donut in to flex points. I’m not sure this is the wisest decision since I went over yesterday, and the day before, and am going for lunch tomorrow and there is some sort of secret-I’m-not-supposed-to-know-the-details potluck at work friday as a good bye thing. Sure I exercised yesterday but it’s pouring rain today so no hike, sad, and yes I will be dragon boating friday but that’ll prob not counteract the food from the potluck at lunch or the alcohol I’ll be drinking afterwards lol.

I’m fairly certain the scale will not like me saturday, sigh, hopefully the weather will be nicer tomorrow and I’ll be able to at least go for a hike…too bad boxerfit was cancelled this week – if it wasn’t I might have a fighting chance on the scale on saturday. 😛

We Are All Expendable

15 May

Never forget that you are expendable – easily replaced in many ways, hell, sometimes not even replaced just made obsolete. A sucky truth but a truth nontheless.

Normally I am much more upbeat on this blog (I think…) but the end of last week was highly stressed and this is the first I am getting to type since then so I’m channelling all that stress and negativity. sigh.

First part of my stress was my oldest nephew had surgery, he is 10 and not nearly old enough to have to be dealing with surgery in my opinion…course his first experience with surgery was when he was 7 months old so I guess he’s an old pro by now. He made it through just perfect so no worries there but for all of wednesday, well most of wednesday, I was freaking out in my head about what stage he was at, if he was ok, why hadn’t somebody called me with an update…all that kind of stuff. lol. I finally got the news he was out and in recovery and would be staying in overnight but mostly for observation not cause there were complications so yah!

Thursday, ah yes Thursday, still a tad stressed about the nephew, I was waiting to hear that he’d been discharged and how he handled the night – turns out he didn’t sleep well during the night, he had an upset tummy and sore throat, and for some reason the doc didn’t do rounds early enough or something so he didn’t get discharged, weird, but who knows what goes through doctor’s minds? *rolls eyes* I figured him staying overnight could only be good for his progress so hearing he wasn’t getting out for another night actually put me a bit at ease, lol, random huh?

But! That was not the end of the stress. I got a conference call from my boss in Toronto, due to budget cuts (stupid freakin economy and bad real estate market! arg!) my contract is not being renewed and guess who is out of a job as of May 27th?!?! Yup! Me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Lemme tell ya, that call (which came through in the morning) did not set me up for a good rest of the day, I barely did any work the rest of the day cause ya know what, why the fuck should I? You’re gonna cut me cause you can’t manage to budget your department properly? Fine, I can’t stop that, but I can slow my work speed down sooooo much during my last two weeks that I get my own slight revenge. Let’s see how well your boss likes your productivity reports when I STOP working at peak efficiancy! RAWR!

phew, that rant felt good. teehee.

I only told my close friends at work about the deadline since I didn’t want to have to deal with the whole office knowing I was leaving in two weeks and me having to put a good face on for that length of time. I spent the rest of my work day writing up lists about why being laid off is a good thing, why I am ok with this, and how I will not panic because I am smart, capable, easily employable and will find a new job in no time at all…despite the economy and unemployment rates…

I really thought I was doing ok and handling the situation well, I went to a movie with KL that evening like planned and was all positive about it when telling her what happened…well…then things changed…

I gave her a ride home after the movie and after I dropped her off I stopped at a 7-11 and got 2 tocquitos, yum!, and a small slush – it actually wasn’t a splurge-eat-my-way-to-feeling-better-snack it was a I-didn’t-eat-dinner-and-was-so-hungry-I-was-about-to-be-sick-snack. lol. I believe tho that was the beginning of my downfall…I woke up friday when my alarm went off, didn’t feel like getting up and decided why should I get up? They obviously don’t care about me so why should I care about them? I called in sick.

Friday was spent sleeping, then eating a surprisingly healthy lunch, then dragon boating, then eating an uber unhealthy dinner…let’s see, I ate 3 ferrero rocher, 2 turkey wraps, a yogurt, 1/2 a box of Kraft Dinner, dessert breadsticks from Panago…oh, and a root beer. Yeah, calorie binge or what? or as KL would say “I ate my feelings”. huh, I just realized that read like all that was my dinner, that was what I ate all day. Can you imagine if I ate that all for dinner? I’d of burst! lol.

