27 Apr

Today was a fairly normal day, soooooo boring. lol. Got up, went to work, was bored at work, came home, ate a two parter dinner and am now watching tv and doing various things online while I kill time. Rather pathetic but that’s ok cause you need a boring day every now and then – it helps make the other days more interesting. πŸ™‚

I had a total yum lunch, see, I forgot to take my lunch to work, my bad! πŸ˜› I went out and bought a massive salad at Salad Loop. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. I topped it with sooooo many things, which is what I love about build your own salad places. I had all kinds of veggies, chick peas, cottage cheese, yam, artificial crab, hard boiled egg…all types of great things. The trick is to put super duper small amounts of anything that will cost you points – just take enough to get a taste. It helps bulk up your salad, makes it more filling and tasty but doesn’t make your salad stupid expensive or high in points. Gotta love tricks. lol.

Today I ate:

1 Quaker Hearty Medley = 2 points

Salad Loop = 5 points

10 mini breton = 1 point

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

7 pickles = 1 point

1 cup tomato rice soup = 4 points

2 pcs toast = 1 point

1 tsp marg = 1 point

Total points eaten = 17 πŸ˜€

I am under my daily points but I have sitting on the table beside me an Activia yogurt for 2 points and a weight watchers 1 point candy that is like a 2-bite Bounty Bar, yum! πŸ˜€

I almost caved and chose to go over cause I still have 3 left over pancakes my mom made for sunday brunch and I was planning to put a bit of nutella on them…or maybe some cheese…some kind of topping…and eat those but I decided that I have absolutely no need to go over my points, I could use a higher dairy intake for today since I haven’t had much and well, an 80 calorie yogurt that is super tasty is just as good if not better then a high point snack that (sadly) has no nutritional benefit.

Weird how it becomes easier to make the healthier choice…


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