6 Apr

For over a week now I haven’t felt hungry – it’s been real weird. Well today – dun dun dun – my tummy growled! grr. lol. Not only did it growl but I felt hungry almost all day! Crazed! 😛

By 7:15am I was hungry, that never happens! Normally I have breakfast around 9am or so, this past week it’s been closer to 11am but that is an oddity. So yeah, not even out of the house and I neeeeeeded food, oy. 😛 I ate a Bagelful, chive flavour. Yum! I bought them two weekends ago when they were on sale, I didn’t have my points calculator with me when I bought them and I (mistakenly) thought each bagelful was 2 points, uh yeah, no…they are 4 points each, sigh and oops! lol. They are so tasty though – I just wish they weren’t so bad for me…

I felt like I was eating all throughout the day and when I wasn’t hungry I still wanted to be eating – like my tummy is well enough now it wants to catch up or something lol. Stupid stomach. grr.

Today I ate:

1 chive bagelful = 4 points

1 pear = 1 point

1 Activia raspberry yogurt = 2 points

1 banana = 1 point

1 cup strawberries = 1 point

5 perogies = 5 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

100 grams beefless tips = 2 points

1 tbls light sour cream = 0 points

2 pieces bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

2 mint cookies = 3 points

Total Points Eaten = 21

perogies, beefless tips and veggies - yum!

That picture is what I ate for dinner tonight – it was nice to want to eat, be able to cook and then enjoy eating a proper meal again. 😀 There were actually more beefless tips then what is in the picture but before I had the brilliant idea to take the picture I ate some, lol, 😛 Those beefless tip things are so tasty, they are seasoned and have a very similar texture to beef but I don’t have to worry I didn’t cook them all the way through and thereby will have food poisoning – these are the things I worry about when I cook lol. And well, you can’t go wrong with perogies. 😛 I had some light sour cream for the perogies and ketchup for the beefless tips but I figured you didn’t really need a picture of those.

The cookies, sigh, I am not sure of the name of them, weird right? Well, when I open a box of cookies I put the cookies in to a plastic container with the cut out nutritional info so that they stay fresh longer. Normally when I open a new box of cookies I eat a couple every evening until they are done so I never worry about forgetting what kind they are…that did not happen with these. For a while I went a little “treat crazy” and kept buying different snacks and goodies, I had so many to choose from these cookies got forgotten, oops! I decided to stop ignoring them and start eating them instead – wouldn’t want them to feel left out now would I? teehee.

So for a little while I will be eating these mystery cookies, they are yummy tho so it’s not like it’s a hardship – they are a chocolate cookie base with a layer of mint and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate – awesome huh? 😀

One Response to “Appetito!”

  1. VeeEmm April 7, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    the mint cookies sound like the ones the Girl Guides sell in the fall. They are yummy. Glad you are feeling better. I’ve missed your posts.

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