I made saturday a brilliant friggin day by stepping on the stupid scale, I gained over a pound – sorry, I don’t have my weight tracker beside me and for some reason (gee, I so wonder why? *rolls eyes*) I didn’t memorize the amount I gained. sigh. I know it was under 2lbs but over 1lb. Normally I’d wonder why my binge caused such a large weight gain when the rest of the week I was good points wise but stress will kill your weight loss – the more stress you feel the more your body not only doesn’t let you burn calories it holds onto them and actually makes you gain weight – pretty evil huh?

So now I am stressed about being unemployed as of the 27th of this month and I am stressed about gaining weight…vicious. sigh.

I managed to eat only my points saturday but went over today, the first 2 points I went over today were by accident, the second 2 points I went over by were because I neeeeeded chocolate and am still in enough of a funk I couldn’t bring myself to say no to, well, to myself. lol. I am hoping by tomorrow I will be farther out of my funk and better able to make smart choices about what I am eating…least I am starting to care about the choices I make so I figure that’s a start…

Quick Post!

11 May

omg I’m so freakin tired! I think it’s the weather…and my lack of good sleep for oh, almost a week now…sadness. It doesn’t matter what position I am in I am either putting pressure on my hurt elbow or my hurt knee…or both, and everytime it happens I wake up and get to experience the pain, nice huh?

So today after work I rushed home so I could bake cookies for a lady at work who is buying them from me – crazy huh?! I mean yeah, I bake, and often, but I don’t sell it, I bake cause I love to bake and I share it cause I don’t want to eat it lol. She refuses to take the cookies (even though she requested them) unless I take money from her *rolls eyes*.

I got the cookies done and realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, wasn’t really hungry due to a late and large lunch so I had some cheese and crackers then ended up napping on the couch while the tv blared away lol. When I woke up I was freezing and not really hungry but groggy and feeling all low blood sugary so I figured I should eat something.  I made some toast, yum, and of course my standard cup of tea…I then ate a spoonful of nutella, sigh, and an unknown amount of the cookies that were sitting on the cooling racks, double sigh, oh, and I put light peanut butter and nutella on the toast, triple sigh.

Not the best food choices!

I blame it on being freakishly tired and well…that’s it. I know when you are tired you crave carbs and other quick energy fixes and apparently I was just that tired.

I know I should regret what I ate, I was just grabbing and eating but really, I’m still tired enough to not care. lol. I’ll probably care more tomorrow…

Today I ate:

1 pear = 1 point

1 apple = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points


   – miso soup = 1 point

    – philly roll = ?

    – yam roll = ?

10 triscuit crackers = 2 points

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

2 pieces bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

1/2 tbls nutella = 1 point

spoonful of nutella = 2 points (approx)

random unknown amount of cocount cookies = ??

Total points eaten = uh, I dunno…lol

I know I can calculate the sushi points, at least get an approximation, but I’m too tired for that right now and I can’t remember how many of the cookies I ate…I have it written down how many points the cookies are (on a different copy of the recipe then what I used this evening) so I’ll be able to approximate for those…if I remember correctly they are 2 points each and I think I ate a  whopping 4, eesh, so 8 points right there, quadruple sigh? lol Most definitely went in to flex points today…*rolls eyes*

Here’s hoping I am more awake tomorrow and don’t succumb to my food cravings…but oh man, that nutella and the cookies? Way yum! lol. 😛


9 May

Everybody has habits – some good and some bad; most habits get us through the day and make our lives easier in some way. For instance, every weekday morning I do the same things in the same order to make sure I get everything that needs to get done done in time for me to get to work on time. Boring? Yes. Practical? Also yes. lol.

Some habits though can be damaging – especially when it comes to weight loss! This past saturday I went out in the morning, well, early afternoon if you want to get technical lol, before I went out I ate a healthy breakfast and was comfortably full. When I got home it was not yet time to eat again, I’d only been gone a couple hours and I so wasn’t hungry! Here’s where one of my habits comes in to play, I wanted to have something to eat – even though I wasn’t hungry and even though in my brain I knew it wasn’t time to eat yet.

Why you ask?

Because, generally when I come back in to the apartment it is time to eat. I leave in the morning for work and when I get back home it is dinner time. If it’s the weekend I am usually gone for a long time and when I get back I am ready for food. So saturday, I got home and wanted to eat, not because of hunger but because of habit. Oh dear.

My habits hit again this evening, *rolls eyes* I had finished dinner and due to having to estimate some of my points today I think I am one point over, so ok, that’s fine, I am full, don’t want anything else, and one point isn’t gonna kill me but even though I wasn’t hungry I wanted some chocolate or other little dessert nibbly thing.

Why did I want it?

Cause my habit is to end my day with a little chocolate or some such thing and to not eat a little chocolate at the end of the day makes me feel deprived in some way…stupid I know, but that’s the way it is. shrug.

Because of my habit – on both occaisions – I ate something I didn’t need or have the room in my daily points for because I just felt like I was supposed to eat something…random huh?

I am working on building some good habits, mostly good activity habits since I am way lacking in those. lol. I have the dragon boating, the weather is starting to get better so hopefully I’ll start hiking again soon, plus I will be starting Boxerfit classes soon-ish. I’ll keep you updated on that as it happens! 🙂 My plan is to have more good habits then bad so when I am tempted to eat something I don’t need I have an alternate thing I can do…ya know, besides stuffing food in my face. lol.

Oh, almost forgot! My food for today:

3/4 c Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 c 1% milk = 1 point

Sushi = 9 points

    – Californai rolls, salmon rolls, dragon rolls

    – miso soup

1/2 Fiesta Salad = 2 points

2 crumpets = 2 points

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

skinless boneless rotisserie chicken = 4 points

1 weight watchers mint chocolate patty = 1 point

Total points eaten = 22, sigh…

Soooooo, I went over my points for the day and this is not the only day this week this has happened, and it’s only Monday! – erg. I’m gonna hafta be more careful and up my activity levels or next weigh in is gonna suck.

My mission for this coming week will be to work on breaking some bad food habits and creating good activity habits – let’s hope it works! lol. 🙂

Is it really Sunday night already?

8 May

Where did the weekend go? I knew it was going to be busy (for the most part) but I swear Sunday night always appears out of nowhere to surprise me. It’s my least favourite time of the week, cause technically it’s still a relaxing chill-your-time-is-your-own time but you have to do boring responsible things, like get your lunch for work the next day ready to go, and finish up any last minute things you didn’t get done, and you have to at least pretend to go to bed at a reasonable time cause you hafta be up early the next day…there are oh so many reasons to hate Sunday night, sigh.

But let’s not focus on the suckyness that is Sunday night, instead let’s look back at the fun that has been had over the past couple days – way better use of time! 🙂

Friday night was my first Dragon Boat lesson – it was soooooo sweeeeeet! 😀 I went with KL and we had a kick ass great time. I was a tad worried my elbow and knees might make it not fun cause I thought they might get too strained cause of being injured but all joints and wounds held up just fine. It started at 6pm but it was suggested we get there early to fill out paperwork, get a locker, all that kind of stuff. Also, earlier that day I got an email from one of the organizers with a list of recommended clothing to wear…the last contact had just said wear something you don’t mind getting a little wet but this list was quite specific which kinda sucked cause neither KL nor I owned any of the stuff on the list. Figures right?

So KL met me at my work and we went to Sportmart to see what we could find – we each got a waterproof shell jacket and biking gloves…we both decided to skip the shell pants as we looked ridiculous in them and hello? fashion first right? 😉 lol There was a bunch of other stuff on the list but we both decided we didn’t want to go overboard with specialized clothing since we didn’t even know if we’d like the dragon boating, no use stocking up on supplies for something we might only do for 4 weeks right?

We got there early, signed in, got a locker and realized we didn’t have time to eat dinner before it started – oh well. The session is 2 hours long but since this was the first one we didn’t spend all 2 hours on the water, first we had to get suited up, get taught the paddling technique, all that kind of stuff. I feel I should mention that it was pouring rain this entire time, Pouring!! We weren’t even in the boats yet and we were soaked…well, our shoes were soaked, and our pants were wet, our upper bodies were nice and dry thanks to the shell jackets we had bought lol.

I don’t have a lot of experience with water based sports…well, sports in general really, but water based ones for sure. I am from the prairies, I like the land. 🙂 I didn’t even think about how when we got to the boat we’d be sitting on seats that had been exposed to the rain this entire time…soooo, my first sensation after getting settled in my spot was “wow, my pants have totally soaked through and now my ass is wet…and cold” Pleasant sounding huh? 😉

The rowing was lots of fun, turns out it’s more of a core exercise then arms cause yes our arms will apparently get all nice n toned but the strength to paddle comes from the twisting motion you make with your middle so if you’re rowing correctly you’ll feel it in your abs, waist, that whole area whereas if you are doing it wrong you’ll feel it in your arms. I felt it in my arms at first and realized I wasn’t twisting correctly so I focused really hard on the twist and timing and boom! my waist and abs started singing! Yah! 😀 Afterwards KL and I went to get dinner, we decided to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory since it is close and cheap and you get a hell of a lotta food – well, seems like dragon boating kicks your appetite in to full gear cause we went through 2 of the free loaves of bread, I ate my entire salad, then we split our entrees so we could each have two things lol. I ordered the Seafood Linguine Alfredo and she got the Vegetarian Lasagne; both were good but I wouldn’t order either one again. shrug. Then! after all that food we skipped the free ice cream and instead ordered a spice cake that is covered in liquid caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! So much food!

Saturday I had an audition for a independent (read that as non paying) web series, the audition went really well and I had lots of fun but I’m trying not to think about it cause I don’t know when call backs are, then I had some chilling time before going to work. The shift I was covering was 8:15p sat night to 2:15am sunday morning but it ran an hour longer so I made some decent coin. 🙂 However this meant I wasn’t in bed until almost 5am so I slept a nice chunk of sunday away, called my mom for mother’s day, showered, ate nibblies, and have pretty much been glued to the couch ever since. lol. I am alternating between watching tv, reading a book and being online. Lazy? Sure. Relaxing? Yup!

A bonus from dragon boating, all day saturday my abs hurt! Yah! The kind of hurt you get when you worked a muscle group and your body really felt it ya know? The good kind of hurt! 🙂 Everytime I coughed or sneezed or laughed I also had to groan cause I caused myself pain, so awesome!

I meant to bake today to take stuff in to work tomorrow but couldn’t be bothered, and really, I should have gone grocery shopping but again, can’t be bothered. I’m lazy today and I feel after getting beaten up thursday, rowing friday, and working late saturday I deserve a lazy-do-nothing kind of day. 🙂

The only sucky part of the weekend, besides the whole it-is-now-sunday-night thing is that I only lost 0.4lbs this week. I am happy I lost, don’t get me wrong, but I would have liked to lose more. I am not really surprised though cause all week I felt as if my body was holding on to it’s weight. That may sound stupid but I am a lot better at reading my body now and I can feel when it’s losing weight during the week and all last week I felt like I was hoarding weight even though I was eating healthy and not using my flex points. I used flex points friday, and saturday come to think of it, so my weigh in today (sunday) is not only reflecting all that food but also my body’s unwillingness to lose weight this week.

I don’t know why it’s doing this but all I can do is be strict with myself this coming week and try to make it do what I want. lol. We all know how easy that is huh? 😉


5 May

That OW is not a simple tiny little ‘ow’, it’s not a ‘I stubbed my toe’ or ‘I have a hangnail’ ow it is an OWWWWWWWWWW! I am hurt! Even typing is causing me pain. *pout*

I have a slight leaning toward whiny-ness when sick and/or injured. I am not as bad as some people but I do have my complaining moments – consider yourself warned! 😉

The building I work in offers these bettering yourself courses once a year to all the tenants so my friends at work and I signed up for the self-defence class cause well, duh, it’d be fun! lol. I went last year and had a blast so an even bigger group of us went this year. The way they run the hour long session is first you have warm up, then you pair up and go to a punching bag. The guy running the session shows you what move he wants you to work on and one person holds the bag while the partner performs the move on the bag – then you switch. Easy peasy right?

The section where you’re working on the bag is fun, and tiring, and works your muscles and did I mention fun? teehee. Anything where you get to punch and kick and basically pummel something without getting in trouble is truly awesome! I apparently have “violent tendancies” but I think it’s just that most people bury their feelings of violence, not that I have stronger feelings then others in that regard. lol.

After the punching bag part a guy comes in dressed in one of those huge padded outfits so that we can all take turns fighting him. hehe, Sweet huh? Well, we were supposed to use the moves we’d just learned on him and basically survive an attack, oy! It appears I have a tendency to fight instead of just hurt the attacker and run away which is what we are supposed to do, huh. You fight for 30 seconds, then get told what you are doing wrong, then go for another 30 seconds. I know 30 seconds doesn’t sound like long but it’s long enough to get incapacitated, thrown to the ground, trapped from behind, knocked over…it’s long enough for all kinds of stuff to happen. erg.

I ended up slammed to the ground, hitting an open drawer that was full of hand weights on the way down. Nice huh? The high point is I took the guy down with me! Oh yeah baby! Go girl power! I was so in to it I scrambled up quick and went to kick him in the nuts but managed to stop myself before I actually did – in real life I would have but this is some guy in a protective suit not a real danger. shrug.

After all that I got told what I should do better and was put back in for another 30 seconds, in the dude who ran the sessions defence he did ask if I wanted to sit out my second round cause I was hurt but I said no – like I am gonna let some guy best me?!?! Hell No!

Ok, I just went to go switch over my laundry and discovered new injuries…greeeeaattt. 😛 Both knees, both! Can you believe it?!?! omg I hurt *groan* Told you I’d get whiny!

I’m kinda pissed that the guy managed to get me to the ground, you’re not supposed to let him do that cause in real life if that happened well…bad! All kinds of bad!

My tally of injuries (so far lol) are: 1 skinned elbow, same elbow is swelling up and so far looks like a golf ball is attached to it lol, the joint/bones also hurt so I wonder if I did more then surface damage but can’t say for sure, my left knee is bruising and swelling and makes me limp also, I think there is fluid forming under the bruise, eewwww!, my right knee is skinned, bruised and the muscle or tendons or something hurts and the more I use it the more it hurts – wouldn’t be so bad but the left knee hurts the more it stays still, it stiffens up ya know?, so whether I sit still or move around I am causing more pain to one of the knees…oh, and it feels like a mild sprain in my right ankle.

Seems I am totally weak cause can you imagine if it had been a real trying-to-hurt-me guy and not some guy in a padded suit?? Must toughen up!

Today I ate:

3/4 C Vanilla Almond Special K = 2 points

1/2 C 1% milk = 1 point

1 C Maple Baked Beans = 4 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

85 grams whole wheat pasta = 5 points

1/2 C Hunt’s Thick n Rich premium pasta sause, original = 1 point

2 pieces bread = 1 point

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

Total points eaten = 17

Exercise pointes earned = 3 – 7 ??

I am not sure the best way to calculate the exercise points I earned, yeah I have my slidy thing so that’s not the problem, the problem is what intensity was it? Moderate or High? Moderate is you sweat after 10 mins and high is you sweat in 3-5 minutes…I was mildly sweating by the 5 minute mark due to the warm up and had a steady glow happening the entire time we worked the bag but my hike seems more strenuous then that work out…and the fighting part with the guy was probably High intensity but that didn’t last very long so doesn’t really count…I will probably count 3 exercise points and leave it at that, better to be a bit low then to calculate high and over eat right?

This means I have 6 points left to eat and I am so grateful since I am hungry! 😀 I haven’t figured out what I am gonna eat yet but I’ll find something tasty, you can count on it lol. Oh, sidenote! Last night, remember my dilemma about what to eat to use up that last point? I found a happy middle! A 1 point healthy snack, yah! I ate a banana, don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner…

I know I bitched about my injuries a lot and made the self defence class sound not all that great but I would do it again in a heartbeat cause it was fun, it was active and it taught me things that are good to know – don’t let my whining put you off taking one if ever you get the chance!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ice my knees…or maybe apply heat…I’m not really sure…

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